Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 22 March 2020

Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

This present life is a mirror of the future

Avyakt BapDada meeting Madhuban Residents

Today, the Father, the Creator of the World, is looking at His master creator children and seeing to what extent the master creators are maintaining the awareness of being creators. The first special creations of all of you creators are your bodies. To what extent have you become creators of those bodies, the creation? Does the creation of the body sometimes attract you, the creator, towards itself and make you forget yourself, the creator? Do you, as a master, continue to use this creation of yours for service? Are you able to do whatever you want whenever you want as a master? First of all, the practice of being a master of that body can make you into a master of matter and a master of the world. If you don’t have complete success in being the master of your body, you cannot become perfect when it comes to becoming a master of the world. The life of the present time is a mirror of the future. Through this mirror, you can clearly see your future. It is by first having all rights over the relationships and sanskars of that body that you create the sanskars of being its master. To be loving and detached in your relationships is a sign of being a master. To have humility and to be constructive with your sanskars are both signs of being a master. Along with that, you have to be loving. When coming into connection with all souls, let there be blessings of love from the heart, that is, good wishes, emerging from all souls for you. Whether you know them or not, whether it is a close relationship or just a connection, let whoever sees you experience that you belong to them because of love. Let them feel that they belong with the recognition of love. Even though it may be a distant relationship, love gives the experience of being full. People would experience these specialities in the souls who have the practice of being masters of the world and masters of their bodies. Whoever such a soul comes into contact with, they will experience that soul to be a donor. It would never enter anyone’s mind that that soul is one who just wants to take. Others would experience from that soul happiness, peace, love, bliss, joy, co-operation, courage, enthusiasm and one speciality or other of a donor. They will feel that that soul has an unlimited intellect and an unlimited heart. You call this being one with a big heart. Now, check yourself against these specialities to see what you are going to become. All of you have a mirror, do you not? No one else can know you as well as you know yourself. So, know yourself. Achcha.

Today, Baba has come to meet you. Nevertheless, all of you have come and so BapDada has love for all of you children and also has regard and this is why BapDada had some chitchat. Those of you from Madhuban do not let go of your rights, and so you are sitting close. You are sitting carefree, relieved of many things. Those who live outside still have to make effort. To earn in order to eat is no less effort. In Madhuban you don’t have any worries about earning money. BapDada knows that those who live with their families have to tolerate, have to face everything. The swans are moving forward making their own progress whilst living amidst the storks. However, all of you are naturally beyond so many things. You live comfortably, eat comfortably and you also rest. Do those who go to work rest during the day? Here, you have rest for the body and also for the intellect. So, the stage of the residents of Madhuban is number one, is it not? This is because you just have the one task. Even if you are studying, the Father is enabling you to do that. When you are doing service, that is service of the yagya. This is the unlimited home of the unlimited Father. There is just one thing, one concern and nothing else. You don’t even have to think: This is my centre. Not that you have the feeling that “I am in charge of this.” Residents of Madhuban have easy effort and easy attainment in many ways. Achcha. All you residents of Madhuban have made a programme to celebrate the Golden Jubilee, have you not? Not of the function. You have printed folders etc. for that. That is for world service. What plans has each of you made for yourself? What part will you play on your own stage? You have speakers and also a programme for that stage, but what programmes have you made for your own stage? “Charity begins at home“. You residents of Madhuban will do this, will you not? What do you do when you have a function? (Light candles.) So, who will ignite the candles for the Golden Jubilee? Who will begin everything? The residents of Madhuban have courage, enthusiasm, the atmosphere and also all the help. Where there is everyone’s co-operation, everything is easy. You will just have to do one thing. What is that? BapDada has this one elevated hope in everyone, that each one of you becomes equal to the Father. To remain content and make others content is a speciality. The first and most important thing is to check yourself to see with honesty, whilst keeping the Father in front of you, whether you are content with yourself, that is, with your efforts and with your nature and sanskars. Yes, to be content with yourself according to your own capacity is a different matter. However, in terms of the real form, to remain content with oneself and also make others content is in itself greatness. Let others also experience that you truly are a contented soul. Everything is included in contentment. Not to be disturbed and not to disturb others is called contentment. There will be many to disturb you, but do not allow yourself to be disturbed. You have to keep yourself distant and safe from the heat of a fire. Do not look at others. Look at yourself. What do I have to do? I have to be an instrument and give others the co-operation of good wishes and pure feelings. This is a special virtue to imbibe, for everything is included in it. You can celebrate the Golden Jubilee for this, can you not? Baba is just saying this nominally to those of Madhuban but, in fact, Baba means everyone. You have heard the story of the king who conquered attachment, have you not? Create such a story for contentment. Whoever comes to any of you, no matter how much that person cross-examines you, let everyone say and experience in their mind the speciality of contentment. Not that, “This one is like that”, but “How can I become this and also make others like this?” That’s all. Just show this small thing on the stage. Achcha.

