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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Methods to maintain constant zeal and enthusiasm.

Today, the Father, the Comforter of the hearts of all the children, has come amidst all of you children to give you the response of the sound of your hearts and all of your sweet conversations. From amrit vela, BapDada continues to listen to the variety of significant sounds of all the children everywhere. Throughout the day, how many types of sounds of how many children must He hear? Every child has a variety of sounds at different times. Who listens to the naturalsounds the most? Anything that is natural is always loved very much. Having heard all the different sounds of the children, BapDada will tell you children the main points in essence.

All of you children are moving along very well, whilst paying attention to remaining stable in the stage of being lost in love, according to your capacity, and to becoming an embodiment of the experience of one who is lost in love. Each of you has the one zeal and enthusiasm in your heart to become equal to the Father, a jewel who is close to the Father and who constantly gives the proof of being a worthy child. This zeal and enthusiasm is the basis of a flying stage for all. This enthusiasm will finish the many obstacles that may come and will also help you a great deal in becoming complete. The pure and determined thought for this enthusiasm becomes an especially powerful weapon to help you become victorious. So, constantly keep this zeal and enthusiasm and this method for attaining the flying stage in your heart. Never allow your zeal and enthusiasm to decrease. The enthusiasm is that you definitely will become equal to the Father and full of all powers, all virtues and all treasures of knowledge, because even in the previous cycle you became an elevated soul. This is not your fortune for just one cycle, but this line of fortune has been drawn by the Bestower of Fortune many times. There is natural zeal on the basis of this enthusiasm. What is the enthusiasm? “Wah my fortune!” By becoming an embodiment of the awareness of the different titles that BapDada has given you, you will have constant enthusiasm, that is, you will have constant happiness. The greatest aspect of your enthusiasm is that you searched for the Father for many births, but it is at this time that BapDada found you. You were hidden behind a variety of curtains. Even though you were hiding behind those curtains, He found you, did He not? You became separated and went so far away. Having left the land of Bharat, look where you went! You went behind so many curtains of religion, action, land, customs and systems, etc. So, you constantly maintain this enthusiasm and happiness, do you not? Did the Father make you belong to Him or did you make the Father belong to you? It was the Father who sent you the message first, was it not, even though some of you took a certain length of time to recognise Him and others took another length of time? The souls who constantly maintain zeal and enthusiasm and the children who keep one Strength and one Support constantly experience courage and receive the Father’s help. The courage you have is: It has to happen! With this courage, you automatically become worthy of receiving help, Maya, too, loses all courage in front of your thoughts of courage. To have thoughts such as, “I don’t know whether it will happen or not, whether I will be able to do this or not,” is to invoke Maya. Since you invoke Maya, why would she not come? To have this thought means to show the path to Maya. Since you open the path for Maya, why would she not come? When she has been loving you for half the cycle, why would she not come when you show her the path? Therefore, become a courageous soul who constantly maintains zeal and enthusiasm. By having a relationship with the Father, the Lawmaker and the Bestower of Blessings, you have become the children and therefore the masters. You have become the masters of all the treasures in which nothing is lacking. If such masters don’t maintain enthusiasm, then who would? Let your head always be aware of this slogan: “I was, I am and I will be.” Do you remember this? This awareness has brought you here. May you constantly have this awareness! Achcha.

Today, Baba has especially come to meet the double foreign children, the ones who are the furthest away and have come from far away. The children of Bharat constantly have all rights, anyway. Nevertheless, you become chancellors and give others a chance and this is why the tradition of being great donors has continued in Bharat even until today. All of you have given your co-operation in your own way for the great sacrificial fire of world service. Each of you has played the best part of all with a lot of love. With everyone’s single thought, many souls received the message to come close to the Father. Now, the ignited lights will continue to awaken many others with this message. You double foreign children made your determined thought practical. The children from Bharat also brought many special souls close who will then spread the name and enable others to receive the message. You also gave love to the media people and brought them close. The power of the pen and the power of speech will both continue to ignite the lamp of the message together. Congratulations for this to both the double-foreign children and the children who live close in Bharat! The double-foreign children brought special souls who have become instruments for spreading a powerful sound and special congratulations for that. The Father is constantly the children’s Server. The children are first and the Father is the Backbone. It is the children who come onto the field. It is the efforts of the children and the love of the Father. Achcha.

To those who constantly maintain zeal and enthusiasm, to the courageous children who are constantly worthy of receiving BapDada’s help, to those who are constantly lost in love for service, to those who enable other souls to receive all the powers that they themselves have received, to those who have all rights to the Father and who are the children and therefore the masters, BapDada’s special love-filled remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting Dadi Janki: You have received the blessing of being equal to the Father, have you not? You do double service. Very good success of service of the mind of this child can be seen. You are the practical proof of an embodiment of success. Along with the Father’s praise, everyone also sings praise of the child. You tour around everywhere with the Father. You are a ruler of the globe. You are playing a very good practical part of being a conqueror of matter. Now, a very good part of serving through thoughts is also being played. The practical proof is good. Many important people will now come. The sound from abroad will reach those in this land. All the double-foreign children have shown very good practical proof of zeal and enthusiasm for service. Therefore, on behalf of everyone, many congratulations to you. You have brought a good mike. You served whilst being an embodiment of remembrance and this is why there is success. You have prepared a good garden. Allah is looking at His garden.

