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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Reveal the new knowledge and the Bestower of Knowledge with authority and the

drums of revelation will beat. (BapDada’s incarnation in a meeting.)

This is the gathering of all the special souls who are crowned and seated on a throne. Do all of you consider yourselves to be crowned and seated on a throne? All of you are wearing your crowns of the responsibility of unlimited service, are you not? The unlimited crown means to be stable as an embodiment of unlimited remembrance. Each of you is wearing a crown of unlimited responsibility. Rays of light and might are spreading from the crowns of the unlimited children into the unlimited. You have come out of the limited and become emperors of the unlimited. Since you have gone beyond the consciousness of anything limited, you have also gone beyond your bodies and all bodily limitations. The special service is to take everyone from the limited into the unlimited. Why did Father Brahma become avyakt? In order to remove you from the limited and take you into the unlimited. The practical form of love for Father Brahma is to follow Father Brahma. Father Brahma is calling His right hand children, his special arms, from the subtle region, from the place of unlimited service, with outspread arms, to put their hands in his hands. Father Brahma has love for the children. So Father Brahma is calling out: Children, come into the unlimited. Can you hear this sound? Father Brahma always has the particular enthusiasm that each of you should become one with an unlimited crown, like him, and spread the light and might of revelation everywhere in such a way that all souls are able to see rays of hope where there is hopelessness. Let everyone’s finger point to this particular place. Let those who are searching with their fingers pointing beyond the sky experience that the stars of the earth have been revealed on this earth, on the land of blessings. Let the sun, the moon and the galaxy of stars be experienced here. Just as scientists are able to give an experience of the galaxy on the basis of science, in the same way, let those who are far away experience the living galaxy of the earth. All of you are instrument souls to fulfil this pure desire. You have made such unlimited plans, have you not? The plans have been made according to your capacity. According to the time now, what service does BapDada want from you children?

Today, Bap and Dada had a conversation. What was their conversation? The Father said: All My elevated children, my long-lost and now-found children, my most beloved, special children and the children who are constant companions of the Father, who are instruments, have all gathered together on the land of blessings in order to make plans for service. So, Father Brahma said: The plans that you have created in the meeting are very good. However, one main type of service still remains to be done, because you are ones with such great authority and you have so many types of authority: the authority of knowledge, the authority of the power of yoga, the authority of being embodiments of elevated dharna, the authority of being direct heirs of the Father and the authority of being instruments for world transformation. You have so many authorities. For instance, there are those who have the authority of the scriptures, there are those who have the authority of renouncing something and of becoming pure and so they have just one authority. They don’t have the authority of truth and, although they are great souls, in terms of a relationship with God, the Father, they are not authorit ies of accurate knowledge. Those who have just one authority have been able to attract souls of the world to themselves and have been moving along by proving what is false to be the truth. They have been showing their authority for so long. They influence others with so much intoxication and with the sparkle of limited attainment. So, what do the elevated souls who have many authorities have to do? Do you know what still remains to be done? How much longer do you think you have till completion? Until the year 1984 or until the turn of the century (2000)? How much longer do you estimate? Will you complete the year 2000 or will it happen before then? What do you think according to the preparations you have made so far? What still remains to be done? You are preparing the land for the new world. However, the basis of the new world is new knowledge. What is the first praise? You say: The Ocean of Knowledge. So, have you revealed to the world the new knowledge, which is the first and foremost thing in the praise? Until you reveal that this is new knowledge, how can you reveal the Bestower of Knowledge? First there is the knowledge and then there is also the Bestower. So, how can it be proved that the Bestower of Knowledge is the Highest on High, or that He alone is the Bestower of Knowledge? Only through this new knowledge will He be revealed. Until people have in their intellects the difference between what souls say and what God says, how will they be able to let go of the little supports they are holding onto and take the support of the One? At the moment, they are moving along with tiny supports and consider them to be their supports for everything. Until they experience the support of the Bestower of Knowledge through the knowledge, they cannot be liberated from limited bondages. As yet, you have only done the service of preparing the land and transforming the atmosphere. The task is good and there is the love of the family and this virtue of love becomes instrumental in transforming the atmosphere. The land has been prepared and will continue to be made ready. However, the foundation, the newness and the seed is new knowledge. They experience altruistic love, that there is spiritual love, but the revelation that still needs to take place is that, along with love, you souls also have the authority of knowledge, that you are authorities of true knowledge. Let all those who come feel that this is something new and that it is new knowledge, that here they can hear what no one has ever told them before. Let them say that you, who give this knowledge, are authorities of it. Of course there is the foundation of purity, peace, love and cleanliness that you have and, on the basis of this foundation, the land has been transformed. These are the four pillars. Previously, no one’s intellect would remain here, whereas now, on the basis of the four pillars, their intellects are attracted here. There has been this much transformation. However, now let the sound of the main thing be heard everywhere: that this is new knowledge. Up to now, whatever people have been saying “yes” for, the BK a lmighty a uthorities have proven that to be “no”, and for whatever they have been saying “no”, you have said “yes”. Therefore, there is the difference of day and night between “yes” and “no”. The great souls will prove this great difference. Now, reveal this name (title) and there will be the cries of victory. Even if they don’t have knowledge of the soul in an accurate way, they still listen to this knowledge and mix it with things they hear elsewhere, saying this is what others also say. However, now let the sound be heard that the whole world is on one side and the BKs are on the other side; that you are the authorit ies who give new knowledge. Let this authoritybecome well known. It is through this that powerful souls will come forward and beat the drums on your behalf. You won’t have to beat the drums, but such souls will be satisfied and will beat the drums with new enthusiasm when they know this to be something new. The battle of religion is yet to take place. You haven’t yet shaken the gaddis of the gurus. At present, all the branches and twigs are comfortably engaged in their own concerns. When is a seed revealed? Do you know when a seed comes up above? When all the leaves on the big and small branches have totally dried up and only the empty branches remain, the seed is revealed. So, have you made a plan for that? When you come onto your own stage, then of course your original knowledge has to be revealed. If, even after coming to the land of blessings, they just say that the peace here is very good, that the love here is very good, if they go back having filled their aprons with just this little bit, then what did they especially take from the land of blessings? The new knowledge also has to be revealed. The Almighty Authority will be revealed through the authority of this new knowledge. Who is the Bestower? When they receive love and peace, they definitely believe that it is someone elevated who made you become like this. However, it is only a few who understand that it is God Himself. So, do you understand what still remains to be done? Now spread the new knowledge everywhere for the new world. Do you understand? Even if only a handful out of multimillions emerge, let souls emerge and the sound spread everywhere in the newspapers that the BKs give completely new knowledge to the world. The knowledge that you give, what you believe to be the basis of that knowledge and how you prove that knowledge – when all of this is printed in the newspapers, you can then understand that the drums of revelation of the Bestower of Knowledge are being beaten. Do you understand? Let them become influenced by the influence of knowledge. What is the difference in being influenced by knowledge and being influenced by love? You saw two groups of Brahmins. You have become Brahmins, but some have become that on the basis of love and some on the basis of both love and knowledge. So, there is a difference in the stage of each group, is there not? Those who understand love with knowledge will continue to move along whilst being free from obstacles. Those who simply move along on the basis of love will not be powerful souls. The power of knowledge is definitely needed. There is so much difference between those who have love for the study and the murli and those who just have love for the family. There is so much difference between those who come here on the basis of liking just the Brahmin life or just purity and those who come here on the basis of the power of knowledge. The intoxication of knowledge is spiritual intoxication which keeps you free from any dependency. In fact, even love is a power, but those who move along on the basis of the power of love are unable to continue without some support; they definitely need one or another support. Those who have the power of knowledge would also have the power of churning. The more churning power you have, the more you will automatically develop the power of concentration and when your intellect is concentrated, you automatically develop the power to discern and the power to decide. Where there is no foundation of knowledge, then, because there isn’t any concentration, the power to discern and the power to decide will be weak. Achcha.

