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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, be very cautious of bad company, because by keeping bad company you perform wrong actions and you forget to remember the Father.
Question: On the basis of which manners can you children make your stage progress?
Answer: If you ever make a mistake, you should have the manners to ask the Father to forgive you. You should say to the Father: I am sorry. There should not be the slightest trace of body consciousness in this. It is through this that your stage will continue to progress. The basis of the stage of ascent is to keep your heart honest with the Father. Never consider yourself to be very clever. Everyone makes mistakes because, as yet, no one has become complete.
Song: We have to follow the path where we may fall and we therefore have to be cautious. 

Om shanti. Something or other has to be said, and so it’s good to say “Om shanti.” Souls have to be told of their original religion. The Father says: I am peaceful and I reside in the land of peace. Originally, you are a soul and your original religion is peace. The whole world is crying out for peace, but no one knows what peace is. They think that there will be peace when all the fighting and quarrelling that is going on stops. However, that kind of peace is of no use. Some husbands and wives quarrel at home whereas others don’t. That is not peace; peace is totally distinct from that. Peace is the original religion of souls. In fact, the Father’s original religion is also peace. Who is the Father of souls? The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. What is His religion? His religion is also peace. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, resides in the land of peace. We are also residents of the land of peace. Tell anyone who comes: The religion of the self is peace, is it not? Originally, you are residents of that place, and you have come here to play your parts. A part definitely has to be played through a body. In fact, there is no need to go into a jungle etc. for peace. The soul knows his original religion. At night, when souls become tired, they become bodiless and peaceful. At night, there is dead silence. Noise starts as soon as dawn starts. That night and day are limited, whereas this night and day are unlimited. Having played your parts of 84 births, you souls have become tired. This is why you souls say that you now want to return to the land of peace. The Father also says: Remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. You will not have remembrance while you are in the land of happiness. It is in the land of sorrow, in the land of peacelessness, that you have remembrance. Therefore, the Father now says: Children, the play is now about to end; you have to return home. Then, for you, there will be peace as well as happiness. The Father says: I am your Guide who has come to take you back on your true pilgrimage. Is there only the one Guide to the land of peace, or do His children also become guides? Nothing can be accomplished by just One. This is such a huge army! Everyone’s face is turned towards the land of peace. That land is far beyond. It is not far to travel to Badrinath or Amarnath. In fact, it is very easy to go there. Achcha, is it easier to go to the subtle region and the soul world, or is it easier to go to Amarnath and Badrinath? Are the subtle region and the soul world nearer than Amarnath and Badrinath? The subtle region and the soul world seem to be very far away, but it doesn’t take very long to go there; it’s just a matter of a second.You simply have to remember them with the intellect. It’s nothing new to go on a physical pilgrimage. You have been going on those pilgrimages for half a cycle. Only the one Father comes and takes you on the spiritual pilgrimage. You are the long-lost and now-found children. It is you who have to show the path to others. You can go to the temples and explain when the deities ruled their kingdom. Who made them worthy of worship? You understand that you were worthy of worship and that you have now become worshippers. Therefore, the status of a worshipper is lower than the status of being worthy of worship. The Father makes you worthy of worship. You were deities, worthy of worship, and you have now become worshippers. Now renounce worshipping and become worthy of worship again. Maya creates many obstacles; innocent ones are assaulted so much. No one is prevented from going to other pilgrimage places, temples or spiritual gatherings. Here, Maya causes you a great deal of distress whilst you are making effort to change from a worshipper to being worthy of worship. You fall again and again. Mostly, you fall into the ditch of lust. The Father says: Don’t become dirty. Be very careful about this. The worst thing is to climb onto the pyre of lust and drown in the ocean of poison. The Father says: Children, lust is the greatest enemy. This is why you must never even think about indulging in vice. It is through this