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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Signs of complete renunciates.

BapDada is seeing all the great renunciate children who have renounced everything. BapDada is seeing which children are attaining this great fortune and have come close. He is pleased to see such close, such equal, elevated and complete renunciate children. What are the specialities of the children who are complete renunciates, on the basis of which they come close and become equal? With the last words in the corporeal form, Baba spoke of three specialities:

1. Although corporeal, to be constantly incorporeal in your thoughts and to be souls who are constantly detached and loving to the Father.

2. To be constantly egoless in your words, that is, to have spiritual sweetness and humility.

3. To be viceless in your actions with all the physical senses, that is, to have the personality of purity.

So, be a great donor and a bestower of blessings through your all your physical senses. Through your forehead, be a bestower of blessings and a great donor and remind everyone of their original form. With the spiritual drishti from your eyes, give everyone a vision of their original home, the land of liberation, and of their sovereignty, liberation-in-life. Give them a glimpse of their kingdom or signal to them the path through your drishti. Give souls the blessing of having such an experience that they feel that is their real home and kingdom, that they feel they have found the way home and the way to attain their kingdom. After having received such a great donation and blessing, let them become constantly cheerful. Let them clearly understand from your words the all the detail about the Creator and creation and let them attain the blessing of becoming the first creation of the Creator – the elevated Brahmins who then become deities. Similarly, with your hands, become a bestower of blessings and give others the blessing of becoming constantly easy yogis and karma yogis who perform elevated actions and attain elevated fruit. With your lotus feet, follow the fatherat every step and give the blessing of accumulating an income of multimillions at every step. Become a bestower of blessings who gives a special experience through each of your physical senses, that is: the experience of leading a viceless life. These three specialities will be clearly visible in one who is a complete renunciate. A complete renunciate soul will never do anything under the slightest influence of any of the vices. You have been told earlier about the form of a royal trace of the vices. The gross form of the vices has finished but a trace of it in a royal form still remains. You do remember this, do you not? The language of Brahmins has become royal. The expansion of that is very lengthy. “I am correct! or “I am right!” There are many such words of royal language which you use to justify yourself. There are also many royal words for hiding your own weakness and going into a lot of expansion revealing and highlighting the weaknesses of others. This too is a big dictionary. That is not how it is in reality but, in order to prove yourself right, or in order to justify your weaknesses, you use the words of your own manmat (dictates). All of you know this expansion very well! A complete renunciate never uses language that has the slightest trace of any of the vices. To be constantly beyond the slightest trace of vice in your thoughts, words and deeds is to be a complete renunciate; one who renounces all trace of it.

A complete renunciate always has the speciality of being a world benefactor. He is constantly a bestower, a child of the Bestower and filled with the feeling of wanting to give to others. He wouldn’t say: only if the other one does it, or, only if the situation or atmosphere is like this, will he do something. To do that is to be someone who takes the support of others before he does something beneficial, that is, to be someone who first takes and then gives – to first take co-operation and then give. So, that is both giving and taking at the same time. However, a complete renunciate is a master bestower and constantly considers himself to be responsible for bringing benefit to transform situations, for making weak ones powerful and transforming the atmosphere and attitude by using his own powers. In every situation, his thought is always to give the great donation and blessing of his co-operation and powers. He doesn’t say: “When this happens, I will do it.” No! He is a master bestower and, with the pure feelings of bringing about transformation continues to carry out the task by using his powers, that is, of giving them to others. “I have to give! I have to do this! I have to change! I have to be humble!” Those who take the initiative in this way are Arjuna, that is, they have the speciality of being a bestower.

A complete renunciate is one who is always an embodiment of virtues. To be an embodiment of virtues means to be virtuous oneself and also see virtues in everyone. When someone is an embodiment of virtues, his vision and attitude will be filled with virtues, with the result that he will only see the virtues of others through his vision and attitude. Whilst seeing and understanding defects, his intellect will not imbibe anyone’s defects, that is, he will not keep them in his intellect. In this way, he is a holy swan. Even whilst recognising stones he doesn’t pick them up. In fact, with the power of the virtues he has attained, he will try to remove the defects of other souls and help them to become virtuous, because he has the sanskars of being a master bestower.

A complete renunciate considers himself to be responsible for every elevated task – the task of attaining success in service, the task of helping of Brahmin souls to progress and the task of transforming an atmosphere of weakness or wastefulness. When there is the slightest upheaval due to some obstacle in service or due to ‘numberwise’ souls with whom he is in connection or relationship, a complete renunciate soul considers himself to be an embodiment of unlimited support and considers it to be his responsibility to calm down that upheaval everywhere. He experiences himself to be a constant image of support for such unlimited progress. He doesn’t think that that situation is just to do with that particular place or of that particular brother or sister, no. “This is my family! I am a benevolent, instrument soul!” You have received the title of “world benefactors”, not just “self-benefactors” or “c entrebenefactors”. The weakness of others means the weakness of your family. He considers himself to be an instrument in an unlimited way. He doesn’t have the consciousness of “I” but of being an instrument, that is, of being an image of support for world benefit, an image of support for the unlimited task.

A complete renunciate is always steady on the same wavelength with everyone and has the awareness that this is the one task of the one family. By having the awareness of just One, he becomes a number one soul.

