TODAY MURLI 20 August 2017 DAILY MURLI (English)

Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Method (Vidhi) , Law (Vidhan) and Blessings (Vardaan) .

Today, BapDada has had to come to give the response of the love of all the loving children. The sound of the love and remembrances of all the children of the whole world reached BapDada in the subtle region in the form of sweet melodies. Just as children sing songs of love, so too BapDada sing songs of the children’s praise. Just as you children say: “We will never find such a BapDada throughout the whole cycle”, seeing the children, BapDada says, that He too will never again in the whole cycle find such children. Do you constantly hear such sweet heart-to-heart conversations between the Father and the children? You and the Father are in the combined form, are you not? This form is known as that of an easy yogi. You are not those who have to have yoga, but those who are constantly combined, that is, those who are constantly with the Father. Do you experience such a stage, or do you have to make a lot of effort? What was the promise you made in your childhood? That you will stay together, you will live together and you will return together. You made this promise, did you not? Is it firm? You are the souls who had a right to sustenance from the corporeal form. Think about your fortune very clearly and understand it.

(Dada Ram and Savitri Dadi’s family were in front of BapDada.) Only a handful out of multimillions come personally in front of the Bestower of Fortune. Now, when the time comes, you will become aware of this fortune of yours. To find Adi Pita (the First Father) is an elevated sign of fortune. Are you those who are constantly with the Father and are therefore constant and easy yogis? Are you constantly the forms of angels who go into the flying stage?

Today, you have invited Baba to come and celebrate the great day. You are celebrating the greatest day and meeting the highest-on-high Father. A great day means a day of festivity. When you celebrate a great day, bad days come to an end. You don’t just celebrate today, for one day, but you constantly celebrate, that is, you constantly stay in zeal and enthusiasm: eternal Father, eternal day, eternal celebration. To celebrate a great day means always to make yourself the greatest of all. You don’t just celebrate this; you also have to become this and make others the same. What gift will you give to all souls for this great day? Whichever souls come into contact with you, give them the gift of the lift of all of God’s spiritual love, powers and virtues and all your co-operation, so that they become such full souls that they don’t experience anything to be lacking. Can you give such a gift? Are you yourselves full? In order to give this to others, you first of all have to accumulate everything within yourself, for only then can you give to others. Achcha, today, you have come to give a gift and to receive a gift. Will you just receive a gift or will you also give a gift? What will the Shakti Army do? Do you enjoy giving and taking or just taking? Is giving to the Bestower giving or is it taking? Why does the Father take from you? To transform it and give it back to you with a return of multi-millionfold. Does the Father need it? Everything the Father has is for giving to the children. This is why the Father is the Bestower, the Lawmaker and the Bestower of Blessings. The children don’t know the extent of their fortune as well as the Father knows it. Constantly remember these days of your fortune to make yourself constantly powerful. This whole family is a lucky family , because it was through the instrument seed of this family that the tree has grown and will continue to grow. The elevated wishes of that soul have enabled the whole family to receive the gift of a lift , because she was a pure and clean soul. Therefore, the water of purity is bringing visible fruit. Do you understand? In the corporeal form, the mother guru, the instrument, is sitting here (Dadi Savitri). The mother became a guru and the father gave the gift of a lift. What does this family now have to do? Follow the Father! You won’t have to renounce anything. Don’t be afraid! Achcha.

D ouble-foreign children have also come here. Even BapDada is now a foreigner. Father Brahma too is now from a foreign land. It is so good when someone from a foreign land (BapDada) meets others from foreign lands (the double foreigners). BapDada is very pleased to see one speciality of all the children, and, in that too, He is especially pleased to see one speciality of the instrument children from abroad. What is that? The special desire and love of the doubleforeign children to celebrate a meeting with BapDada especially reached the Father today. In terms of the corporeal world, today is a special day for those from abroad. Have you had toli and sweets, or do you want to eat them now? BapDada feeds you toli and sweets and makes you sweet. You have all become sweet, have you not? BapDada is giving the return of love to all the children from everywhere and to all the Madhuban residents in the form of a blessing and an inheritance of being constantly combined with the Father. You are those with double rights. You receive an inheritance and also a blessing. When you find something difficult, bring into your awareness Baba’s form of the Bestower of Blessings. When you receive blessings from the Bestower of Blessings, anything difficult becomes easy and you experience the practical benefit of that.

Constantly keep in your awareness the special slogan of this day. Remember three words: method (vidhi), law (vidhan) and blessings (vardaan). With the right method you easily become an embodiment of success. With the laws you become a creator of the world. With blessings you become an image that grants blessings. These three words will keep making you constantly powerful. Achcha.

To all the long-lost and now-found children from everywhere, the greatest children of the highest-on-high Father who makes everyone complete, to such master lawmakers, to the children who have received blessings… congratulations to those who have said farewell to Maya; together with these congratulations, special congratulations today to the children for their zeal and enthusiasm, to all the children who stay in front of the Father in the corporeal form and the subtle form, lots and lots of love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting Didiji and Dadiji:

What does BapDada remember when He sees the two of you? You are the lights of the world, but, you are first the lights of the Father’s eyes. It is said: If there is no light, there is no world. So, BapDada also sees such jewels of light as the special souls for the task of establishment. Karavanhar (the One who acts through others) is doing everything, but He makes the instrument children karanhars (the ones who act). The Father and the children are both combined in the term, “Karankaravanhar”. It is the children’s hands that are used and the Father’s work that is done. Only you children have received the golden chance to extend your hand (of co-operation). How does even the biggest task feel? You experience that the One who does everything is getting it done, do you not? He is making you move along as instruments. This is the sound that constantly emerges in your mind. BapDada, in the form of Karavanhar, is constantly the children’s Companion in every action. Is He with you or has He gone away? He just plays a game of hide-and-seek. He would only play this with the children, would He not? What happens in a game? The game begins with a clap. There was the clap of the drama and the game of hide-and-seek began.

