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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The most elevated love, relationship and service.

Today, BapDada was looking at all the children’s love-filled gifts. Each child’s love-filled gift of remembrance was of a different type. One BapDada received a large number of gifts from many children. No one in the world could receive such gifts – and so many. These gifts were from the hearts to the Comforter of Hearts. All human souls give physical gifts but, at the confluence age, the Father is unique and the gifts are unique. So, BapDada was pleased to see the gifts of love from all the children. There wasn’t a single child whose gift didn’t reach Baba. They definitely differed in value. Some children’s gifts were of greater value and other children’s of less value. The gift was valuable to the extent that the child had unbroken love in all relationships. The basis of each gift from the heart was their numberwise love and relationship. Both fathers were making a rosary of the valuable, numberwise gifts. Seeing the rosary, they were checking what the main reason was for the difference in value. So what did they see? All have love, all have a relationship, all do service, but in the subject of love, from the beginning up to now, your intellects should not have been attracted to any person or physical comforts in your thoughts or even your dreams. Are you constantly merged in constant and unbroken love of the one Father? Merge yourself in the ocean of experiences of love in such a way that, except for this world – the sky of unlimited love and the ocean of unlimited experiences – you are unable to see any other person or object. Except for this sky and ocean, let there be no other attractions. The gifts of love were valuable, numberwise, in this way. However many years have passed, the value of that many years of love has automatically continued to accumulate and the gift revealed to BapDada was of that much value. BapDada saw the speciality of three things in each one:

  • Unbroken love: is your love from the heart or is it according to the time because of a need, or to justify your own selfish motive? Is your love constantly emerged in your form or does it emerge according to the time and remain merged the rest of the time? Is it love that simply pleases the heart or is it deep love from the heart? Baba checked all of these things in the subject of love.
  • In relationship: firstly, are there all relationships or are there some particular relationships? If the experience of even one relationship is missing, there would then be something missing in your becoming complete and, from time to time, that missing relationship will attract you towards itself. For example, you have forged a special relationship with the Father, Teacher and Satguru, but if you haven’t forged a minor relationship of making Him your grandson, then that relationship would pull you to itself. So, in terms of relationships, do you have all relationships? Secondly, is every relationship with the Father 100% or is it 100% in certain relationships and 50% in other relationships, or is it numberwise? Is the relationship a full percentage or is the percentage distributed: a little alokik and a little lokik? Thirdly, do you experience the spiritual sweetness of all relationships constantly or do you only experience it when there is a need? Are you those who constantly take the sweetness of all relationships or is it only sometimes?
  • In service: what did Baba especially check in service? Firstly, the gross checking: have you accumulated in your account of all types of service, that is, through thoughts, words and deeds, and body, mind and wealth? Secondly, in these six ways – body, mind and wealth, thoughts, words and deeds – did you do as much as you were able to or did you not do as much as you could and only did what you could, according to your stage? One day, your stage was good and so the percentage of service was also good, but due to one reason or another, your stage was weak the next day and so the percentage of service was also weak. It wasn’t as much as it should have been, was it? Due to this reason, you become numberwise, according to your capacity.

Thirdly, you have received from the Father the treasures of knowledge, powers, virtues, happiness, elevated time and pure thoughts. Have you served with all these treasures or have you only served with some of these treasures? If you missed out on serving with even one of these treasures, or if you didn’t use the treasures generously, if you were miserly and only used them a little, it made a difference to the result.

Fourthly, did you do service from your heart or as a duty? Are you a flowing Ganges in service or are you sometimes flowing and sometimes stopping? Is it that you do service if you are in the moodand if you are not in the mood for it, you don’t do service? You are not such ponds who come to a standstill, are you?

Baba checked the value of each one according to these three subjects. So let each one of you also check yourself with the right method. In this New Year, have the determination to fill any gaps for all time, to become complete and place the number one valuable gift in front of the Father. You do know how to checkand then change, do you not? According to the result, the majority of you is performing according to your capacity in one or another subject. You are not embodiments of full power. Therefore, now let the past be the past and make the present and future complete and powerful.

You accumulate gifts and then check which gifts are valuable. BapDada was also playing the same game as the children. There were plenty of gifts. You all placed the best thought of all filled with zeal and enthusiasm according to your capacity, a powerful thought, in front of the Father. Now, instead of your being according to capacity, bring about the transformation of making it constantly powerful. Do you understand? Achcha.

