Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 24 SEPTEMBER 2017

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The sign of being powerful is that your thoughts, words, actions ,

nature and sanskars will be equal to those of the Father.

Today, the spiritual Father has come to ask the children for news of the hearts that they have given to the Comforter of Hearts. All of you have given your hearts to the Comforter of Hearts, have you not? Now, since you have given your hearts to the one Comforter of Hearts, you can no longer give your heart toanyone else apart from Him. To give your heart to the Comforter of Hearts means to sit Him in your heart. This is known as easy yoga. The head follows the heart. Therefore, you have the Comforter of Hearts in your heart and also in your head, that is, in your awareness. It is your experience that no other awareness or person comes between you and the Comforter of Hearts? Since you have given your heart and head, that is, since you have given your awareness, thoughts and powers to the Father, what else remains? You now belong to the Father in your thoughts, words and deeds. You consider yourself to belong to the Father and you even say, “I am Baba’s and Baba is mine”, and, in terms of actions, whatever service you do, it is the Father’s service, and so it is your service. You now belong to the Father in your thoughts, words and deeds in this way, do you not? So what margin is there now for even the slightest thought to enter? Is there a door or window left open through which any thought or attraction could enter? The way for anyone to enter is through your mind, intellect, words and actions. Check all four and see that you haven’t left any margin for any of them to enter. Is there any margin? Dreams are also based on this. Once you have told the Father, “All of this is Yours”, what else remains? This is called constant remembrance. You don’t make any difference in speaking about it and doing it, do you? You don’t mix “mine” in “Yours”, do you? “Sun dynasty” means golden aged. There wouldn’t be anything mixed in that, would there? The diamond has to be flawless. There isn’t any flaw remaining, is there?

Whenever you speak about any weakness of thoughts, words, nature or sanskars, what do you say? This is what I think, or that is my sanskar. However, whatever the Father’s sanskars and thoughts are, let your sanskars and thoughts be the same. When your thoughts and sanskars become like those of the Father, you will never say, “What can I do? My nature and sanskars are like that!” The words “What can I do?” are words of weakness. The sign of being powerful is that you will be constantly equal to the Father in your thoughts, words, actions, nature and sanskars. It cannot be that yours would be different from the Father’s. There would constantly be the word “Baba, Baba” in the thoughts, words and every activity of such a soul in a natural way. Whilst performing actions, you would experience Karanhar (One who acts through others) making you do it. Since Baba is in everything, Maya cannot come. There can either be the Father or Maya. You residents of London have become conquerors of Maya for all time by saying, “Baba, Baba” and keeping Baba in your awareness. Since you are claiming the inheritance for all time, remembrance also has to be for all time. You also have to be conquerors of Maya for all time.

London is the foundation place of service. Therefore, are those who are living in the foundation place also as strong as the foundation? There aren’t any complaints such as, “What can I do? How can I do this?”, are there? Generally, you perform plays about Maya. In every drama, Maya, who is not meant to come, comes. Perhaps you are unable to create plays without Maya. You show many different forms of Maya, do you not? Now show a play about the transformed form of everything. You understand very clearly what the main form of Maya is. Now, after becoming conquerors of Maya, show a play about how the form of Maya has changed. Just as the body-conscious vision of lust has changed into the form of spiritual love, similarly, all the vices are transformed. So experience in a practical way what has been transformed and also show it (in the play).

What aim do you residents of London especially have for self-progress and world benefit? Let all of you especially have the awareness that you are angels and also what the form, words and actions of an angel are. You will then automatically continue to do everything as angels. Constantly maintain the awareness: “I am an angel! I am an angel!”. Since you now belong to the Father and you have given Him whatever belonged to you, then what have you become? You have become light angels. In order to fulfil this aim, only remember one expression: “Everything belongs to the Father, nothing is mine!” Whenever you use the word “mine”, now change it into “Yours”. You will then not feel any burden. You are moving forward every year and will constantly continue to move forward. It is very firm, is it not, that you are angels who are going into the flying stage? You are not those who constantly go up and down, up and down? Achcha.

Everyone knows the praise of the residents of London. With which vision does everyone see all of you? The constant conquerors of Maya, because you are receiving powerful double sustenance. You are constantly receiving sustenance from BapDada, but you are also receiving powerful sustenance from those whom the Father has made instruments. What will you become when you follow the incorporeal, subtle and the corporeal? You will become angels, will you not? “Residents of London” means those who have no complaints and no confusion. All of you are kings and queens who have a spiritual life and self-sovereignty. You have this intoxication, do you not?

BapDada meeting Kumaris:

On seeing their fortune, kumaris remain constantly cheerful. Kumaris are considered to be elevated in their worldly life. On the path of knowledge too, you are great. You are elevated souls in your worldly life and also elevated in this spiritual life. Do you consider yourselves to be great in this way? At least say “Yes” in such a way that the world can hear it. BapDada keeps you kumaris in the treasure-store of His heart, so that no one can cast his vision on you. You are such invaluable jewels! Kumaris always keep themselves busy studying and doing service. You have found the Father in your kumari life, and so what more could you want? You didn’t have to wander around in many relationships; you were saved from that. You found all relationships in the One. Otherwise, do you know how many wasteful relationships you would have had? That of a mother-in-law, various sisters-in-law. You have been saved from all of that. You neither became trapped in the trap, nor was any time spent in freeing you from it. Kumaris are double light anyway. Kumaris are constant servers, equal to the Father and also embodiments of all dharna, equal to the Father. “A kumari life” means a pure life. Pure souls are elevated souls, are they not? So BapDada sees kumaris in the form of great worthy-of-worship souls. Pure souls are loved by the Father and everyone.

