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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, the Father is the One who gives you the donation of life. He gives you such knowledge that you receive the donation of life. Remember with love such a Father who gives you the donation of life.
Question: On what basis do all your treasure stores remain full for 21 births?
Answer: The knowledge that you children receive at the confluence age is your source of income. On the basis of this study, all your treasure stores become full. Through this study you receive happiness for 21 births and there will be nothing which you desire to attain. Baba gives you souls such a donation of knowledge that you become great from nothing.

Om shanti. God speaks. You saligrams understand that Shiv Baba comes to teach you. You children know that He alone knows the beginning, middle and end of the world. You children don’t find anything new now; you have now understood everything. Human beings have forgotten everything. Instead of the One who taught them, they have inserted the name of the one who claimed number one in the study. While studying, you have to prove this aspect. It is a matter of the scriptures of Bharat alone, not the scriptures of other religions. The mistake has been made in the scriptures of Bharat. No one, apart from you, can prove these things. You children know that this is the eternally predestined drama and that it will repeat again. You are making effort to reform human beings. When human beings are reformed, the world itself becomes reformed. The golden age is the new, reformed world whereas the iron age is the old, unreformed world. You children understand this very well and you also imbibe it and become able to explain it to others. This has to be very refinedBaba explains it to you by refining it so much. He reforms you. The Father says: When you have reformed yourselves, there is no need for Me to reform you. You had become “un-aryas” (unreformed), and you now have to become aryas (reformed), that is, deities. That will only be in the golden age. All of them were reformed and so unreformed ones now worship them. It doesn’t enter anyone’s intellect why they call them reformed ones since all are human beings. Those who were reformed aryas have now become unreformed ones. There are “aryas” and “un-aryas”. However, the Arya Samaj (a particular society) is a sect or cult. All of this can be understood very clearly from the picture of the tree. This is the human world tree and its duration is 5000 years. It is called the kalpa tree. However, the tree doesn’t enter people’s intellects when you speak of the kalpa tree. This has been explained to you in the form of a tree. Those people say that the duration of a cycle is hundreds of thousands of years. The Father says that it is 5000 years. Some say the duration is of a certain time period and others say it is of another length. No one can explain it clearly. They debate the scriptures so much among themselves. This is your chit-chat. You also have seminars. That is called chit-chat. You have question-and-answer sessions in order to understand clearly. You extract a topic from whatever Baba tells you and then relate that to others. You can also go and listen to what other people say and, you should then come back and tell the people here about how they debate among themselves. First of all, you have to explain who the God of the Gita is. By forgetting God, the Father, their accounts have gone into total loss. You children have love for the Father. You remember Baba. Baba alone is the One who gives you the donation of life. He gives you such a donation of knowledge that you become great from nothing. So, you should have love for the Father. Baba is telling us such new things. We remember Krishna so much, and yet he doesn’t give us anything. People also remember Narayan. Did anything happen by remembering him? We still remained poverty-stricken. The deities were so solventEverything now has become artificial. Things that didn’t have any value have now become valuable. There, there is no question of grain etc. costing anything. They all have their own property. There is nothing unattained which they would desire to attain. Baba says: I make your treasure stores full. I give you such knowledge that your treasure stores become full. It is in your intellects that knowledge is a source of income. Knowledge is everything. You become so elevated through this study. There is the treasure-store of the study. There, those teachers teach you and you receive temporary happiness from that. Through this study, you receive happiness for 21 births. You children should have a lot of happiness. It takes time to understand this. No one can understand it quickly. Only a handful out of multimillions emerges. For half the cycle all human beings have continued to make one another fall. Only the one Father makes you climb up. Instead of using the name of the One who teaches you the unlimited study, they have inserted the name of the one who is studying. The world doesn’t know these things. They say: God speaks. He taught us and then went away. Then, there is no scripture that remains of Him. In the golden age, there are no scriptures. All of those scriptures are of the path of devotion. The tree is so large. If these innumerable branches of the tree were not to exist, there would be no trace of the tree left. All of these matters have to be imbibed. You imbibe these things. The One who teaches you teaches you and then disappears. Those who study then go and become the masters of the world. These are such new things. Not a single thing sits in anyone’s intellect. All of you students are numberwise. Some pass and others fail. This is an important unlimited examination. You know that if you study well now, you will then study very well every cycle. Only those who study well claim a high status. Everyone will go back, numberwise. The whole class is transferred. They go and sit there, numberwise. You souls have this knowledge. Good and bad sanskars are in the soul. The body is just clay. A soul cannot be immune to the effect of action. You understand who is 100% satopradhan and who is 100% tamopradhan. First of all, you have to uplift the poor; they would come first. When the very good, special disciples of the gurus come, their intellects will open. They will say that their own leaves are now leaving them. Those who belong here will emerge again. The Father comes and begins to grow the new tree. Those who have been converted to other religions