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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, the imperishable jewels make you into kings. This is an unlimited school. You have to study and fill your aprons with the jewels of knowledge and teach others.
Question: Which children are loved by everyone? What effort must you make in order to claim a high status?
Answer: The children who fill their aprons and donate to many others are loved by everyone. You need to receive blessings from many in order to claim a high status. There is no question of wealth in this, but you have to continue to benefit many others with the wealth of knowledge. Only the happy and yogi children glorify the Father’s name.

Om shanti. The spiritual Father sits here and explains to the spiritual children. You children know that you have to return home. Previously, you didn’t know this at all. The Father explains to you children. According to the drama, His explaining to you at this time seems right. No one else can explain this to you. We now have to return home. Impure beings cannot go back home. You receive this knowledge at this time and only the one Father gives it to you. First of all, you have to remember that you have to go back home. You called out to Baba, but you didn’t know anything at all. Suddenly, when the time came, Baba came here. He now continues to explain new things to you. You children know that we now have to return home and this is why, from being impure, we have to become pure. Otherwise, there will have to be punishment and your status will also be destroyed. There is as much difference between the kings and the paupers there as there is between thekingsand paupers here. Everything depends on your efforts. The Father now says: You yourselves were impure and this is why you used to call out. All of this is explained to you now. This was not in your intellects on the path of ignorance. The Father says: Souls that have become tamopradhan have to become satopradhan. How you can now become satopradhan can be explained with the picture of the ladder. Together with this, you also have to imbibe divine virtues. This is an unlimited school. At school, they keep a register of good, better and best. The serviceable children are very sweet. Their register is good. If the register isn’t good, there isn’t that enthusiasm. Everything depends on how you study, your yoga and divine virtues. You children know that the unlimited Father is now teaching you. Previously, we belonged to the shudra clan and we now belong to the Brahmin clan. We are Brahmins, the children of Prajapita Brahma. Many children forget this. Since you remember the Father, you also have to remember Brahma. There should also be the intoxication that you belong to the Brahmin clan. When you forget this, the intoxication doesn’t rise that you belong to the Brahmin clan and that you will then belong to the deity clan. Who created the Brahmin clan? I take you into the Brahmin clan through Brahma. This is not a dynasty of Brahmins; it is a small family. If you consider yourselves to be Brahmins now, you will then also become deities. When you become engrossed in your business, you forget everything else. You even forget that you are Brahmins. As soon as you become free from your business, you should engross yourself in making effort. Some people have to pay a lot more attention to their business. As soon as your work is finished, pay attention to yourself. Sit down in remembrance. You have a very good badge. It has a picture of Lakshmi and Narayan and also of the Trimurti. Baba is making us like this. This is it. This is “Manmanabhav”. Some develop the habit whereas others don’t. Devotion has now come to an end. You now have to remember the Father. The unlimited Father is now giving you the unlimited inheritance and so you have happiness. Some develop very good love and some less so. It is very easy. The term ‘Manmanabhav’ is used at the beginning and at the end of the Gita. This is the same Gita episode taking place. It is just that they have inserted the name of Krishna. All the examples etc. on the path of devotion are of this time. On the path of devotion, no one would say: Renounce the consciousness of the body and consider yourself to be a soul. The Father gives you these teachings as soon as He comes. You have the faith that the deity religion is being established through you. A kingdom is also being established. There is no question of any battle etc. in this. The Father is now teaching you purity and that will remain permanently for half the cycle. The kingdom of Ravan doesn’t exist there. You are now gaining victory over the vices. You know that you are now establishing a kingdom exactly as you did in the previous cycle. This old world is to end for us. The cycle of the drama continues to turn. There, there will be nothing but gold. Whatever existed earlier will exist again. There is no question of becoming confused in this. They show a play about Maya and a magician. He saw gold bricks in trance. You too see golden palaces in Paradise. You cannot bring the things of that place here, they are just visions. You didn’t know these things on the path of devotion. The Father now says: I have come to take you back home. There is restlessness without you. When the time comes, I begin to feel restless, that I should now go down. Children are unhappy and are calling out. I feel mercy for them and so I think that I should go to them. When it is the time in the drama, I have this thought and feeling that I should now go. They perform a play in which they show the incarnation of Vishnu. However, the incarnation of Vishnu does not really take place. Day by day, people’s intellects continue to be spoilt; they don’t understand anything. Souls have become impure. The Father now says: Children, become pure so that there can be the kingdom of Rama. Children don’t know Rama. When they worship Shiva, He is not called Rama. It seems right to say Shiv Baba. There is no interest in devotion. You now have this interest. The Father Himself says: Sweet children, I have come to take you back. You souls will then automatically go to the land of happiness from there. I will not become your Companion there. According to your stage, you souls will go and enter other bodies, other wombs. They show that Shri Krishna came floating on a pipal leaf. It is not a question of an ocean. He stays in a womb very comfortably. Baba says: I do not enter a womb. I enter someone. I do not become a child. Instead of Myself, they have considered Krishna to be the child and they entertain themselves with him. They believe that Krishna gave knowledge and this is why they love him a lot. I take everyone back with Me and then I send you there and My part ends. I do not have any partfor half the cycle. Then My part begins on the path of devotion. This is also predestined in the drama. It is now easy for you children to understand and explain this knowledge. When you explain to others, you will have that happiness and you will also receive a high status. When people sit here and listen to it, they like it, but, as soon as they go outside, they forget it. They are like jailbirds. They cause some mischief or other and keep going to jail. Your condition is