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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The harm done by thinking about others and looking at others.

All of you elevated souls have come to celebrate an elevated meeting of the diamond-like confluence age. This is a special method for constantly experiencing this invaluable life to be like a diamond and it is once again making you into embodiments of remembrance and embodiments of power. You have come here to experience this from the Father, your family and your land of blessings. From the moment of your birth, you have each received a life as valuable as a diamond. However, you come to have the diamond repeatedly polished so that the diamond remains constantly sparkling with no dust or marks appearing on it. This is why you come here, is it not? So, BapDada is pleased to see His diamond-like children and also checks which children are even now covered in dust, or have big or small marks on them through being coloured by someone’s company. Which company creates marks? There are two main reasons for this. That is, there are two main things.

Thinking about others (par chintan) and looking at others (par darshan). Wasteful thinking is included in thinking about others. These two things, due to the colour of the company, make a clean diamond into a marked diamond. The story of the Ramayana is the memorial of the previous cycle of looking at others and thinking about others. Knowledge of the Gita is forgotten. Knowledge of the Gita means thinking about oneself. It means to become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. It means to become a destroyer of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. The essence of the Gita is forgotten and the story of the Ramayana is put into practice. Those who step outside the line of the code of conduct become Sita. Two forms of Sita have been depicted. One is someone who stays in constant company, and the other is someone who stays in the cottage of sorrow. By becoming influenced by the company of others, you become the Sita who stays in the cottage of sorrow. One is the form of complaints and the other is the form of remembrance. When you take the form of complaints, you go from the first stage into the second stage. Therefore, remain a constantly true, flawless diamond, an invaluable, sparkling diamond. Stay beyond those two things and you will never get dusty or become flawed. You don’t want to do something and yet you do it! You make up many new, interesting stories. If those stories were to be told, they would make a very large scripture. However, what is the reason? Your own weaknesses. You whitewash your own weaknesses and, in order to hide your own weaknesses, you make up long stories about the motives of others. This is the starting point of looking at others and thinking about others. So, now finish this main basis, this main seed. Celebrate bidding farewell in this way. People perform ceremonies at a meeting. Performing this ceremony is known as meeting, that is, becoming equal to the Father. Achcha, you have heard a lot of your own praise. There is nothing lacking in your own praise, because the Father’s praise is the children’s praise. The special loving thought of BapDada is that every child becomes equal and complete, equal to the Father. It is that each of you becomes a number one diamond before time. The results have not yet been announced. There is still a margin for whatever you want to become and whatever number you want to claim. Therefore, make effort for the flying stage. Become a flawless, number one sparkling diamond. Do you understand what you have to do? When you return home, don’t just say that you have come back from Madhuban having celebrated a lot, but that you have come back having become something. There has now been growth in the number of you, so let there now also be progress in your efforts. Achcha.

To all those who are making effort for the flying stage, to those who remain beyond all gross company, to all the souls who are coloured by the company of perfection, to those who make themselves perfect before time, to the special souls who are embodiments of attainment, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

1. Have you made the Father belong to you in all relationships? You don’t have attachment to anyone in any relationship, do you? Because, if there is even one relationship you haven’t forged with the Father, you won’t be able to become a destroyer of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. Your intellect will continue to wander. You will sit down to remember the Father, but you will remember your grandchildren instead. You only remember someone to whom you are attached. Some have attachment to money, some have attachment to jewellery, and others are attached to particular relations. The intellect will be pulled to whoever or whatever you are attached to. If your intellect is repeatedly pulled there, you cannot remain constant and stable. You have already seen what state you got into by wandering around for half the cycle. You lost everything! You lost your body! You lost your peace and happiness of mind! You even lost your wealth! You had so much wealth in the golden age. You lived in golden palaces. Now you are living in buildings of bricks and stone. So you lost everything, did you not? Now your wandering has finished! Constantly sing this song in your mind: I belong to the one Father and none other. Never say “This one is not changing; this one is not moving on this path; how can I keep moving along? What can I do?” Keep yourself free of even this burden; remain light. You may have pure feeling that someone should continue on this path, that someone’s illness should end, but that will not happen by your saying it. Instead of saying it, stay light and maintain the experience of the flying stage, and they will receive power from that. It is wasteful to think about it or to say anything about it. Mothers say that their husbands should become all right, that their children should follow this path, that their business should go well. These are the things you think or talk about. However, only when you stay light yourself and take power from the Father will these desires be fulfilled. For this, the vessel of your intellect has to remain empty. “What will happen? When will it happen? It hasn’t yet happened!” Empty yourself of these thoughts. If you want everyone to benefit, you must become an embodiment of power yourself and continue to move along with good wishes as a companion of the Almighty Authority. Don’t think too much or worry about anything. Don’t become trapped in any bondage. If there are bondages, the way to cut them is to have remembrance. You will not become free from them just by speaking about them. You yourself must let go and you will become free.

