Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The method to receive multimillionfold help from the Ocean of Help.

Today, BapDada is looking at all his courageous children everywhere. From the beginning until now, every Brahmin soul has become worthy of receiving BapDada’s help on the basis of their courage and they have continued to move forward in their efforts according to the blessing, “When the child maintains courage, the Father definitely helps”. The children take one step of courage and, in return, all the children attain multi-million steps of help from the Father. This is because, whether you call it a promise or an inheritance from BapDada, it is for all the children and, because of this easy elevated attainment, souls who have been weak for 63 births have been able to become strong and are continuing to move forward. What was the first courage you had as soon as you took Brahmin birth? The first courage was that you demonstrated making the impossible possible, for you imbibed the speciality of purity. You had the courage to have this determined thought: “We have to become pure” and the Father gave you multi-million fold help. You souls are originally and eternally pure, you have become pure many times and you will continue to become pure. This is not anything new. You are simply repeating once again the elevated stage you have had many times. Even now, the devotees of you pure souls continue to ask for the power of purity in front of your non-living images. They continue to sing songs of your purity. As well as that, they have also shown the symbol of purity on each of you worthy-of-worship souls as a halo of light. You were made powerful through such an awareness, that is, with the Father’s help, from being weak, you became strong. You have become so powerful that you have become instruments to issue this challenge to the world: “We will definitely make the world pure.” From being weak, you have become so powerful. All the rishis and munis and great souls of the copper age considered it impossible to remain pure while living in a household. At the present time, they find this difficult themselves, but you speak about this in a natural way to them, saying that purity is the original and eternal form of the soul. So, what is difficult in that? This is called, “The child having courage and the Father giving help.” You experienced the impossible becoming easy and you continue to experience it to be easy. The more they consider it to be impossible, the more you say that it is extremely easy. So, the Father gave help with the power of knowledge and, with your remembrance, Baba gave you souls power to bring about transformation by giving you the experience of the pure stage. So, this is maintaining the first step of courage and receiving multi-millionfold help from the Father.

In the same way, you are becoming conquerors of Maya, no matter how many different forms Maya comes in to attack you. From the beginning until now she has sometimes come in a royal form and sometimes in a visible way, sometimes in an incognito way and sometimes in an artificial Godly form. You have been living as Maya’s companions for 63 births. It is a little difficult to let go of such strong companions. This is why she is forced to attack you in different forms, but here, you are strong. Even while being attacked so much, the children who have courage are worthy of receiving the Father’s help and, because of this help, are able to challenge Maya’s attack. They say: It is her duty to come and our duty to gain victory. You consider any attack to be a game. You consider Maya’s form of a lion to be like an ant, because you know that Maya’s kingdom is now going to end and that the victory of you victorious souls who have been victorious many times is 100% guaranteed. This is why this intoxication of guaranteed victory gives you the right to receive multi-millionfold help from the Father. So, where the children maintain courage they receive the Almighty Authority Father’s help to make the impossible possible and to challenge Maya and the world. This is not a big thing. You do believe this, do you not?

BapDada was seeing the results from the beginning until now, of how much each child maintains courage and, on the basis of this, becomes worthy of receiving help from the Father and becomes an easy effort-maker and continues to move forward, and how far he has reached. So what did He see? The Father’s help – that is, the gift from the Bestower and the blessings from the Bestower of Blessings – is like an ocean. Some children who take from the Ocean become as full as the Ocean and make others the same. However, other children, because of not knowing the way to take help or, instead of taking help, playing games in their own efforts of sometimes being intense in their speed and at others getting disheartened, continue to fluctuate. Some children sometimes take help and sometimes have to labour. They receive help for a long time, but then because of their carelessness, they sometimes forget the way to take help and, instead of maintaining courage, they become arrogant and think that they are always pure. “If the Father doesn’t help us, who else would He help? The Father is bound to help us.” Because of this arrogance, they forget to take help with the method of maintaining courage. The arrogance of carelessness and the arrogance of not paying attention to the self, deprives them of receiving help. They think that they have now had a lot of yoga, that they have become gyani souls, yogi souls and have become very well-known servers, that they are in charge of centres, that their kingdom of service has been created, that nature has also become worthy of serving them and they are living their life comfortably. This is carelessness in paying attention. Therefore, as long as you live, you have to study and pay attention to becoming complete and also pay attention to developing an attitude of unlimited disinterest. You forget this. You saw Father Brahma: until he reached his final, completely karmateet stage, he paid attention to himself, to service and to having an attitude of unlimited disinterest, as though in a student life. He became an instrument to demonstrate this. This is how he maintained courage from the beginning until the end. He became an instrument to give courage. So, he became the one most worthy of receiving the Father’s help and thereby attained number one. Even though his future was fixed, he was not careless. He constantly continued to tell the children about his experiences of intense efforts until the end. He became absorbed in the Ocean of Help to such an extent that, even now, like the Father, he is helping all the children in an avyakt way. This is known as taking one step of courage and becoming worthy of receiving multi-millionfold help.

