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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, there is no need for sound in this study. Here, the Father has given you just one mantra: Children, remain quiet and remember Me.
Question: What are the signs of children who have Godly intoxication?
Answer: 1) The behaviour of the children who have Godly intoxication is very royal. 2) They speak very little. 3) They only let jewels emerge from their mouth. Generally, royal people also speak very little. You are God’s children and you should therefore remain royal.

Om shanti. The unlimited Father sits here and explains to you unlimited children. There isn’t anyone else who would say that he is explaining to the unlimited children. You children know that our unlimited Father is the One who is called Shiv Baba. In fact, there are many people whose name is Shiva, but they are not the unlimited Father. There is only the one unlimited Father and He has come from the supreme abode. Everyone calls out to that incorporeal One. He is called God. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are deities. God, who lives in the supreme abode, is the Father of all souls. You haven’t come in front of a guru or a saint etc. here. You know that you are sitting in front of the unlimited Father. The unlimited Father has come to Madhuban. Those people say that Krishna came in Madhuban, but that is not so. It is the flute of the unlimited Father that is played in Madhuban. The Father explains that He comes every cycle at the confluence age, not in every age. They made a mistake when they said that I come in every age. All the scriptures that exist belong to devotion; it isn’t that they are eternal. Baba has explained that the ocean and the rivers of water are eternal, but it isn’t that devotion is eternal. You know that there is no devotion in the golden and silver ages. Devotion begins in the copper age. The unlimited Father, who is the Ocean of Knowledge, sits in this Brahma and speaks knowledge to us. He does not speak it to us from the subtle region. The Father personally sits in front of you here and explains to you. This is why it is sung that the Resident of the faraway land came to the foreign land. You know that you souls are brothers. You are residents of the faraway land. Those people who sing this don’t understand anything. You are travellers and you have come here from the faraway land to play your part s. You know that this is a battlefield. The play of victory and defeat is played here. The Father also explains this. All human beings want to receive peace. They don’t mean the peace of the land of liberation; they want peace while living here. However, it is not possible to receive peace of mind here. Sannyasis go away to the forests for peace. They don’t know that we souls can only receive peace in our incorporeal world. Those people believe that souls merge into the brahm element or into God. They don’t even understand that the original religion of souls is peace. It is souls that speak. Souls live in the land of peace. It is there that souls will receive peace. At this time everyone wants peace. None of the sannyasis believe in happiness. They continue to defame everything because it is shown in the scriptures that there were Kans, Jarasandha etc. in the golden and silver ages. They have forgotten Lakshmi and Narayan. Their intellects have become tamopradhan. The Father says: I am incorporeal. Those people say that God is beyond name and form. On the one hand, they sing His praise and on the other hand, they say that He is omnipresent. When they say that He is beyond name and form, how could He be omnipresent? A soul definitely has a form. No one can say that a soul is beyond name and form. It is said that a wonderful star sparkles in the centre of the forehead. Therefore, it is the soul that sheds a body and takes another. God doesn’t take rebirth. It is human beings who enter the cycle of birth and death. This is your study. No bands etc. are needed in a study. Your study takes place in the morning at the time when people are sleeping. In fact, there is no need for you to play records. We are going beyond sound. It is just to awaken everyone that you have to play them. The sound doesn’t go outside when reading or listening to the murli. There is no sound in studying. The Father sits here and gives you the mantra: Children, remain silent and remember Me. There are no gurus here who would sit and whisper a mantra in everyone’s ear. They then tell you not to tell anyone else that mantra. It is not like that here. Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge. This is the Gita study place. Would you be given a mantra at school? When you personally explain to anyone, do you play a record? No. You have to explain in the same way in class too. The pictures are in front of you. Someone who hasn’t even seen a map would not understand where England or Nepal is. If he had seen a map that would enter his intellect. All the secrets of the drama have been explained to you children with the pictures. This knowledge is such that you can even explain it without using pictures. People don’t know anything about God. They have elongated the duration of the cycle. The Father has now explained to you. You then have to explain to others. You have to divide the cycle into the four ages, into four parts. You have to divide the cycle into two halves: half the cycle is the new world and half the cycle is the old world. It isn’t that the new world is of a longer duration. For instance, if the lifespan of a building is 50 years, it would be said after half its duration that it is old. It is the same with the world. The Father Himself comes and explains all of this to you children. There is no need to sing songs or recite poetry in this. The systems and customs of us Brahmins of the confluence age are completely unique. No one knows what the confluence age is or what happens at the confluence age. You know that the Father, the Resident of the faraway land, has come into the impure world. The land of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar is not said to be the faraway land. The faraway land is the land of Shiv Baba and souls. We are all residents of the incorporeal world. First, there is the incorporeal world, then the subtle world and then the corporeal world. First, souls of the deity religion come down from the incorporeal world. First, there is the sun-dynasty clan here and then souls of the moon dynasty come down. When the sun dynasty exists, the moon dynasty doesn’t. When the moon dynasty exists, it would be said that the sun