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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, bugles (shehnai – musical instrument specially played on happy occasions) of happiness should now be playing in your hearts because the Father has come to put His hand in your hands and take you back with Him. Your days of happiness are now about to come.
Question: Now that the sapling of the new tree is being planted, what should you definitely be cautious about?
Answer: Many storms come to a new tree. Such storms come that all the flowers and fruit fall. Here, too, the sapling of the new tree that is being planted will be shaken with great force by Maya. Many storms will come. Maya will make your intellects have doubts. If there isn’t remembrance of the Father in your intellect, you wilt and fall. This is why Baba says: Children, in order to be safe from Maya, put a bead in your mouth, that is, do your business etc., but continue to keep the Father in your intellect. This requires effort.
Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Om shanti. You children have great faith that Baba comes to make the world new and to purify us who are impure. It isn’t that the world doesn’t exist and that the Father comes and creates it. You call out to the Father to come and purify you all because you are impure. The world exists anyway. He makes the old world new. This knowledge is for human beings, not for animals, because human beings study and claim a status. Now, the paraphernalia that causes sorrow includes everything –bodies, bodily religions etc. The Father changes this paraphernalia of sorrow into happiness and that is why the Father has said: I make this land of sorrow into the land of happiness. I am the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. Bugles of happiness should now be playing inside you because your days of happiness are coming in front of you. You know that you meet the Father after a cycle. No one can say this of anyone else. God comes to grant salvation to the devotees. I put My hand in your hands and take you back with Me. It isn’t that I take you to the land of happiness and leave you. No, according to the effort you make at this time, you automatically go and experience your reward there. The more you explain to others, the more the drama continues to become firm for them. When people have seen a drama (film), it remains very clear for them for a few days. So, too, this becomes firm for you because this is the unlimited drama. You have the drama from the golden age until this time in your intellects. When you go to the centres, you are cautioned and so you remember this. Even while you are sitting here, you remember that the world is an unlimited drama. However, this is a matter of just a second. When it is explained, the drama quickly enters your intellects. You know who comes and establishes the dharma (religion). To remember the incorporeal world is also a matter of just a second. The second number is the subtle region. There, too, it is not a big thing because only Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are shown there. That also quickly enters your intellects. Then, there is the physical world. The cycle of four ages is included in that. This is the Father’s creation. It isn’t that you only remember heaven; no. Your intellects have the secrets of the drama from heaven until the end of the iron age. Therefore, you have to explain to others. All of you should have these pictures of the tree and the cycle in your homes and you should then explain to anyone who comes. You have to become merciful and great donors. These are called the imperishable jewels of knowledge. It is at this time that you become wealthy for the future. The Father Himself now says: Forget everything you have studied and heard until now. When a person dies, he forgets everything. So, here, too, you die alive. The Father says: Only remember whatever I tell you about the new world. We are now to go to the land of immortality and are listening to the story of immortality from the Lord of Immortality. When someone asks you when the land of death begins, tell him it begins when Ravan’s kingdom begins. When does the land of immortality begin? It begins when the kingdom of Rama begins. The paraphernalia of devotion has spread just as a tree spreads. The sapling of the new tree is now being planted. Therefore, just see how such a new tree experiences so many storms of Maya. When storms come, go into the garden and see how many flowers and fruit have fallen. A few remain safe. It is the same here; when there are storms of Maya, you wilt because of not staying in remembrance of Baba; some just fall. There is the game of ‘hatamtai’ in which they put a bead in their mouths. If you keep Baba in your intellects, you won’t be affected by Maya. Baba doesn’t tell you not to do any business etc. While doing your business, remember the Father. This requires effort. It is not a small thing to claim a kingdom! When someone claims a limited kingdom, he has to make so much effort. However, here, you are claiming a kingdom of the golden age. Therefore, you surely have to make effort. God is called the Ocean of Knowledge, not Janijananhar (One who knows everything inside each one). Janijananhar means a thought reader, that is, someone who knows what is inside each of you. In fact, that too is an occult power. There is no attainment from that. If you are dangling upside-down, there is no attainment in that either. Nowadays, people even walk on fire. There was a sannyasi who walked on fire. They heard that Sita had to go through fire and so they also do that. All of those are tall stories. They say that the scriptures are eternal. Since when? There is no date for them. There are dates for all the other religions and you can make those calculations. For instance, they say that 3000 years before Christ, Bharat was heaven. However, they don’t know what existed in heaven. You have the secrets of the tree in your intellects. You can speak about how the foundation of this tree was laid and how it then grew. When a flower vase is arranged, the flowers are placed at the top. It is the same here. First of all, there is the trunk of the deity religion and then all the religions emerge from the trunk, that is, they show the flowers of their people. Just think about it: when all the religions existed, it was a garden of flowers. The stage of falling comes later; that is, there is first the golden, then the silver, then the copper and now you are in the iron age. You should have the study in your intellects. The knowledgefull Father sits here and gives you the full knowledge of the tree and the drama. That is why God is called the Ocean of Knowledge and the Seed. He is the Seed of the human world tree and He resides up above. The incorporeal world of souls is called Brahmand, brahm lok, where