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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, even after donating the vices, you must definitely make effort to stay in remembrance because it is only by having remembrance that the soul will become pure.
Question: What is the way to become seated on the heart-throne and be threaded in the rosary of Rudra?
Answer: Become a remover of sorrow and bestower of happiness, the same as the Father. Sprinkle drops of the water of knowledge on everyone and do the service of making them cool. Let go of all the things that cause anyone sorrow. Don’t perform any sinful acts. Imbibe good manners. Use your time in a worthwhile way in remembrance of the Father and you will become seated on the Father’s heart-throne and be threaded in the rosary of Rudra. If someone is wasting his time, he is degrading his status for nothing. To tell lies, to make mistakes and hide them and to hurt someone’s heart are all sins through which you receive one hundred-fold punishment.
Song: Neither will He be separated from us, nor will we experience any sorrow.

Om shanti. This is a song of the gopikas. Which gopikas? They are the mouth-born creation of Prajapita Brahma. Then, they are called the gopes and gopis of Gopi Vallabh, that is, gopes and gopis of the Father. However, all the rest are just stories. It is understood that when you truly belong to the Father, the devilish, vicious community becomes your enemy. Swans and storks cannot live together. There are a few swans and millions of storks. While living at home with your family, you have to remain as pure as a lotus. There is praise of this. While living at home with your family, remain pure. Yes, there will be many obstacles. Those who have been impure for half the cycle cannot become pure that quickly. There is such a tug of war because of vice. Innocent ones are assaulted and that was why Draupadi called out. There isn’t just one Draupadi. At this time, all are Draupadis and Dushashans; they dishonour them. This is the vicious impure world. The golden age is called the viceless world. This is the vicious world, the kingdom of Ravan. There is so much sorrow in this world: weeping, wailing, fighting and quarrelling. Look what is happening all the time! When the deities used to rule in the new world, there was purity, peace and happiness; there was no religion that caused peacelessness there. Now, there are so many religions that spread peacelessness. You then prove to them that the oldest enemy is Ravan, the one who made Bharat impure and as worthless as a shell. The Father sits here and explains to you the philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action. In the kingdom of Ravan, no matter how many donations people give, how much charity they perform, how many sacrificial fires they create or how much chanting and tapasya they do, they still come down. Whomever they donate to are also vicious, sinful souls. Having continuously performed sinful acts, there is now a huge burden of sin on your heads. You souls, who were satopradhan, have now become tamopradhan. The Father explains all of these things exactly as He did in the previous cycle. The Father alone comes and makes you into deities every cycle. He speaks easy Raja Yoga and knowledge: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. This is easy, is it not? Everyone says: O God, come! Come and purify us impure ones! So, the Purifier is the Father alone. You know that the Father is inspiring us to make effort to become pure. Although someone may have donated the fives vices, he still has to have yoga. How can the sins that have been on your heads for birth after birth, through which you have become tamopradhan, be burnt away with anything except yoga? You donate the five vices so that you will not commit any more sins. However, how can you become free from the account of sin of many births? The way to do that is to stay in remembrance of the Father for as long as you live. It is only by having this remembrance that your sins will be absolved. Impure souls cannot go there. Each soul has received his own part and status. Just as human beings have a status, in the same way, souls have a status. First of all the soul will go to heaven. The number one souls are Lakshmi and Narayan. Their part s are the biggest. In the drama, the souls of the deity religion play the best roles and experience the most happiness. Then, they have to go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. Alloy continues to be mixed into them. Now, how can that alloy be removed? When gold is put into a fire, the alloy is removed. This is the fire of yoga through which sins are absolved. No one knows that sins can be absolved with the fire of yoga. Children say: My yoga repeatedly breaks and I forget the Father. This is an obstacle of Maya. If there were no obstacles, your yoga would be connected quickly and destruction would take place quickly. However, it doesn’t happen like that; it takes time. You continue to have yoga until the end when you reach your karmateet stage. Then the world will also end. You are conquering Ravan by following shrimat. The things mentioned in the Gita, the Mahabharata, the Ramayana etc. are all the paraphernalia of devotion. Whatever tasks you performed at the confluence age, all of those temples are memorials of this time. Memorials have continued to be created from the copper age. First of all, the memorial to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva, who comes and purifies the impure, is created. Praise of the deities is sung. There is a big temple to Lakshmi and Narayan. No one knows why they are worshipped so much. They definitely have to become worshippers from being worthy of worship. When they are worthy of worship, they experience their reward. Just as the biographies of the great kings are remembered, in the same way, the praise of Lakshmi and Narayan, the first number empress and emperor of the golden age, would definitely be sung. However, people don’t know how they became that. Similarly, it was Shiva who taught both Brahma and Saraswati. People have made His name disappear from the scriptures and created confusion. Sensible children understand these things, numberwise. This drama continues. Whatever you became in the previous cycle, you are becoming that now. This tree will continue to grow. The fruit will definitely ripen. It takes time for the tree to grow. When the tree is ready, you will become deities. All the rest will be destroyed. You children are now being ripened. Some ripen fully, some a little less and some experience storms; They have bad omens while earning an income. Baba says: Continue to have yoga so that all your sins are burnt away. This is such a big income and this is why the ancient yoga