BapDada hears everything. He is amused and also sacrifices Himself out of His love for you. He is also very pleased when He see the courage of the children. Father Brahma feels a lot more deeply that his children should become masters of the unlimited. He is waiting for you children and he is occupied in serving you day and night. There is no day or night in the subtle region, but there is day and night in the corporeal world. He wants to see every child as a special soul, a complete soul, a perfect soul and a soul who is equal. The Father says to Brahma: Have patience! However, Brahma has a lot of enthusiasm. This is why the conversation he has with the Father is about you children putting your hand in the Father’s hand and becoming equal to him. What speciality did you see in the physical life of Brahma Baba from the beginning? He always said: “ab” (now), and not “kab” (at some time). He neither had the sanskar of listening to the word “when”, nor did he say it to others. If a child said that he would do something after an hour, did Baba let him take an hour? Some would say that there are only five to ten minutes left before the train departs, so did Baba allow them to stay behind? The train would stop and the child would arrive at the station. A moving train would stop, because the child had to reach there. You saw this in a practical way, did you not? In the same way, in any situation, in terms of self-transformation and world-transformation, now change the word “kab” and put the word “ab” (now) into your practical lives. This is the enthusiasm that Father Brahma has all the time. So, you are following the father, are you not? Achcha.

Some brothers came to BapDada to take leave:

You received the response of love, did you not? The Lord is always pleased with an honest heart. You are souls who have maintained true love from the beginning and this is why the Father also always continues to give a response of love. The Father is always merged in your hearts and this is why you are moving along well making intense effort. You are karma yogi souls. Karma and yoga are combined, are they not? You are those who always keep a balance and receive blessings from the Father and who always have a blissful life. You are such elevated souls. The Father always has the pure hope in each one of children that this child becomes a bead of the rosary of victory. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be an independent soul who is free from any bondage of dependency by finishing the web of weak thoughts.
The bondage of dependency is a web of the weak thoughts in your own mind. The web comes in the form of questions. When the question arises: “I don’t know what is going to happen”, or “Will it not be like this?”, it then becomes a web. However, let the confluence-aged Brahmins have just one powerful thought, “Whatever happens will be benevolent, elevated and the best of all.” Finish the web with this powerful thought and you will become an independent soul who is free from bondage.
Slogan: The practical form of a knowledgeable and yogi soul is humility and fearlessness.


*** Om Shanti ***

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