Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 25 February 2018

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

To have a constant stage by constantly following one path in one elevated direction .

Today, BapDada was smiling as He had a heart-to-heart conversation with all the children. Smiling about what? All of you children challenge the world, saying that the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life can be attained in a second. You issue this challenge, do you not? Each of you Brahmins experienced receiving the gift of a divine intellect on your birthday. As soon as you were named a Brahmin, you received a Godly gift of a divine intellect from BapDada. If you think with that divine intellect, knowledge too is of just a second: the Creator and the creation, Alpha and beta. Yoga also is of a second: I belong to the Father and the Father belongs to me. To become one with divine virtues is also a matter of a second, because, as is your birth, as is your clan, so easily and automatically are your virtues. Since this is the Godly clan, your virtues, that is, your dharna, would also be Godly, would they not? Brahmin birth is the highest-on-high birth and so your dharna would also be elevated, would it not? So the dharna is also of a second. As is the Father, so the children. Service is also of a second: to become experienced, to have all rights to the treasures and to give the Father’s introduction. It is an easy matter of just a second to give others what you have. So BapDada was seeing how you have been moving along for so long, engaged in something that is just a matter of a second, whether you are a two-month old Brahmin or a Brahmin for a long time. To be a Brahmin means to claim your right to the inheritance in a second. Why do those who can receive all rights in a second become dependent? Is it that you don’t know how to set yourself on the seat of your rights? Why do you get off your comfortable seat and sit on an unstable seat of restlessness? Why do you get off your seat , so that you repeatedly have to make effort to get set on it again? As soon as you get off your seat, you lose the attainment of all powers. An elevated seat means to have the authority of having all rights by remaining set in your stage. How can you have authority when you have got off the seat? You get off the seat and then order your powers and this is why they don’t follow your orders. You think that you are a master almighty authority, one with all powers, but that your powers are not working. Would a servant take orders from another servant or from the master? What does your face become like then? Just as the face of a weak person is always pale because there is a blood deficiency, similarly, the face of a weak soul becomes unhappy; he will listen to knowledge, do service, but unhappily. The power of happiness and the power of all attainments finish. A servant would always remain unhappy. What else is amusing about a soul who is like a servant? He would say that he is confused about trivial matters. When someone’s sight becomes weak, he sometimes see double or triple and he becomes confused as to which is correct. In the same way, weak souls also look at other paths instead of just following the one path. They listen to many other dictates as well as the one shrimat. Then, they think: Should I do this or that? Is this accurate or is that accurate? Since there is only one path and one elevated direction, there is no question about whether you have to do this or do that. Why would you not be confused, since you yourself create two paths and create conflict in yourself? So, when BapDada saw this unique activity, He smiled. BapDada says: Remain stable on your seat and you will remain constant and steady. However, those who are like mischievous children are used to going around constantly and saying that they got caught in the spinning of Maya. There is no basis for becoming confused , but you take the support of wasteful and weak thoughts. Since the basis is wasteful and weak, what would the result be? You would either become trapped, be dangling in between or you would fall. You would then cry out: Baba, I belong to You! Give me power! When you remain set on the seat, your seat would always have the canopy of protection of the rays of the powers of the Sun of Knowledge. You get off the seat and build a wall of wasteful and weak thoughts. There isn’t just one wasteful thought. In a second, many other wasteful thoughts are created from one wasteful thought and many brick walls are constructed from those. This is why the rays of the powers of the Sun of Knowledge are unable to reach you. You then say that you do not receive help or power, that you are unable to remain happy or stay in remembrance. How could you remember Baba then? So, BapDada smiled, as He as watched such games of the old and new ones. Why do you make something that is of just a second so difficult? Why do you let go of the one path and one direction and mix it with the dictates of your own mind and the dictates of others? Paths have been created through your own weaknesses: “It happens like that all the time.” “Things are going on like that all the time.” You create those paths yourself and then get caught in the maze. You become distant from your destination. Why do you do this? Or, do you think that it just happens, that you don’t do it on purpose, but that it just happens? Why does it happen? Why does an illness come? Because of not taking the right precautions or because of being weak. Or, would you say that the illness too just comes by itself? Don’t become weak or slack in following the precautions of the maryadas. Do not step outside the line of the code of conduct. Are you going to continue these games even now? You are those with such an important occupation of world emperors and yet you still play these childish games! For how much longer? The world is waiting for you messengers of peace to come. “Our deities are about to come to give us blessings of peace!” They are crying out loudly and ringing bells loudly. Sometimes, they even beat drums, etc. They are calling out: Come! Come! If you deity souls still continue with your childish games, how would you hear their call? Therefore, listen to their call and have mercy on them. Do you understand what you have to do? Achcha. The Father is concerned about the time now, even though you are not.

