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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

In order to attain success according to your aim,

perform every task for service instead of for selfish motives.

Today, Baba is seeing a trimurti meeting. A meeting of the Sun of Knowledge, the moon of knowledge and the stars of knowledge is taking place. This trimurti meeting of the Brahmin world especially takes place under the canopy of Madhuban. A meeting of the moon and the stars takes place in the galaxy of the sky. Your meeting both the Sun and moon takes place under this unlimited canopy of Madhuban. When you meet both of these, you stars receive a special blessing of power from the Sun of Knowledge and a special blessing of love from the moon of knowledge through which you become lovely and lighthouses. Let both these powers be constantly with you. These two blessings from the mother and the Father make you into constant embodiments of success. All of you are such elevated stars of success. You stars of success are going to give everyone the message to become stars of success. Whatever task souls of any department carry out, the main aim of all of them is to be successful in their task. Why do they want success? Because they believe that everyone should attain peace and happiness through them. Whether they do this with a selfish motive of earning a name for themselves or they do it with temporary facilities, their aim for the self and for others is to attain peace and happiness. The aim of all of them is fine but, because of their own selfish motives they are unable to fulfil their aim. It is because there is a difference between their aim and the qualifications needed for that aim that they are unable to attain success. Tell such souls the easy way to attain their main aim: by changing a word slightly, you will attain the mantra of success, which is: ‘Instead of selfish motives (swarth), let it be for everyone’s service (serva ke seva arth).’ Selfish motives take you away from your aim. The thought of doing something for the sake of service easily enables you to attain your aim successfully. When you are an instrument for any lokik or alokik task, you will easily attain success and contentment in your individual task. Relate the mantra of the difference of this one word to those of all wings (departments).

All the sorrow, suffering, upheaval and the many different types of chaos all over the world are because of this one word “swarth” (selfish motives). This is why the intention to serve has finished. Whatever someone’s occupationis, whenever he begins his task, what thought does he have? He has the thought of serving altruistically. However, whilst moving along, his aim and the qualifications for it change. So, no matter which vice comes, the main reason or the seed of it is selfish motives. Therefore, go and give everyone the key to success in fulfilling their aim. People anyway generally present others with a key. So, all of you are going back to present everyone with the key to success. People give everything else, but no one gives others the key to their treasures. You go and give them something no one else gives. When they receive the key to all treasures, their success is guaranteed. Achcha. Today, Baba has just come to meet all of you.

You will continue to receive the tilak of sovereignty for 21 births and you have already received from BapDada the tilak of awareness on the day of the naming ceremony of the confluence age. Brahmins are those who wear a tilak of awareness, and deities are those who wear a tilak of sovereignty. The middle form is the angelic form and their tilak is a tilak of the perfect form, a tilak of the equal form. What tilak would BapDada apply to you? A tilak of being an embodiment of perfection and equality, and He would give you a crown decorated with the jewels of all specialities. You are the angelic forms who have such a tilak and crown and are the elevated souls who are always seated on the throne of being doublelight. BapDada is celebrating the ceremony with this alokik decoration. You are wearing your crowns, are you not? The crown, tilak and throne. This is a special ceremony. All of you have come to celebrate a ceremony, have you not? Achcha.

BapDada is garlanding all the stars of success of this land and abroad with the garland of success. You are the special souls who have a right to success every cycle. This is why success is your birthright every cycle. Constantly continue to fly with this faith and intoxication. All of you children systematically enable your garlands of remembrance and love to reach the Father every day with a lot of love. In copying this, devotees definitely garland their deities every day. Children who are lost in true love definitely garland BapDada every day at amrit vela with garlands of very beautiful jewels of elevated thoughts of love and of spiritual roses. Therefore, BapDada is decorated with the garlands of all the children. The first thing that devotees do is to decorate their special, beloved deities with a garland; they offer them flowers. In the same way, knowledgeable souls, the loving children, offer BapDada their flowers of zeal and enthusiasm. In return for the love of the loving children, BapDada is garlanding those children with garlands of multi-millionfold love, blessings and powers. BapDada is also seeing everyone’s dance of happiness. You are all flying by being doublelight and making plans for enabling others to fly. All of you children especially accept remembrance from the Father as the number one to receive remembrance personally by name. There are many names. However, all of you are worthy of receiving remembrance, numberwise. Achcha.

All of you from Madhuban are powerful souls, are you not? You have played the parts of serving tirelessly and also the parts of studying for yourselves. You became powerful in service and created for your many future births and also for the present; you didn’t just create for the future, for the name of those from Madhuban is glorified even at the present time. So, you created for the present and accumulated for the future. All of you also took physical rest and you are now ready for the season. Don’t fall ill in the season. So you also settled that account. Achcha.

All of those who have come have won a lottery. To come means to accumulate multi-millionfold. In Madhuban, you receive refreshment of both soul and body. Achcha.

BapDada meeting Jagdishbhai: To be an instrument playing a part with the Shaktis in service is a special part. You were born through service, you have been sustained by service and now constantly continue to move forward in service. According to the drama, you are the first Pandav to become an instrument at the beginning of service. Therefore, this is also a return for special co-operation. You constantly receive co-operation and will continue to do so. Every special soul has a speciality. Now, constantly use your speciality for a task, for through that speciality you become a special soul. You are going to the store of service. To go abroad means to go to the store of service. Together with the Shaktis, the Pandavas also have special parts. You have always received a chance and will continue to do so. Fill everyone with speciality in the same way. Achcha.

