Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The power of churning and the stage of being absorbed in love.

Today, the Father who makes you double crowned and gives you a right to the double kingdom has especially come to celebrate a meeting with His double-foreign children. BapDada is seeing that all the double-foreign, loving, co-operative children from everywhere are constantly moving forward both in love and in serving with constant zeal and enthusiasm. Each of you has the enthusiasm in your mind that you have to hoist the flag of BapDada’s revelation. Because of this enthusiasm, you are continuing to fly by experiencing every day of the confluence age to be a festival. Where there is enthusiasm at every moment – whether it is of celebrating a meeting with BapDada by having remembrance or the enthusiasm of experiencing instant fruit through doing service – both these types of enthusiasm make you experience every moment of every day to be a festival. People of the world experience enthusiasm on the day of a special festival, but for Brahmin souls the confluence age is itself the age of festivity. Every day you automatically continue to experience new enthusiasm, new zeal and encouragement. This is why every day, while eating the nourishment of happiness and singing praise of the many attainments you have received from the Father, you become double light and constantly continue to dance with enthusiasm. What do people do at a festival? They eat, sing and dance. People abroad are now preparing for Christmas. They will eat, sing, play music and dance: this is what they will do, is it not? They will also celebrate meeting one another. What do you do every day? This is what you do from amrit vela till night time, is it not? You also do service, and service means to perform the dance of knowledge. You sing to souls the song of BapDada’s virtues. So, you celebrate a festival every day, do you not? There isn’t a single day when true Brahmins do not carry out this task. Every day of the confluence age is a day of festivity filled with enthusiasm. Those people only celebrate for one or two days. However, BapDada makes all you Brahmin children so elevated and gives you such a golden gift that you become complete and full for all time. Those people wait for Christmas Day for Father Christmas to come and give them a gift. They remember Father Christmas, whereas you remember the Father who makes you as sweet as raisins (kissmiss). You receive so many gifts that they last you for 21 births. Those perishable gifts will last for a short time and then perish, whereas these imperishable gifts will remain with you for many births. Just as those people decorate a Christmas tree, so BapDada gives you sparkling stars, you elevated confluence-aged stars of the earth on the unlimited world tree, the experience of being embodiments of imperishable light and might. Those people also believe in stars and they make decorations with stars. They show a memorial of you stars in the form of sparkling physical lights; they either make decorations with lights or with flowers. Whose memorial is that? It is a memorial of the spiritual, fragrant flowers, you Brahmin souls. All of those festivals are a memorial of the festivals filled with enthusiasm of you confluence-aged Brahmin souls. At the confluence age, you Brahmin souls are the sparkling stars of the kalpa tree and spiritual roses. You are seeing your own memorial. You are made imperishable jewels by the imperishable Father and this is why you see your own memorial even in your last birth. You see the memorial of the double form. People portray the memorial of your form of the confluence age in different forms and ways. Secondly, you see the memorial of your future deity status. You not only see the memorial of your form but there is also the memorial of the elevated actions of you elevated souls. There is also the memorial of the divine activities of the Father and the children. So, when you see your memorial, you easily remember, do you not, that you become such special souls every cycle? You became that, you have become that and you will continue to become that.

BapDada is pleased to see the children who constantly stay in remembrance and whose memorials exist at this time. This is a memorial of those who stay in remembrance. You see the memorial of the importance of remembrance. So, you double-foreign children are happy to see your own memorial, are you not? BapDada has the double happiness of seeing the double-foreign children. Why? Firstly, you are the children of the previous cycle who became separated and lost in every corner and have met once again. When you find something you lost, you are so happy. The Father is pleased to see all the children, whether they are residents of Bharat or abroad. Secondly, the double-foreign children who were hidden behind the curtain of different religions and different customs and systems, have easily removed the curtain and now belong to the Father. Their speciality is that of removing the curtain. The double foreigners have the speciality of knowing the Father while being behind the curtain. So, there is double happiness, is there not? The faith and intoxication of the double-foreign children is alokik. Today, BapDada is especially giving all the double-foreign children from everywhere who constantly maintain zeal and enthusiasm, all those who celebrate every day as a festival, to such children BapDada is giving a diamond gift from the heart of the Father, the Bestower of Blessings, special blessings and good wishes on this big day: May you always have a life filled with enthusiasm. May you constantly and easily have an elevated life by experiencing the flying stage. Achcha.

