Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The attainment of all treasures in the unique spiritual gathering.

Today, BapDada, is seeing the love the children have for the meeting. Why have all of you come from far away? You have come to celebrate a meeting, that is, you have come to a gathering. This spiritual gathering is a unique gathering. The meeting in this gathering is unique and it is the vichitra (without an image) souls who are meeting the Vichitra Father. This is a gathering of the Ocean and rivers. It is a gathering in which you, the Godly family, meet. This gathering of one time is one that brings you the attainment of many times. This gathering has open treasures and open treasure-stores. You can claim, as your right, as many treasures as you want, without incurring any expense. It is also a lottery. You can claim as much of an elevated lottery of fortune as you want. It is not that you buy a ticket for the lottery now and that the winning number will be announced later. Whatever you want to take now, however long you want to draw with determination the line of your fortune, you can do that. You can claim the lottery in a second. In this gathering, you can claim the right to a royal status for many births, that is, in this gathering you can become a Raj Yogi who becomes a king of the world for many births. You can book your seat for as much attainment as you want. In this gathering, everyone receives a special golden chance. That golden chance is: Say “My Baba” from your heart and become seated on the Father’s heart-throne. In this gathering you also receive a special gift. That gift is a small, happy and perfect world, in which you can attain whatever you want for all time. This small world is in the Father. One who lives in this world always swings in alokik swings of attainment and happiness. Those who live in this world always remain beyond the impurity of the mud of bodies and constantly continue to fly in the flying stage like angels. They constantly play with jewels. They constantly experience God’s company: I eat with You. I listen to You. I talk to You. I fulfil the responsibility of all relationships with You. I take every step according to Your shrimat and instructions. They constantly continue to sing these songs of zeal and enthusiasm. You find such a world in this gathering of the meeting. This is an elevated gathering in which you find the Father and you find the world. So, you have come to such a gathering, have you not? Let it not be that while observing the gathering, you become so engrossed in just one attainment that you are deprived of all attainments. Go from this spiritual gathering having attained all attainments. Don’t just go away feeling happy that you have received a lot. Go back having attained everything. Even now, check whether you have attained all attainments of the gathering. Since the treasures are open, go back having become full. Then, when you go back, don’t say: I should also have done this; I didn’t do as much as I should have done. You will not say this, will you? So, did you understand the importance of this gathering? To celebrate the gathering means to become great. Not just to come and go, but to become an embodiment of total attainment. Have you celebrated such a gathering? What do the instrument servers think? Growth makes the method change too. It is necessary for there to be growth and it is essential to remain full and content with every method. Now, at least, you are meeting with the relationship of Father and child and you come close. Later, you will be left with just a glimpse. Achcha.

To all those who celebrate a spiritual gathering, to those who claim full rights to all attainments, to those who constantly adopt a perfect world of happiness, to those who constantly sing songs of attainment and happiness, to those who constantly follow the elevated directions, to the obedient, worthy children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

To the teachers: You are those who constantly keep a balance of remembrance and service and constantly claim blessings from the Father. Where there is a balance, not only do you automatically receive good wishes from the Father, you also receive blessings. Where there is no balance, there are no blessings and when you don’t have blessings, you have to labour. To receive blessings means you easily attain all attainments. You are the servers who attain such blessings, are you not? You are those who constantly belong to the one Father, who have a constant and stable stage and who move along under the directions of One. You are such a group, are you not? When you follow the directions of One, there is constant success. So, you are those who constantly claim blessings at every step from the Father, the Bestower of Blessings. You are such true servers. Constantly consider yourselves to be doublelight and continue to do service. The lighter you remain, the more lightness there will be in service and the more lightness there is in service, the more easily all of you will fly and make others fly. Do service while being doublelight, to do service while staying in remembrance is the basis of success. You definitely receive the instant fruit of that service.

BapDada meeting groups: The confluence age is the age in which to receive all attainments for ever. The confluence age is the age to become elevated and to make others elevated. So the souls who play parts in such an age have become so elevated. So, do you always have the awareness that you are the elevated souls of the confluence age? Do you have the experience of all attainments? Do you souls consider yourselves to be full and perfect with the attainments that you receive from the Father? Become so full that you sustain yourselves and also distribute them to others. Just as it is said for the Father that His treasure stores are overflowing, in the same way, the treasure stores of you children are also always full. They can never become empty. According to how much you give someone, it will accordingly increase by that much. The speciality of the confluence age is also your speciality. You are the confluence-aged souls who are embodiments of all attainments. Maintain this awareness. The confluence age is the most elevated age, and so those who play parts in this age are also the most elevated, are they not? All the souls of the world are ordinary compared with you. You souls are alokik and unique. Those souls don’t have knowledge, whereas you are enlightened. They are shudras and you are Brahmins. They belong to the land of sorrow and you belong to the confluence age. The confluence age is also a land of happiness. You have been saved from so many types of sorrow. You can now see as detached observers, how the world is so unhappy whereas, compared with them, you are so happy. You can feel the difference, can you not? Therefore, constantly maintain the awareness that you are the elevated souls of the elevated confluence age, souls who are embodiments of happiness. If you don’t have happiness and greatness, that is no life!

