Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 22 April 2018

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Let go and you will become free.

Today, BapDada was seeing His co-operative children, who became instruments for the beginning of His task of establishment. He was very pleased to see the fortune of all the co-operative children. He saw the plan of establishment. He saw the history and geography of the beginning period of the world of elevated Brahmins. He saw which elevated souls are accurately co-operating at each of the places and at which time. What else did He see? He saw three types of co-operative children. The first type are those who, when they saw the alokik task of BapDada, when they saw His attractive image and spiritual face, when they saw his efforts to do everything without thinking about anything – when they saw all of these things, the sanskars of the awareness of the previous cycle were instantly revealed to them. Within a second, it emerged in their hearts: This is my same Baba! In this way, without making any effort, you easily became merged in the Father’s love and became co-operative. You didn’t even have to do hard work in taking the seven days’ course, but, with the force of God’s love, the meeting between the Father and the children took place. With just one word, you became life companions. You children said: You alone are mine! And the Father said: You alone are Mine! There was no question of effort. Those who made this deal of a second without any effort became merged in love.

The second type are those who made a deal on seeing the sample s of the renunciation, tapasya and service of the elevated instrument souls. The first groupsaw the Father. The second group saw the sample s of the Ganges of knowledge. They easily came to know the Father with the power of their intellects and became co-operative. Nevertheless, the second group also came into a physical relationship with the Father through the children. They attained the incorporeal One in all relationships in the corporeal form. Therefore, by having all experiences through the corporeal one, because of having all experiences, they received the gift of a lift of corporeal sustenance. Only a handful out of multi-millions and a few out of that handful attained this fortune. This group of original souls who accepted the gift of a lift , and who became instruments for the task of establishment, and who came on to the field of service have been called here by invitation. In fact, there are also other children who are instruments, but only a few have been especially invited. Do you know why you have been invited? The foundation is checked every now and then. If the foundation is even a little weak, that has an effect on everyone. On the field of service, jewels like you are the foundation, the instruments for service. The first group became the foundation for the establishment of the yagya. They became instruments for service. However, the first visible fruit of that service is this group of yours. So, you elevated souls became instruments as the visible fruit of service or the first showpiece in the showcase. Do you recognise your importance to this extent? You original elevated souls haven’t become hidden in the sparkle, beauty, zeal and enthusiasm of the expansion of the new leaves, have you? While making those who are at the back move forward, you yourselves haven’t gone to the back, have you? In fact, even BapDada places His children in front of Him, but while placing them in the front, He Himself does not go to the back. Some children cleverly answer Baba, saying that they are giving a chance to those who have come later. You may give others a chance, but at least still remain a chancellor ! Do you consider yourselves to be responsible to this extent? Whatever steps of effort you take, others who see you will do the same with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Do you constantly have this awareness? The new ones are new, but the old ones have their own value. So many medicines can be made from old leaves. Do you know this? Old things have so much value. Old things become special memorials. Special museums are built for old things. Knowing the value of old ones, are you taking every step according to that value? Do you consider yourself to be such an invaluable jewel? Are you a flying bird, just like the Father? Are you giving a return of the sustenance you received from Father Brahma? This physical sustenance is no ordinary sustenance. The return of this invaluable sustenance is to become invaluable and to make others invaluable. The return of special sustenance is to have every step of your life filled with speciality. Are you giving such a return? You receive this sustenance once in the whole cycle, and you special souls have a right to it. Do you know about the fortune of your rights? So, today, Baba has come to meet such fortunate children. Do you understand why you have been invited? Baba would of course look at the result, would He not?

Because you have seen Father Brahma with your physical eyes, this whole group is of those who follow Father Brahma at every step, is it not? You haven’t just seen him with divine vision. It is easy to follow something you have seen with your own eyes. You are souls who have the fortune and the right to make easy effort. Do you understand who you are? Do you know: Who am I? You firmly remember the puzzle of “Who am I?”, do you not? You don’t forget it, do you? Seeing this group, Bap and Dada had a conversation in the subtle region. Do you know what they were talking about? They saw how much you know the value of your fortune and also how much you remain an embodiment of the awareness of that fortune. An embodiment of awareness is an embodiment of power. So, they watched to see to what extent you have become embodiments of power. Do you go up and down the ladder of forgetfulness and remembrance or are you constantly going into the flying stage with your form of awareness? It isn’t that the old ones are still moving along according to the old methods, is it? so that, even now, instead of being in the flying stage, you continue to go up and down the ladder? Baba saw the methods of all the children. Out of love for the children, Father Brahma said: The basis of easy and elevated attainment is to be constantly equal to me, the father, at every step and constantly to remember one thing as a lucky charm in your life from Father Brahma and that is: You will become free if you let go! Whether it is forgetting the consciousness of the body and becoming soul conscious, whether it is being a conqueror of attachment in terms of attachment to relations, whether it is the success on the field of spiritual service or connections with others in terms of nature and sanskars, if you let go, you will become free in everything. This hand of the consciousness of mine makes you hold onto the branch and makes you into a bird clutching onto the branch. What would you become, if you let go of the hands of the consciousness of mine? Flying birds, don’t feel compelled, ‘I have to let go!, ‘I have to become this!’ But, o elevated souls who are images of support, celebrate the ceremony of ‘I have already become this’. Not that: I am thinking about it, I will make plans. Have you thought about what ceremony you are going to celebrate? Every group celebrates a function, does it not? What ceremony will all of you celebrate?

