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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Only those who are conquerors of Maya and conquerors of matter

become those with a right to self-sovereignty.

Today, Baba is looking at the royal court of all the children everywhere who have a right to self-sovereignty. Everywhere there are the long-lost and now-found, loving, unlimited servers, the specially beloved children. Such children who have a right self-sovereignty are even now present in the royal. Seeing such worthy children, constantly yogi children, children with great humility and elevated self-respect, BapDada is pleased. Out of all the courts of the whole cycle, the court of the masters of the self is alokik, unique and lovely. Each one who has a right to self-sovereignty is a foundation of the kingdom of the world and a creator of the new world. Each one of you who has a right to self-sovereignty is wearing a sparkling divine tilak and a crown that is decorated with invaluable beads sparkling with all specialities. You are wearing a rosary of all the divine virtues, a crown of light of complete purity and are seated on the throne of the elevated stage of the self. You are all present, adorned in this manner, in the royal court. Such a royal court is present in front of BapDada. How many maids and servants are there in front of each one who has a right to self-sovereignty, each conqueror of matter and conqueror of the vices? There are five vices and five elements of matter. So the elements have become servants, have they not? The enemies have become servers. Those who maintain their spiritual intoxication, who transform the vice of lust into the form of good wishes and pure feelings and use them for service, who make enemies into servers, are never influenced by any of the elements of matter. Instead, they transform every element from its tamoguni form into its satopradhan form. In the iron age, those elements deceive you and cause you sorrow. At the confluence age, they are transformed. They change their form. In the golden age, the five elements become the means of happiness of the deities. The sun will prepare your food and so it will become the bhandari (cook). The wind will become your natural fan. It will become a means of entertainment for you. There will be wind, the trees will move, the branches and twigs will sway in such a way that different music will automatically be played by their movement. So, it becomes a means of entertainment for you, doesn’t it? That sky will become a royal route for you. Where will you fly your vimans? That sky will become your runway. Where else is there such a big highway? Is there one in the foreign lands? No matter how many miles long you make it, it would still be smaller than the sky. Is there any road as big as that? Is there one in America? And it would be a route where there are no accidents. Even if an eight year old child were to drive on it, he would not fall. So, do you understand? The water will be your eau-de-cologne (perfume). Because of the herbs, the water of the Ganges is even now purer than any other water. Because of such fragrant herbs, there will be natural fragrance in the water. Just as milk here gives strength, in the same way, water there will be powerful and clean. This is why it is said that rivers of milk will flow. All of you have already become happy now, have you not? In the same way, the earth will give such elevated fruit that whatever taste of fruit you want, the fruit of that taste will become present in front of you. There won’t be salt or sugar there. For a sour taste, you now use tomatoes. So, that is ready-made, is it not? There is a sour taste in those. In the same way, there will be fruits of whatever taste you want. You just put some of that juice into it and it will become that taste. So, firstly, the earth will serve to give you high quality fruit and good grains and secondly, there will be natural scenes and scenery, which you call nature, natural scenesthere will be mountains etc. There won’t be such straight mountains. There will be natural beauty, mountains of various shapes. Some will be in the shape of birds, others will be in the shape of flowers. There will be such natural formation there. You will only have to touch it up a bit. In this way, the five elements will become your servers, but whose servers will they become? They will become servers of the souls who have a right to self-sovereignty. So, now check yourself: Have all the five vices changed from enemies into servers? Only then would you be called one with a right to self-sovereignty. Let the fire of anger change into the fire of yoga. Consider the vice of greed in the same way; greed means desire. Let limited desires change and let there instead be the pure desire to be a constant altruistic, unlimited server in your every thought, word and deed. “I must become equal to the Father.” To have such pure desires means to transform the form of greed. Instead of it being an enemy, use it for service. Everyone has a lot of attachment. You have attachment to BapDada, do you not? You don’t want to be distant for even a second. That is attachment, is it not? However, this attachment enables service to take place. Let whoever looks into your eyes see the Father merged in your eyes. Whatever you say, only relate the invaluable versions of the Father. So, the vice of attachment is also used for service, is it not? It is transformed, is it not? The same with arrogance (pride). From body conscious, you become soul conscious. There is pure pride, that is, “I, the soul have become a special soul, a multimillion-times fortunate soul, a carefree emperor. This pure pride, that is, this spiritual intoxication, becomes an instrument for service. So, if all the five vices have changed and become a means of service, they have changed from enemies into servers, have they not? Therefore, check to what extent you have become conquerors of Maya and conquerors of matter. You will become kings when the maids and servants are ready first. How can those who are dependent on their servants become those with a right to sovereignty?

According to the programme of this mela of the children of Bharat, today is the last day. So, this is the last dip of the mela. There is great significance in this. On this important day, they go to that mela believing that they will return having had all their sins absolved. So, for everyone to have the thought of ending the five vices for all time is the importance of the final dip. So, have all of you had the determined thought of bringing about transformation? You mustn’t renounce them, but transform them. If an enemy becomes your server, would you prefer the enemy or the server? So, today, check and change for only then does the mela of the meeting have significance. Do you understand what you have to do? Don’t think that you are ok in four and that one doesn’t matter. That one will bring back the other four. They are connected to each other. This is why the heads of Ravan are shown as being connected. So, you have to go back having celebrated Dashera. To be a conqueror of the five elements and a conqueror of the five vices means that there are ten, are there not? So, go back having celebrated the Vijaya Dashmi (Day of Victory – Dashera). Finish it, burn it but don’t then take the ashes back with you. If you take the ashes back with you, they will come back. They will become ghosts and come back. Therefore, finish all of them in the Ocean of Knowledge before you leave. Achcha.

