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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, come away from the consciousness of brother and sister and consider yourselves to be brothers and your eyes will become civil. Only when you souls become civileyed can you become karmateet.
Question: What method should you use to remove your defects?
Answer: Keep a register of your character and note down your chart every day. By keeping your register, you will know your weaknesses and easily be able to remove them. By gradually removing those defects, you will reach the stage where you remember no one except the one Father. Let there not be attachment to old things. Have no internal desire to ask for anything.

Om shanti. One is a human intellect and the other is a Godly intellect and then there will be a divine intellect. A human intellect is a devilish intellect. People are criminaleyed. One is to be civileyed and the other is to be criminaleyed. Deities are viceless, civileyed whereas people here in the iron age are vicious and criminaleyed; their thoughts are viciousCriminal-eyed human beings are in the jail of Ravan. Everyone in the kingdom of Ravan is criminaleyed. There isn’t a single person who is civileyed. You are now at the most auspicious confluence age. Baba is now changing you from criminaleyed and making you civileyed. There are many types of criminal-eyed people. Some are semi and some are another percentage. When you become civileyed you will reach your karmateet stage and you will then become brotherlyeyed (have brotherly vision). When the soul looks at the soul, the body no longer remains, and so how could you be criminaleyed? Therefore, the Father says: Remove yourselves from the consciousness of brother and sister. Consider yourselves to be brothers. This too is a very deep thing. This can never enter anyone else’s intellect. The meaning of being civileyed can never enter any of their intellects. If it were to enter their intellects they could claim a high status. The Father explains: Consider yourselves to be souls and forget bodies. Each of you has to shed that body in remembrance of the Father. I, the soul, am going to Baba. Renounce all arrogance of the body and shed your body in remembrance of the Father who makes you pure. If you are criminaleyed,that will continue to bite you inside. The destination is very high. Even though some are very good children, they definitely make one or another mistakes because Maya is there. No one has been able to become karmateet yet. You will reach your karmateet stage at the end and you can then become civileyed. There will then be that spiritual, brotherly love. Where there is very good spiritual, brotherly love, there isn’t that criminal vision. Only then will you be able to claim a high status. Baba shows you the complete aim and objective. You children understand that you have this and that defect in you. When you keep your register you will become aware of your defects. It is possible that some of you can be reformed without your keeping a register. However, those who are weak should definitely keep their register. There are many weak ones. Some don’t even know how to write their register. Your stage should be such that you don’t remember anyone else. I, the soul, came without a body and I now have to become bodiless and return home. There is a story about this where someone was told not to take the support of his stick because he would remember that at the end. You mustn’t have attachment to anything. Many have attachment to old things. You mustn’t remember anything except the Father. The destination is so high! There is so much difference between remembering pebbles and remembering Shiv Baba. You must have no desire to ask for anything. Each one definitely has to do a minimum of six hours service. Generally, Government service is for eight hours, but you must definitely do the Pandava Government’s service for at least five to six hours. Vicious human beings can never remember Baba. In the golden age, it is the viceless world. The praise of the deities is remembered: Full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full. The stage of you children should remain completely beyond. You mustn’t have attachment to dirty things. Let there not be attachment even to your body; you have to become a yogi to that extent. When you truly remain a yogi like this, you will remain fresh. The more satopradhan you continue to become, the more your mercury of happiness will rise. You had such happiness 5000 years ago. You will also have that happiness in the golden age. You will have that happiness here too and you will then take that happiness with you. It is said: Your final thoughts lead you to your destination. You are now receiving directions and then, in the golden age, you will receive salvation. You have to churn the ocean of knowledge a lot about this. The Father is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. You say that you are the children of the Father, and so you mustn’t cause anyone sorrow. You should show the path of happiness to everyone. If you do not give happiness, you are surely causing sorrow. This is the most auspicious confluence age when you make effort to become satopradhan. Effort-makers are numberwise. When children do good service, the Father praises them: This child is very yogi. Those who are serviceable children lead a viceless life. Those who don’t have the slightest waste thought will reach their karmateet stage at the end. Only you Brahmins become civileyed. Human beings can never be called deities. Those who are criminaleyed would definitely commit sin. The golden-aged world is the pure world whereas this is the impure world. People don’t