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Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 25 July 2017

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, Baba has come to make you one hundred times fortunate, that is, to make you into the masters of heaven. Your task is to make everyone the same as yourselves.
Question: What is the number-one conference and when does it take place? What is the attainment received from this conference?
Answer: The number-one conference is the meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul at the confluence age. When this conference takes place, souls receive the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life from the Supreme Soul. This conference is called the true gathering. The gathering of this kumbh mela is a first-class conference. After this conference, there will be no more conferences or sacrificial fires or penance. All of those comes to an end.
Song: Mother, o mother, you are the bestower of fortune!

Om shanti. You children heard the song of praise. You children understand that, on the path of devotion, there is nothing but praise of whatever happened in the past. Then there is also praise of the world mother. The praise of the world mother is: You are the bestower of fortune (bhagya). This is praise and devotion. You do not sing praise or do devotion. You understand that only the Father is the Bestower of one hundred-fold fortune (saubhagya, one hundred fold fortune, extreme fortune). The Bestower of Fortune and of one hundred-fold fortune is only the One; there is none other. Only at this time do you know this. They just do devotion and sing praise. We are no longer devotees. We have become the children of God. How we make our fortune and become one hundred times fortunate by following shrimat all depends on each one’s effort. At present, you are making effort to claim the inheritance from the Father. You understand that all the children have to claim their inheritance from the one Father. You are the ones who are fortunate, one hundred times fortunate, that is, you are the bestowers of fortune, because you are the children of the Mother and Father. It is also your task to make each human being fortunate, extremely fortunate. To become extremely fortunate means to become a master of heaven. Those who are 100% fortunate become the masters of heaven, but this is numberwise. Only those of the sun dynasty may be called one hundred times fortunate. The silver age is two degrees less, and so it cannot be called heaven; it cannot be called the sun dynasty. You children know that we have to become 100% extremely fortunate. We have to become princes and princesses in the sun dynasty. This is a Godly college. God is the Creator of the world. This is a college for becoming the masters of the world. God is teaching us. He says: I am teaching you. I make you into emperors of emperors, but it all depends on how you study. To whatever extent someone studies, so he will teach others to the same extent. Just as they are one hundred times fortunate, so they will make others fortunate to the same extent. This is the task of you children. Shiv Baba is the one who teaches you. All the rest – Brahma, Saraswati and all the Brahmin children – study. All you Brahmins know that we are to become deities once again. At present, Bharat has no religion. No one knows the deity religion. Not to know your religion is considered to be irreligious. There is power in religion. When those of the deity religion existed in the golden age, there was a lot of happiness. It is now the iron age. You have to make effort to go into the golden age. You have to become liberated in life; you have to renounce the life of bondage. Remember heaven! Whether you say remembrance or yoga, it is the same thing. Yoga is called communion . Your yoga is only with one Shiv Baba. You do not have communion with anyone except Shiv Baba, and so you must only remember Him. Baba, You are so sweet! It wasn’t even in our minds or our hearts that You would perform such wonders and give us the kingdom of heaven. You have to remember the Father, that is, have communion , no matter what the circumstances may be. Remember Baba, speak to Baba. Everyone’s communion is with that One. When any difficulties come, they say: O God, grant this one a longer lifetime; we have put in a request and it is now up to You. This is communion. This pilgrimage of remembrance only takes place once, when the Father comes and teaches you. All other communions are taught by human beings to human beings. They go to the gurus and say: Have mercy on us! Forgive us! Remove these calamities! You are now sitting with Baba. You can remember Baba and ask Him: Baba, what can we do in this situation? Baba explains: Child, there is happiness and sorrow according to the drama. Your communion is with the Father. Baba says: Child, this suffering is the result of your karma. I have now come to make your stage karmateet. You have to experience suffering and settle the account of karma. I will now teach you to perform very elevated actions. This communion is that of souls with the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul sits here and has communion with you souls. It is not possible anywhere else for the Supreme Soul to have communion with souls or for souls to have communion with the Supreme Soul. Neither do they consider themselves to be souls nor do they know the Supreme Soul; they just tell tall stories. Have you ever heard that the Supreme Soul is a star? Or that an imperishable part is recorded in Him? Have you ever heard such words before? They never have communion; they never have a conversation. They simply remember the brahm element. It is not possible to have a conversation with the brahm element. Conversation only takes place between souls. How would you converse with the sky? Souls that reside in the great element come down here to play their part s, but how could they have communion with the land of nirvana? That is just an element. Communion is only between souls and God. It is the soul that listens and speaks through these organs. A body cannot do anything without a soul. This communion of souls with the Supreme Soul only takes place once. It is this that is praised. It is said: Souls were separated from the Supreme Soul for a long time. Communion takes place now, and then never again. Do the deities have communion? They never even stay in remembrance. Now you children understand that you souls have a connection with the Father. Everyone remembers the Father. “O Purifier, come!” Souls say this to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who enters this body at this time. He is called the Bestower who gives peace. How can we go to the land of peace? The Father says: Children, I have to come every cycle to give you the inheritance of peace and happiness. They too remember Him and say: O Purifier, come! The Father sits here and explains to the children: Children, you now have to come to Me. Souls have a huge burden of sins. It is souls that have to suffer for them. They are made to adopt a body and given punishment. It is only then that the soul is able to feel. If the body is hurt, it is the soul that feels the pain. It is said: A pure charitable soul or a sinful soul, but human beings do not have the knowledge at all that they are souls. Communion of souls takes place with other souls. It is souls that play the entire game. A soul, along with a body, says: I have seven children. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is incorporeal. He says: I have come into this body. I have this many children. How many children is He the Grandfather of? Just calculate this! The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, creates a human world through Brahma. Achcha. Whose child is Brahma? Shiv Baba’s. It remains in the intellect that the Supreme Father creates the world through Brahma. Brahma is not the Creator. Only the incorporeal Supreme Soul Shiva can be called the Creator. He comes and adopts you through Prajapita Brahma. He keeps calling you, “Child, child”. Only you understand these things. This does not sit in everyone’s intellect to the same extent. Only the Father gives the inheritance. He makes you worthy. Remember the Father: this is known as the ancient yoga of Bharat through which sins are absolved, and then your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. You become free from illness by having remembrance and your lifespan increases. The reward is received through effort. No one knows how they became the masters of heaven.



