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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The confluence-aged court of self-sovereignty is the most elevated court.

In which court has BapDada come today? In today’s gathering, BapDada is seeing His children, the royal souls, who are co-operating in the task of establishing the kingdom of the world. That is, He is seeing His children who are carrying out all the activities of the kingdom and who have a right to the kingdom. He is seeing His confluence-aged court of self-sovereignty. He is seeing all the different types of co-operative souls from everywhere in this court of self-sovereignty. The special, most elevated jewels of this court of self-sovereignty may be far from BapDada personally in their corporeal forms, but Baba sees those who have a right to the kingdom in front of Him on the throne in the form of a rosary. Each of you co-operative souls who has a right to the kingdom is sparkling with the sparkle of your own speciality. Each one is decorated with the ornaments of different virtues. What is the sign of having a throne in a kingdom? All of you are sitting at court, are you not? Some of you are at the front and others are at the back, but all of you are in the court! The canopy, the sign of the throne of the kingdom, is sparkling very beautifully. Each of you has a double canopy. One is the crown of light, the symbol of the angelic form, and the other is the crown of unlimited service for world benefit. All of you have a crown, but it is numberwise. For some of you, both crowns are the same size. Some have one crown bigger than the other. For some, both crowns are small. As well as this, each of you who has a right to the kingdom has your own personality of purity. The royalty of spirituality of each one is visible, numberwise. BapDada is seeing the court of such co-operative souls, those who have a right to the kingdom. There is such a big difference between the elevated, confluence-aged court and the court of the future royal kingdom! The court of this time is the foundation of the court for many births. The form and system of the court of the present time will form the foundation of the future court. Can you see where your position is in the present court of the co-operative souls who have a right to the kingdom? Do all of you have the instrument with which to check? Scientists are able to take pictures of the galaxy with new inventions and they are able to give you information about the atmosphere there and give you news in advance of the upheavals of nature and the elements that are to happen. So, can you elevated souls, who have the authority of the Father who is filled with all powers, not know your present and also your future on the basis of the knowledge of the three aspects of time and with the instruments of your divine intellects? All of you have this instrument, do you not? All of you have received a divine intellect. You also know how to use this instrument of a divine intellect and where to use it, that is, in which stage you have to stabilise yourself to use it. Stabilise yourself in the stage of knowing the three aspects of time and use this instrument on that basis. Do you know how to use it? First of all, do you know how to stabilise yourself in your position? That is, do you know how to stabilise yourself in a particular stage? So, check yourself with this instrument and see what your number is. Do you understand?

Today, Baba is not telling you about the complete renunciates. Now the last course remains. Today, BapDada is seeing His companions of the royal court who have all arrived here. In today’s gathering, there are more especially loving souls. Therefore, in order to give you the return of your love, BapDada has also come into this loving gathering. You are souls who have the zeal and enthusiasm to celebrate a meeting. BapDada has also come for this celebration of the children’s enthusiasm in order to celebrate a meeting with you. This too is a meeting of the Ocean of Love and the rivers. To celebrate a meeting means to celebrate a festival. Today, BapDada has also come into this celebratory meeting. BapDada is pleased to see the souls who are celebrating a meeting – those out of such a huge population of such a huge unlimited world, the variety of souls who have the fortune of receiving love and have attained the fortune of having a meeting. Souls who had no hope in the world claimed the fortune of having all their hopes and desires fulfilled, whereas souls who are very well known in the world and in whom there are great hopes are left wondering and searching. Whilst wondering about their searching, they have got completely lost in that and have become lost themselves. However, you loving souls attained God on the basis of your love. So, who is elevated? Some are debating the scriptures and are left behind, lost in the scriptures. Some become great souls, but are deprived of their fortune because of being caught up in the minor illusion of the soul and the Supreme Soul. They are deprived of becoming children and of claiming a right to the Father. Great scientists are lost in their own research. Politicians are left behind in making their plans. Innocent devotees are left behind in searching for God in every particle. Yet, who has attained Him? The innocent children of the Innocent Lord! Those with clever brains haven’t attained Him, but those with honest hearts have attained Him. This is why there is the saying that the Lord is pleased with an honest heart. With your honest hearts, all of you can be seated on the heart-throne. When you have an honest heart, you can make the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, belong to you. The Father, the Comforter of Hearts, cannot stay in your remembrance for even a second unless you have an honest heart. The hopes and desires of the elevated thoughts of those with honest hearts are easily fulfilled. Those with honest hearts experience the Father’s constant company in all three forms: the corporeal, subtle and incorporeal. Achcha.

