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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Sweet elevated versions to be read in class on the day of remembrance of Jagadamba Mateshwari.

H ave no desires in this world of sorrow. In order to go to the world of happiness, make your sanskars like those of the deities.

Song: Someone made me belong to Him and taught me how to smile!

One is the world of smiling and the other is the world of crying. Where are you sitting now? It is now the end of the world of crying and the sapling is now being planted for the world of smiling, that is, the world of happiness. We are at the confluence and are now making effort for the world of happiness, and so all of our attention is on that. You must now have no desires in this world of crying or world of sorrow for any wealth or prosperity, for any status, for regard or honour or for anything because there is now only crying, that is, only sorrow in everything – in wealth, prosperity etc. None of the attainments of this world, which could be considered to be attainment has any happiness left in it. This is why the Father says: In order to go to the world of smiling, that is, to the world of happiness that I am creating, make your sanskars like that too. Look, artists make the faces of the deities very good, with a smile. They also portray purity and divinity etc. on their faces. So, we are now creating those sanskars, that is, we are imbibing them. There are no traces of sorrow there. There is never any crying there. This is why the Father says: You have now cried a lot and have received a lot of sorrow, that is, you have experienced many births in the world of sorrow. Now, that night has to end and the day will come, will it not? So, this night, that is, the generations of sorrow are now going to end. The generation of happiness is now to begin. So, the foundation for that world of happiness has to be laid here and this is why you have to be very cautious. If the foundation is laid now, it will be laid and if not, then you will be deprived of receiving that happiness for all time. It is remembered that a human birth is most invaluable. For which birth? It is for this birth because we take many births, but this birth is the most important because we are now laying the foundation for our highest generation.

Many believe that you take birth as a human being after taking birth in 8.4 million species and this is why they believe that the human birth is very precious and that it is only after births in 8.4 million species that you receive one birth of happiness. If it were like that, then all human beings should be happy, so why do they experience so much sorrow? Human beings have to experience the sorrow or happiness of their karmic accounts in this human birth. It isn’t that an animal, a bird or a tree becomes a human being. No. You now have all of these matters in your intellects human beings have to settle their karmic accounts only in their human birth. You also know that human beings take a maximum of 84 births. However much later they come down in the cycle, they take that a fewer number of births. You now have all of these accounts in your intellects and, according to this account, we know that this is our last birth in which we can create a reward for our new generations or the many births of happiness. This is why this birth is praised as being the highest because we can become the highest in this birth. So, we have to be very cautious in this birth and pay a lot of attention.

This is the time when God comes and gives us strength to become the highest. So, now that we are receiving strength from Him, we should take it. It is not that we will automatically become the highest in this birth. No, it is when the One who makes us like that has come that we become like that. How are we going to become that? By taking His orders, instructions and directions. You now have His directions very clearly in your intellect. “Be holy and be yogi.” Remember Me and remain pure. Keep this aspect in your intellect very clearly and move according to His orders and you will then be able to make your fortune elevated, that is, you will be able to attain the happiness of that world which is constantly happy. You do not think that all of this is imagination, do you? You do not have such thoughts, do you? Why should it be thought to be imagination since we are seeing that this is a world of sorrow? That is not our imagination, it is practical. So, the world of happiness definitely also has to be practical. It doesn’t exist now, but it has to exist. It is not that this world is always of sorrow. There is both happiness and sorrow in it; there is a time for happiness. You cannot say that there is only the happiness that exists now and that is heaven, that there is only happiness and sorrow like this; no. The happiness of the present time cannot be called happiness. The happiness that existed before when we were constantly happy was completely different and that is why it was called happiness. Today, why do they think that that is imagination? Because it doesn’t exist today. However, with our conscience and the strength of this knowledge, we can understand that, since there is this world of sorrow, there definitely also has to be the world of happiness. Some even show a path where even if you have sorrow, you just think that you are happy and this is why they believe that you must not have any desires or hopes for happiness; that you have to be ignorant of the knowledge of desire for happiness. Why should you have any desire for it? Consider there to be happiness in whatever happens. Then, whether there is any disease, untimely death or such a situation, you just consider yourself to be happy. That happiness is of your imagination and that cannot be called practical. Just as there is sorrow in a practical way – there are many situations of sorrow that come in a practical way, similarly, there also has to be happiness in a practical way. That world of happiness has to come at its own time, but its foundation is being laid now. For that, we have to make our actions elevated now because this is the field of action, this is the land of actions and whatever you sow, so shall you receive. This is also its law. The Father says: Even I cannot break this law. Although I am the World Almighty Authority, it doesn’t mean that if I wanted to, I could bring the sky down or take the earth up. People think that God can do anything, that He can also make the dead come back to life. God or His power does not mean that He brings back to life someone who has died. The soul has to shed his body, so there is no question of it coming back to life. If I were to bring someone back to life, would he not die again? He would do so. So, the law for everything has to be applied. This is why there is no question of showing any power in this.