To those who are constantly masters of the self, to those who have an alokik tilak and crown, to those who change the elements into maids, to those who change the five enemies into servers, to those who are constantly carefree emperors, the emperors who stay in spiritual intoxication, to such constantly victorious children who are equal to the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting kumaris:

1) Do all of you experience yourselves to be elevated kumaris? Ordinary kumaris carry a basket of their work or they become servants, but elevated kumaris become world benefactors. You are such elevated kumaris, are you not? What is the elevated aim of your life? You have the aim of becoming free from the influence of bad company and any bondage in your relationships, do you not? You are not those who get tied in bondage. “What can I do, I have bondages? What can I do if I have to work?” This is called having a bondage. So, you neither have any bondage of relationships nor do you have a basket (burden) of a job. Only those who are free from both bondages are loved by God. Are you free from bondage to this extent? Both types of life are in front of you. Both futures of ordinary kumaris and special kumaris are in front of you. So, seeing both of them, you can judge for yourself. Don’t be those who do what they are told. Be your own judge and make your own decision. Shrimat says to become world benefactors. That is fine but, together with shrimat, those who move forward with their own enthusiasm move constantly forward with ease. If you move forward because someone has told you to or because of the opinion of others, you are ashamed of what others would say and think, “If I don’t become this, everyone will look at me in this way, thinking that I am weak”. If you become this through someone else’s force, you will find it difficult to pass the tests, whereas when you have your own enthusiasm, then, because you have your own enthusiasm, no matter how big the external situations you face are, you will experience them to be easy. One’s own zeal and enthusiasm become wings. No matter how big a mountain may be, a flying bird would easily be able to go across it. Those who are walking or climbing it would be able to cross it after a lot of difficulty and after a long time. So, enthusiasm of the mind is the wings. For those who fly with these wings, it is always easy. Do you understand? So, the elevated directions are: Become world benefactors. Nevertheless, become your own judge and make a decision for your own life. The Father has given you the decision to make. This is not a new thing. Now, make your own decision and you will constantly be successful. A sensible person is one who takes every step after careful consideration. Don’t just keep thinking about it, but think about it, understand it and then do it. This is called being sensible. To be a kumari at the confluence age is the first fortune. You have received this fortune according to the drama. Now, continue to make your fortune within fortune. If you use this fortune, your fortune will continue to increase. However, if you lose this first fortune, you will lose all your fortune for all time. Therefore, you are fortunate. Become fortunate and now create the fortune of other servers. Do you understand?

BapDada meeting serviceable teachers:

Serviceable ones are those who constantly experience the pleasure of service. They are those who constantly experience their lives to be of pleasure. A serviceable life means a life of pleasure. So, you are those who constantly stay in the pleasure of remembrance and service, are you not? You have the pleasure of having remembrance and also the pleasure of doing service. Your lives are of pleasure and the age is of pleasure. Seeing those who constantly stay in pleasure, others also experience pleasure in their lives. No matter how confused some who come in front of you are, those who remain in pleasure are able to free them from confusion and bring them into a state of pleasure. Such servers who remain in pleasure are always healthy in their bodies and minds. Those who remain in pleasure constantly keep flying because they have happiness. It is generally said: This one continues to dance in happiness; he is not just walking but is dancing. To dance means to go high. You can only dance when you lift your feet. So, those who remain in pleasure are those who remain happy. To be a server means to receive a special blessing from the Bestower of Blessings. A server has a special blessing: One is your own attention and the other is the blessing – a double lift. To be a server means to be a soul who is constantly free, to experience the stage of liberation-in-life.

2) Are you servers constantly embodiments of success? Success is your birthright. A right is always received easily, it doesn’t require effort. So, you are those who experience success in the form of a right. Let there be the faith and intoxication that success is guaranteed. You don’t think about whether you be successful or not, do you? You have all rights and it is not possible for someone who has all rights not to have a right. You have faith and so victory is guaranteed. This is the definition of a server, and the definition is practical. A server means one who experiences success easily.

At the time of farewell.

(Everyone sang the song: Do not leave us now, our hearts are not fulfilled.) To the extent that BapDada is the Ocean of Love, He is also detached. Speaking words of love is one of the pleasure of the confluence age. You can celebrate with pleasure, eat, drink and dance, but constantly. Just as you are merged in love now, so remain merged all the time. BapDada continues to hear the songs of the heart from each child. Today, He heard the songs you sang with your lips. BapDada does not focus on the lyrics or the tune, but hears the sound of the heart. Now, you are always with Him, whether in a physical form or an avyakt form, you are always with Him. The days of separation are now over. Now, the confluence age is the mela of meeting. It is just that the scenes keep changing in the mela. Sometimes physical and sometimes, avyakt. Achcha. Good morning.

Blessing: May you be constantly healthy and experience physical power on the basis of your spiritual power.
In this alokik life, the health of both soul and matter (body) is essential. When a soul is healthy, any karmic account of the body or illness of the body becomes like a thorn from a crucifix. Because of your original stage, you experience yourself to be healthy; there are no signs of the pain of that illness on your face. Instead of speaking about the suffering of karma, you speak of the stage of karma yoga. With the power of transformation, such souls transform their pain into contentment; they stay content and spread waves of contentment.
Slogan: Serve with your heart, body and love for one another and you will definitely achieve success.


*** Om Shanti ***

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