To the flowing Ganges who constantly celebrate a meeting with the Ocean of Love, to those who constantly experience BapDada as belonging to them in all relationships on the basis of their love, to those who make a permanent deal with the Innocent Lord, to such loving, elevated souls with honest hearts, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting teachers:

1. What do you servers constantly keep in your intellect? Do you only remember service or do you have remembrance and service? When there is the balanceof both remembrance and service, there will automatically be growth. The easy way to have growth is to have a balance. At the present time, the greatest desire of all souls is for peace. Therefore, whenever you see that service isn’t growing, that it is the same as before at that centre, make the atmosphere like that of a shanti kund (a sacred area of peace). Create a room especially with this atmosphere and design. You can make it like you make Baba’s room so that, in the midst of upheaval, they are able to see a peaceful corner. When you make such an atmosphere that it gives an experience of peace, service will easily grow. The museum is fine, but that is something for listening and seeing. The museum is fine for those who want to hear and find out more, but people have got tired of hearing so much. So, create a place of peace for them. The majority now says to you: “We have seen and heard everything of yours”, but no one says, “We have attained everything!” As yet, they don’t say that they have had an experience or attained anything. The way to make them experience something is to make them sit in remembrance and give them the experience of peace. If they have an experience of peace for even two minutes, they wouldn’t be able to leave. Therefore, both facilities have to be created. Not just a museum, but also a sacred area of peace. The museum in Abu is good, but a place of peace is also attractive. If they don’t understand from the pictures, then, if they are made to sit in remembrance for a couple of minutes, their impression and their desire change. They then understand that they can find something here, that it is possible to attain something here. When you have a desire to attain something, it is then easy for them to take steps to go there. So, adopt such a means of expansion.

However, when servers are content with themselves and with everyone, there is automatically zeal and enthusiasm for doing service and co-operating. You don’t have to say anything, you don’t have to make them do anything, because contentment easily brings about zeal and enthusiasm. A server needs to have the special aim of remaining content and making others content.

2. Are you the holy swans who constantly stay on the shore of the Ocean? Swans always live on the shore of an ocean and they constantly play in the waves of an ocean. Do you experience yourselves to be such holy swans? The intellects of those who constantly pick up jewels of knowledge, that is, who imbibe jewels of knowledge, are always filled with jewels of knowledge. All the rest are wasteful situations and scenes; they are just stones. Swans never take stones, they always pick up jewels. Therefore, let there never be any influence of anything wasteful. If you are influenced by that, then that is what you will churn and speak about, and by your churning and speaking about it, the atmosphere becomes like that. The situation may not be anything much but the atmosphere becomes such that it’s as if the biggest mountain has fallen. If there is churning going on in your mind and you speak about something, then even a trivial thing becomes as big as a mountain because it spreads into the atmosphere. However, if you accommodate that situation and overcome it by becoming a detached observer, then that situation becomes like a mustard seed. So you are constantly holy swans who constantly live on the shore of the Ocean. Remain constantly aware of this form.