egg-shaped souls live. You even have visions of a soul in the form of a point. When fireflies all fly together they sparkle, but that light is still less. So, souls will also all fly together. Such a tiny point has a part of 84 births recorded within him. Baba gives you a vision of the whole drama in which souls are actors, yet the actors don’t know about this drama. You first have to remember Baba and then the knowledge. The knowledge of a second is very simple. However, when did it begin? Because you forget, you have to go into expansion. There are many obstacles of Maya. There is even physical illness. Previously, you would never have had fever but if, after coming into knowledge, you develop fever, you develop doubts, because you think that, after coming into knowledge, all your bondages should end. However, Baba says: These illnesses will come even more strongly. You have to settle your karmic accounts. People in devotion wear a ring of nine jewels. They have a valuable jewel in the centre and around it less valuable jewels. Some jewels cost 1000 rupees and others cost 100. Baba says: This life of yours is as valuable as a diamond. Therefore, you should take birth in the sun dynasty. There will be so much difference between the empress and emperor of the golden age and the kings and queens at the end of the silver age. You also have to explain this story of the drama to others: “Come inside and we will explain to you how 5000 years ago there was a beautiful kingdom of deities. How did they attain their status? We will tell you the story of the history and geography of the 84 births of Lakshmi and Narayan and how they ruled the kingdom in the golden age.” You should offer such temptation to people and bring them inside. It is a story of just a second, but it is worth multimillions. You can go anywhere. Go to collegesuniversities and hospitals and tell them: “You fall ill so much. We will give you such medicine that you will not fall ill for 21 births. You must have heard that God said: Manmanabhav! If you remember the Father, your sins will be absolved and you will not commit any further sins. You will then become ever healthy and wealthy. Come and we will tell you the biography of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. To say that God is omnipresent is not His biography.” You should explain in this way. Achcha. Today is the day for bhog. (Song: The sky calls out to the earth). This is called the old, false world. It is called the extreme depths of hell. The song is also good in that it says: He has to come here, into this world of love. There is also love in the subtle region. People go into trance in great happiness. In the golden age, there is happiness. Here, there is nothing. Therefore, you should have disinterest in this old world. Sannyasis have limited disinterest, whereas yours is unlimited disinterest. You have to forget the whole world. Baba wrote a letter to Bombay. Baba doesn’t just tell the children of Bombay, but Baba advises the children at all the centres. You have to give lectures in the mornings and evenings. In every city they have big halls, and many of you have friends and relatives. Therefore, you have to advertise that you want to give the introduction of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, so that everyone can claim their birthright from God. We want the hall for only an hour and a half in the morning and an hour and a half in the evening. We won’t make any trouble. There won’t be any bands or harmoniums etc. If anyone gives this, we can take it on rent. You also have to look at the area. You have to see that the building is good too. A good person would bring good seekers with him. You should hold lectures in four or five such places. In big cities, if you can’t get the first floor, take the second floor. Otherwise, under desperate circumstances, you can also take the third floor. Do the same in villages. According to the village, it may even be a small building. You don’t need a whole building; you just need three feet of land. All of you should continue to speak to your relatives and someone or other will give this to you. So, continue to open centres in this way. Some won’t even take rent from you. While taking rent from you, if they are shot by an arrow, they would stop taking anything from you. Those who have broad intellects will be able to understand and imbibe very well. Those who have broad intellects are called maharathis: they will continue to open centres, one after another. You children know that you are establishing your kingdom in an incognito way by following shrimat. No one else can know how you are establishing it. You simply have to remain pure. Baba has said: Maya has caused you sorrow. Therefore, let go of her. Become those who conquer Maya and thereby become conquerors of the world. It is not a question of conquering your mind. The mind remains peaceful in the land of peace. Here, you have a body and so it cannot remain quiet. So the supreme abode is the land of peace. Here, (in Madhuban) you are given an explanation and so you think about it. There, someone would to go a centre, listen to the discourse and then become engaged in their work and everything would end. Here, everything remains fresh and this is why children come here to be refreshed. It doesn’t remain in the intellects of people of the world that Bharat is the birthplace of God. Here, when you hear this, that you will shed your bodies and go to the land of immortality you become intoxicated. In the golden age, you won’t say that so-and-so has died; no. When someone sheds an old costume, he takes a new one and remains happy. Bands will play. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Have disinterest in this unlimited world and remove it from your intellect. Imbibe the imperishable jewels of knowledge and become wealthy for the future.
  2. Only remember the things about the new world that the Father tells you. Forget everything else you have studied. Die alive in this way.
Blessing: May you be a true tapaswi who makes your mind and intellect sit on the seat of a constant and stable stage.
Tapaswis are always seated on a special seat. They do tapasya seated on one or another seat. The seat for you tapaswi children is your constant and stable stage, your angelic stage. Do tapasya while remaining stable on the seat of these elevated stages. Just as the body is seated on a physical seat, in the same way, make your mind and intellect sit on the seat of an elevated stage, and remain seated on that seat for as long as you want whenever you want. Those who sit on the seat of an elevated stage at this time claim the throne of a kingdom in the future.
Slogan: To unite your ideas with the ideas of others and give everyone regard is the means to be respected.

*** Om Shanti ***




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