BapDada meeting Dadis:

The thoughts in the hearts of all of you reach BapDada. They are the elevated thoughts of so many of you elevated souls, and so they will definitely happen in a practical way. You have made very good plans and it is those plans that will make everyone plain. In the whole world, the power of all the special souls is the same. There isn’t such a gathering of special souls anywhere else. The power of this gathering is special. This is why everyone’s vision is especially on this gathering, whereas everyone else is fluctuating. Their thrones are shaking, whereas this throne of the kingdom is being created. Here, it isn’t a throne of a guru, and this is why it doesn’t shake. It is the throne of self-sovereignty and the kingdom of the world. Everyone will try to shake it, but the power of the gathering is its special safety. In some places, where there is unity, they separate each one individually and try to bring disunity and then shake them. Here, because of the power of the gathering they are unable to shake you. So, always continue to increase the speciality of the power of this gathering even more. This gathering is your fortress. This is why no one can attack you. Victory is guaranteed, it just has to repeat. Those who are clever at repeating become victorious and well known on the stage. The power of the gathering is the special basis of victory. It is this gathering that has made you achieve success in the growth of service. You Dadis have given a good return for the sustenance you have received. What is the basis of the power of the gathering? Just make the lesson firm that to give regard is to receive regard. To give is to receive. To take is not really receiving. To take means to lose. To give means to receive. This is not a business where you give when someone gives to you. Here, it is a matter of being a donor. A donor doesn’t give only after receiving. A donor simply continues to give and this is why this gathering has success. However, the bracelet has now become ready. The garland has not yet become ready. If there isn’t any growth, over whom will you rule? There is now something lacking in the list of expansion. The 900,000 are still not yet ready. They will meet in one way or another, will they not? The method continues to change. First you met Baba in the corporeal form and, you are now meeting Him in the avyakt form. The method has changed, has it not? In the future too, the method will continue to change. According to the growth, the method of meeting will also continue to change. Achcha.

BapDada meeting groups:

1) Always continue to donate to others by being embodiments of virtues. Give weak souls the donation of powers, virtues and knowledge and you will become constantly great donor souls. You are bestowers, children of the Bestower, not those who take. If you think, “I will do this when the other one does it,” that is being one who takes. If you think, “I should do this”, that is being one who gives. Therefore, do not become those who take, but become deities, those who give. Continue to give whatever you have received. The more you continue to give, the more it will continue to grow. Always be goddesses, those who give. Achcha.

2) You have heard a lot. Just try and calculate and see approximately how much you have heard. Are both your listening and doing simultaneous? Or, is there a difference between your listening and doing? Why do you listen? In order to then do that. What will happen when both your listening and doing become equal? You will become complete, will you not? So, who will become the first sample of the perfect stage? Why doesn’t each one of you say, “I will become that!”? Those who take the initiative in this are Arjuna. Just as the father made himself an instrument, so those who become instruments also become Arjuna, that is, they claim the first number. Achcha. We shall see who will become that. BapDada wants to see the children become that. Years are passing. Just as the years are passing by, so let the old ways also pass by. Let there always be new enthusiasm and new thoughts, for this is a sign of perfection. All of you have finished everything old. Now let everything be new. Achcha.

Question: What is the basis of coming close to the Father?

Answer: Specialities. One speciality or other has brought you closer to the Father. These specialities grow by your doing service. Whatever specialities the Father has filled you with, use all of them for service. By putting these specialities into a practical form, you also receive marks in the subject of service. Relate your experiences to others and their zeal and enthusiasm will increase.

Question: What is the reason for a lack of spirituality?

Answer: You don’t consider yourself and whoever you serve to be something of value entrusted to you. By considering both your own body and others to be entrusted to you, you will remain free from attraction and, by remaining free from attraction, there will be spirituality.

Question: What two things are there in the majority of souls in the world?

Answer: 1) Fear 2) Worry. These two things in particular are in everyone. However, to the extent that they worry and are concerned, you are well-wishers. Worry has changed and taken on the form of feelings of good wishes. Instead of being fearful, you are singing songs of happiness. BapDada is seeing such carefree emperors.

Question: What is the current season? What is the duty of you children at such a time?

Answer: At present, it is the season of untimely death. Just as there are sudden wind storms and storms in the ocean, in the same way, the storm of untimely death will suddenly take away many with great force. At such a time, it is the duty of you children to become immortal images and give the co-operation of peace and power to souls who are experiencing untimely death. So, constantly have good wishes and serve with your minds giving good wishes, happiness and peace to everyone.

Blessing: May you have the determination to cultivate fruit on infertile land and become an embodiment of success.
In any situation, in order to become an embodiment of success, you need to have a gathering of determination and love. This determination enables fruit to be cultivated on infertile land. Just as scientists try to grow fruit in sand, in the same way, you give the water of love with your power of silence and become fruitful. With determination you can ignite the lamp of hope in those who are disheartened because when you have courage, you receive the Father’s help.
Slogan: Constantly continue to move along considering yourself to be God’s valuable property and there will be spirituality in your actions.


*** Om Shanti ***

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