Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, has come personally to perform the dance of knowledge in front of you children. Become clever, serviceable children and the dance of knowledge will be good.
Question: What hobby do you children develop at the confluence age?
Answer: That of staying in remembrance. This is your spiritual hobby. As well as developing this hobby you also have to perform divine and spiritual actions. You are Brahmins. You definitely have to narrate the true story to everyone. Children also have the hobby of doing service.
Song: Have patience, o man! Your days of happiness are about to come!

Om shanti. When someone is ill in hospital, that patient hopes to become free from pain. He asks his doctor what his condition is and when he will become free from that illness. All of those are limited matters. This is an unlimited matter. The Father comes and advises you children. You children understand that this truly is a play of happiness and sorrow. In fact, you children have more benefit here than in the golden age, because you know that you are in God’s lap at this time, that you are the children of God. At this time, we have very elevated, incognito praise. Although human beings call the Father ‘Shiva’, ‘Ishwar’, ‘Bhagawan’ (God), they don’t know Him. They continue to call out to Him. This happens according to the drama. There is knowledge and ignorance, the day and the night. They have continued to sing this, but they have such tamopradhan intellects that they don’t consider themselves to be tamopradhan. Only when someone has the Father’s inheritance in his fortune will these things sit in his intellect. You children know that you were in extreme darkness. The Father has now come and we have therefore received so much light. The knowledge that the Father explains is not in any of the Vedas, scriptures or the Granth, etc. The Father tells you this and proves it. I give you children the light of the knowledge of the Creator and the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. It then disappears. No one can receive knowledge from anyone except Me. This knowledge then disappears. You understand that the iron age has passed and that it will repeat after 5000 years. This is something new; it is not mentioned in the scriptures. The Father gives everyone the same knowledge, but all are numberwise when it comes to imbibing it. When good, serviceable children come, Baba’s dance of knowledge reflects that. When the audience watching a dancing girl is very keen, she performs the dance very well, in happiness. If there are only a few sitting in the audience, she would perform an ordinary dance in a common way. When there are many who applaud, her enthusiasm increases. It is the same here. All the children listen to the murli but to listen to it personally, face-to-face is a different matter. It is also shown that Krishna too used to dance. That wasn’t a physical dance. In fact, it was the dance of knowledge. Shiv Baba Himself tells you: I come to perform the dance of knowledge. I am the Ocean of Knowledge, and so very good points emerge. This is the flute of knowledge, not a wooden flute. Would the Purifier Father come and teach you Raja Yoga or play a wooden flute? No one would ever think that the Father comes and teaches Raja Yoga in this way. You now understand this, but it doesn’t enter the intellects of any other human beings. Those who come here claim a status, numberwise. Whatever effort each of you made in the previous cycle, you will continue to make the same effort now. You children know that the Father comes and reveals all the secrets to you exactly as He did in the previous cycle. He says: I too am bound by the drama. Everyone is bound by the bond of the drama. Whatever happened in the golden age will happen again. There are so many different species. In the golden age, there won’t be as many species as there are now. There is only a small variety there. Later, the number will continue to grow, just as the religions will also continue to grow. They don’t exist in the golden age. You will only see the things of the golden age in the golden age. There is nothing in the golden age that would create dirt or rubbish. Those deities are called gods and goddesses. In no other land would anyone be called a god or goddess. Those deities definitely used to rule the kingdom in heaven. Look how much they are praised!

