Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 2 December 2019

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you have to give the Father’s introduction to everyone before destruction takes place. Imbibe knowledge and then explain it to others; only then will you be able to claim a high status.
Question: What directions does the Father give to Raj Yogi students?
Answer: You are given the directions that, after belonging to the one Father, you must not allow your hearts to become attached to anyone else. After making a promise to remain pure, you must never become impure. Become completely pure, so much so that you automatically stay in constant remembrance of the Father and the Teacher. Have love for the one Father alone and remember Him alone and you will receive a great deal of power.

Om shanti. The spiritual Father sits here and explains. He is only able to explain when He takes this body. He has to explain personally. That which is explained personally is then printed and sent to everyone. You come here in order to listen to Baba personally. The unlimited Father is speaking to you souls. It is the soul that listens. It is the soul that does everything through the body. Therefore, first of all, definitely consider yourselves to be souls. It is remembered that souls remained separated from the Supreme Soul for a long time. Who are the first ones to become separated from the Father and come down here to play their parts? When you are asked, “For how long have you remained separated from the Father?”, you reply, “5000 years.” This is the full account. You children know how you came down, numberwise. The Father, who was up above, has also now come down in order to charge everyone’s battery. You now have to remember the Father. The Father is now personally in front of you. People on the path of devotion do not know the Father’s occupation. They do not know His name, form, place or time. You know the name, form, place and time. You know that the Father explains all the secrets to you through this chariot. He has explained the secrets of the Creator and the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. It is very subtle. The Father is the Seed of the human world tree. He definitely comes here. It is His task to establish the new world. It isn’t that He establishes it whilst sitting up above. You children know that Baba is personally explaining to you directly through this body. This is also the Father’s love. No one else knows His biography. The Gita is the scripture of the original, eternal, deity religion. You also know that, after this knowledge, destruction will take place. Destruction definitely has to take place. Destruction does not take place when the other founders of religions come. This is now the time for destruction and this is why the knowledge that you are now being given will end later on. All of these aspects are now in the intellects of you children. You have come to know the Creator and creation. Both are eternal and have always existed. The Father’s part is to come at the confluence age. Devotion lasts for half a cycle but knowledge doesn’t. You receive the inheritance of knowledge for half a cycle. You only receive knowledge once, at the confluence age. Only once are you able to have such a class. You have to understand these aspects clearly and then explain them to others. The status you claim depends on how much service you do. You understand that you now have to make effort to go to the new world. Your status will depend on how much you imbibe and explain to others. Before destruction takes place, you have to give everyone the Father’s introduction and the introduction of the beginning, middle and end of creation. You remember the Father so that your sins of many births can be cut away. You definitely have to remember the Father for as long as He continues to teach you. There would be yoga with the one who teaches. When a teacher teaches, you would have yoga with him. How could you study without having yoga with him? Yoga means to remember the one who is teaching you. That One is the Father, Teacher and the Satguru. You have to remember Him accurately in all three forms. Only once do you meet this Satguru. Once you receive salvation through knowledge, the system of having gurus comes to an end. The system of having a father and a teacher carries on whereas the system of having a guru will have ended, because you received salvation. You go to the land beyond sound in a practical way and then come down here at your own time to play your parts. You receive both liberation and liberation-in-life. You definitely also receive liberation. You will go home and remain there for a short time. Here, you have to play your parts through bodies. All the actors will have come down by the end. When a play ends, all the actors come onto the stage. Even now, all the actors have gathered on the stage; there is so much chaos. There will not be any chaos in the golden age. There is so much peacelessness now. Just as the Father has the knowledge of the world cycle, so you children also have the knowledge. The Seed has the knowledge of how our tree grows and how it is then destroyed. You are now sitting here in order to plant the sapling of the new world, that is, to plant the sapling of the original, eternal, deity religion. You know how Lakshmi and Narayan claimed their kingdom. You now understand that you will go and become princes in the new world. All the residents of that world will call themselves the masters. Even now, everyone says that Bharat is their country. You understand that you are now at the confluence age and that you will be going to the Temple of Shiva. You are now about to go. You will go and become the masters of the Temple of Shiva. This is your aim and objective. The king, the queen and the subjects all become the masters of the Temple of Shiva. However, there are different levels of status in a kingdom. There are no advisers there. Advisers are only needed when people become impure. You would never have heard of advisers to Lakshmi and Narayan or to Rama and Sita, because they themselves have pure and satopradhan intellects. It is when people become impure that the king and queen have an adviser to advise them. Just look: there are now countless advisers. You children understand that this play is very enjoyable. A play is normally enjoyable; there is happiness as well as sorrow. Only you children know this unlimited play. There is no question of weeping and wailing etc. in this. It is said: Consider whatever has passed to be the past. Whatever happens is predestined. This play is in your intellects and you are all actors in this play. The parts of our 84 births are accurate and imperishable. Whatever part you have acted in each birth, you will act again. Five thousand years before today, too, you were told to consider yourselves to be souls. These words are also mentioned in the Gita. You understand that when the original, eternal, deity religion was being established, the Father said: Renounce all your bodily religions and consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. The