Each of these five elements also has its own laws. They also go through their stages according to the golden, silver, copper and iron ages. The earthquakes, floods, storms and all of such things that happen are also in disorder. They have all become tamopradhan and everything is in the extreme tamopradhan stage. Only the Father explains all of these secrets of how everything is now spoilt. He says: Now that I have come, I reform everything and I first reform human souls, for by doing that, everything is reformed. Then, when the world is reformed, there is constant happiness and then nothing causes sorrow for anyone. Now, sorrow is received through everything. All of these things have to be understood and you also have to know how this world cycle turns. This is called knowledge. I am knowledge-full of these things. I have full knowledge of these things. How the accounts of karma work and how everyone comes down numberwise – I know all of these things and this is why it is said that no human being understands knowledge accurately. All human beings are going to come in this cycle. Those who are going to enter the cycle cannot know these things. The One who is out of this cycle has all of this knowledge. The Father says: I Myself come and tell you all of this because I have all of this information, whereas everyone else has forgotten it. I am the One who gives strength to everyone. I have that power in Me. All others enter the cycle of birth and death and lose all their powers. I come to give you My strength. These are straightforward matters. There is nothing to be confused about in this. This is why I am praised as the Supreme Soul, the Almighty Authority, Janijananhar (One who knows everything), the Ocean of Knowledge. This praise of Mine is not for nothing; I have done this work and I have some tasks to carry out. I have carried out very elevated tasks here and this is why there is this praise. Why are human beings praised? It is said of Gandihiji, that he was a very good person and that he was very elevated. Elevated does not mean that he was very tall. He was not tall, but he was big in his actions. He performed good actions and this is why everyone remembers him and praises him. All the things that are mentioned in a person’s history, of how So-and-so carried out a good task are remembered of him accordingly. God is praised so much; therefore He must also have done something good for us and so He is remembered accordingly. It isn’t that He is sitting in the highest place and his power continues to work or His work continues to happen. He came here and did something. He uplifted human beings, and this is how He uplifted them and this is why He is praised. So you now have to understand God’s praise and also God’s task. All the fathers of the different religions who came are praised. Guru Nanak Dev, Christ, Buddha etc. also all pointed to that One. All of this is very clear and after understanding it, you have to make effort. The Father’s order is: Remember Me and let your actions be good and pure, for by doing so, you will claim your right to heaven. You perform actions anyway, but those actions of yours continue to become wrong and your sorrow increases through that. This is why the Father says: Now do everything with understanding. Do everything very well with the understanding that I give you. Follow My directions. Follow My directions and your actions will remain right and you will remain happy on that basis. Everything is reformed or spoilt through your actions. We need to understand what we should do and how we should do it. He is now giving us that understanding and so we have to follow it. We have to understand these things and then make effort accordingly. Achcha.

Look how this is such a simple and easy thing. For this, people read the Vedas and scriptures, the Granth and the Puranas and do so much hatha yoga and breathing exercises etc. The Father explains all of these things very clearly. You just have to move along with your actions, but you do have to continue to reform your actions. How can you reform them? He explains that. There is no question of your having to become a scholar, pundit or an learned teacher for this. You have to make your actions very clean (pure). He sits and explains clearly what cleanliness is (purity). You cannot become pure without remembering Me. You may even remember the deities, but you cannot become pure by having yoga with anyone else. I have the power to absolve your sins. This is why the Father says: Unless you have a connection with Me, you cannot become pure. It is just as the lights have a connection with the main power house: if there is no connection , there would then be no light in the bulbs; there wouldn’t be that current. In the same way, you have a connection with Me. I am the main Power House and so there has to be a connection to it. If there is no connection to it, you will not receive power and if you do not have any power your sins will not then be absolved. If your sins are not absolved, you cannot move forward. This is why you are told to have yoga with Me. You cannot have liberation or salvation without Me. Achcha.

Love and remembrance to the sweetest children. Good morning. Om shanti.

Blessing: May you be a great soul who gives the experience of the manners of truth through your face and your behaviour.
Great souls are those who have the power of truth. However, together with truth, you also need to have manners. The speaking, way of seeing, eating and drinking, walking and moving around of the great souls who have manners of truth would have their manners automatically visible in their behaviour. If there are no manners, there is no truth. Truth is not proved by trying to prove it. It has the ability to be reveal itself. No one can hide the sun of truth.
Slogan: Make humility your armour and you will always be protected.


*** Om Shanti ***


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