To such constantly elevated, sensible souls, to those who constantly follow one path in one direction, to those who remain stable in a constant and steady stage, to those who remain powerful souls with the awareness of a second, to those who finish the game of wasteful thoughts and become elevated servers for world benefit, to such great souls who are to become deity souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting k umaris:

Do all of you kumaris consider yourselves to be Shiv Shaktis? Where do Shaktis always reside? They always remain with Shiva. Whoever you stay with, you would definitely be coloured by that one’s company. So whatever the Father’s virtues are and His task is, they would also be yours, would they not? The Father’s task is service and so all of you are servers, are you not? Whether you are already doing service or still have to do it, always have the aim of becoming equal to the Father. In every aspect, check whether it is the Father’s act, His thought or His words. If so, then continue to do it. If not, then change it, because you have been performing ordinary actions for half the cycle. You now have to become equal to the Father. All of you are world servers, equal to the Father, are you not? You are not limited. You have good courage. You are moving forward with courage and enthusiasm. Your zeal and enthusiasm will constantly enable you to move forward.

Those who constantly maintain zeal and enthusiasm claim number one in every respect. They would be number one in remembrance, knowledge, divine virtues and service – number one in everything. Are you like this? How can those who have number one zeal and enthusiasm stay at home? They would be free from bondage, would they not? Who are all of you? Are you caged birds or birds that are free? Are you caged in your studies? Or in the cage of your parents? How can those who are locked in such cages be said to be number one? Now become free from bondage. No one can do anything in front of powerful souls. Just as no one would come in front of an intense fire, but would instead run away from it, so you too have to ignite such a fire of yoga that no one could come in front of you to create any bondage. When an animal has to be chased away, they light a fire; no animal would come in front of a fire. Similarly, intensify the fire of your deep love. If there are bondages even now, it means that there is love, but that it hasn’t become the form of fire. It is because you have love that you have arrived here, but when that becomes the fire of love, you will then become free from bondage. Let there be deep love in full force. Shaktis, come onto the field! Such a big group has come and so you will definitely perform some wonders. If so many hands were to emerge, there would be great wonders! Achcha.

Avyakt elevated versions – Control your mind and increase its power of concentration.

Only concentration of the mind will give you the experience of a constant stage. With the power of concentration, you can easily experience the avyakt, angelic stage. The power of concentration and the power of being a master will easily free you from obstacles. Concentration means to be able to stabilize your mind where you want, how you want and for however long you want. It means that your mind is under your control. In order to experience the angelic stage in the corporeal form, pay attention to concentrating your mind. Keep your mind in order. Remain set on the seat of the stage of a master and of the different elevated seats. When any weak thoughts arise in your mind, finish them there and then and become powerful. Make the foundation of your thoughts strong and you will develop spiritual attraction. To have concentration of the mind, continue to move along on the rails of the drama second by second. In whatever way the drama is moving, let the stage of your mind continue to move along the same lines. Let it not fluctuate even slightly. You need to have the power to brake your mind or to steer your mind, that is, to use your power of thought. By doing this, the power of your intellect will not go to waste and energy will be saved. The more you save the power of your mind and intellect, the more your powers to discern and take decisions will increase. In order to control your mind, surrender your mind and become completely surrendered. You won’t then be able to create any thoughts in your mind that are according to your own self. Those who have even given their minds to the Father can easily become “Manmanabhav”. By being “Manmanabhav”, you will easily become a conqueror of attachment. To surrender your mind means to surrender your waste and negative thoughts. When any thoughts arise in your mind, let there be honesty and cleanliness. Let there not be any rubbish of sinful actions, nature or old sanskars within. Those who are honest in this way will be loved by all. Even the Lord is pleased with such honest children. In order to create whatever stage you want at any time, let your mind perform this drill: come into sound in a second and go beyond sound in a second. To perform a task, come into physical awareness in a second and then become bodiless in a second. When this drillbecomes firm, you will be able to face any situation.