understand the meaning of this. Only when they become Brahmins can they understand. They say: This knowledge is very good, but I will come when I have time. Baba then understands that they will never come. That is like insulting the Father. You are becoming deities from human beings and so you should do that instantly. If you put something off until tomorrow, Maya catches hold of you by the nose and throws you into the gutter. When you say “tomorrow, tomorrow” death will come. You mustn’t delay performing an auspicious task. Death is standing just above your head. So many people die suddenly. If the bombs were to fall now, so many people would die. There will be earthquakes, but you won’t know about them in advance. According to the dramanatural calamities will also take place and no one can know about them. A lot of damage is caused. Then the Governmentincreases transport fares etc. People have to travel. They (the Government) then think how they can increase their income so that they are able to pay for everything. Grain has become so expensive. The Father sits here and explains: Those who are civileyed are said to be pure souls. This world is criminaleyed.You are now becoming civileyed. This takes effort. To claim a high status is not like going to your aunty’s house! Those who become very civileyed are the ones who will claim a high status. You have come here to change from an ordinary man into Narayan. However, those who don’t become civileyed and who don’t take knowledge will claim a low status. At this time, all human beings have criminal eyes. In the golden age they have civil eyes. The Father explains: Sweet children, if you want to become deities, the masters of heaven, then become very, very civileyed. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father because only then will you be able to become 100% soul conscious. You have to explain the meaning of this to anyone. In the golden age there is no question of sin. They are full of all virtues, completely civileyed. Even the moon dynasty is two degrees less. The moon has just a little crescent left at the end; it doesn’t become completely nil (doesn’t completely disappear). They say: It has disappeared. It cannot be seen because of the clouds. The Father says: Your light doesn’t become completely extinguished either; a little light remains. You are taking power from the Supreme Battery. He Himself comes and teaches you how you can have yoga with Him. When a teacheris teaching you, your intellects’ yoga is with that teacher. You would study according to the directions that the teacher gives. “We will study and also become teachers or barristers.” There is no question of mercy or blessings etc. in that. There is no need to bow your head. Yes, if someone greets you in a particular way, saying, “Hari Om” or “Rama, Rama”, you have to do the same in return. That is a matter of giving respect. You mustn’t show your arrogance. You know that you just have to remember the one Father. When someone renounces devotion, there is a lot of upheaval. They consider someone who has renounced devotion to be an atheist. There is so much difference between your understanding of what an atheist is and their understanding of an atheist. You say that they are atheists because they do not know the Father, that they are orphans. This is why they all continue to fight and quarrel. There is quarrelling and peacelessness in every home. Peacelessness is also an indication of anger. There is such limitless peace there. People say that they receive a lot of peace from devotion. However, that is for a temporary period. You want peace for all time. When you become orphans after belonging to the Lord and Master, you go from peace into peacelessness. The unlimited Father gives you the inheritance of unlimited happiness. You receive an inheritance of limited happiness from a limited father. In fact, that is an inheritance of sorrow of the sword of lust in which there is nothing but sorrow and more sorrow. This is why the Father says: You receive sorrow from its beginning through the middle to the end. The Father says: Remember Me, the Purifier Father! This is called easy remembrance and easy knowledge of the world cycle. If you consider yourself to belong to the original eternal deity religion, you will definitely go to heaven. Everyone in heaven was civileyed. Those who are body conscious are said to be criminaleyed. Those who are civileyed have no vices in them. The Father makes everything so easy as He explains to you, but children don’t remember even this much because they are criminaleyed. So, they only remember the dirty world. The Father says: Forget this world. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Become such a yogi that you don’t have the slightest attachment to your body. Do not be attracted to dirty things. Let your stage be far beyond. Let your mercury of happiness remain high.
  2. Death is above your head, so do not delay carrying out an auspicious task. Do not put anything off until tomorrow.
Blessing: May you be soulconscious instead of being illness conscious and happily settle your karmic accounts.
Everyone’s body is now old and each one has one or another small or big illness. However, if your body affects your mind, you would be doubly ill and become illness conscious. Therefore, do not let your mind have any thoughts of illness and you would then be called soulconscious. Never have any fear of an illness. Just take a little fruit in the form of medicine and bid farewell to the illness. Settle your karmic accounts in happiness.
Slogan: To experience every virtue and every power means to be an embodiment of experience.

*** Om Shanti ***

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