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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you Brahmins are now on a very steep pilgrimage. This is why you have received a double engine. You have two unlimited Fathers and also two Mothers.
Question: Which title can you children not give yourselves at the confluence age?
Answer: You BKs cannot give yourselves or write the title ‘His Holiness  or ‘Her Holiness  , because, although you souls are becoming pure, your bodies are still made of tamopradhan matter. You mustn’t take on this greatness now. You are still effort-makers.
Song: This is a story of the flame and the storms.

Om shanti. The unlimited Father sits here and explains to you children. You children have understood that you have two unlimited Fathers and so there must also be two Mothers. One is Jagadamba and the other mother is Brahma. Both sit here and explain to you and it is as though you have received a doubleengine. When a train goes up a mountain it has a double engine. You Brahmins are also now on a steep pilgrimage. You know that there is extreme darkness now. When the final time comes, there will be a lot of distress. This is what happens when the world changes. Even when a kingdom changes hands, there is a lot of war and violence. You children know that the new kingdom is now being established. From extreme darkness, it is now becoming extremely light. You now know the history and geography of the whole cycle and so you have to explain to others. Many mothers and kumaris teach at schools and the Government wouldn’t get upset if they also taught everyone the unlimited history and geography. If you explained to their seniors, they would be even happier. You should explain to them that not until the children understand the unlimited history and geography can they benefit and that there cannot be victory in the world either. You children are being given a signal for service. If someone who is a teacher explains this world history and geography in his college, the children can become trikaldarshi. Then, by becoming trikaldarshi, they can also become rulers of the globe. Just as the Father has made you trikaldarshi and spinners of the discus of self-realisation, you have to make others the same as yourselves. Explain to others that this old world is now to change. The tamopradhan world is to change and become satopradhan. Only the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who makes you satopradhan, teaches you easy Raja Yoga and gives you knowledge of the discus of self-realisation. It is very easy to explain the knowledge of the cycle. If this cycle is kept in front of you, people can come and understand who used to rule in the golden age and how there has been the growth of many religions since the copper age. If it is explained to them clearly, their heads (intellects) will definitely open up. You can keep this cycle in front of you and explain to them very clearly. You can also have topics: Come and we will show you the way to become trikaldarshi through which you can become kings of kings. Only you Brahmins know this cycle and this is why you become rulers of the globe. However, only those whose intellects continue to rotate this cycle will become this. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. He sits here and gives you children the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. Human beings don’t know anything. By saying that God is omnipresent, they cannot understand any of this knowledge and none of them can make effort to know God. Then there cannot be any devotion either. Whatever people say, they don’t understand it. Those who are weak are not able to explain why God is not omnipresent. One person said something and everyone believed that one. For instance, someone called Adi Dev “Mahavir,” and so that name continued. Whatever name was given to someone without it being understood it has continued. The Father now sits here and explains that, although you are human beings, you don’t know the Creator or the creation of the drama. You worship the deities but you don’t know their biograph ies and so that is called blind faith. So many deities ruled the kingdom in the past and so they must definitely have been sensible. That was why they became worthy of being worshipped. You mouth-born creation of Brahma listen to this knowledge and become sensible, but Ravan has put the whole world in jail. This is Ravan’s jail in which everyone is sitting in the cottage of sorrow. They continue to hold conferences on how to bring about peace. Therefore, there is definitely peacelessness and sorrow, that is, all are sitting in the cottage of sorrow. No one can go directly from the cottage of sorrow to the cottage free from sorrow. At this time, no one is in the cottage of peace and happiness. The golden age is called the cottage free from sorrow. This is the confluence age. No one can call you completely pure. No BKs can call themselves, or write of themselves, the titles, ‘His Holiness’ or ‘Her Holiness . ‘His Holiness  and ‘Her Holiness  exist in the golden age. How could they exist in the iron age? Although the soul becomes pure, the body also has to be pure in order to receive the title of, ‘His Holiness . This is why you shouldn’t take on this greatness. You are still effort-makers. The Father says: Even sannyasis cannot be called “Shri Shri” or ‘His Holiness . Although the souls become pure, the bodies are not pure. So, they are incomplete. No one in this impure world can be, “His or Her Holiness .” They believe that souls and the Supreme Soul are always pure. However, the bodies too have to be pure. Yes, Lakshmi and Narayan can be called that because even the bodies there are made of satopradhan matter. Here, matter is tamopradhan. At this time, no one can be called completely pure. Even young children would otherwise be pure. Deities were completely viceless. The Father sits here and explains how sensible you are becoming. You have the full knowledge of the cycle. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is the living Seed of this tree, has the knowledge of the whole tree. He alone is giving you this knowledge. You can impress anyone with the knowledge of this world cycle. You should explain: You came from the supreme abode, adopted that costume and are now acting out your role. Now, at the end, everyone has to go back home and then come and play their part s again. Whatever effort each one makes at this time, he or she will accordingly take birth in a royal or wealthy family. All receive a status, numberwise, and will continue to be transferred , numberwise. It is shown that you will take birth where there is victory. These things are not taken up at this time. As you make further progress, you will continue to become enlightened. It is certain that those who leave their bodies now will take birth in good homes. The children who make more effort experience a lot more happiness. Those who remain engaged in service remain intoxicated. Everyone, apart from you, is in darkness. No one’s sins can be washed away by bathing in the Ganges. Only in the fire of yoga are sins burnt. Only the one Father liberates you from this jail of Ravan and this is why it is remembered: Oh Purifier! However, no one considers himself to be a sinful soul. The Father says: In the previous cycle too, all of them were uplifted through the kumaris. This is also written in the Gita, but no one understands it. You can explain that no one in this impure world is pure. However, a lot of courage is needed to explain this. You know that the world is now changing. You have now become children of God. This Brahmin clan is the highest of all. You have the knowledge of the discus of self-realisation. Then, when you go into the clan of Vishnu, you will not have this knowledge. You have this knowledge at this time and this is why you are called spinners of the discus of self-realisation. No one, apart from you, knows these deep matters. Everyone says, for the sake of saying it, that they are children of God, but you have now become that in a practical way. Achcha.