To all those who are constantly loving – loving from the heart, loving in all relationships, to souls who have experienced spiritual sweetness, to those who are powerful with all treasures, to those who are constant servers, to those who transform themselves in all subjects from being according to capacity to being constantly powerful, to the especially loving and closely related souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada speaking to Dadi Janki:

The decoration of Madhuban has reached Madhuban. Welcome! You are the special decoration of BapDada and Madhuban. What happens when a special decoration comes? There is a sparkle. So BapDada and Madhuban are pleased to see the special decoration. You revealed the Father’s love and relationship in special service and this special service will bring everyone’s heart closer. The result is always good. Nevertheless, every moment has a result of its own speciality and so you did the special service of revealing the Father’s love with your loving face and eyes. To make them into those who listen to knowledge is not a big thing, but to make them loving is special service. You will always continue to do this. How many butterflies did you see? How many moths did you see who had the desire to surrender themselves to the Flame? Now is the special time to signal the moths to come to the Flame with the language of your eyes. They receive a signal and they will continue to follow. They will fly there. So this special service is essential and you have also done this service. This is the result, is it not? It is good that service of many souls is merged in every step. How many steps did you take? You served as many souls as you took steps. Your tour was good. It is also now the season for their zeal and enthusiasm. Whatever happens is the best of all. From the line of every act of the especially beloved children of BapDada, the line of action of many souls changes. So, you drew the line of fortune of many souls with the line of your every act. To follow means to draw their fortune. So, wherever you go, you continue to draw the line of fortune for many others with the pen of your actions. So the steps, that is, the actions themselves of the especially beloved children, become the instrument of service to draw the line of fortune. So, the last sound that now remains is, “This is it. This is it! This is the One for whom we have been searching!” At the moment, they wonder whether it is this one or that one. However, let only the one sound emerge: This is the One. That time is now coming close. Their intellects that are a little locked will also open as their line of fortune increases. The key has been applied, their locks have opened a little, but they are still stuck a little and that day will also come.

BapDada meeting teachers:

Teachers means those who are always full. So, you are those who experience fullness, are you not? When you yourselves are full of all treasures you will be able to serve others. When you yourself are not full, what would you give others? Servers means those who are full of all treasures. You always have the intoxication and happiness of being full. Not a single treasure is lacking. It isn’t that you have powers but no virtues or that you have virtues but no powers – it is not like that. You are full of all treasures. Whatever power you need, you invoke that power and it comes. That is called being full. Are you like this? Those who keep a balance of remembrance and service – not those who sometimes have more remembrance or sometimes perform more service – when you are equal in both and you keep a balance of the two, you then claim a right to the blessings of being full. Are you such servers? What aim have you kept? Full of all virtues. If even one virtue is lacking, you are not full. If even one power is lacking, you wouldn’t be called full. You should be constantly full and full in everything. Such ones are called worthy servers. Do you understand? Be full at every step. Such experienced souls are authorities of experience. Always experience the Father’s company.

BapDada meeting kumaris:

You are constantly lucky kumaris, are you not? Do you constantly experience the sparkling star of your fortune on your forehead? Is the star of fortune sparkling on your forehead? Or, is it going to sparkle? To belong to the Father means for the star to sparkle. So, have you become this or are you still thinking about making a deal? Are you those who are going to think about it or those who will do it in practice? Can your deal be cancelled if someone tries to cancel it? What would happen if you made another deal after having made a deal with the Father? In that case, you would have to look at your fortune. No one belongs to a poor person after belonging to a millionaire. Poor ones belong to the wealthy. Wealthy ones would not become poor. Are you so strong that, after belonging to the Father, your thoughts cannot be drawn anywhere else? To the extent that you stay in the Company, to that extent your colour will be fast. If your company is weak, the colour you are coloured with will be weak. Therefore, you need the company of both the study and service. You will then always remain firm and unshakeable; you will not fluctuate. When your colour is fast, so many centres can be opened with so many hands. Kumaris are those who are free from bondage. You will also end the bondages of others, will you not? You are those who make a constantly firm deal with the Father. When you have courage, you also receive the Father’s help. If you lack courage, you receive less help. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be royal beloved ones of the present and so of the future too, who receive God’s affection.
At the confluence age, only you fortunate children are worthy of receiving love and affection from the Comforter of Hearts. Only a handful out of multi-millions receive this love and affection from God. With this divine love and affection, you become royal beloved ones. Royal beloved ones means to be kings (royal) now and kings in the future too. Even before becoming that in the future, you have become self-sovereigns at this time. Just as the praise of the future kingdom is: “One kingdom, one religion”, in the same way, there is each soul’s kingdom that is united under one canopy, over all the physical senses.
Slogan: Those who show the Father’s character through their faces are the ones who are loved by God.


*** Om Shanti ***

Notice: Today is the third Sunday of the month, and so everyone will get together from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm, have collective international yoga and stabilise in the awareness of your ancestor form with the Father, the Seed, and thereby do the service of giving love and power to the whole tree. Throughout the day, practise the self-respect: I am an ancestor soul.

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