Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 21 DECEMBER 2017

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

To follow the codes of conduct of the confluence age is to become a most elevated being .

Today, BapDada is seeing the children who are the most elevated beings who follow all the highest codes of conduct. The codes of conduct of the confluence age make you into the most elevated beings. This is why you are called the most elevated beings who follow the highest codes of conduct. The easiest way to remain safe from tamoguni human souls and the tamoguni atmosphere and vibrations is to follow the codes of conduct. Those who stay within the line of the codes of conduct remain constantly free from having to labour. You have to labour when you step outside the line of the codes of conduct in your thoughts, words or action. You have received from BapDada the codes of conduct for every step. By taking every step according to the codes of conduct, you automatically become the elevated human beings who follow the highest codes of conduct. You know very well what a life based on the codes of conduct from amrit vela to night time looks like. To continue to move along according to these is to become the most elevated human beings. Since the very name is, “the most elevated”, it means you are higher than all ordinary human beings. So, check that the main thing of you elevated souls – your awareness – is elevated. When your awareness is elevated, your attitude, vision and stage are automatically elevated. Do you know what the line of the code of conduct of awareness is? “I am an elevated soul”, and, “All others are the souls of the one elevated Father”. The variety of souls play a variety of parts. Let this first lesson remain in your awareness in a natural way. Even when you look at a body, only see the soul. Let this powerful awareness be in a practical form at every second and you will then become an embodiment of awareness. Do not just repeat: “I am a soul and the other one is a soul”, but “I am definitely a soul and that one is also definitely a soul”. The code of conduct of this first awareness makes you constantly free from obstacles and you become an instrument to spread powerful vibrations of this elevated awareness. Then, through this, others also become free from obstacles.

The Pandava Army has come to celebrate a meeting. As well as having a meeting, also take back with you, the blessing of “May you be an embodiment of remembrance”, which is the foundation of the first code of conduct. This awareness brings you power. From all you have heard, what is the essence that you will take back with you? The essence is to be an embodiment of awareness. Constantly revise this blessing every morning at amrit vela. Before you perform any task, sit on the powerful seat of this blessing and then decide whether that task is wasteful or powerful. Then, act! After performing that action, check that the action remained powerful from beginning to end. Otherwise, although many children start the action in a powerful form, they are, however, unaware of how the action becomes wasteful or ordinary in the middle or at what point, from being powerful, they went in the direction of performing wasteful or ordinary actions. Then, at the end, they think that they didn’t do what they should have done. What is the result of that? To do something and then think about it is not a qualification of a soul who is a knower of the three aspects of time. Therefore, become an embodiment of awareness, that is, an embodiment of power in all three aspects of time. Do you understand what you have to take back with you? Never leave your seat of a powerful stage. This seat is the seat of a swan. The speciality of a swan is the power to discern. With the power to discern, you will constantly continue to move forward in the stage of being the most elevated human beings following the highest codes of conduct. Constantly keep with you this blessing of the seat and the Godly title of “the most elevated human beings who follow the highest codes of conduct”. Achcha, today, it is the day for just giving greetings because you are going on service. You are not going to your worldly homes but to your places of service. You are going amongst storks, but you are going for service. Don’t go there thinking that you are going because of your relationships of karmic accounts, but that it is a relationship of service. You are not there to settle karmic accounts, but you are there to fulfil the responsibility of service. It is not karmic bond, but a bond of service. Achcha.

To those who constantly finish what is wasteful and remain stable on the powerful seat of the stage of a swan, to those who make all three aspects of time of every action powerful with the awareness of being one who knows the three aspects of time, to those who constantly and naturally remain stable in the stage of soul consciousness, to such elevated souls who follow the highest codes of conduct, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