Today, BapDada was seeing three types of children in the subtle region. Which three types did He see? 1. Those who speak. 2. Those who churn. 3. Those who are always absorbed in experiences. Baba saw these three types of children among all the children from this land and abroad. Baba saw many Brahmins who simply speak knowledge. Those who churn the knowledge were the middle group and those who are always absorbed in experiencing it were even fewer in number. It is extremely easy to speak because it is a sanskar of 63 births. One is to listen, and the other is to speak what you have heard and you have being doing that. The path of devotion is to listen and to speak through chanting and prayers. As well as that, because of becoming body conscious, speaking of wasteful things has become a firm sanskar. Where there are wasteful words, there is automatically expansion. Thoughts about the self make you introverted whereas thinking about others takes you into the expansion of speaking. Therefore, because you have had the sanskar of speaking for many births, in Brahmin life too, when you change from being ignorant and come onto the path of knowledge, you quickly become clever in speaking knowledge. Those who speak only experience happiness and power at the time of speaking, not all the time. Speaking of the Bestower of knowledge with their lips brings them the instant fruit of knowledge, which is power and happiness, but they are unable to become a constant embodiment of power or happiness. Nevertheless, because these are jewels of knowledge and the direct versions of God, they become embodiments of attainment according to their capacity.

Those who churn always churn what they hear and they also become embodiments of that point of knowledge. Those who have churning power automatically become embodiments of virtue, embodiments of power, embodiments of knowledge and embodiments of remembrance, because to churn means that your intellect digests the food of knowledge. Just as you are unable to create energy for yourself if you’re not able to digest the food you eat – it just remains a taste in your mouth – in the same way, for those who simply speak knowledge, the knowledge just remains on their lips. However, others become powerful when their intellects imbibe it through their power of churning. Those who have churning power become powerful souls in all ways. Those who churn are constantly busy thinking about the self and they thereby easily become liberated from the many obstacles of Maya, because their intellects are busy. So, Maya sees that they are busy and steps away. Secondly, the soul becomes powerful by churning and because of this, the stage of the self doesn’t allow them to experience defeat in any situation. So, those who have churning power are introverted and thereby constantly happy. Because they have the power to use the powers at the right time, they are liberated from Maya. So, such children come in the list of victorious souls.

The third variety are those who are always absorbed in all their experiences. To churn is the second stage, but to remain absorbed in the experience of it while churning it is the first stage. Those who remain absorbed automatically remain free from obstacles, but they have an even higher stage of being a destroyer of obstacles, that is, they remain free from obstacles themselves and they also co-operate in being destroyers of obstacles for others. Experience is the greatest authority of all. With the authority of experience, you experience the stage of being equal to the Father, a master almighty authority. On the basis of their own experience, those who are absorbed in their experience become examples to make others free from obstacles. This is because, seeing their experience, weak souls receive courage and become enthusiastic: We can also become like that. Because souls who remain absorbed in that experience become equal to the Father, they automatically have an attitude of unlimited disinterest; they are unlimited servers and easily become those who stay in the intoxication of unlimited attainment. Souls who are always absorbed in their experience are always karmateet, that is, they are detached from karmic bondage and are constantly loved by the Father.