3. In order for you servers to become constant embodiments of success, become equal to the Father. Remember just one expression: Follow the Father!Whatever action you perform, first check whether it is for the Father’s task. If it is for the Father’s task, it is also your task; if it is not the Father’s, it is not yours either. Always use the touch stone of checking in this way. To follow the Father means that the Father’s thoughts are your thoughts and the Father’s words are your words. What will happen as a result of this? Just as the Father is constantly the embodiment of success, so you yourself will also become a constant embodiment of success. Therefore, continue to place your steps in the Father’s footsteps. When someone continues to move forward and you just keep following him, you easily reach your destination. Therefore, those who follow the Father will be freed from labouring and will constantly continue to experience easy attainment.

Meeting kumaris:

1. What is the aim of you kumaris? Do you experience all attainments within yourself before you engage yourself in service? However many treasures you have in yourself, you will accordingly be able to give those to others. Do you pay attention to this spiritual study every day? As well as studying you also take any chance for serving. By constantly considering yourself to be a Godly student, you pay attention to the study. The more attention you pay to studying, the more you will become experienced and enable others to study. According to the present time, you are seeing what household life is like. A householder’s life means to be trapped in an unlimited jail. You are now free, are you not? You are free from so many bondages! So, constantly maintain the stage of being free from bondage and liberated-in-life. Never have any thought to see or experience for yourself what household life is. You are very fortunate that you belong to the Father in your kumari life. Therefore, become a right hand, not a left hand.

2. Have all of you kumaris made a firm deal with the Father? What deal have you made? You said, “Baba, I belong to You!” And the Father said, “The child is Mine”. Is the deal you made firm? You won’t make any other deal, will you? What would be the condition of those who place their feet in two boats? They would neither belong here nor there. You are clever at in making a deal, are you not? Look at what you give! An old body that you continue to have stitched up with a needle, a weak mind that has no power and dirty money. Whereas what do you receive in return? A kingdom that is guaranteed for 21 births. You would never have made such a deal throughout the whole cycle. So, have you made this deal firm? Have you written an agreement? BapDada loves kumaris because they are surrendered and have become teachers. When kumars surrender, they are not called teachers; they are called servers. A kumari receives the seat of a teacher. Today she is a kumari and tomorrow everyone sees her as an instrument teacher equal to the Father. So, you have become elevated, have you not? If you become elevated in your kumari life, you are then saved from climbing up the wrong ladder. You didn’t climb that one and so you don’t have to make the effort to come down it. Those who live in a household have to make that effort. Therefore, you are kumaris who are constantly world benefactors. BapDada considers all of you to be embodiments of success. Go ahead of one another! Race, but do not compete! Look at everyone’s speciality and become special souls! Achcha.

3. Instead of considering yourself to be a kumari or a server, consider yourself to be an embodiment of power. Are you constantly aware of your Shiv Shakti form? By considering yourself to be an embodiment of power, there will constantly continue to be an increase of powerful souls from the service you do. As is the land, so is the fruit that emerges. However powerful you make your stage and atmosphere, the souls who emerge will be like that too. Otherwise, weak souls will come and you will have to make a lot of effort over them. Therefore, may you always have your Shiv Shakti form in your awareness! You are not a kumari, not a server, but a Shiv Shakti. There are many servers. Nowadays, many receive this title. However, your speciality is to be a combined Shiv Shakti. Remember this speciality and you will easily experience growth in service and have elevated experiences. A return has to be given for the gift of the lift of doing service that you have received. What is the return? To become a powerful embodiment of success. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be ignorant of the knowledge of desires and finish all limited desires by remaining stable in your self-respect.
Those who remain stable in their self-respect never have any desire to receive limited respect. When all limited desires are merged in your self-respect, there is then no need to ask for anything. Limited desires are never fulfilled. One limited desire gives birth to many other desires, whereas self-respect easily fulfils all desires. So maintain your self-respect and you will become an embodiment of all attainments. You will become ignorant of any lack of attainment and of any desires.
Slogan: Those who mould themselves to all situations are real gold.


*** Om Shanti ***


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