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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, this eternal play is predestined. Each actor has his or her own individual part within it. No two actors’ parts can be the same. This is the wonder of nature.
Question: On the path of devotion, why is so much importance given to the water of the Ganges? Why do devotees love the water of the Ganges so much?
Answer: Because it is at this time that you children attain salvation through the water of knowledge (nectar). You love the knowledge through which you become the Ganges of knowledge. This is why devotees give so much respect to water. Vaishnavs always use the water of the Ganges. However, salvation isn’t attained through water. Salvation is received through knowledge. The Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, gives you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. Water is not the way to purify the soul; you need the injection of knowledge and yoga for that which only the one Father has.
Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.

Om shanti. You sweetest children know that this is the path of knowledge through which salvation is received, that is, you receive your fortune of the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whether you call it a pathshala (study place), a college or a university, it is the same thing. At a university, you receive a higher education whereas at other places you receive a standard education. All of them are study places. You study at a study place in order to be able to earn an income. You children know that this is your incognito education. The unlimited Father comes and teaches you souls. It is souls who study. If Krishna were God, your intellect’s yoga would be diverted to his picture and you would be pulled towards it. You wouldn’t be able to stay without having a picture of him. However, Krishna is not God. Because of having wrong understanding, people only remember Krishna. Remembrance of something physical is very easy. Remembrance of the spiritual requires effort. Some ask: Baba, how can we have remembrance? Whom should we remember? The picture of Krishna is sweet, but the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is incorporeal. He Himself says: I sit in this old body and once again teach you children easy Raja Yoga and knowledge. It is very easy. You simply have to remember Baba. You do remember Shiv Baba, do you not? In Benares, they speak of Shiva at Kashi and then they say: He is Vishwanath Ganga (Lord of the World who brought the Ganges). They say: The Lord of the World brought the Ganges. It was not a question of the Ganges of water. It was the Ocean of Knowledge who brought the Ganges of knowledge. Therefore, you Ganges of knowledge should definitely remember the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, who gives you knowledge. O Ganges of knowledge, if you consider yourselves to be the Ganges of knowledge, then remember the Ocean of Knowledge. Those who don’t consider themselves to be the Ganges of knowledge are not knowledgeable. You children know that the Ocean of Knowledge has given you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. We now have to go and give everyone the nectar of knowledge. Some just take a drop whereas others take a full urn of it. Vaishnavs love Ganges water; they always use Ganges water. You, however, love this knowledge because you receive salvation through it. Shiv Baba gives this knowledge: You souls have to remember Me, your Father. You also now know your inheritance. Who is explaining this? The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. No one would have thought, or even dreamt, how they could claim their inheritance from God. You cannot receive this unlimited inheritance without the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Father means the Creator of all human beings. Therefore, He is the Father of creation. Only the incorporeal One is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. You cannot see Him with your physical eyes. On the path of devotion, He can be seen in a divine vision. Here, too, even though you haven’t had a vision of a soul, you still have the faith that you are a soul. You know that souls are imperishable. When a soul leaves a body, the body is of no use. Everyone knows that a soul leaves a body and takes another, but no one knows what a soul is. A soul is like a point; it is the subtlest of the subtle and resides in the centre of the forehead. A soul is absolutely tiny and it is the soul that does everything. If it weren’t for the soul, these physical organs wouldn’t function. A soul leaves a body, takes another and plays his part. Each one has his own individual part. No two parts can be the same. Actors are never the same. No one in this play can understand that each soul has his own part. All souls have the same form, but they have different bodies. This eternal play is predestined. Only those with broad and unlimited intellects are able to understand these things. You should be amazed at how a soul is like a point and how he has an imperishable part of 84 births recorded within him; it is never destroyed. This is called the wonder of nature. The soul himself says: I shed a body, take another and play my part. I become a detached observer and continue to watch the acts of all the actors of the whole world. I am once again receiving my inheritance of happiness from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, for 21 births. I have been performing devotion for 2500 years (half the cycle) for this. Therefore, the devotees will definitely find God. You now know that you are the number one devotees and worshippers. In this drama, you are the ones who first enter the golden age to play your part s of deities. At this time you belong to the Brahmin clan. I, the soul, a mouth-born creation of Brahma, belong to the Brahmin religion. We are now studying so that we can be transferred from the Brahmin religion into the deity religion. The soul has received knowledge. Salvation takes place through knowledge. When salvation is to be received, everyone receives it. The Father says: I alone am the Bestower of Salvation for All. Human beings can never be gurus. You must always remain soul conscious. For instance, when someone has a child, you have to understand that they have had that child because of karmic accounts. If the child dies, he sheds that body and takes another; he just had that much karmic account which then ended. There is no need to mourn or cry about that. Just be a detached observer and watch the play. You children know that you take 84 births. In the golden age we were deities. At first you didn’t know anything. Brahma adopted many gurus, but he didn’t know anything either. He used to believe that there were 8.4 million births. You no longer say this. The Father explains: Sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, I alone come and grant you salvation. Devotees of all the religions definitely remember God in one form or another. They say: “Oh God, the Father!” “Oh Supreme Father, Supreme Soul,” but they don’t know God. They simply understand that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, resides in the supreme abode, but how can we go there? We cannot go there. Even golden-aged deities cannot go there. They have to take 84 births. There, they have happiness and so they don’t think of going anywhere. They don’t