Father has very clearly explained the meaning of “Manmanabhav”. This is the language He uses. Just see how many languages there are now. There is so much chaos because of different languages. Nothing can function without a language. People learn such different languages that they forget their mother language. Those who learn many languages receive a prize. There are as many languages as there are religions. You know that you will have your own kingdom there and that there will only be one language. Here, every 100 miles, there is a different language. There, there is only one language. The Father sits here and explains all of these things to you. Therefore, continue to remember that Father alone. Shiv Baba explains through Brahma. He definitely needs a chariot. Shiv Baba is our Father. Baba says: I have an unlimited number of children. Baba teaches you through this one. You would never embrace your teacher. The Father has come in order to teach you. He teaches you Raj Yoga and so He is the Teacher and you are students. Do students ever embrace their teacher? After belonging to the Father, you must not allow your hearts to become attached to anyone else. The Father says: I have come to teach you Raj Yoga. You are bodily beings whereas I am a bodiless One who resides up above. You say: Baba, come and purify us! This means that you must be impure. Therefore, how can you embrace Me? You make a promise and then become impure. At the end, when you become completely pure, you will continue to stay in remembrance of the Teacher and the Guru. So many now fall due to becoming dirty. They will receive one hundred-fold punishment. You have found this one as the agent in between. You have to remember that One. Baba says: I am His special child, but I am not able to embrace Him! At least you are able to meet Him through this body. How can I embrace Him? The Father says: Children, remember the one Father alone and only love Him alone. You receive power through this remembrance. The Father is the Almighty Authority. It is from the Father that you receive so much power. You become so powerful, that no one can gain victory over your kingdom. The kingdom of Ravan will have ended, so there will be no one there who would remain to cause sorrow. That is called the land of happiness. Ravan is the one who causes sorrow for everyone in the whole world. Even animals experience sorrow. There, animals live together with a lot of love. Here, there is no love. You children understand how this drama continues to turn. Only the Father explains the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of it. Some study very well whereas others study less; everyone studies. Everyone in the whole world will study, that is, they will all remember the Father. To remember the Father is also a study. They remember that Father as the Bestower of Salvation for All, the One who gives happiness to everyone. They call out: Come and make us pure! Therefore, they must surely be impure. He only comes in order to make vicious ones viceless. You call out: O Allah, come and purify us. This is His business; that is why you call out to Him. Your language too should be correct. Some say “Allah” and some say “God” and some even say “God, the Father”. The intellects of those who come at the end are still good. They do not experience as much sorrow. You are now sitting here personally. What are you doing? You are looking at Baba in this one’s forehead. Baba then looks in your forehead. Can I see the one whom I enter? He is sitting next to me. This has to be understood very well. I am sitting next to this one. This one also understands that he is sitting next to Me. You say that you are seeing two in front of you. You see both souls: Bap and Dada. You now have the knowledge of who is called BapDada. You souls are sitting in front of BapDada. On the path of devotion, they sit and listen with their eyes closed. You cannot study in that way. You have to look at the teacher. That One is the Father as well as the Teacher and so you have to look at Him. If you sit in front of Him and close your eyes and continue to doze off, you cannot study in that way. A student definitely continues to look at the teacher. Otherwise, the teacher would say: You keep dozing off. Have you had an intoxicating drink? It is in your intellects that Baba is in this body: I am looking at Baba. The Father explains that this is not a common class in which you sit with your eyes closed. Does anyone sit at school with his eyes closed? Other satsangs are not called schools. Although they sit and relate the Gita, they are not called schools. They are not the Father that you need to look at them. There are some devotees of Shiva who continue to remember Shiva whilst listening to religious stories through their ears. Those who worship Shiva have to remember Shiva alone. There are no questions and answers etc. in other satsangs whereas there are here. Here, you can earn a great deal of income. One never yawns whilst earning an income. You become happy when you receive wealth. Yawning is a sign of sorrow. It is when someone is sick or gone bankrupt that he continues to yawn. You will never yawn if you continue to earn an income. Baba was a businessman. When a steamer arrived late at night, he would also have to stay awake. Some ladies (begum) would only come at night to shop, and so the shops had to remain open just for the females. Baba says: Hold an exhibition on a particular day for just the females and many will come. Even those who wear veils will come. The daughters-in-law remain behind a veil. They are behind a veil even when they are in their cars. Here, it is a matter of souls. Once you receive knowledge, your veils are removed. In the golden age, there are no veils etc. Here, you are given knowledge for the pure household path. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. This play is made for great enjoyment. The parts of happiness and sorrow are predestined in this play. Therefore, there is no question of weeping or wailing. Your intellect should remember that whatever happens is predestined. You should never think about that which has passed.
  2. This is not a common class. You should not sit here with your eyes closed but continue to look at the Teacher in front of you. You must not yawn. Yawning is a sign of sorrow.
Blessing: May you become worthy of being praised and worshipped because of enabling everyone to have a right through your spiritual personality of happiness.
Those who claim from everyone the certificate of contentment remain constantly happy. Because of your spiritual personality of happiness, you become well known, that is, you become worthy of being praised and worshipped. Because you souls have pure and positive thoughts for others and remain happy, others receive happiness, support, wings of courage and zeal and enthusiasm; you enable some to have a right and some to become devotees.
Slogan: The easy way to claim a blessing from the Father is to have love in your heart.

*** Om Shanti ***

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