BapDada saw that, even though some children are worthy of receiving help, they remain deprived of it. Baba said that the reason for this is that they forget the method for maintaining courage. This is because of arrogance, carelessness and because of not paying attention to the self. When you don’t have the right method, you remain deprived of blessings. Although you are children of the Ocean, you become like small ponds. Just as the water of a pond remains in one place, similarly, you just come to a standstill in your effort-making. This is why you sometimes labour and sometimes experience pleasure. Today, you are in pleasure and tomorrow, because of pebbles, you become engrossed in removing them. It is not even a mountain, but just pebbles. You are the mahavir Pandava Army, and yet even pebbles become like mountains. You become engrossed in that effort. Then you amuse Baba. If anyone tells you that those are tiny pebbles, what amusing thing do you then say? “What do you know? If it were to happen to you, you would know.” They even say to the Father: “You are incorporeal anyway. What do You know?” They also say to Brahma Baba: “You have received a lift from the Father; what do you know?” They say very good things. However, the reason for this is a tiny mistake. They forget the secret: “When the child maintains courage, the Father helps.” This is the deep philosophy of karma in the drama. When a child maintains courage, God helps; if this method were not a fixed law, then everyone would become a number one king of the world. Would everyone sit on the throne at the same time? The law of becoming numberwise is because of this method. Otherwise, everyone would complain to the Father and ask why Brahma was made number one, that they too could have been selected as number one. This is why this Godly law is created, according to the drama. There is a fixed law that when you take one step of courage, you receive multimillion steps of help. Even though Baba is the Ocean of Help, this method of the law is fixed, according to the drama. So maintain as much courage as you can and take as much help accordingly. He doesn’t hold back in this. Whether it is a one year-old child or a 50 year-old child, whether he is surrendered or living with his family, all have equal rights. However, the attainment is achieved by using the right method. So, you have understood God’s laws, have you not?

You have maintained courage very well. You have maintained courage even to reach here, for this is why you have reached here. You have maintained courage in even belonging to the Father; this is why you belong to Him. There is a difference between constantly moving along with the method of courage and thereby being worthy of receiving help and achieving success by using the method sometimes. Constantly, at every step, become worthy of receiving help and achieve the goal of becoming number one. Brahma alone will become number one, but there are many in the first division. This is why Baba says: Number one. Do you understand? You can come in the first division, can you not? This is called becoming number one. At some time, Baba will tell you about the divine activity of the children’s carelessness. You perform wonderful divine activities. BapDada constantly continues to watch the divine activities of the children. Sometimes, He sees the divine activity of intense efforts and sometimes, He even sees the divine activity of carelessness. Achcha.

What is the speciality of those from Karnataka? Each zone has its own speciality. Those from Karnataka have their own very good language: you are clever in the language of feelings (bhavna). You understand very little Hindi, but the speciality of those of you from Karnataka is that you are number one in the language of feelings. This is why you always receive the fruit of your feelings. You might not say anything, but you always say “Baba, Baba”. You know this elevated language of feelings. This is the land of feelings. Achcha.