even remember the Father. It is said: Everyone remembers God at a time of sorrow. The Father explains: I am making you into the masters of heaven. You will remain constantly happy there. They have given the cycle a duration of hundreds of thousands of years. That is a mistake. There is a lot of confusion on the path of devotion. To wander from door to door, to chant, to do tapasya, to go on pilgrimages, etc. are all the path of devotion. The path of devotion continues for half the cycle. This play is predestined. The Father says: All the children are controlled by the drama. Although I am the Creator, Director and Karankaravanhar, I too am bound by the drama. I cannot enter a body apart from this one body and at this one time. Some ask: Will He always enter the body of Dada and make him Brahma? Yes. Their first births were those of Lakshmi and Narayan. They are the ones who are then made into Adi Dev and Adi Devi. They have an image of Shiva in the Dilwala Temple. There are also Adi Dev and Adi Devi and the children there; all are sitting in tapasya. Above them, there is heaven. The complete memorial is there. While sitting here, you are establishing the deity tree. Those images are non-living, whereas you are sitting here in the living form. You are establishing heaven by following shrimat. Those who study well and teach others claim a high status. What effort would Lakshmi and Narayan have made? You are making effort to become deities once again. Therefore, the deities too must have made effort in their previous birth. Human beings reside in the land of death whereas deities reside in the land of immortality. Bharat was the land of immortality and it then became the land of death. It is now the confluence age and this is called the Kumbha Mela. This is the real mela of the kumbha; it is when souls meet the Supreme Soul. They have met many times and they will meet again many times. Some make effort and claim their full inheritance. Some go away. (example of the moths.) Many come here. You children have the faith that this is your BapDada. You are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Brahma too is a child of Shiva. You are adopted children. All are called children of the Father, but those who call themselves BKs are the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris who belong to the clan of Shiva. Shiv Baba is the Grandfather. He has one main child and then others are created through that one. You know that there are many of you mouth-born creation of Brahma; there will continue to be many more. It is Shiv Baba who is teaching you. Even the Brahma soul remembers Me. You too have to remember Me. If you remember the world cycle, you will become rulers of the globe. You are now becoming spinners of the discus of self-realisation. You remember these things, numberwise. It is remembered: Remember God and attain liberation-in-life. There is no sorrow there. This is the old world. This body is an old shoe. You repeatedly have to patch it up. They give the example of a snake. It sheds its old skin and takes a new, shiny one. So, this old skin of 84 births has completely decayed and become tamopradhan. The Father has now come and explains to you souls how you and your bodies can both become satopradhan: Sweetest children, constantly remember Me alone. The alloy mixed in you souls will be burnt away with the fire of remembrance and you will become satopradhan. Then, you souls will shed those old bodies and take other bodies. Only by having remembrance of the Father will your sins be absolved. On the path of devotion, they continue to remember God; they chant God’s name and worship Him; they bathe Him etc. Here, you don’t have to bathe Shiv Baba; He is bodiless. Have you ever seen anyone decorate Shiva by putting clothes on Him in a Shiva Temple? They decorate Krishna and Lakshmi and Narayan etc. so much. How would they decorate the incorporeal One? The Father says: Why did you worship Me, incorporeal Shiva? I must definitely have done something when I came. That is why you worship Me. You souls are incorporeal and I, too, am incorporeal. You take rebirth whereas I don’t take rebirth. I come and give you your inheritance of heaven for 21 births. Sannyasis renounce their homes and families and go away. You don’t have to renounce anything. Simply remain pure in this last birth and remember the Father, that’s all! It is by having remembrance that you souls will become clean and pure. It is the Lord of Divinity who makes souls golden from iron. Only you earn a true income. You may continue to earn that false income but together with that, also do this. You mustn’t commit sin. There is just the one Surgeon. Each one’s illness of karmic accounts is individual. If any of you were to ask the Father, He would quickly tell you what to do. It is only the one Father who takes you into the karmateet stage. These are the directions of the eternal Surgeon. Whatever bondage each of you has, you can come and ask Baba about it. Daughters buzz this knowledge to their husbands and bring them here with themselves. She explains to him: You cannot go to heaven without becoming pure. Everyone definitely has to die. This too is something to be understood. This is the end of the land of death. It is now the confluence. The land of immortality is being established. We now belong to the Father, that is, we have become Brahmins and will then become deities. Then we will become warriors, merchants and shudras. This mantra is so good; nevertheless you will forget it. If you don’t remain in yoga, how would the burden of sins of 63 births that is on your head, be burnt? Your sins are not going to be washed away with the water of the Ganges. Souls have accumulated sin. It is said: Sinful soul, charitable soul. So, you souls need the injection with which to become pure. Only the Purifier Father has that injection. No one else has that injection. This is why everyone calls out: O Purifier, come! Come and give us impure ones the injection of knowledge so that we become pure. You children have to go on this pilgrimage. While walking and moving around, always remain on this true pilgrimage. Remember the Father and the home and you will continue to accumulate an income. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Be a detached observer and watch the part of every actor. In order to claim your inheritance for 21 births from the Father, make full effort.
  2. In order to make the soul pure gold (clean and pure), become pure in this final birth and remember the Father. Earn a true income.
Blessing: May you become unshakeable and immovable and merge all the upheavals by having the awareness of being a master almighty authority.
Just as the occupation of your physical body stays emerged with you, similarly, let the occupation of your Brahmin life stay emerged with you and let there be the intoxication of this in your every deed. All upheavals will then be merged and you will remain constantly unshakeable and immovable. Let the awareness of being a master almighty authority constantly be emerged and no weakness will cause you any type of upheaval because you will be able to use every power at the right time. Such souls have controlling power and this is why their thoughts and deeds are the same.
Slogan: Instead of becoming afraid in delicate situations, learn a lesson from them and make yourself strong.

*** Om Shanti ***




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