All of you are Brahma’s companion children who follow Father Brahma, are you not? You are the mature souls of God’s family. BapDada and the family constantly have their vision on you and see you as the form of their original samples. You are the lamps of all the Father’s hopes for the whole family. So, what ceremony will you celebrate? You have become equal to the Father. You have become souls who are liberated in life. You have become conquerors of attachment and embodiments of remembrance and therefore embodiments of power. As soon as you had the thought, you became that. Now celebrate such a powerful ceremony. You are ready, are you not? Or, are you still thinking: I should do this? Let it not be ‘should do’ but ‘We are the original samples who will fulfil all of the Father’s desires’. Such victorious jewels with faith in their intellects have to celebrate this ceremony of victory. Do you understand why you have been invited? This is now clear, is it not? Crown all of them! Let them celebrate the coronation of taking on this responsibility. This is why you have come, is it not? You are not saying anything. Have you grown old? What did you see Father Brahma as? One moment, he was old and mature and the next, he was a small child. You saw this, did you not? Follow the father. Become a small child in saying, “Ha ji”, and become old and mature in service. You saw the splendour of the small children, did you not? They said “Ha ji! Ji ha!” with so much pleasure.

You special souls have come here by special invitation. Now especially celebrate once again the ceremony of taking on the responsibility of service. In between, every now and then, you remove the crown. Now, put it on so tightly that you don’t take it off. OK, we shall hear the result of the ceremony some other time. Achcha.

To those who are instruments for all souls and who give them zeal and enthusiasm, to those who constantly make others into intense effort-makers with their every step of effort, to those who let go of waste in a second and by letting go become free, to those who constantly follow Father Brahma, to the original jewels in service, to the special souls who have the fortune of sustenance, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting the servers:

Servers should always be flying because serving the yagya brings a lot of power. So you servers have become powerful, have you not? Service of the yagya is praised so much. If you serve the yagya with an honest heart, every second brings a lot of fruit. All of you have been on service for so many days. So fruit has been accumulated in the treasure-store. So much fruit has been accumulated that you will continue to eat from that for 21 generations. When you servers go back, don’t be influenced by Maya. Remain constantly busy in service. With your mind, serve with positive thoughts, and through your relationships, connections and words, serve by giving the introduction. Constantly remain busy in service. The part of service is imperishable. Whether you stay here or go anywhere else, a server is always in the midst of service. You are servers all the time. If you stay busy in service, Maya will not come to you. When a place is empty, others go there; mosquitoes and bedbugs come. Therefore, constantly stay busy and Maya will not come. You won’t have to work hard. Maya will salute you and go away. It is as though you are going back having become very courageous. It isn’t that when you get back, you will say: “Today, I got angry. Today, I was greedy. There was attachment.” Maya will test you. She also listens to you making a promise. What can Maya do where the Father is? Is the Father constantly with you or are you separated? You kumars don’t think that you are alone, do you? You don’t think: “There is no one to listen to me. There is no one to speak to me. What would happen if I fell ill?” You will not remember other companions, will you? If you bring another companion, you would have to listen to that companion, you would have to feed and look after that companion. What is the need to carry such a burden? Constantly stay light. Remain constantly in the combined form. What are you going to do with another partner? Do you ever have these thoughts? Do you have such thoughts when you fall ill? Remember the Father in any relationship you feel is lacking. Then, even during your illness, even while lying down, you will be able to prepare such good food that it will be as though someone else came and made it for you. So, constantly stay with the Father! Not that, “I am alone!” but “I am combined.” You and the Father are both combined. No one can separate you. You can issue this challenge. You are those who issue a challenge, not those who become afraid. Achcha.

Question: What is the aim of the confluence-aged Brahmin life? What is the method to achieve that aim?

Answer: The aim of the confluence-aged Brahmin life is to remain constantly content and to make others content. Brahmins means those who are sensible. They remain content themselves and they make others content. If you are made discontent by others, you won’t be able to experience the happiness of the confluence-aged Brahmin life. To be an embodiment of power and remove yourself from the atmosphere of others means to keep yourself safe. This is the way to achieve this aim. Don’t allow yourself to become discontent through the discontentment of others. No matter in what way others become instruments to make you discontent, simply move away from there and continue to move forward; don’t stop there.

Question: What should you do to make your original sanskar emerge so that you constantly fly?

Answer: Make your original sanskar emerge of constantly moving forward in everything you do. It doesn’t matter whether others move forward or not. You yourself mustn’t come down by following others. To give co-operation out of sympathy is a different matter, but it is not right for you to come down because of others. Don’t listen to anything wasteful and don’t look at anything wasteful. See everything with detachment with the intention to serve. Don’t waste your time or lose your happiness because of others and you will then constantly continue to fly in the flying stage.

Blessing: May you be blessed with the blessing of becoming the same as the Father and be equal to the Father and constantly swing in the swing of a meeting.
Just as BapDada obeys the orders of you masters and comes to celebrate a meeting with you, and while fulfilling the lesson of “present, my lord”, He becomes present, you have to do the same. From amrit vela until the end of the day, be the same as the Father in your dharma (religion) and karma (action) and you will constantly continue to swing on the swing of a meeting. When you stay on the swing of a meeting, both matter and Maya become your servants to swing your swing. All treasures will become the decoration of your elevated swing.
Slogan: Constantly stay merged in the arms of Father Brahma and you will experience safety.


*** Om Shanti ***

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