Do you constantly experience yourselves to be the most elevated fortunate souls? Those whose Father is the Bestower of Fortune would be so fortunate themselves! The Father is the Bestower of Fortune, and so what would He give you as an inheritance? He would definitely give you an elevated fortune, would He not? Always remember the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, and also your fortune. When you have your elevated fortune in your awareness, you would also have the zeal and enthusiasm to make others fortunate because you are the children of the Bestower. The Father, the Bestower of Fortune, distributed fortune through Brahma. So, what will you Brahmins do? Whatever is the task of Brahma is also the task of you Brahmins. Therefore, you are those who distribute such fortune. Those people distribute clothes, food and water, but only the children of the Bestower of Fortune can distribute elevated fortune. So, you are the elevated, fortunate souls who distribute fortune. Those who have attained fortune have attained everything. If today you give people clothes, they will lack food tomorrow. Then, if you give them food tomorrow, they will then lack water. For how long would you keep distributing one thing after another? They cannot become content and satisfied through that; but if you distribute fortune, then, where there is fortune, there is everything. In any case, when someone attains something, he says, “Wah my fortune!” Where there is fortune, everything is attained. So, you are those who donate elevated fortune. The awareness of being elevated, great donors and elevated, fortunate souls will constantly keep you in the flying stage. Where there is the awareness of elevated fortune, there will be the awareness of all attainments. Become generous-hearted in distributing this fortune. This is unending. When there is a little of something, one can be being miserly with it. However, this is unending and you must therefore continue to distribute it. Constantly continue to give. Let not a single day be missed in making a donation. Constant donors constantly keep all their treasure-stores open. They don’t stop making donations for even an hour. The duty of Brahmins is to take this knowledge and then to donate it. Remain constantly engrossed in this task.

2) Do you constantly experience yourselves to be confluence-aged souls who are as valuable as diamonds? All of you children are true diamonds, are you not? Diamonds are very valuable. Your Brahmin life too has so much value and this is why Brahmins are always shown on a peak. A peak means the highest place. In fact, deities are the highest, but you Brahmins are even higher than the deities. Do you have such intoxication? You have the knowledge that you belong to the Father and that the Father belongs to you, do you not? Always just remember this one thing. Constantly sing this song in your mind. “I have attained what I wanted to attain!” Singing songs physically, you would get tired after an hour. However, there is no tiredness in singing this song. By belonging to the Father, you become everything: you become dancers, singers, artists. You are creating the image of your angelic form practically. With the yoga of your intellects you paint such beautiful pictures. Therefore, you become everything you speak of. You are the greatest businessmen, the masters of mills. So, remain constantly aware of this occupation of yours. Sometimes, become masters of the mines and sometimes become artists. Sometimes become dancers. This knowledge is very entertaining, it is not dry. Some of you ask whether you should continue to listen to the same knowledge of the soul and the Supreme Soul every day. However, this is not dry knowledge of the soul and the Supreme Soul. It is very entertaining knowledge. Simply remember your new titles every day. I am a soul – but what type of soul am I? Sometimes, I am the soul of an artist, sometimes, the soul of a businessman. So, continue to move forward with such entertainment. The Father is entertaining, is He not? See how He sometimes becomes the Laundryman, sometimes the Creator of the World and sometimes the Obedient Servant. So, as is the Father, so are the children. Continue to churn knowledge in this way and remain cheerful.

According to the present time, there has to be a balance between the speed of the self and of service. Each of you should think about whether you are giving the return to the same extent as the service you have received. It is now the time to serve. As you progress further, it will be the right time to serve. However, at that time, there will be many adverse situations. In order to serve in those adverse situations, you need to practise serving from now. At that time, it will be difficult to come and go and you will have to do service through your mind to make others move forward. That will be the time to give, not for filling yourself. Therefore, check your stock in advance. Have you filled yourself with the stock of all powers? Remain constantly full of all the powers, all the virtues, all the treasures of knowledge and the power of remembrance. Let there be nothing lacking. Achcha.

BapDada gave greetings at amrit vela for the day of the Satguru on the 28 th April

Greetings for the day of the Seed of the Tree. Remain constantly embodiments of awareness and constantly experience the omens of Jupiter on the day of the Seed of the Tree. Now, all of you have made a firm promise, have you not? Once the group of kumars becomes ready, the sound will spread loudly. It will reach the Government, but only if you stay with Baba all the time. So, don’t create any complications. You have very good zeal, enthusiasm and courage. Where there is courage, you definitely receive help. What are you Shaktis thinking about? Even Shiva cannot exist without the Shaktis. If Shiva didn’t exist, there would be no Shaktis, and if there were no Shaktis, Shiva couldn’t exist either. What can the Father do without His arms? So, who are the first arms? “Wonderful me! It is me!” Achcha.