also like that. You make a promise while in a womb and then, whatever you promised there, it remains there. All of those stories have been made so that people don’t commit sin. Souls carry their sanskars with them, and so some become pundits in their childhood. People think that souls are immune to the effect of action. However, they are not immune. It is souls that carry good and bad sanskars and this is why there is the suffering for past action. You now carry pure sanskars with you. You study and claim a status. Baba takes the whole crowd of souls back home. Only a few remain behind; they continue to come at the end. Only those who have to come last remain here. There is the rosary. The rosary continues to be created, numberwise, and all the rest will continue to go to heaven towards the end. Baba explains to you so well. Some are able to imbibe this whereas others are not. Their stage is such and so they also receive a status accordingly. You children have to become merciful and benevolent. The drama is created in that way; no one can be blamed. You will only study to the extent that you studied in the previous cycle; you won’t be able to study any more. No matter how much effort you are inspired to make, there cannot be any difference. There can be a difference when you give this knowledge to others; it is numberwise. There is a difference between kings and paupers. These imperishable jewels of knowledge make you into kings. If you don’t make effort, you become paupers. This is an unlimited school. There are firstsecond and third there. In devotion, there is no question of a study. There, it is a question of coming down. It is very beautiful. They play musical instruments and sing praise, whereas you have to remain silent here. There are no devotional songs etc. that you sing out loud. You have performed devotion for half the cycle. There is so much show in devotion. Each one of you has your own part. Some fall down and some climb up. The fortune of some is good and some have less fortune. Baba inspires each one of you to make the same effort. The study is the same and the Teacher is also the same, but all the rest are masters. If an eminent person says that he doesn’t have time, ask him: “Should we come to your house to teach you?” because they have their own ego. When you catch hold of one, this will have an effect on others too. If that person tells others that this knowledge is good, those people will then say that he has been coloured by the Brahma Kumaris. This is why he simply says that this is good. You children need to have very good power of yoga. There has to be the power of yoga in the sword of knowledge. If they are happy and yogi they will glorify the Father’s name. It is numberwise; a kingdom has to be created. The Father says: This is very easy to imbibe. The more you remember Baba, the more love you will have for Him; there will be that pull. If a needle is clean, it will be pulled by a magnet; if it is rusty, it won’t be pulled. It is the same here. When you become clean, you claim the first number. The rust will be removed by your having remembrance of the Father. It is sung: It is the greatness of the Guru, and this is why it is said: Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu… The gurus who carry out engagement ceremonies are human beings. You have become engaged to Shiva, not to Brahma. Therefore, you have to remember Shiva. There is no need for a picture of the agent. Once the engagement is fixed, they continue to remember one another, and so this one in between also receives a commission. He receives something for getting the engagement fixed and also for letting Him enter him. He (Shiv Baba) takes this body on loan, and so there is that pull too. This is why He also explains to you children: The more you benefit others, the greater the reward you will receive. These are matters of knowledge. Continue to give knowledge to others and you will receive blessings. There is no need for money. Although Mama didn’t have any money, she benefited many. Each one has his own part in the drama. When a wealthy person donates money or opens a museum, he receives blessings from many people, so he receives a good status of a wealthy person. Wealthy people have many maids and servants. Wealthy ones have a lot of money, and so they give it on loan. It is good to become wealthy. It is the poor ones who will then become wealthy. The wealthy ones now don’t have that courage. This Brahma instantly gave away everything. It is said, “Those hands that are always giving…” Baba entered him and so he gave everything away. How did you live in Karachi? You had big houses, cars and a bus etc; you had everything. The Father now says: Become soul conscious! You should be so intoxicated that God is teaching you! The Father gives you many treasures. You don’t imbibe them. You don’t have that power to take them. You don’t follow shrimat. The Father says: Children, fill your aprons. Those people go to Shankar and say: Fill our aprons! Baba fills the aprons of many here, but, as soon as they go outside, they become empty. The Father says: I give you very rich treasures. I fill your aprons with the jewels of knowledge. Even then, it is numberwise in your filling your aprons. You then donate to others and you are then also loved by everyone. If you don’t have anything, what would you give? You have to understand and explain the cycle of 84 births very well, but the effort required is for yoga. You are now on a battlefield. You are fighting to conquer Maya. If you fail, you will become part of the moon dynasty. This is something to be understood. Children, you should be very happy: Baba, You give us so much inheritance. If this remains in your intellects all day while sitting and moving around, you can imbibe it. Yoga is the main thing. It is with yoga that you make the world pure. You then rule the kingdom according to the knowledge you take. All of that money etc. is to turn to dust, but this imperishable income will go with you. The sensible children will say that they will claim the full inheritance from Baba. If it is not in the fortune of some, they will claim a status worth a few pennies. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Keep a proper register of how you study and your divine virtues. Become very, very sweet. Maintain the intoxication that you are Brahmins, the mouth-born creation of Brahma.
  2. In order to receive everyone’s love and blessings, fill your apron with jewels of knowledge and donate them to everyone. Become an instrument to benefit many.
Blessing: May you be a knowledgeable soul and surrender your main weakness out of love for the Father.
BapDada sees that even up to now, the majority of you have waste thoughts of the five vices. Even knowledgeable souls sometimes develop ego about their virtues and specialities. Each one of you knows your own main weakness or sanskars. So, to surrender that weakness out of love for the Father is the proof of love. Loving and knowledge-full souls even surrender their waste thoughts out of love for the Father.
Slogan: To remain stable on the seat of self-respect and to give everyone regard is to be a soul worthy of respect.

*** Om Shanti ***

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