2. Have you attained all the treasures of the confluence age? You don’t consider yourselves to be lacking any of the treasures, do you? The time for being empty has now passed. It is now time to fill yourselves. This is also the time to experience having received all treasures. When you attain something that was unattainable, you become intoxicated. Become souls who are full! You don’t say that you have all powers, but you say that you don’t have the power to tolerate or the power of peace. You do this, don’t you? That you sometimes feel a little anger or a little forceful. There is no place for anything else in something that is full. If you are shaken by Maya, it means you are empty. The fuller you are, the less shaking there is. Have you bidden farewell to anger, attachment and everything else or do you make your enemies your guests? Only when there is carelessness do enemies enter by force. If the lock is strong, enemies cannot enter. Nowadays, people have a secret lock in order to remain safe. Here, too, you have a double lock. Remembrance and service is the double lock. You will remain safe with this. A double lock means to remain double busy. To remain busy means to remain safe. To keep this awareness constantly is to apply a lock. Don’t take it for granted that you belong to Baba anyway, but become an embodiment of remembrance again and again. Anyway, when you belong to Baba, you have to be an embodiment of remembrance. There should be that happiness. If you do belong to Baba, you should also have attained that inheritance. Don’t be careless by taking it for granted that you belong to Baba anyway, but, experience yourself to be full and powerful at every second. This is known as being an embodiment of remembrance and an embodiment of power. Let Maya not come to attack you, but to salute you.

3. Do all of you experience yourselves to be souls who are worthy of being worshipped? From being worshippers, you have become worthy of worship, have you not? Those who are worthy of worship are always put somewhere high up. An idol that is to be worshipped will not be placed on the ground. So, where do you worthy of worship souls stay? You stay up above. On the path of devotion too, worthy of worship souls are given so much regard! Since non-living idols are given so much regard, how much regard would there be for you? Do you know yourselves how much regard there is for you? To the extent that you are aware of the regard you have for yourself, others also give you regard. To have regard for yourself means constantly to experience yourself to be a great and elevated soul. So, you don’t sometimes become an ordinary soul from being a great soul, do you? A worthy of worship soul would always be worthy of being worshipped. It isn’t that you are worthy of worship today, whereas tomorrow you are not. To be constantly worthy of worship means to be constantly great: to be constantly special. Some of you children think that you are moving forward, but that others are not giving you regard for moving forward. What is the reason for this? It is because you don’t always maintain regard for yourself. Those who maintain regard for themselves don’t ask for regard from others, but automatically receive it. Those who are not constantly worthy of being worshipped do not always receive regard. If the idol were to fall from its position, or if it were placed on the ground, what value would it have? When an idol is placed in a temple, everyone worships it as something great. Therefore, constantly be seated in a position of greatness, that is, stay in a high position; do not come down. What speciality do people show in the world nowadays? Kill or be killed! This is the speciality they show nowadays. So, here, too, you are those who die in a second, not those who die slowly. Let it not be that you renounce attachment today, you renounce anger a month later, and you renounce attachment a year later. Let it not be like that. You are those who have become a sacrifice with one stroke. So, have all of you become a sacrifice that has died alive or are you sometimes alive and sometimes dead? There are sometimes cases where someone gets off the funeral pyre. He just wakes up at that time. All of you have died alive at one stroke, have you not? Just as in the world outside, those people have their own show, so you too have to reveal your own show in the subtle world. Always be elevated, always be worthy of worship so that everyone continues to sing songs of praise of your every act and every virtue. To sing songs of praise means to praise you. If your acts are always elevated and worthy of worship, people will constantly sing devotional songs of praise about you. Whenever there is upheaval somewhere, reveal the wonders of the power of silence during that upheaval. Let it enter everyone’s intellect that there is a shanti-kund (kund – vessel in which a sacrificial fire takes place) there. Become a shanti-kund and spread the power of peace. When there is fire everywhere and there is coolness in one corner, everyone runs to that place of coolness. In the same way, become an embodiment of peace and give the experience of a shanti-kund. At that time, you cannot serve through words, but you can reveal yourself as a shanti-kund through your mind. Wherever the children of the Ocean of Peace live, let that place be a sacred, peaceful place. When a perishable sacrificial fire can attract others to itself, then, it is impossible for your peaceful place not to attract others to it. Let everyone receive vibrations of finding peace there. Create such an atmosphere. Let everyone come to you, asking for peace: Sister, give us peace! Do such service.