BapDada meeting Jayantiben: You have been lucky and lovely from birth, anyway. Your birth has also been through luck. Wherever you go, that place will become lucky. See, the land of London has become lucky, has it not? What gift do you give wherever you go? You go and share the fortune that you have received from the Bestower of Fortune. Do you know with which vision everyone sees you? You are a star of fortune! Wherever a star is sparkling, there is splendour there. You do experience this, do you not? It is the steps of the child and the Father’s help. You are following the Father and you have also followedyour companion very well (Dadi Janki). You are running a very good race of becoming equal. Achcha.

BapDada meeting Sister Gayatri: Gayatri is no less. You have adopted a very good method of service. Whoever becomes an instrument to make souls come to Madhuban also continues to be showered with flowers of pure love by BapDada and the family. Achcha. With everyone’s co-operation, success is visible even as far as Madhuban. Baba is not mentioning anyone’s name, but all of you should understand that Baba is speaking to you. No one is any less. Always think first that you are ahead in service. All you, young and old, have used your body, mind, wealth, time and thoughts for service.

BapDada meeting Murlibhai and Rajniben (parents of Jayantiben): The string of BapDada’s love has pulled you. What do you constantly remember now? What do you remember in every breath and at every second? It is always “Baba” that emerges from your hearts. You experience happiness in the mind through the experience of remembrance. Now, whatever you think with that concentration that will become the way to move forward. Simply concentrate on one Strength and one Support and then think. When there is one Strength and one Support in your faith, whatever happens will then be good. BapDada is constantly with you and will always be with you. You are courageous, are you not? Seeing the children’s courage and faith, BapDada is congratulating you for your faith and courage. You are emperors, children of the Carefree Emperor, are you not? The destiny of the drama has made you into jewels who are close. You have also received very good company. The company of the corporeal is also powerful. The company for the soul is the Father, in any case. You have a double lift and this is why you are carefree emperors. You became charitable souls at the right time and performed an act of charity. This is why you are constantly worthy of BapDada’s co-operation. You have claimed a right to so much charity. You became instruments for a charitable place. The child’s fortune has been created, in any case. The treasure of charity has been accumulated. You are master Murli, the Murli of Murlidhar. You constantly have the Father’s hand in your hand. Constantly stay in remembrance and continue to take power. The Father’s treasures are your treasures. Continue to move along whilst considering yourself to have all rights. BapDada considers you to be a child of the home and therefore a master of the home. Whilst interacting with everyone, let everything be done for God. Let there be that company even in your interaction with everyone. Achcha.

BapDada meeting the UK group: Do all of you consider yourselves those who have a right to self-sovereignty and thus the ones with a right to world sovereignty? London is a capital. So, whilst living in that capital you also constantly remember your kingdom, do you not? Do you remember your palaces when you see the palace of the Queen? Do you know how beautiful your palaces will be? Your kingdom will be a kingdom that hasn’t existed up to now. Nor will there ever be a kingdom like yours. Do you have such intoxication? Although everything will be destroyed now, you will come to Bharat, will you not? This is clearly understood, is it not? Wherever Brahmins have done a great deal of service, that will definitely be a picnic place. The population will be small and so there won’t be a need for such expansion. Achcha. Always remember your home, your kingdom, your Father and your duty.

Question: What is the way to move constantly forward?

Answer: Knowledge and service. The children who imbibe knowledge very well and who are always interested in doing service continue to move constantly forward. The Father who has a thousand arms is with you. So, constantly keep the Companion with you and continue to move forward.

Question: What type of service happens automatically through those who are surrendered whilst living at home with their families?

Answer: With the elevated co-operation of such souls, the tree of service continues to bear fruit. Everyone’s co-operation becomes water for the tree. When a tree receives water, it bears very good fruit. Similarly, with the co-operation of the elevated co-operative souls, the tree becomes fruitful. Therefore, you are the children who are seated on BapDada’s heart-throne, those who are constantly concerned about doing service and who are surrendered whilst living at home, are you not? Achcha. Om shanti.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of Godly success by finishing all waste in an accurate way and thereby claim number one.
Just as darkness is automatically dispelled by light, in the same way, by using your time, thoughts and breath in a worthwhile way, wastage automatically finishes because to use something in a worthwhile way means to use it for something elevated. Those who use everything for something elevated gain control over all wastage and claim number one. They find a way to stop all waste. This is Godly success. Those with occult powers show temporary miracles, whereas you attain Godly success with an accurate method.
Slogan: Those who uplift those who defame them are truly knowledgeable souls.


*** Om Shanti ***


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