Constantly keep your fortune in front of you, become powerful souls and continue to put power into service. This is great charity. Give others the attainment that you have attained. By distributing your treasures, they will increase even more. You are kumaris who have such pure thoughts, are you not? Achcha.

BapDada meeting teachers : You are the special showpieces in the showcase of the world. Everyone’s vision is on the instrument servers and teachers. You are constantly on the stage. The stage is so large, and so there are many who are watching you. Everyone expects to attain something from you instrument souls. Do you constantly have this awareness? Do you live in a centre or on the stage? You are constantly on the biggest stage in the midst of unlimited souls. So, as children of the Bestower, constantly continue to bestow and fulfil everyone’s hopes and desires. Become great donors and bestowers of blessings. This is your form. While having this awareness, let every thought, word and action you perform be like that of a hero, because souls of the world are watching you. Remain constantly on the stage! Don’t come down! BapDada considers the instrument servers to be His friends , because the Father is also the Teacher. Therefore, those who are instruments similar to the Father are His friends, are they not? You are such close souls. Do you constantly experience yourselves to be with the Father and close to Him? Whenever you say “Baba”, He is with you with a thousand arms. Do you experience this? BapDada gives extra co-operation to those who have become instruments. Therefore, say “Baba” and call Him with a lot of intoxication and He will be present. BapDada is obedient, is He not? Achcha.

Only those who are spinners of the discus of self-realisation

claim a right to the fortune of the kingdom of the whole globe.

Do all of you consider yourselves to be spinners of the discus of self-realisation? Only those who are spinners of the discus of self-realisation claim a right to become the rulers of the globe and receive the fortune of the kingdom in the future. To be a spinner of the discus of self-realisation means to know the different parts you play throughout the whole cycle. Do all of you know this special aspect? That, throughout the whole cycle, you are special souls who play hero part s? By making your life as valuable as a diamond in this last birth you become those who play hero part s throughout the whole cycle. Are you aware of all the births you have taken in the cycle from the beginning to the end? It is at this time that you become knowledgeable. It is only at this time that you can know all your births and you can therefore now know your horoscope of 5000 years. When anyone else tells you your horoscope, that would probably be for only two, four or six births. However, BapDada has told you your horoscope for all your births. So, all of you have become master knowledge-full, have you not? You have also shown this whole account in the pictures. It is definitely because you know this that you have shown it in the pictures. Have you seen the picture of your horoscope? When you see that picture, do you feel that that is the picture of your horoscope? Or do you feel that it is just a picture to explain knowledge? You have the intoxication of being special souls throughout the whole cycle, who play part s from the beginning to the end, do you not? You have been playing your various parts with Father Brahma, the first father, and the first mother of the world throughout the whole cycle, have you not? You are those who fulfil the responsibility of love for Father Brahma throughout the whole cycle. You are not those who desire to go to the land of Nirvana, are you? What have those who haven’t seen the beginning seen? All of you have seen the beautiful scenes of the beginning of the world so many times! Do you remember very clearly that time, that kingdom, that form of yours and your life in which you are fill of everything? Or, is there a need to remind you of that? You now very clearly understand the importance of your birth of the beginning, that is, of your first life and your present last birth, do you not? The praise of both is limitless.

Just as the difference between the first deity, Adi Dev, Brahma, and the first soul, Shri Krishna, is shown and you also show them together, in the same way, let each of you keep your Brahmin form and your deity form in front of you and see how you souls have remained elevated from the beginning to the end. You will then feel great intoxication and happiness. There is the speciality of the One who is creating you and also of the one (you) who is becoming. BapDada is pleased to see both forms of all the children. Although you are numberwise, each of you souls will become a deity soul. Everyone believes the deities to be worthy of worship, elevated and great souls. Even if one of you deity souls is the last numbered soul, he is still in the list of those who become worthy of worship. You attained the fortune of the kingdom for half the cycle and you then became an elevated soul who is worthy of respect and who is worshipped for half the cycle. Even today, you can see how people worship and believe in the images of your living Brahmin form and deity form. Can anyone be more elevated than this? Stay constantly stable in the form of this awareness. You won’t then repeatedly have to make effort to climb up to the stage from down below.

No matter where all of you have come from, at this time, you are all residents of Madhuban. Therefore, all of you residents of Madhuban have easily become embodiments of remembrance, have you not? It is a sign of great fortune to become a resident of Madhuban, because to enter the gates of Madhuban means to attain a blessing for all time. There is also the significance of the place. All of you are stable in the form of being residents of Madhuban who have received all blessings, are you not? You experience the stage of being complete, do you not? Someone who is an embodiment of the complete form would constantly dance in happiness and sing the Father’s praise. Keep dancing in happiness in this way so that those who see you also begin to dance in their minds in happiness, just as those in an audience watching others dancing physically also begin to feel like dancing themselves. So, keep dancing and singing in this way. Achcha.

You double-foreign children have this special chance because you are the long-lost and now-found, beloved children. When the population of doubleforeigners increases, what will you then do? Just as the children who are residents of Bharat have given you double foreigners a chance, so you too will give others a chance, will you not? To experience your happiness in the happiness of others is to be a great donor.

Blessing: May you be free from becoming disheartened and having ego and carry out the task of renewal with humility.
Never be disheartened in your efforts. “I have to do this. It has to happen. The rosary of victory is my memorial.” Be victorious with this awareness. Do not give any space in your heart for feeling disheartened for even a second or a minute. Ego and disheartenment do not allow you to become very strong. Those who have ego often have a feeling of being insulted. So, free yourself from both of those and be humble, for only then will you be able to continue with the task of renewal.
Slogan: Be seated on the throne of world service and you will then be seated on the throne of the kingdom.

 *** Om Shanti ***



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