that you become dirty. Don’t think that the poison is removed from the intellects of all those who come here. When they see one another, some experience storms within them to become dirty. The Father says: Never become dirty; don’t chase after anyone. Never make effort to fall into vice. The Father continues to save you from that. There is the struggle of falling down and taking care not to fall again. Maya creates many storms. There was a very good, obedient, faithful and serviceable child who was slapped so hard by Maya that he was completely finished; he died. That was in the drama. Maya makes you dirty. It is Maya, not the Father, that causes you sorrow for half a cycle. They falsely blame God, saying that God gives happiness and sorrow. They do not consider God to be the Father. How could the Supreme Soul cause sorrow for anyone? If the Supreme Soul were to cause sorrow, human beings would cause even greater sorrow for each other. The Father explains: It is you who create such karmic accounts for yourselves. You perform wrong actions when you come under the influence of bad company and you forget the Father. He is ordinary, and so children forget Him. The Father would only give very good teachings. However, you forget them. The Father explains: You don’t have complete yoga. Don’t think of yourself as someone who only has to give lectures. There is also the story of a pundit. He told others that they would be able to cross the river by saying “Rama, Rama”. However, he himself could not get across. He asked for a boat to take him across. He himself couldn’t do what he told others to do. Things should not simply be said; they have to be done as well. Your words, deeds and behaviour should all be the same. This is why you must not forget the Father. Baba makes you into those who never forget or make mistakes. The Father says: If you make a mistake, come and ask for forgiveness and say: I am sorry. For instance, if Shiv Baba says: “This is your mistake,” then say: OK Baba, please forgive me. Some good children don’t even have the manners to do this. They make a huge mistake; they should at least ask to be forgiven. However, they consider themselves to be very clever. If you commit a sin, you must ask for forgiveness. Otherwise, that sin will continue to increase. Your intellect’s yoga with the Father needs to be very good. Although some do give very good lectures, no one has yet become complete. Until the end, you will continue to fall and try to save yourselves. You say: Baba, I made this mistake, please forgive me. O Merciful One, please forgive me! On the path of devotion, they continue to ask for forgiveness throughout the day. They pray to the Father: Please forgive me! Do not let Dharamraj punish me. This is why a great deal of caution is needed. Do not think that you have become 16 celestial degrees full; no. Many children write to Baba saying that they have many impure dreams and that they are not able to remember Baba. You should not consider yourself to be clever. It is only at the end that you will become 16 celestial degrees full. At this time, you are still eclipsed. You have yet to reach that complete stage. While sitting here, you will continue to fly. Because souls are tired at the end of the cycle, they are pulled to go home. They are in a hurry to go home quickly, but they first have to become worthy. Some are happy to travel around and wear jewellery etc. Then, when they become unhappy, they say: I left Baba unnecessarily! Achcha, in that case, have courage and learn something. You have to uplift even those who defame you but it should not be that they spoil your head even more. Maya makes you fall and the Father uplifts you. The destination is very high and this whole pilgrimage is of the intellect’s yoga. It takes time to make effort. The aim is very easy: you claim a right to liberation-in-life in a second. Once you say “Baba”, how can you then forget Him? If you have the faith that you are claiming your inheritance of heaven from Baba, why do you fall? Why do you not stay in remembrance and remain cautious? Even very good children forget; they do even more disserviceService is incognito and disservice is also incognito. What do people of the world know? If an evil spirit or an impure soul enters someone, that too causes damage. A soul caught up in Maya is able to enter another. Even though you have knowledge, none of you has yet become complete. One defect or another still remains, and so you should have fear. We have to follow Baba’s shrimat. If, instead of following shrimat, you do something corrupt, your status would be destroyed and you would have to experience a great deal of punishment. Severe punishment for any bad deed has to be endured here. This is why you have to make effort to reach your karmateet stage. You have to remain very honest with Baba. Everyone has a connection with Shiv Baba. All the centres belong to Shiv Baba. So, where did “your” centre come from? You belong to Shiv Baba. This world university belongs to the