R emain c onstantly merged in God’s love (Elevated avyakt versions)

Become experienced in God’s love and by having this experience, you will become an easy yogi and continue to fly. God’s love is the means to make you fly. Those who are flying cannot be pulled by the earth’s gravity. No matter how attractive Maya’s form may be, that attraction cannot reach those who are in the flying stage. This string of God’s love pulls you from far, far away. This is such joy-giving love that those who become lost in this love for even a second forget all their many sorrows and begin to swing constantly in the swing of happiness. If someone gives you what you want in life, that is a sign of love. The Father has so much love for you children that He fulfils all your desires for happiness and peace in life. Not only does He give you happiness, but He makes you into the masters of the treasure of happiness. Along with this, He also gives you the pen with which to extend the line of your elevated fortune, so you can create as much fortune as you want. This is God’s love. For the children who remain constantly merged in God’s love, who are lost in God’s love, the sparkle, intoxication and rays of experience are so powerful that, it isn’t just that no problem comes to them – it cannot even raise its eyes to look at them! They do not have to labour in any way at any time. The Father has so much love for the children that He sustains them from amrit vela. The beginning of the day is so elevated! God Himself calls you to celebrate a meeting with Him. He has a conversation with you and fills you with power! The song of the Father’s love awakens you. He calls you and awakens you with so much love: Sweet children, lovely children, come! The practical form of this loving sustenance is the easy yogi life. Whoever you love, you only do what they like. The Father doesn’t like the children getting upset and this is why you must never say, “What can I do, the situation was like that and that was why I got upset”. Even if the situation is of one of getting upset, do not allow yourself to be upset. BapDada has so much love for the children that He considers each child to be ahead of Him. In the world too, whoever you love the most, you make that one move even ahead of yourself. This is a sign of love. So, BapDada also says: Let my children now not have any more weaknesses. All should now become complete, perfect and equal.

God’s love is a blissful swing: constantly swing in this joy-giving swing and remain merged in God’s love, and there will then be no adverse situations or any upheaval from Maya. God’s love is unending, unshakeable and there is so much of it that everyone can receive it. However, the way to receive God’s love is to be detached. To the extent that you are detached, you claim a right to God’s love accordingly. Souls who are merged in God’s love can never come under any limited influence; they remain lost in the unlimited attainments and you constantly receive the fragrance of spirituality from them. The sign of love is that whoever you love, you surrender everything to that one. The Father has so much love for you children that He writes such a long letter to you every day to give the response of love. He gives you love and remembrance and, as your Companion, He fulfils the responsibility of a companion. So, surrender all your weaknesses out of this love. The Father has love for you children and this is why He always says: Children, however you are, whatever you are like, you are Mine. Similarly, you also remain constantly merged in love and say from your heart, “Baba, whatever You are, You are everything for me”. Never be influenced by the kingdom of falsehood. You do not consciously have to remember the one you love, but you naturally remember that one. Simply have love in your heart, let it be real and selfless. When you say, “My Baba, lovely Baba”, then you cannot forget the One you love. You cannot ever receive selfless love from anyone except the Father; therefore, never remember Him for your selfish motives. Remain merged in selfless love.

Let your heart imbibe God’s love fully from the beginning of the day, from amrit vela. If you have God’s love, God’s power and God’s knowledge fully in your heart, you will then never have any attachment or love for anyone else. It is only in this one birth that you can receive God’s love. For 83 births you receive love from deity souls and ordinary souls. It is only now that you receive God’s love. Love from souls makes you lose the fortune of the kingdom, whereas God’s love enables you to receive the fortune of the kingdom. So, remain merged in the experiences of this love. When you have true love for the Father, the sign of that true love is to become equal and karmateet. Perform actions as a karavanhar (one who inspires) and inspire others too. Do not allow your physical organs to make you do anything, but have everything done through your physical senses. Never perform any actions under the influence of your mind, intellect or sanskars. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be an instrument, one who acts, and make the biggest of all tasks easy with the awareness of Karavanhar (One who inspires).
BapDada Himself becomes Karavanhar and carries out the biggest task of establishment through you instrument karanhar children. The Father and the children are combined in the term “Karankaravanhar”. It is the children’s hands and the Father’s task. It is only you children who have received the golden chance to extend your hands. However, the experience you have is that the One who is inspiring you makes you into instruments and enables you to do everything. In every action, He is your Companion as Karavanhar.
Slogan: A gyani soul is one who remains constantly happy instead of making requests.


*** Om Shanti ***




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