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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to change thorns into flowers. The biggest thorn is body consciousness. It is through this that all other vices come. Therefore, become soul conscious.
Question: Due to not understanding which of the Father’s tasks have devotees considered Him to be omnipresent?
Answer: The Father is the One with many forms and, wherever there is a need, He enters any child in a second and benefits the soul in front of that one. He grants visions to devotees. He is not omnipresent but is a very fast rocket. It doesn’t take the Father long to come and go. Due to not understanding this, devotees say that He is omnipresent.

Om shanti. This is a small flower garden. It is a human flower garden. When you go to a garden, there are also various old trees in it. In some places there are closed buds, in some places, there are half-opened buds. This too is a garden. You children know that you come here to change from thorns into flowers. By following shrimat, we are changing from thorns into flowers. Thorns are in a forest, whereas flowers are in a garden. Heaven is the garden and hell is the forest. The Father also explains that this is the forest of impure thorns and that is the garden of flowers. There was a garden of flowers which has now become a forest of thorns. Body consciousness is the biggest thorn of all. After that come all the other vices. There, you remain soul conscious. Souls know when they have finished their lifespan and that they will shed their old bodies and take others. The soul has a vision that he will go and reside in the palace of a womb. He will then become a bud and then, from a bud, he will become a flower. Souls have this knowledge. They won’t have the knowledge of how the world cycle turns. Each one will just have the knowledge that that is an old body and that he now has to change it. He has that happiness inside. None of the systems etc. of the iron-aged world will exist there. Here, the opinion of society and the code of conduct of the family have to be considered, and so there is a difference. The code of conduct of that place is said to be the true code of conduct. Here, the code of conduct is false. The world does exist though. The Father comes when it is the devilish world. When the deity world has been established, destruction will take place. Therefore, this is surely the devilish community and the community of those with divine virtues is being established in this. It has also been explained that your sins of birth after birth will be cut away with the power of yoga. You also have to tell Baba about the sins you have committed in this birth. In that too, the main thing is the aspect of vice. There is power in remembrance. The Father is the Almighty Authority. You know that, by having yoga with the One who is the Father of All, your sins will be burnt away. Lakshmi and Narayan are almighty authorities; it is their kingdom over the whole world. That is the new world; everything is new. Now, even land has become barren. You children are now becoming the masters of the new world, and so you should have so much happiness. As are the students, so the happiness they have. This is your highest-on-high university. The One who is teaching you is also the Highest on High. You children study in order to become the highest on high. You were so degraded. From being completely at the bottom, you are becoming the highest. The Father Himself says: You are not worthy of heaven; impure ones cannot go there. It is because you are at the bottom that you sing praise in front of the highest deities. You go to the temples and speak to the deity idols of their greatness and of your degradation. You then ask for mercy so that you can also become as elevated. You go and bow your heads in front of them. They too were human beings, but they had divine virtues. You go to the temples and worship them so that you can become like them. However, no one knows who made them that. The whole drama of how the sapling of this deity tree is being planted is now sitting in your intellects. The Father comes at the confluence age. This is the impure world. This is why people call out to the Father: Come and make us impure ones pure. You are now making effort to become pure. All the others will settle their karmic accounts and go back to the land of peace. The main thing is the mantra of “Manmanabhav” that the Father gives you. There are so many gurus and they give so many mantras. The Father has just the one mantra. The Father came in Bharat and gave you a mantra with which you became deities. God speaks. Although those people recite verses, they don’t understand the meaning of them at all. You can explain their meaning. They go to the Kumbh mela, so you can explain to everyone there too. This is hell, the impure world. The golden age was the pure world which was called heaven. There cannot be any pure beings in the impure world. People go to bathe in the Ganges in order to become pure because they believe that it is the body that has to be purified and that the soul is ever pure. They say that each soul is the Supreme Soul. You can also write: Souls become pure by bathing in knowledge, not by bathing in water. You continue to bathe in water every day. People go to bathe in the rivers every day. They also drink that water. Now, everything is done with water. These are such easy matters, but they don’t enter anyone’s intellect. Salvation is received in a second through knowledge. It is said: There is so much knowledge that even if you made the whole ocean into ink, the jungle into pens and the earth into paper, there can be no end to the knowledge. The Father continues to explain different points every day. The Father says: Today, I am telling you very deep things. Children ask: Why did You not tell us before? Ah, how could I tell you in advance? A story is told in the right order from the beginning. How can the part of a later period be told first? The Father continues to tell you this. You know the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world cycle. If anyone asks you, you can instantly respond to them. You are numberwise as to whose intellects this knowledge sits in. If people come to you and don’t get a proper response, they would go away and say that they didn’t get a proper explanation and that there are just useless pictures kept here. Therefore, someone who can explain very well is needed. Otherwise, those people would not be able to understand fully. If the one who is explaining