of Bharat is very well known. However, no one knows what happens through it. The Father now explains to you: You souls have alloy in you. You human souls become worthy of worship and then worshippers. God cannot become this. If He too were to become a worshipper, who would make us worthy of worship? It is the Father who makes us worthy of worship. We were worthy-of-worship, pure deities and then, by coming down, we became shudras. Deities of the golden age are called the new creation of God. It is sung: It didn’t take long to change human beings into deities. The Father explains: Study well! It is the duty of the Father, Teacher and Guru to inspire you to make effort. Children, don’t wasteyour time! Your status will become degraded for nothing and then there will be great repentance. You would say: This is what my stage will be every cycle. At that time you won’t be able to do anything. You will have visions. You will have the firm faith that every cycle you will attain such degradation. The Father continues to explain: When this result is out, you will have to cry a great deal. Just as when a class is transferred they sit there, numberwise, so we too are being transferred to the new world. A rosary of Brahmins is not remembered. It is only the rosary of Rudra that is worshipped. However, no one knows what that rosary is. They show the dual-bead at the top (below the tassel). The dual-bead is Vishnu. Shiv Baba is the tassel (flower) at the top, then there is the rest of the rosary. You Brahmins are now making effort and you will then become threaded in the rosary of Rudra. This is why you should make such effort that you become seated on the throne. Let go of all the things that cause others sorrow. The Father is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. If children cause sorrow, who would consider them to be the children of God? You mustn’t commit sin, commit suicide or tell lies. When you are defeated you have to ask for forgiveness. In devotion too, when something happens they cry in repentance. This is the path of knowledge. You mustn’t hurt anyone’s heart here. Drops of knowledge are something that make you cool. You children have come here to study. You have to have good manners when studying. This too is a study. The incorporeal Father is teaching you. He knows everything inside you. Baba once received news from a centre that when a child made a mistake he was punished by Dharamraj. This Baba didn’t know anything about that. There are many who indulge in vice and then don’t tell the truth. In order to save themselves, they hide their mistakes. However, they cannot hide them from Shiv Baba. It is Shiv Baba who is teaching you. You even forget Him! This is said to be foolishness. Here, no one’s lies or truth can remain hidden. This Baba says: I am not antaryami (one who knows everything within everyone). Shiv Baba is Antaryami. The Father Himself says: I am incorporeal and I know everything. This one is corporeal. Whereas this one comes into birth and death, I am beyond rebirth. That is why I say to this one: You don’t know your own births. I tell you about them. I tell this to all those who belong to the sun-dynasty clan. Many children hide their mistakes. They don’t even come in front of Baba. Baba has told you: Don’t hide anything from this one. Tell him everything and you will be forgiven. Even then, you are My children. I know everything. How would this one know? This is why you have to tell this one everything. The account of your previous births is accumulated with Me, but whatever you have done in this birth, tell this one and so I can also hear that. While sitting at home, you cannot think that Shiv Baba knows everything; no. You have been doing that on the path of devotion. I have now come personally in front of you, so you have to tell Me so that you can also be cautioned. The Father says: Don’t dirty your face! Otherwise, there will be a lot of repentance. The final period is very delicate. A lot of punishment is received. You continue to hear and see such examples. Never hide your sins from the Surgeon. This one will forgive you, not that One. By committing sin at this time, it will multiply a hundred times. Don’t tell lies unnecessarily. Baba gives a warning to all the children. This is such a big, unlimited pathshala. You brothers can do a lot of service in incognito dress. If you explain to them, it will definitely touch their hearts that there is this Government too. This knowledge is incognito. You have to know the Seed, the tree and the world cycle. This is the cycle of four ages. They have kept a spinning wheel. You are the BK Pandava Army. You should take this Coat of A rms with you. Would truth bring victory simply by turning a spinning wheel? This is a matter of the world cycle. You should not be afraid. You can disguise yourselves and go anywhere. The children of the One with many forms should also have many forms. However, this doesn’t enter the intellects of you children. You become happy from just doing a little service and your head goes up in the sky! You still have a lot more service to do. You have to make many types of effort. Baba gives you many points. This sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra is going to continue. Continue to invite people from all sects. You can even invite the kings etc. You can hold conferences too. You should print cards according to the people: Come and understand how this world cycle turns. Come and we will tell you the biography of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and the story of 5000 years. It is a wonder is it not? Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. In order to become pure while you are alive, you mustn’t be concerned about the obstacles of Maya.
  2. Sprinkle drops of knowledge on everyone and do the service of making them cool. Never hurt anyone’s heart. Become a remover of a sorrow and a bestower of happiness, the same as the Father.
Blessing: May you be victorious at the time of upheaval everywhere by practicing the avyakt stage and being bodiless.
In the last moments, there will be upheaval and noise of people and matter everywhere. The atmosphere will be of crying out and turmoil. At such a time, only by practicing the stage of being an avyakt angel and an incorporeal soul will make you victorious in a second. So, let there be the practice over a long period of time: Be a master and play music through your lips or listen with your ears when you want. If you do not want to, then put a full stop in a second. This practice will bring you into the rosary of remembrance, that is, the rosary of victory.
Slogan: In order to make your efforts intense, tighten the l o ose screw of carelessness.

*** Om Shanti ***




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