Father. It is the Godly World University. To have such thoughts as “This is my centre” means to die. So many fall by saying, “Mine, mine”. Everything belongs to Shiv Baba. You say: Baba, this body, mind and wealth all belong to You. Therefore, Baba says: The kingdom of heaven is all yours. You receive such a large reward; and, what do you give? Before dying, some give their belongings to a karnighor (special brahmin priest); they donate them while they are still alive. When people see that someone is a hopeless case, they make him donate to charity. The Father says: Children, donate everything while alive. Those are old bodies. You souls belong to Me. You play your parts through your bodies and they have now become old. Now belong to Me again and both you, the souls, and your bodies will become clean. Both continue to be cleansed simultaneously. Souls that have become impure now have to be purified. You will become pure by having yoga with Me. When you have yoga, you go into the stage of ascent. When you don’t have yoga, you remain in the stage of descent. You have to be interested in doing service. You should not ask if you should go on service. Baba then understands that you are not interested in serving. You should be interested in doing servi ce through your thoughts, words and deeds. If not through your thoughts, then serve through your words or deeds. You should keep yourself busy in one type of service or another and you will receive the return of that. Those who act without being asked are called deities. Those who act after being told are human beings. Then, if they don’t act, even after being told, they are completely useless. The more service you do, the more the reward you will receive. Shiv Baba asks: Children, do I have hands? Shiv Baba sits in this one’s body while writing a letter. He would not sit on a bull all day long. When a bull gets tired, its eyes begin to water. Here, there is no question of tears flowing. This one has to do service. He explains to the children: Remember Me alone. Shiv Baba says this, and this one’s soul also listens. This is very easy! The unlimited Father is the Creator of heaven. Baba comes to create heaven and to have hell destroyed. The Mahabharat War is standing ahead. There are the Yadavas, the Kauravas and the Pandavas. You understand that this play is about to end. Baba has come to take us back. There is a huge burden of sins on your heads. If you don’t have remembrance, you cannot become an emperor or empress. This is Raja Yoga, the yoga to become rulers, not the yoga to become subjects. You become subjects if you don’t have full yoga. Some say: Baba, I will claim my full inheritance from You. However, you need to have a great interest in doing service. You can write and ask Baba: What will I become if I leave my body now? It is only at the end that you can become complete. Now you are still incomplete. You have to check your own stage and ask yourself: To what extent am I doing Baba’s service? To what extent am I faithful and obedient? How desperate am I to do service and give someone the donation of life? Poor people are very unhappy. This is the one and only Satguru, and He has come to take us back home to the land of peace and the land of happiness. Those gurus cannot call themselves the World Father or the World Teacher. They simply call themselves world gurus. This One is the only World Father, Teacher and Guru. You know that the Father has come. Therefore, claim your full inheritance from the Father. It is not good to be body conscious. Become soul conscious and remember the Father and your body will become free from disease. There, there is purity, happiness, peace and wealth. There is limitless wealth there. Here, you have to struggle even to feed yourself. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Become a spiritual guide and go on the true pilgrimage and also enable others to do so. Be very cautious about where your intellect’s yoga is linked. Take great care of yourself.
  2. Remain true to the Father. Make effort to become karmateet. Hand everything over to the Father while you are alive so that it can be used in a worthwhile way.
Blessing: May you become a powerful soul and finish all waste by considering yourself to be confluence-aged.
This confluence age is the powerful age. So, always have the awareness that you reside in the powerful age, that you are the children of the Almighty Father, that you are powerful souls and all waste will then finish. The iron age is waste and since you have stepped away from the iron age, since you have become confluence-aged, you have stepped away from waste. If you simply remain aware of the time you will automatically act according to the time. For half the cycle, you have waste thoughts and performed wasteful actions but now, as is the time, as is the Father, so are the children.
Slogan: Those who constantly follow God’s laws become master lawmakers, the same as Father Brahma.

*** Om Shanti ***

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