They keep singing the praise, but none of them understands its meaning. They do a lot of worship and go on pilgrimages. Here, it is completely peaceful. Though the Father is the Ocean of Knowledge, He says: It is just a matter of a second. Simply remember Me and the inheritance is definitely yours. Manmanabhav (constantly remember Me) and Madhyajibhav (keep your aim and objective in front of you). The rest is explanation in detail. You have been receiving that for a long time. Those people hold so many conferences. They hold religious conferences and yoga conferences. They are all useless! There is only the one Father who gives liberation-in-life in a second. When there is the conference of souls with the Supreme Soul, souls receive liberation from the Supreme Soul. It is sung: Souls have been separated from the Supreme Soul for a long time, and a beautiful meeting takes place when they find the Satguru, the Agent. The Father comes and creates a new world and makes us worthy. This is the number-one conference. It is called the Kumbha mela. Kumbh also refers to the confluence. This meeting at the confluence age when the Supreme Soul comes and meets you souls is a first-class conference. You receive liberation-in-life in a second. Then there will be no more conferences or sacrificial fires or penance; everything comes to an end. Your conference of souls with the Supreme Soul is the number-one conference. When a soul enters a body, it becomes a human being. Baba says: If I did not enter this body, how could I introduce Myself? How could I make you into knowers of the three aspects of time and spinners of the discus of self-realisation? You say: We have become spinners of the discus of self-realisation. Human beings do not understand this. They have given the discus to Krishna as well as to Vishnu. They have put Krishna’s name in the Gita. Really, there is no question of a discus. Baba sits here and gives you the explanation of the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. This conference is first class. All other conferences that are held are a waste of time. The best conference is that of human souls with the Supreme Soul. Human souls remember the Supreme Soul, and so He would have definitely come into a human body. How else would He speak? This is the best conference, when the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes and grants salvation to everyone. It would definitely be impure souls who hold a conference with the Purifier, because only then would they become pure. These are such easy points to understand. The most elevated yoga is that of souls with the Supreme Soul, and it is only taught by the Supreme Soul when He comes. Remember Me constantly! O living souls, have yoga with Me, your parlokik Father, and all your sins will be absolved. When all the souls meet the Supreme Soul, He would definitely come and give the inheritance. Only that Father is the Bestower of Salvation and the Bestower of Liberation-in-life for All. No one else can tell you these things. When you tell these things to others, they say, “We’ve never heard this before. You explain all of these things very clearly. These things are not even in the scriptures.” But how could they be in the scriptures? The Father says: You receive liberation-in-life in a second. What would they learn from the scriptures? Baba is the Death of all deaths; He takes the children back with Him. He would definitely come and make you pure and then take you back with Him. He is making you pure. In the golden age everyone is pure. He must definitely come at the confluence age to make you pure. You children understand that it is now the confluence age of the cycle. The Father has come to make you have communion with Him. He says: I have entered the ordinary body of Brahma. This Dada was not Brahma. Although, in reality, he was originally a senior brahmin, he renounced all of that. Creation now has to be created through Brahma, and so Brahma is needed. Baba Himself says: I entered the body of Brahma. The one who is number-one pure becomes number-one impure, but that one becomes pure after taking the full 84 births and he then becomes an angel. The same applies to you. Brahmins then become deities. Those who make more effort receive a higher status. You are all benefactors. It is not just one Baba who brings benefit. Many helpers of God are needed. You are on God f atherly service. The English words are very good. Although they don’t enter heaven, they sing, “It is H eavenly God , the Father , who establishes heaven.” This is a matter for the intellect. Bharat was heaven; it is now hell. No one except the Father can establish heaven. Only when hell comes to an end does the Father come to take us to heaven. The Father has to come into hell to make us the masters of heaven. You are now sitting in between heaven and hell. The rest are all in hell. Only you children go to heaven through your efforts; therefore, you should have a lot of happiness. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Have true communion (yoga) with the one Father. Let your heart-to-heart conversation be with only the Father. Only put your requests to the Father and not to any human beings.
  2. Become helpers of God and show everyone the path to heaven. Become benefactors for all.
Blessing: May you have guaranteed victory and achieve success at the right time by experiencing all powers.
Victory is guaranteed for the children who are full of all powers and whose intellects have faith. When someone has the power of wealth, of his intellect and in relationships and connections, he has the faith that that is not a big thing. You have all powers. The greatest wealth, the imperishable wealth is with you. So, you have the power of wealth, of your intellect and of your position: simply use these for yourself in the right way and you will achieve success on time.
Slogan: To finish the burden of seeing and listening to anything wasteful is to become double light.

*** Om Shanti ***



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