Now, when will the gates of the sweet home open? Just as you have fixed the dates for the conference and for constructing the hall, have you not also made a programme for that? (For the gates to open.) Before opening the gates, will you prepare everything or will the Father have to do even that? Is it all ready? Father Brahma is ever ready. He now needs companions who are ever ready.

Can you prepare the rosary of eight? Can it be created right now? When the rosary of eight has first been created, all the others who will follow them will automatically become ready. Are the eight ever ready? Make a list of those names and send it to Baba. Everyone should verify that those ones are ever ready. They must be liked by the Father, the Brahmin family and by the world for their service. When you have these three specialities, you can be called ever ready. First prepare the bracelet and then the big rosary will become ready. Achcha.

BapDada meeting Savitri Dadi: You are seeing your incognito blessings in a visible form, are you not? Now do you understand who you are? You consider your name to be ahead in the list of those who are serviceable, do you not? You became an instrument for the visible fruit of service. The seed would be called the instrument. You are quite ahead in the list of those who are serviceable; it is just that you sometimes forget it. Since BapDada accepts it, what else do you need? Not everyone’s service is the same. There is a variety of souls and there is a variety of methods for service. It will not happen by thinking a great deal, but it will happen automatically. Always consider yourself to be a jewel close to the Father. You have had a right from birth. You went fast from the moment you took birth, did you not? The moment you took birth you received the blessing of remaining close. How many received the blessing of being close to the corporeal form? Just count them and it will be with great difficulty that you can find souls who have received this blessing. Therefore, consider yourself to be close to the Father and continue to move forward. However much you can do, whatever you can do, it is beneficial. Don’t think! Just remain free from waste thoughts! The Father has promised that He will constantly continue to fulfil the responsibility of giving constant company. Leave even your thoughts to the Father. Whether service will increase or not, the Father knows. If it doesn’t increase, the Father is responsible, not you. Remain carefree to this extent. You have placed your thoughts in front of the Father, have you not? So, who is responsible? You are a long-lost and now-found special child. The Father searched for you with so much love. Baba selected you as a primary jewel for service from the whole world. So, do not forget this. Achcha.

BapDada meeting the family of Savitri Dadi:

All of you have a right to the double inheritance, do you not? You received the treasure of the elevated thought of your worldly father and you also received the inheritance of the parlokik Father. You also received the inheritance of the subtle father. You received the inheritance of all three at the same time. You are lamps of the hopes of all three fathers. In any case, children are said to be the lamps of a clan. You have become lamps of the clan. However, as well as this, now become lamps for the world. The star of fortune is constantly sparkling on your foreheads. BapDada constantly helps those souls who have such courage. Whenever you have the thought, the Father becomes present. When you leave all tasks to the Father, He knows His task. You yourselves constantly remain double-light angels and trustees and you will constantly remain light (free from burden). When your heart is clean, your desires are fulfilled. There definitely is success in elevated thoughts. The fruit of a thousand elevated thoughts is received from the Father in return for the child’s one elevated thought. You receive a thousand fold for just one. Continue to distribute the treasures that you have received from the Father. Become great donors. Let no one who comes to your treasure-store leave empty-handed. The foundation of knowledge is already sown; that seed will now bear fruit. Achcha.

At the time of farewell, BapDada recorded a message for all the children:

BapDada received the love, remembrance and greetings of all the loving children everywhere. All the children are seated on the heart-throne of BapDada. How could He forget those who are seated on His heart-throne? Therefore, the children are constantly with Him and they will remain with Him and return home with Him. BapDada continues to hear the news of all the children’s zeal and enthusiasm for service, the growth of service and also their becoming conquerors of Maya. Each child has become a mahavir and is flying a flag of victory as a mahavir. Therefore, BapDada is congratulating all of you on your victory. He is giving you congratulations! You are constantly spending the greatest of all days with the highest-on-high Father with zeal and enthusiasm and you will constantly continue to celebrate the great day. Each of you children should understand that special love and remembrance has been sent by Baba to you personally by name. BapDada sees each of you children, with your name, in front of Him and, whilst celebrating a meeting, He is giving each one of you love and remembrance. Achcha.

Question: What is the way to book an air-conditioned seat?

Answer: To book an air-conditioned seat, constantly continue to observe all the conditions that Father has given you. If even one of the conditions is not observed, you cannot receive an air-conditioned seat. Even those who simply say that they will try cannot receive this seat.

Question: Which one virtue makes you loved by everyone for the way you interact with people and the way you are doing everything for God?

Answer: The virtue of making everyone move ahead of you. The virtue of “you first” makes you loved for the way you interact with people and for how you are doing everything for God. This is also the Father’s main virtue. The Father says: Children, you first! So, follow the Father in this virtue.

Blessing: May you be loving and detached and finish the royal form of the consciousness of “mine” by having an attitude of unlimited disinterest.
According to the closeness of time, it is essential for there to be unlimited disinterest in the environment of today. The meaning of, “a real attitude of disinterest” is to be as loving as you are detached in all your relationships and connections. Those who are detached and loving are instruments who have humility, they cannot have any consciousness of “mine”. At present, the consciousness of “mine” has increased in a royal way. Someone would say, “This is my work, this is my place, I have received all these facilities according to my fortune.” So, now finish all of those types of consciousness of “mine” of the royal form.
Slogan: To be free from thinking about others and the influence of others, have pure and positive thoughts for the self and for others.


*** Om Shanti ***

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