Speaking to Mohiniben: You have the special part of always being combined. You are with the Father in your heart and you have the blessing of having elevated company in the corporeal form. With this blessing, give everyone the experience of company. With your blessing, enable others to receive this blessing. Let everyone have the special experience of changing effort into love, of becoming liberated from effort and staying in love. This is why you are going. Souls abroad don’t want to make effort; they are tired. Give such souls the easy experience of constant company, that is, of being absorbed in love. A chanceof serving is a golden lottery. You are an easy effort-maker who always wins the lottery. Tell everyone about the speciality of your experience of changing effort into love and make them embodiments of that. The determined thought you had was very good. Constantly continue to revise that determined thought at amrit vela every morning. Achcha.

BapDada meeting groups: Are you constantly cheerful when you see your special parts? You are the special actors who play a part with the highest-on-high Father. Every act of special actors is automatically special because they are aware that they are special actors. As is their awareness, their stage automatically becomes like that. Every act and every word is special. Everything ordinary finishes. Special actors automatically attract everyone. Always maintain the awareness that through your special part, many other souls will know their own specialities. Seeing a special soul, they have enthusiasm to become special themselves. No matter where you stay, no matter how much Maya there is in the atmosphere where you stay, a special soul will be seen as a special soul at any place, just as a diamond sparkles even in the mud. A diamond still remains a diamond. In this way, no matter what the atmosphere is like, a special soul will always attract others with his speciality. Always remember that you are special souls of the special age.

Love and remembrance to those from Bombay: Messages should first of all be given to those from Bombay. Those from Bombay remain very busy. Let this message be given very much in advance to those who remain very busy. Otherwise, they would complain that they were so busy that you didn’t even tell them. So, awaken them very well from now on. So, tell those from Bombay: Constantly continue to use your speciality of birth for service. Through this you will easily experience success. Each one of you has had a speciality from birth. Simply continue to use that speciality for a task at every moment. Bring your speciality onto the stage. Don’t just keep it inside you, but bring it onto the stage. Achcha.

Selected questions and answers from Avyakt Murlis:

Question: What experiences does the power of concentration give?

Answer: With the power of concentration, you develop the power to be a master with which:

1) you easily experience the stage of being free from obstacles and you do not have to battle.

2) you naturally experience belonging to the one Father and none other.

3) you naturally experience a constant and stable angelic stage.

4) you naturally have the attitude of love, benevolence and regard for everyone.

Question: What self-respect would you have, like Father Brahma had, as you come closer to the time of perfection?

Answer: The self-respect of the angelic stage. While walking and moving, he was the angelic form, without any body consciousness. While Father Brahma was performing actions, while conversing with others and giving directions, while increasing zeal and enthusiasm, he remained beyond the body and gave the experience of the subtle form of light. It felt as though he was talking to you, but yet he was not there, that he was seeing, yet his drishti was alokik. He was so beyond the consciousness of the body that others too did not feel the consciousness of the body and just the detached form was visible. This is known as being an angelic form while in the body.

Question: You have to be an angelic form, become an angel and go to the subtle region, and so what do you need to pay attention to?

Answer: Concentrating the mind. Make your mind work under your orders. Just as the soul of number one Brahma gave the experience of the angelic form while in the corporeal form and became an angel, in the same way, experience the angelic stage yourself and also give this experience to others because you cannot become a deity without becoming an angel.

Question: What stage is the stage of being dependent that you do not like?

Answer: Some children say that they didn’t want to do something, they didn’t want to think about something, but it happened. They know they mustn’t do something and yet it happened. This is the stage of being dependent on the mind. You do not like such a stage. If you want to do something, do it with your mind, but if you don’t want to do something, yet your mind says, “Do it”, that is not being a master.

Question: In which respect must you follow Father Brahma?

Answer: You experienced from Father Brahma that an angel was standing in front of you, that an angel was giving you drishti. Follow Father Brahma in the same way. The power of concentration of the mind will easily enable you to become an angel.

Blessing: May you be a great soul who becomes innocent of Maya and anything wasteful and experiences divinity.
A great soul or a saint would be someone who is innocent of Maya and of anything wasteful. Just as deities were innocent of these, in the same way, let those sanskars of yours emerge. Become an embodiment who is ignorant of all waste, because often the force of anything wasteful finishes all consciousness of truth and righteousness. Therefore, be innocent in everything: time, breath, words and actions. When you are ignorant of all waste you will then automatically experience divinity and give others that experience.
Slogan: In order to go into the first division, place your steps in Father Brahma’s footsteps.


*** Om Shanti ***

Notice: Today is the third Sunday of the month, and so for the International Yoga Day, everyone please get together from 6.30 – 7.30 pm and with your angelic form do the service of giving sakaash to the whole world. Throughout the day, while walking and moving along, consider yourself to be an incorporeal soul and, while performing actions, consider yourself to be an angel and be a karma yogi.

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