will all come back. They will still come back into their own Bharat. They were the residents of Bharat. Those who belonged to our branch will all come back. As you progress further, you will continue to understand everything. Now, everyone continues to be shocked by the people abroad. Wherever there are people from abroad, others continue to chase them away. People think: They have become very wealthy and the people here have become poor. At the end, everyone has to go back to their own religion. Eventually, everyone will run to their home. When a person dies abroad, he is brought back to Bharat because Bharat was a first-class, pure land. There was the new world in Bharat itself. At this time, this world cannot be called the viceless world; this is the vicious world. This is why people call out: O Purifier, come! Come and make us pure! Although it is the same world, there isn’t a single pure being at this time. Pure souls exist in the incorporeal world. That is the great element of brahm. All souls will become pure and go back there. Then, they will come down to play their parts, numberwise. This is the foundation of the original, eternal deity religion. Then the three tubes emerge. This is the deity religion. This is not a tube. First, there is this foundation and then the three tubesemerge. The four religions are the main ones. The best religion is the Brahmin religion. It is praised a lot. You become like diamonds here. The Father is teaching you here, and so you are so great! You Brahmins are even more knowledge-full than the deities. It is a wonder! The knowledge that we receive will go with us. Then, we will forget the knowledge there. You know what you used to study before and what you are studying now. What are those who study for the ICS studying? And what do they study later? There is a difference! As you progress further, you will hear many new points. Baba will not tell you now. The partis for you to listen later. It is in your intellects that you will have imbibed Baba’s knowledge by the time the part of knowledge is to end. Then our parts will begin in heaven. His (Shiv Baba’s) part will end. Your intellects need to imbibe this very well. Continue to churn this. Continue to remember the Father. If you don’t have remembrance, you will claim a low status. By your remembering the Father, the consciousness of the body will end. Sannyasis also practise this stage and leave their bodies in this stage. However, their path is separate. This is why they have to take birth again. His followers think that he merged into the brahm element and that he cannot come back here. The Father explains: No one can go back home. At the end, when all the actors come onto the stage, everyone will then go back home. That is a limited, perishable play, whereas this is the unlimited, imperishable play. You can explain it very well. This dramacontinues to move like a louse. Those people create small dramas; they make false films. They have some good things in them. For example, they show the incarnation of Vishnu. It isn’t that someone comes down from up above. Lakshmi and Narayan come to play their parts, but no one incarnates from up above. The Father is now teaching you children. Only then can you understand these things. Previously, you too had degraded intellects. When the Father explained to you, your foreheads opened. Whatever you had listened to for so long was of no use; instead, you continued to fall down even more. This is why you make everyone write it down. Only when they give it to you in writing can you understand that something has sat in their intellects. When people come from outside, you ask them to fill in a form, and you can then tell whether they belong to your clan or not. The main thing is to know the Father. They should understand that the Father truly teaches them every cycle. You have to ask them how long they have been pure; they don’t reform that quickly. Maya repeatedly catches hold of them. She sees when someone is weak and she then swallows that one. Maya even swallowed some maharathis. The examples in the scriptures are from this time. In the temples too, they have shown maharathis (the elephant riders), the horse riders and the infantry etc. You can now see your own memorials. When you have become those, devotion will end. You cannot bow down to anyone. You ask them: Where did they go? Tell me their biography! Baba has made you children knowledge-full. This is why you can ask them these questions, and so you should have that intoxication. Only eight pass withhonours. This is a very important examination. You have to check yourself: Have I, the soul, become pure? The battery will only become charged when you have yoga. If you have yoga with the Father you will become satopradhan. Tamopradhan souls cannot go back home. This too is the drama. There is nothing there that causes sorrow. Even the cows there are very beautiful. They show such beautiful cows with Krishna. The furniture of eminent people is also beautiful. The cows give a lot of milk. This is why there are rivers of milk flowing. They are not flowing here. You have now become knowledgefull. You consider this world to be degraded. All the rubbish of this world is to be sacrificed. When all the rubbish has been removed, everyone will then become clean and pure. We are going to our kingdom; it is called heaven. As soon as you hear this name you experience happiness. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. In order to reform this unreformed, old world, reform yourself. Refine your intellect with remembrance of the Father.
  2. Have a heart-to-heart conversation among yourselves. Don’t have any debates. Donate knowledge and fill everyone’s treasure store.
Blessing: May you turn (transform) yourself as a return of love and become complete and perfect and equal to the Father.
A sign of love is that you cannot bear to see any weakness in someone you love, and you would consider the mistake of someone you love to be your own mistake. When the Father hears anything about the children, He feels that it applies to Him. The Father wishes to see the children to be the same as Himself, complete and perfect. In return for this love, you have to turn yourself. Devotees are ready to cut off their heads and place them in front of Him, but you do not have to cut off your head, but cut off the head of Ravan.
Slogan: To do the service of creating a powerful atmosphere with your spiritual vibrations is a most elevated service.

*** Om Shanti ***

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