hasn’t understood fully, it is as though like attracts like. The Father says: Sometimes, I see that the person who has come is a very sensible person, but that the child (who is explaining) is not so shrewdThen, I enter that one and help. Because the Father is the tiniest rocket, it doesn’t take Him long to come and go. Those people have then taken this as Him being the One with many forms and omnipresent. The Father sits here and explains to you children. Some people are good and they therefore need a person who can explain to them very well. Nowadays, some children are able to learn the scriptures by heart from their childhood because those souls carry those sanskars. The soul takes birth somewhere and would then begin to study the Vedas and scriptures etc. there. It is said that your final thoughts lead you to your destination. The soul carries those sanskars. You children now understand that at last the day has come when the gates to heaven will truly open. The new world has to be established and the old world destroyed. People don’t know that heaven exists in the new world. Only you children know that you are listening to the true story of the true Narayan and the story of the Lord of Immortality. It is just one story and it is just the One who tells it. They made a scripture of it. All the examples apply to you, but those on the path of devotion took them up. So, the Father only comes at the confluence age and explains everything. This is a very important, unlimited play. First of all, there are the golden and silver ages, the kingdom of Rama, and then there is the kingdom of Ravan. This dramais predestined. It is called eternal and imperishable. All of you are souls. No one else has the knowledge that the Father has given you. The parts of all souls are fixed in the drama. At whatever time a soul has to play a part, he will come at that time and expansion will continue to take place. The main thing for you children is to become pure from impure. You call out: O Purifier, come! It is you children who call out. The Father too says: My children have been burnt by sitting on the pyre of lust. These are real matters. This is the throne of the immortal soul. He has taken it on loan. When people ask who Brahma is, tell them: Look, it is written that God speaks and that He enters an ordinary body. That decorated Shri Krishna takes 84 births and then becomes ordinary. That ordinary one then becomes Krishna. He is doing tapasya at the bottom. He knows that he is going to become that. Many people have seen a Trimurti picture but it has to have a meaning. The one who carries out establishment will then also sustain it. The name, form, place and time of establishment are different from the name, form, place and time of sustenance. These matters can be explained very easily. This one is doing tapasya down below and will then become that again. That one takes 84 births and becomes this. It is such easy knowledge of just a second! Your intellects know that you are becoming deities. It is those deities who have to take 84 births. Does anyone else take them? No; the secret of 84 births has been explained to you children. It is the deities who come first. There is a toy which is a fish on a string. The fish comes down and then goes up. That is also like a ladder. The examples of the buzzing moth and the tortoise etc. apply to this time. Look how much wisdom a buzzing moth has. People consider themselves to be very clever, but the Father says: They don’t even have as much wisdom as the buzzing moths. A snake sheds its old skin and takes a new one. Children are made so sensible; sensible and worthy. When a soul is impure he is not worthy. So he is made pure and then made worthy. That is the worthy world. It is the task of the Father alone to change the whole world from hell into heaven. People don’t know what heaven is. Heaven is the kingdom of deities. In the golden age, it is the kingdom of deities. You understand that you used to rule the new world of the golden age. We are the ones who have taken 84 births. You know that you have claimed the kingdom and then lost it countless times. You claimed the kingdom by following the directions of Rama and you lost it by following the directions of Ravan. You are now receiving the directions of Rama to go up again. You do not receive them to fall down. The Father explains to you very well, but it is very difficult for the intellects of those on the path of devotion to change. There is a lot of show on the path of devotion. That is a bog and people sink in it up to their necks. When it is the end for everyone, I come and take everyone beyond with knowledge. I come and carry out the task through you children. There are only you Brahmins who do servicewith Baba and you are called God’s helpers. This is the best service of all. Children receive shrimat: Do this and that. Then, selected ones emerge from that. These are not new things. However many deities emerged in the previous cycle, that many will emerge again; it is fixed in the drama. You just have to make the message reach everyone. It is very easy. You know that God comes at the confluence age of the cycle when devotion is in full force. The Father comes and takes everyone back. There are now the omens of Jupiter over you. You all go to heaven, but it is numberwise according to how you study. Some have auspicious omens over them, others have the omens of Saturn. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. In order to become worthy and sensible, become pure. Do service with the Father in order to change the whole world from hell into heaven. Become a helper of God.
  2. Renounce the systems of the iron-aged world, opinions of society and family codes of conduct and observe the true code of conduct. Become full of divine virtues and establish the deity community.
Blessing: May you easily cross all storms by considering them to be gifts and become surrendered and complete.
Everyone’s aim is to be surrendered and to become complete, so do not be afraid of small things. You are to become idols and so there will definitely be some hammering. The ones who are at the front have to cross the most storms. However, you must not find these storms to be storms, but gifts. These storms become gifts to make you experienced. Therefore, welcome the obstacles and as you become experienced, continue to move forward.
Slogan: In order to finish carelessness, continue to check yourself while you keep pure and positive thoughts for yourself.

*** Om Shanti ***

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