BapDada speaking to server teachers:

Teachers means servers. To be a server means to be an embodiment of renunciation and tapasya. There cannot be success where there isn’t renunciation or tapasya. With the co-operation of both renunciation and tapasya, there is always success in service. Tapasya means to belong to the one Father and none other. This is constant tapasya. Anyone who comes, let them now see you as a kumari, but as a tapaswi kumari. Let the place you are staying in be experienced as a sacred place of tapasya. It is good that they feel it is a good and pure place, but let it be experienced as a sacred place of tapasya. Those who come to a sacred place of tapasya will also become tapaswis. When you become the practical embodiment of tapasya, there will be cries of victory. People will bow down in front of your tapasya. They sing praise in front of the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, but they will bow down in front of the tapaswi kumars and kumaris. Make it a sacred place of tapasya and then see how the moths automatically come running. Tapasya is also a form of light and moths automatically come running to the light. Your fortune of being servers has been created. So now claim a number in becoming tapaswi kumaris. Become great donor souls who constantly donate peace. At present, BapDada is especially drawing your attention to service through the mind. Many powerful souls will be revealed by being served through words. Service through words will continue, but now make an addition of serving through pure thoughts. Become embodiments and serve to make others into embodiments. There is now a need for this. Let everyone’s attention be drawn to this one point. The name will be glorified through this. Those who are embodiments of experience will be able to grant an experience. Pay special attention to this. Through this, you will have to make less effort but you will attain greater success. The mind transforms the land. Constantly continue to progress in this way. This is now the only way to progress. Achcha.

After BapDada had celebrat ed meeting the children for 12 hours, He gave love and remembrance to all t he children on Thursday at 6.00 am.

Today, on this day of the Omens of Jupiter, BapDada is giving love and remembrance to the elevated souls who have the line of elevated fortune of the omens of Jupiter. The Father, the Seed of the Tree, has made the elevated fortune of all of you children imperishable. With this imperishable fortune you yourselves will remain constantly full and will also continue to make others full. The day of the Seed of the Tree is the special memorial of the day that you children became filled with your teachings. On the day of the memorial of these teachings, BapDada, as the Teacher, has the aim of making all of you children pass with full marks in all the subjects and thereby making you pass with honours and putting the same zeal and enthusiasm into others. With these teachings He is giving you love and remembrance to make you full of these teachings. In the form of the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, who has drawn your line of fortune of the omens of Jupiter, He is congratulating you for having a constantly elevated fortune. Achcha. Love, remembrance and namaste.

Question: What awareness must you constantly have so that you never get disheartened in life?

Answer: I am not an ordinary soul, I am a Shiv Shakti. The Father is mine and I belong to the Father. Maintain this awareness and you will never experience loneliness. You will never be disheartened. You will constantly have zeal and enthusiasm. The meaning of “Shiv Shakti” is Shiva and the Shaktis are combined. Where there is the Almighty Authority Father with a thousand arms, zeal and enthusiasm is always there.

Blessing: May you finish body consciousness by remaining stable in your self-respect and become an immortal image seated on the immortal throne.
At the confluence age you receive many types of self-respect from the Father. Every day, keep a new point of self-respect in your awareness. Then, in front of self-respect, body consciousness will run away, just as darkness is dispelled in front of light. It doesn’t take any time or any effort. You have a direct connection with God’s light. Simply put on the switch of awareness with the direct line. So much light will then come that not only will you be in the light, but you will become a lighthouse for others. Those who maintain such self-respect are the ones who are said to be immortal images seated on their immortal thrones.
Slogan: Make your stage elevated and any adverse situation will become small.


*** Om Shanti ***




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