A complete renunciate soul experiences himself to be a soul who embodies the instant fruit; and has attained the instant fruit. This means that a complete renunciate soul is like an indestructible tree that is constantly full of all instant and practical fruit. Such a soul is a constant embodiment of fruit. This is why he is ignorant of any temporary desire to receive any limited fruit of limited actions. He is someone whose mind is constantly healthy because of eating practical fruit. He is always healthy. He does not have any illness of the mind. He is constantly “Manmanabhav”. Have you become such complete renunciates? Keep all three specialities in front of you and ask yourself: What type of renunciate am I? How far have I reached? How many steps have I climbed and how close have I come to the aim of becoming equal to the Father? Have you climbed all the steps or have you only climbed a few steps? Out of the seven days’ course, how many courses (lessons) have you completed? In the seven days’ course, bhog is offered on the last day. Should BapDada offer bhog now? All of you offer bhog every Thursday, but BapDada offers the mahabhog (great bhog). The trance messengers carry bhog to the subtle region, but where does BapDada take bhog? First of all, surrender yourself as bhog. Bhog is also offered to the Father, is it not? Having made yourself one who is constantly an embodiment of fruit, now surrender yourself, for only then will mahabhog be offered. Having made yourself complete, offer yourself! Don’t just offer physical bhog. Become a complete soul and offer yourself! Do you understand? Have you understood what more you need to do?



Achcha, now one more turn (time) to meet remains. In fact, today is the last meeting when it comes to meeting in the corporeal form in this way. According to the programme, today is the completion ceremony of meeting in the corporeal form. We shall see what happens later on. You will receive an extra bonus from the Father. However, what was the essence of these meetings that you took for yourself? Did you just hear what Baba said or did you merge that within yourselves and put it into practice? What particular season al fruit will the season of this meeting bring? What fruit will emerge from this season of meetings? There is importance of seasonal fruit, is there not? What was the fruit that emerged this season? Of course you met BapDada, but to meet means to become equal! So, you will now show BapDada the fruit of the determination to be constantly equal to the Father, will you not? Have you prepared such fruit? Have you prepared yourselves? Or, have you just listened to everything for the time being, and you still have to prepare yourselves? Are you just going to celebrate a meeting or are you going to become that? Just as you come running here with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm in order to celebrate a meeting, similarly, you are also flying to become equal, are you not? You even endure so many difficulties with the facilities you use for coming and going. However, no effort is required to go into the flying stage. You have made limited branches your supports and are clutching onto them or sitting on them. Therefore, o flying birds, now let go of the branches! Let go of even the golden branches! It was a golden deer that sent Sita into the cottage of sorrow. The consciousness of “mine”, “my name”, “my respect”, “my honour”, “my centre” are all golden branches. You let go of unlimited rights and want to claim limited rights! “This is my right.” “This is my duty.” Become a flying bird and fly away from all of those. Let go of all of those limited supports. You are not parrots who constantly squawk to be set free. They don’t let go themselves and yet they squawk to be set free. Don’t be parrots like that! Let go and fly! You can become free if you let go. BapDada has given you wings. Is the purpose of the wings to fly or sit down? Become flying birds, that is, constantly continue to fly in the flying stage. Do you understand? This is known as offering seasonal fruit. Achcha.

To the elevated souls who are constantly full of practical fruit and perfect, to those who are constantly incorporeal, egoless and viceless, equal to the Father, to those who never allow any vice even to touch any of their actions, to such complete renunciate souls, to the flying birds who constantly fly in the flying stage, to such elevated souls who are equal to the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

With the stage of a master almighty authority, finish the rubbish of waste.

Do you constantly consider yourself to be a master almighty authority soul? To be an almighty authority means to be powerful. Those who are powerful are able to finish the rubbish of waste. A master almighty authority means one who has no name or trace of wastage. Always have the aim of being a powerful soul who finishes all wastage. Just as it is the sun’s duty to burn rubbish, to dispel darkness and give light, so too, a master sun of knowledge means to be one who finishes the rubbish of waste, to be one who dispels darkness. If you are influenced, you are weak. The Father doesn’t like to hear that the Father is the Almighty Authority but His children are weak! No matter what happens, always have the awareness: I am a master almighty authority. Don’t think: What can I do on my own? Even one can change many others. Become powerful yourself and make others that too. Since a tiny lamp is able to dispel darkness, what can you not do? Always have the aim of changing the atmosphere. Before becoming a world transformer, transform the atmosphere of the centre and make the atmosphere powerful.

BapDada meeting couples:

Are all of you free from the bondage of the household and constantly loving to the Father, whilst living at home with the family? You are not trapped in the bondage of any type of activity, are you? Souls who are trapped in the bondage of people’s opinions, or by their relations, are known as souls who are trapped in bondage. Let there not be any bondage, not even a bondage of the mind. Do not have the slightest thought in your mind that you have any worldly relationship. Whilst living in a worldly relationship, let there be the awareness of your spiritual relationship. It is a worldly relationship for the sake of it, but in your awareness let there be the subtle and spiritual relationship. Remain constantly seated on the lotus-seat. Do not let even a drop of water or dirt touch you. No matter how many souls you come into contact with, remain constantly loving and detached. You have a connection with one another for the sake of service; it is not a physical relationship, but a relationship for service. You are not living with your family because of physical relationships, but because of the relationship of service. It is not your home, but a service place. By considering it to be a service place, you will constantly have the awareness of service. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a true tapaswi who makes the snake of the vices a garland around your neck.
These five vices are poisonous snakes for people, but for you yogi and tapaswi souls, these snakes become a garland around your necks. This is why they show a garland of snakes around Shankar’s neck representing the bodiless and tapaswi form as a memorial of you Brahmins and Father Brahma. The snakes become a stage for you to dance on in happiness. They have shown this as a sign of conquering. Your spiritual stage is the stage. When you have such victory over the vices, you will then be said to be true tapaswis.
Slogan: To die to the old world and sanskars is to die alive.


*** Om Shanti ***



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