Love, remembrance and good morning to all the sweetest children. It is the Father’s duty to remember the children and the children’s duty to remember the Father. However, children don’t remember Him that much. If they did remember Him, it would be their great fortune. Achcha. The spiritual Father says namaste to the sweetest, spiritual children.

1) Night C lass – 0 8 /04/1968

This is the Godly mission that is continuing. Those who belong to our deity religion will come back here. Those people have a mission to create Christians. Those who become Christians receive happiness in the Christian dynasty. They receive good wages and this is why there are many Christians. The people of Bharat cannot give so much pay. Here, there is a lot of corruption. If they don’t accept bribes, they are made redundant. Children ask the Father: What should we do in this situation? He would say: Work diplomatically and then use it for an auspicious task.

Here, everyone calls out to the Father: Come and make the impure ones pure, liberate them and take them home. The Father would definitely take you home, would He not? People performed so much devotion in order to return home. However, it is only when the Father comes that He can take you back. There is only one God. It isn’t that God comes in everyone and speaks. He only comes at the confluence age. You don’t believe in such things now. Previously, you used to believe in them. Now, you no longer perform any devotion. You say: We used to perform devotion. The Father has now come in order to make us into worthy-of-worship deities. You can also explain to the Sikhs. It is remembered: It did not take God long to change humans into deities. There is praise of the deities. Deities reside in the golden age and it is now the iron age. Only at the confluence age does the Father give you teachings for you to become most elevated. Deities are the highest of all and this is why they are worshipped so much. Those who are being worshipped existed at some time, but not now. People believe that that kingdom has now gone. You are incognito. No one knows that we are going to become the masters of the world. You know that you are studying to become those and so you have to pay full attention to the study. Remember the Father with a lot of love. Baba is making us into the masters of the world, so why should we not remember Him? Divine virtues are also needed.

2) N ight C lass – 0 9 /04/1968

Nowadays, people generally have conferences on how there can be peace in the world. You should tell them: Look, there was just the one religion, one kingdom, one undivided religion in the golden age. There was no other religion that there would be conflict. That was the kingdom of Rama (God) which is why there was peace in the world at that time. You want there to be peace in the world, but that was in the golden age. Later, when there were innumerable religions, there was peacelessness. However, until someone understands this, you have to continue to beat your heads. As you progress further, this will be printed in the newspapers and then the ears of those sannyasis etc. will open. It is guaranteed for you children that your kingdom is being established. You have this intoxication. Seeing the splendour of the museum, many will come. They will come inside and be amazed. They will listen to new explanations and see the new pictures.

You children know that yoga is for liberation and liberation-in-life. No human beings can teach it. You must also write, that apart from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, no one can teach yoga for liberation or liberation-in-life. The Bestower of Salvation for all is just the One. You should write this down clearly so that people can read it. What would sannyasis teach? People continue to speak of yoga but, in fact, no one can teach it. There is praise of just the One. It is the task of the Father alone to establish peace in the world and to give liberation and liberation-in-life. You have to churn the ocean of knowledge in this way and then explain these points. You should write in such a way that people are able to understand it clearly. This world has to change. This is the land of death. The new world is called the land of immortality. It is also a wonder how the people of the land of immortality remain immortal. There, they have long lifespans and they change their bodies by themselves at the right time, just as they would change clothes. All of these matters have to be explained. Achcha.

Love, remembrance, good night and namaste from the spiritual Father to the sweetest spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. With the knowledge of the world cycle, become trikaldarshi and a spinner of the discus of self-realisation and also serve to make others the same.
  2. At the confluence age, move away from the cottage of sorrow and definitely become pure in order to go to the cottage of happiness and peace.
Blessing: May you carry out every task while seated on the seat of a swan and become a special soul who is an embodiment of success.
The children’s power of discernment becomes elevated when they carry out every task while seated on the seat of a swan. Therefore, whatever task they carry out, it will have some speciality merged in it. Just as you do your work while seated on a chair, so, let your intellects too be seated on the seat of a swan and you souls will continue to receive love and power even in any mundane work. Every task will easily continue to be successful. So, carry out every task while considering yourself to be a special soul seated on the seat of a swan and become an embodiment of success.
Slogan: In order to save yourself from any conflict of nature, make your intellect, vision and words easy.

*** Om Shanti ***




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