To all the children everywhere who have courage, to all the worthy souls who constantly receive the Father’s help, to the elevated souls who always know the law and achieve success by using the right method, to the elevated, great children who are equal to the Father and who constantly move forward with the method of studying and making effort until the end, like Father Brahma, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting groups:

1. Do you experience yourselves to be double-light angels? The double-light stage is the angelic stage. An angel means light. When you belonged to the Father, you gave all your burdens to the Father, did you not? When you are light of burdens, you become angels. The Father has come to finish your burdens. So, since the Father will finish your burdens, have all of you finished your burdens or not? You are not secretly holding on to a small bundle, are you? Have you given everything or have you kept something for a time of need? Are there still a few of the old sanskars or have they also finished? Old nature and old sanskars are also treasures, are they not? Have you also given those? If even a little still remains, it will pull you down from up above. It will not allow you to become an angel and experience the flying stage. Sometimes you will be up above and at others you will come down. This is why BapDada says: Give everything. That is Ravan’s property. If you keep Ravan’s property with you, you will only receive sorrow. To be an angel means not to have the slightest bit of Ravan’s property. Old nature and sanskars do come up, do they not? You do say, do you not, “I didn’t want it to happen, but it happened, I did it”, or “It just happens”? So, this proves that you have still kept a small, old bundle with you, that there is a bundle of rubbish. To become an angel for all time is to lead a Brahmin life. The past has now finished. You have burnt the old accounts. Now, it is new things and new accounts. If even the slightest bit of an old debt remains, you will constantly be diseased with Maya, because being in debt is said to be a disease. Therefore, finish all the accounts. When you have received new life, all the old has finished.

2. You are those who constantly sing songs of “Wah, wah!”, are you not? Songs of the cries of distress have finished and you constantly continue to sing songs of “Wah, wah!” in your mind. Whenever you perform elevated actions, what emerges in your mind? Wah my elevated karma! Or, Wah, the One who has taught me elevated actions! Or, Wah, the elevated time that enables me to perform elevated actions! So, you are souls who constantly sing songs of “Wah, wah!”, are you not? Sometimes, even by mistake, you do not cry out in distress, do you? “Oh! What has happened?” No. Even when you see a scene of sorrow, let no sound of distress emerge. Yesterday, you used to sing songs of distress, whereas today, you sing songs of “Wah, wah!”. It is so different now. Whose power is this? The Father’s or the dramas? (The Father’s). The Father too has come because of the drama. So, the drama too is powerful. If there were no part in the drama, what would Baba then do? The Father is powerful and the drama too is powerful. So, continue to sing praise of both: Wah, drama wah! What you had never even dreamt of has happened in reality. You received everything while sitting at home. To receive such fortune while sitting at home is called a diamond lottery.

3. Have you become the souls who have a right to self-sovereignty at the confluence age? Do you rule over every physical organ that you have? None of your physical organs deceive you, do they? You are not sometimes defeated even in your thoughts, are you? Do you sometimes have waste thoughts? Constantly be powerful with the intoxication and faith of being self-sovereign souls. Become conquerors of Maya and conquerors of the world. Self-sovereign souls can become easy yogis and constant yogis. Continue to move forward with the intoxication and faith of being a self-sovereign soul. Are you mothers free from attachment or do you have attachment? Do the Pandavas ever have even the slightest trace of anger? If someone tries to make you fluctuate sometimes, would you become angry? If your teacher sometimes gives you fewer chances to do service and gives more chances to others, would you feel a little anger about what she is doing? Just watch out! A paper will come because when there is the slightest body consciousness, there definitely is a little force or anger. Therefore, always be a self-sovereign, that is, always be egoless, always be a humble server. Even the bondage of attachment has finished. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be seated on the heart-throne and become seated on the throne of the kingdom by making your every word a memorial, the same as the Father’s.
Just as every word that emerges from the Father becomes a memorial, in the same way, whatever words those who are equal to the Father speak become imprinted on everyone’s heart, that is, they leave a memorial. Whoever they have a thought for, that thought touches that one’s heart. Just two words from that one reassures their heart and they experience being close to them. This is why everyone considers that one to belong to them. Such equal children are seated on the heart-throne and will become seated on the throne of a kingdom.
Slogan: With your flying stage, become a flying bird and overcome every problem without any obstruction.


*** Om Shanti ***

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