You children have now developed patience. You know how elevated or low your status is and with how many marks you will pass. Each one of you can understand for yourself that so-and-so is doing good service. Yes, whilst you are moving along, storms also come. The Father says: Let there be no bad storms or omens over the children. Maya makes even good children fall. The Father gives you patience: There is a very short time left. You also have to do service. When establishment has taken place, you will have to return home. There can’t be any change in this of even a second. Only you children can understand this secret. We are actors in the drama. We play the main parts in it. This play of victory and defeat is based on Bharat. Bharat was pure; there was so much peace and purity. It is a matter of only yesterday. Yesterday, we were the ones who played those parts. The whole parts of 5000 years are recorded. We have been around the cycle and we are now having yoga with the Father through which the alloy is being removed. When you remember the Father, the inheritance will also definitely be remembered. First of all, know Alpha! The Father says: By understanding Me, you will understand everything from Me. Knowledge is very easy. It is a matter of just one second. Nevertheless, He continues to explain it to you. He continues to give you points. The main point is “Manmanabhav” and it is in this that there are obstacles. When body consciousness comes, you choke in many different ways; it doesn’t allow you to stay in yoga. On the path of devotion, when they sit down to remember Krishna, their intellects wander in so many different directions. Everyone has the experience of devotion. It refers to this birth. By understanding this birth, you can also understand something of your past births. You children have developed the hobby of remembering the Father. The more you remember Him, the more your happiness will increase. Together with that, you must also perform worldly actions that are divine and spiritual. You are Brahmins. You narrate the story of the true Narayan and the story of immortality. There is just one main thing in which everything is included. It is only by having remembrance that your sins are absolved. Only this one hobby is spiritual. The Father explains that this knowledge is very easy. The name ‘kumaris’ is also remembered. Out of adhar kumaris (‘half kumaris, i.e. married women) and kumaris, the name of the kumaris is glorified a lot more; they don’t have any bondage. Those husbands would make them vicious. This Father decorates you in order to send you to heaven. He takes you into the sweet ocean. The Father says: Completely forget this old world including your old bodies. The soul says: I have completed 84 births. I will now claim the full inheritance from the Father. Although you maintain courage, there is still a battle with Maya. This Baba is in the front. He faces the storms of Maya the most. Many come and tell Baba of such things that come to them and Baba replies: Children, of course these storms will definitely come. They come to me first. At the end, all of you will reach your karmateet stage. This is not a new thing; it also happened in the previous cycle. You have played your parts in the drama and you are now to return home. This is a live drama. You children understand that this old world is hell. It is said: Lakshmi and Narayan used to live in the ocean of milk. People build such good temples to them. At the beginning, when a temple was built, they created a pool of milk and placed an idol of Vishnu in that. They used to make many very good images and worship them. At that time, everything was very cheap. Baba has seen everything. Truly, this Bharat was such a pure ocean of milk. It was as though there were rivers of ghee and milk. They have just portrayed this praise. As soon as you mention heaven, your mouth begins to water. Each of you children has now received a third eye of knowledge. Therefore, your intellects have received understanding. Your intellects go to the home and then go to heaven. Everything there will be new. Baba used to be very happy whenever he saw the idol of Shri Narayan. He used to look after it with a lot of love. He didn’t understand that he would become that himself. You have now received this knowledge from Baba. You have the knowledge of Brahmand and the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. You understand how you go around the cycle. Baba is teaching us Raja Yoga. You children should be very happy that only a short time remains. Something or other will continue to happen to these bodies. This is now your last birth. According to the drama plan, your days of happiness are about to come. You can see that destruction is just ahead. Each of you has received a third eye of knowledge. You understand very clearly about the incorporeal world, the subtle region and the corporeal world. This discus of self-realisation continues to turn round in your intellects very well. You have the happiness that the unlimited Father becomes your Teacher and teaches you, but because this is a new thing, you repeatedly forget it. Otherwise, when you say “Baba”, the mercury of happiness would rise. Ramtirath was a devotee of Shri Krishna and so he used to make so much effort simply to have a vision of Shri Krishna. When he had a vision, he became very happy but what happened through that? He didn’t receive anything. Here, you children have happiness because you know that you attain such a high status for 21 births. For three-quarters of the cycle you are happy. If it were half-and-half, there would be no profit. You are happy for three-quarters of the cycle. No one else can experience as much happiness as you. For you, there is limitless happiness. When there is great happiness, you are unaware of sorrow. It is at the confluence age that you understand both, that you are now going into happiness from sorrow. Your faces are facing towards the day and your feet are facing towards the night. Kick this world away, that is, remove it from your intellects. You souls know that you now have to return home. You have played many parts. Talk to yourself in this way! Now, the more you remember the Father, the more the rust will be removed. The more you remain busy doing the Father’s service and making others similar to yourselves, the more you will reveal the Father. It is in your intellects that you now have to return home. Therefore, only remember the home. An old building continues to decay. Look at the difference between an old building and a new building; there is the difference of day and night. This really is a river of poison; people continue to fight and kill one another. Now that Baba has come, a lot of fighting has begun. If a wife doesn’t agree to indulge in lust she is harassed so much! People create so much trouble. So many atrocities took place in the previous cycle. Those things that are remembered refer to the present time. You can see how much the mothers call out. That part of the drama is now being played. No one, apart from the Father and the children, knows this. As you make further progress, everyone will come to understand it. It is remembered that the Father is the Purifier and the Bestower of Salvation for All. Explain to anyone how Bharat becomes heaven and how it then becomes hell: Come and we will explain to you the history and geography of the whole world. Only God and you, God’s children, know this unlimited history and geography. By knowing this history and geography, you know how purity, happiness and peace are established. You will definitely claim the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. Come inside and understand this. There are many topics. The heads of you children are now overflowing. The mercury of happiness rises so high. You children have the whole knowledge. You are receiving knowledge from the knowledge-full Father. We will then go and become Lakshmi and Narayan. This knowledge will not remain there. These are such deep things and they have to be understood. You children understand the picture of the ladder very well. This is the cycle of 84 births. Now explain this and clarify it for people. This world cannot be called heaven or the pure world. The golden age is separate from the iron age. It is very easy to understand how this cycle turns. The explanation is good, but many people are unable to make the effort to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. 1. Remove from your intellect this old world and your body and remember the Father and the home. Constantly maintain the happiness that your days of happiness are now about to come.
  2. Churn the knowledge that you receive from the knowledge-full Father and keep your intellect overflowing. Don’t become body conscious and choke in any way.
Blessing: May you become an embodiment of all attainments and receive a crown of light as your Godly fortune.
In the world, the sign of fortune is a kingdom and the sign of a kingdom is a crown. In the same way, the sign of having Godly fortune is a crown of light. The basis of receiving this crown is purity. Completely pure souls, as well as having a crown of light, are full of all attainments. If any attainment is missing, the crown of light will not then be clearly visible.
Slogan: Only those who remain stable in their spiritual stage can be great donors with their minds.

*** Om Shanti ***

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