A soul absorbed in experiences is a fully satisfied soul, a contented soul, a full soul and a soul extremely close to perfection. Because of constantly being an authority of experience, they experience the elevated life of an easy and natural yogi; they experience life to be lovely and unique. Because the words on their lips are those of experience, these sit in people’s hearts whereas the words of those who simply speak only sit in their heads. So, do you understand what the first stage is? Those who churn are also victorious, but there is a difference between that and being that easily and constantly. Those who remain absorbed in experience are constantly merged in remembrance of the Father. So, increase your experience, but first move from speaking to churning. Churning power easily enables you to attain the stage of being absorbed in experiences. By churning, your experiences will automatically continue to grow. The practice of churning is absolutely essential. So, increase your power of churning. It is extremely easy to listen and to speak. Those who have churning power and who remain absorbed in experiences are always worthy of worship, whereas those who speak simply become worthy of praise. So, make yourself constantly worthy of being praised and worshipped. Do you understand? All three are servers, but the impact of service is numberwise. Don’t become numberwise, become number one. Achcha.

To the elevated souls who constantly experience themselves to have a right to the double kingdom and who have a double crown, to those who always experience the stage of being absorbed in experiences with their churning power, to those who are experienced like the Father and who become embodiments of the experience of a master almighty authority stage, to those who constantly attain their powerful stage of being worthy of worship, to such number one, constantly victorious children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada speaking to a group of brothers and sisters from abroad:

While living abroad, are you those who always stay in the awareness of your original land and your original form? Just as the Father comes into this old foreign land from the supreme abode, in the same way, do you experience that all of you are also elevated and easy yogi souls who reside in the supreme abode, that you are also the souls who are residents of the supreme abode who have entered these corporeal bodies and are instruments for the task of the world? You too are Brahmin souls who have incarnated here. The shudra life has ended, and you are now pure Brahmin souls. Brahmins never become impure. Brahmins means pure. So, are you Brahmins or mixed? You are not those who put your feet in both boats. You are those who put both feet in one boat. So Brahmin souls are souls who have incarnated. In any case, what do souls who come as incarnations, who are well known as incarnations, come here for? They come to bring about elevated transformation. So, what is the duty of you incarnations? To transform the world, to change night into day, to change hell into heaven. You have incarnated to carry out such a big task, that is, you have become Brahmins for this. You remember this work, do you not? Why do you do your lokik job? You use your income for what purpose? Do you earn it to open a centre or for your lokik family? If you have the aim of earning an income to use for the Godly task, while doing your lokik job you would only remember service, would you not? On whose directions are you doing that? Since you are doing it according to the Father’s shrimat, you would then remember the One who has given you that shrimat, would you not? This is why BapDada says: While doing your lokik jobs, always consider yourselves to be trustees. You are trustees and also heirs. No matter where you may be living, if you are surrendered in your mind, you are heirs. Heirs does not mean that you come and stay in Madhuban. If you don’t have the consciousness of “mine” in your mind while on the field of service, that is, if you are surrendered, then you are heirs. So, are you surrendered or are you, even now, under some karmic bondage? When you have surrendered with your mind, then a surrendered soul would not find anything to be a bondage, because to be surrendered means you have also surrendered all your bondages. If any bondage pulls your mind, you must understand that there are still bondages. However, if they come and then go away, then that is not bondage. So, always have the awareness that you are incarnations who have come from up above. Souls who are incarnations would never enter into any bondage of karmic accounts of the body. They will perform all tasks while being bodiless. They take the support of bodies, but are not bound by the bondage of bodies. So, have you become like that? So, in order to always keep yourself free from any bondage of your body, consider yourself to be an incarnation. Continue to move along in this way and you will be constantly free from bondage and loved by the Father.

Blessing: May you have an intellect filled with the faith that your victory and success is guaranteed and thereby remain constantly carefree.
The children whose intellects constantly have 100% faith in the Father, in their own parts and in every act of the drama at every second have guaranteed victory and success. Because of having guaranteed victory, they are constantly carefree. No signs of worry are visible on their faces. They always have the faith that that task or thought is already accomplished. They never have any questions in any situation.
Slogan: To change someone’s intention when you hear and relate something is to spoil the atmosphere.


*** Om Shanti ***

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