You always stay in the happiness of remembrance, do you not? Happiness is the greatest blessing and medicine. Always continue to take this medicine and blessing of happiness. Then, because you are always happy, the karmic accounts of the body will not pull you. You will be loving and detached and settle the karmic accounts of the body. No matter how severe the suffering of karma is, that will also change from a crucifix to a thorn: it won’t feel like a big thing. You have received the understanding that these are karmic accounts and so everything becomes easy for those who settle their karmic accounts in happiness. Souls without knowledge will cry out in distress whereas enlightened souls will always remain in the awareness of “Wah sweet Baba! Wah drama!” Constantly sing songs of happiness. Just remember that you have attained whatever you wanted to attain in life. You have now received all the attainments that you wanted. You have the overflowing treasures of all attainments. Where the treasure stores are always overflowing, all sorrow and suffering end. Always remain cheerful while seeing your fortune: Wah my elevated fortune! Always continue to sing this song in your mind. Your fortune is so great. People of the world receive children, wealth and prosperity as their fortune, but what do you receive here? You receive the Bestower of Fortune Himself as your fortune. When the Bestower of Fortune belongs to you, what else remains? You experience this, do you not? You aren’t just moving along on what you have heard from others, are you? To move along with what your seniors tell you is known as moving along with what you simply hear. So, do you understand just by hearing about it, or through your own experience? Are all of you experienced? The confluence age is the age in which to experience. You can experience all attainments in this age. Whatever you experience now, you will not have that in the golden age. The awareness you have now will be merged in the golden age. Here, you experience that you have found the Father. There, there is no question of the Father. The confluence age is the only age in which to experience this. So, all of you have become experienced in this age. Experienced souls can never be deceived by Maya. It is only when you are deceived that you experience sorrow. Those who have the authority of experience are never deceived. They will constantly continue to attain success; they will always remain happy. So, remember the blessing of the present season: You are contented souls who are embodiments of all attainments. You are those who make others content. Achcha.

BapDada speaking to an income tax officer:

You do understand that you have come to your home, do you not? Whose home is this? It is God’s home and so it is everyone’s home. Therefore, it is also your home, is it not? It is good that you have come home. What will you do that is even better than that? Do the best of all and become the highest of all – this is the aim of life anyway. Now, what will you do that is the best of all? Just make the one lesson firm that Baba spoke about, for the whole study is merged in just this one lesson. This is a wonderful world university. To look at, it is also a home, but the Father is also the true Teacher. It is a home and also a university. This is why people are unable to understand whether this is a home or a university. However, it is both a home and a university because the most elevated lesson is taught here. What is the aim of teaching at colleges and schools? To develop children’s characters, to make them worthy of earning an income and be able to sustain their families very well. That is the aim, is it not? So all of those aims are fulfilled here. Each and every one becomes one with a good character.

What do the political leaders want in the land of Bharat? What did Bapuji want for Bharat? What he wanted was for Bharat to become a lighthouse, for Bharat to become a centre of spiritual power in the world. That task is taking place here in an incognito way. If even one couple were to become like Rama and Sita, then, because of one Rama and Sita, it would become the kingdom of Rama. Then, if so many were to become like Rama and Sita, what would happen? So, this lesson is not difficult, it is very easy. If you make this lesson firm, you will also claim a spiritual certificate from the true Teacher and you will receive a guarantee of a source of income too. However, it truly is wonderful! Grandfathers and great-grandfathers study here, as well as children and grandchildren. All study in the same class because it is souls who are taught here. Bodies are not seen. It is souls that are taught. Even if a child is only five years old, he too can learn this lesson, can he not? A child can do a lot more work. This lesson is also essential for those who are elderly. Otherwise, they become disheartened with life. Even uneducated mothers need an elevated life. Therefore, the true Teacher is teaching everyone. No matter how much of a VVVIP someone is, to the true Teacher, all are students. He teaches the same lesson to everyone. So, what will you do? You will learn this lesson, will you not? You will benefit. Those who do something will receive the return of it. To the extent that you do something, accordingly you will benefit because, here, you receive multi-million fold return for one. It is not like that in terms of perishable things. In this imperishable study, you receive multi-million fold for one, because He is the Bestower.

BapDada meeting the Rajasthan zone:

What is the speciality of the Rajasthan zone? The main centre is in Rajasthan. Therefore, whatever is the speciality of the zone, would also be the speciality of the residents of Rajasthan, would it not? Are you going to make special diamonds emerge in Rajasthan, or are you the special diamonds? You are all the most special of all anyway. However, in the field of service and in the eyes of the world, you have to create those who become special instruments for service. Have you done such service? Rajasthan has to become number one in everything: quantity, quality and the speciality of service; number one in everything. The main centre is number one anyway, but its impact has to be all over Rajasthan. At present, it is Maharashtra and Gujarat who are counted as number one in terms of quantity. Now let Rajasthan be counted as number one. Therefore, now make preparations this year. Next year go ahead of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Those whose intellects have faith become victorious. There are so many experienced jewels here. If you make service progress, it will definitely increase.

Blessing: May you be happy and fortunate and create the fortune of others with the awareness of God and your fortune.
From amrit vela until night time, bring your different types of fortune into your awareness and continue to sing this song: Wah my elevated fortune! Only those who remain aware of God and their fortune are able to create the fortune of others. “Brahmin” means to be constantly fortunate, constantly to have the fortune of happiness. No one has the courage to reduce the happiness of Brahmin souls. Each one is happy and has the fortune of happiness. It is impossible for happiness to leave Brahmin life: even if you leave your body, your happiness cannot disappear.
Slogan: Leave the swings of Maya and constantly continue to swing in the swing of supersensuous joy.


*** Om Shanti ***

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