Now, according to the time, imbibe the power to pack up your thoughts. Continue to pack the baggage of the expansion of thoughts, for only then will you be able to read the thoughts of others. You will be able to understand the motives in someone’s mind from signs in the eyes. Just as when you come in front of BapDada, Baba knows the thoughts and feelings in your mind without you telling Baba about them, in the same way, you children also have to study this final course. Let your mind stabilise where you want it to stay and not be used anywhere else. Do not be defeated by Maya even in the thoughts of your mind. In order to create such a stage, keep your mind busy with pure thoughts in advance. When your mind is full of pure thoughts, there cannot be any waste thoughts and you cannot be defeated. With the power of pure and concentrated thoughts, you can transform any type of atmosphere. People keep pictures from their childhood memories to decorate their homes. In the same way, keep in the temple of your mind an idol of your perfect form and the idols of your many future births and your thoughts will then not go towards anyone else; they will automatically be stabilised. When it is a special day, they stop for three minutes silence and even any kind of movement of the traffic is stopped. They stop all the activities that may be taking place. In the same way, when you are performing a task or speaking to anyone, then, every now and again, practise stopping the traffic of your thoughts. Stop the thoughts in your mind for even a minute, or stop for a while in the middle of the task you may be performing through the body and practise this, and your thoughts will become powerful.

Only those who remain beyond the confusion or punishment of their thoughts are able to pass with honours. The question of punishment from Dharamraj is something else. Some children punish themselves for their own mistakes. They create a creation of waste thoughts and become confused by that and then call out. Now, make a promise to remain beyond that too. The complaint from the majority of you is that storms of waste thoughts create obstacles in your becoming complete. This complaint will end when, every day at amrit vela, you make appointment s in your diary. When you keep your mind busy with an appointment for every moment, waste thoughts will not take up any of your time in-between. So, learn the method to book your time. The closer you come to becoming equal to the Father, the more you will be able to catch the thoughts in the minds of all souls. For this, there mustn’t be any mixture of your own thoughts. There has to be controlling power over your thoughts. Just as you can control your external activities, in the same way, control the activities of the thoughts in your mind. For this, remain constantly aware at every moment, at every second and in every action: I am on stage. What is my present and future status?

According to the present time, now become great donors through your mind, for only then will you be able to become victorious over the thoughts in your mind in a second. No matter how mischievous the thoughts of others may be, if their minds are not able to remain stable in one thought for even a second, then, with the power of your victory, make them peaceful and still from mischievous for a temporary period. When your thoughts are concentrated, you will be able to call anyone through your thoughts, you will be able to inspire anyone to carry out a task through your thoughts. Just as, when you press a button, a whole scene appears on the TV screen, in the same way, whenever you have a thought for anyone, a clear picture will be drawn in that one’s intellect. For this, continue with the discipline of the shrimat you have received for your thoughts. Let nothing else be mixed into them. You are the messengers of the Almighty Government. Do not allow your mind to be disturbed while discussing anything with anyone. Do not let there be any difference on your face or in the stage of your mind due to any situation. Always remember the mantra. Whenever any situation comes in front of you, experiment with the eye of soul consciousness and the mantra of “Manmanabhav”; that situation will then end.

Blessing: May you love God and attain all treasures with the diamond key of the word “Baba”.
The children who love God are given a very beautiful gift of one diamond word from BapDada and that word is “Baba”. Always keep this key with you and you will attain all treasures. The key chain for this key is to remain constantly an embodiment of remembrance in all relationships. Along with this, wear the bracelet of your promise and remain decorated with all virtues, and you will be revealed to the world in your angelic and deity forms.
Slogan: Let go of the past and remain close to BapDada and you will pass with honours.


*** Om Shanti ***




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