dynasty existed in the past. In the silver age it would be said that the part of Lakshmi and Narayan has become the past. However, they wouldn’t say that they will once again become merchants and shudras; no. It is now that you have this knowledge. The Father explains to you the secrets of the cycle. Although those people have created the Trimurti, they haven’t shown Shiva in that. If they were to know Shiva, they would also know the cycle. Because of not knowing Shiva, they don’t know the cycle either. They sing of the Resident of the faraway land, but they don’t know that God is the Purifier. You know that this is your very big sacrificial fire. People put sesame seeds, wheat and barley grains into a sacrificial fire. This is the sacrificial fire of Rudra in which the horse is sacrificed to receive self-sovereignty. The material of the whole of the old world is to be sacrificed into this sacrificial fire. Those who want to claim the kingdom are the only ones who stay in yoga completely. In the silver age there are two degrees less. For the first 1250 years it is the golden age. After 625 years it is reduced by one degree because it is the stage of descent. Then, in the silver age, further alloy is mixed in. It is now explained to you children: The more you connect your intellects in yoga to the Father, the more the alloy will continue to be removed. Otherwise, there will be punishment and you will then go to the silver age. Everyone loves Krishna and swings him in a swing. They do not swing Rama as much. Nowadays, they even have a race. However, they don’t know that Lakshmi and Narayan were Radhe and Krishna in their childhood. They have defamed Radhe and Krishna a great deal, but there is no defamation of Lakshmi and Narayan. Krishna was a young child. A child and a great soul are said to be equal. Great souls have renunciation, but Krishna wasn’t impure that he had to have renunciation. A young child is pure and this is why everyone loves him. First he is satopradhan and then he goes through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. Everyone remembers Krishna a great deal. Baba’s mantra “Manmanabhav!” is very well known. Become soul conscious! Renounce all religions of the body! You can give this knowledge to people of any religion. The unlimited Father says: Remember Allah! A soul is a child of Allah. A soul says: Khuda tala, Allah, Sai (praise of God). When you speak of Allah, then, surely, the Father of souls is incorporeal, so it is surely Him that everyone remembers. When people say “Allah” their vision definitely goes upwards. It enters their intellects that Allah resides up above. This is the corporeal world. We are residents of that place. The Father says: I am the Traveller and you too are travellers. However, you travellers enter rebirth whereas I, the Traveller, don’t enter rebirth. I liberate you from impure rebirths. You are very unhappy in this kingdom of Ravan and this is why you call out to Me. The Father explains very good things to you. Children, the play is now to end. There is a lot of sorrow here. Everything here has become so expensive. It is not going to get any cheaper now. Everything was very cheap earlier. Everyone had a lot of grain etc. Satyug is called the golden age. There were gold coins there. There will be nothing but gold there. There won’t even be silver there. There, even the markets will be full of splendour. Just imagine the diamonds and jewels that they will wear there. There, everything is just a game of diamonds and jewels. There will be many farms there too. Here, in America, they have so much grain that they burn it. Nowadays, whatever extra they have they sell. They donate to Bharat. Look what the condition of Bharat has become! The Father says: I gave you such fortune of the kingdom! Your deity religion is one that gives a lot of happiness. That is called the golden age. Mahmud Guznavi looted so many camel-loads of diamonds and jewels from the temples. He must have taken so many riches that no one could even calculate it. You are now once again becoming the masters. The one Traveller is the One who will make the whole world beautiful. He changes the graveyard and establishes the land of angels. You children have come here to be refreshed. You remember the Traveller. You too are travellers. You have come here and taken bodies of the five elements. The five elements don’t exist in the subtle region. The five elements exist here where you play your part. Our real land is that land. At this time souls have become impure. This is why they call out to the Father: Come and purify us! Ravan has made us impure and ugly. We became impure from the time Ravan’s kingdom came into existence. You now understand that you definitely were pure. That is why you remember Him and say: O Purifier, come! There has to be someone whom people call out to. Children call out to the Father: O God, the Father. His name is Heavenly God, the Father. Therefore, He would definitely create heaven. Baba has explained to you that there is no need for bands etc. in a study. Baba has told you that there are some good records that Baba has had made. So, when you see that you are a little sad, play those songs to refresh yourself. However, the less sound you make, the better. Royal people make very little sound. You have to speak very little, as though you are making jewels emerge. You are the children of God and so there should be so much royalty. You should have so much intoxication. The child of a king would not have as much intoxication as you should have. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Keep yourself constantly refreshed. Only let jewels emerge through your lips. If you ever become sad, listen to the songs that Baba has had made.
  2. Practise being soul conscious. Stay in remembrance and make effort to have the alloy removed.
Blessing: May you be a yogi soul who makes the impossible possible with the power of silence.
The power of silence is the greatest power of all. All other powers have emerged from this one power. Even the power of science has emerged from this power of silence. With the power of silence you can make the impossible possible. What people of the world consider to be impossible, for you yogi souls, it is easily possible. They would say that God is very high, and brighter than a thousand suns, but you speak from your own experience: We have attained Him. With the power of silence, we become merged in the Ocean of Love.
Slogan: Those who carry out the task of renewal as instruments are true servers.

*** Om Shanti ***




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