Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you now have to remain very, very simple. When you wear expensive, fashionable clothes, body consciousness comes.
Question: In which aspect do children become lazy if they don’t have a high status in their fortune?
Answer: Baba says: Children, in order to reform yourselves, keep your chart. There’s a lot of benefit in keeping a chart of your remembrance. Always keep a notebook with you. Check for how long you stayed in remembrance of the Father. What is your register like? Is your character divine? Do you stay in remembrance of Baba while doing everything? It is only when you have remembrance that your rust can be removed and your fortune can become elevated.
Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Om shanti. You sweetest children should definitely have a picture of Lakshmi and Narayan in your homes. You should experience great happiness on seeing it because it is the aim and objective of the study. You know that you are students and that God is teaching you. You are God’s students. You are studying this study. Everyone’s aim is the same. There should be great happiness on seeing this picture. You children heard the song. He is the Lord who is very innocent. Some consider Shankar to be the Innocent Lord. They have mixed up Shiva with Shankar. You now know that Shiva is God, the Highest on High, and that Shankar is a deity. So, how could they be one and the same? You also heard in the song that He is the Protector of the devotees. The devotees must definitely be experiencing calamities. There are the calamities of the five vices for everyone. Everyone is a devotee. No one can be called a knowledgeable soul. Just as Shiva and Shankar are separate, so knowledge and devotion are also completely separate. Once you receive knowledge, devotion doesn’t remain. You become the masters of the land of happiness. You receive salvation for half the cycle. Through just one signal, you attain your inheritance for half the cycle. You can see how many difficulties the devotees have. Through knowledge you become deities. Then, when the devotees are in difficulty, that is, when they experience calamities and sorrow, the Father comes. The Father explains: According to the drama, whatever happened in the past has to repeat again. Then, when worshipping begins, the path of sin, which means the path of becoming impure, begins. In this, the number one vice is lust. It is said of this: By conquering lust you become conquerors of the world. They don’t gain victory. No one in the kingdom of Ravan can take birth without vice. The kingdom of Ravan doesn’t exist in the golden age. If Ravan were to exist there too, what would God establish the kingdom of Rama for? A father has so much concern that all his children should remain happy. He accumulates wealth to give to his children to keep them happy. However, it is not like that here. This is the world of sorrow. The unlimited Father says: You experience happiness for birth after birth there. You receive plenty of wealth there. You don’t experience sorrow there for 21 births. No one goes bankrupt there. Let your intellects imbibe these things and you can stay very happy internally. Your knowledge and yoga are completely incognito. You don’t have physical weapons etc. The Father explains: This is the sword of knowledge. They have symbolized this with physical weapons on the goddesses. Those who study the scriptures etc. never say that this is the sword of knowledge or the bracelet of knowledge. Only the unlimited Father can explain this. They believe that, since the Shakti Army gained victory, they must definitely have had weapons. The Father comes and tells you about all of these mistakes. Many people will listen to all of these things of yours. Even the scholars etc. will come one day. He is the unlimited Father, is He not? It is only by following shrimat that you children can experience benefit. Your body consciousness will then break. This is why wealthy people don’t come here. The Father says: Renounce all pride in your body. People have great intoxication of their fine clothes etc. You are now in a state of simplicity. You are now going to your in-laws’ home. There, you will have plenty of ornaments to wear. You mustn’t wear expensive clothes here. The Father says: Remain very simple. “Whatever actions I perform…..” You children also have to remain very simple. Otherwise, there is body consciousness. All of that causes a lot of damage. You know that you are going to your in-laws’ home. There, you will receive plenty of jewellery. You mustn’t wear jewellery etc. here. Nowadays there is a great deal of robbery etc. Robbers rob you in the streets. Day by day, this kind of upheaval etc. will continue to increase. This is why the Father says: Consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me. By becoming body conscious, you forget the Father. It is only at this time that you have to make this effort. Later, on the path of devotion, you won’t need to make this effort. You are now at the confluence age. You know that the Father comes at the most elevated confluence age. War will definitely take place. Many atomic bombs etc. continue to be manufactured. No matter how much you beat your heads for them to stop doing that, it is not possible; it is fixed in the drama. Even when you try to explain to them, they don’t understand. Death definitely has to take place. Therefore, how could they stop doing that? They understand everything, and yet they don’t stop manufacturing them. This is fixed in the drama. The Yadavas and the Kauravas have to be destroyed. Yadavas are the people who live in Europe. They are proud of their science through which destruction takes place. Then, there is victory through the pride of silence. You are taught to have the pride of silence (become an embodiment of silence). Remember the Father: Dead silence. I, a soul, am detached from this body. Does anyone else make effort to leave his body as we do? Go and search throughout the whole world: is there anyone else who says: “O soul, I now have to leave this body.” Become pure! Otherwise, there will be experiences punishment. Who experiences punishment? Souls. At that time souls receive visions of the sins they have committed and the punishment that they are to receive for those sins. At such time that soul feels as though he is receiving the punishment of many births. If so much sorrow is experienced, what would be the balance of happiness that remains? The Father says: You must not perform any more sinful acts. Keep your register. In every school they keep a register of everyone’s activity and behaviour. Even the Education Minister says: The character of Bharat is no good now. Tell them: We are making our characters like those of Lakshmi and Narayan. Always keep a picture of Lakshmi and Narayan with you. That is your aim and objective. We are becoming like them. We are establishing the original, eternal, deity religion by following shrimat. Everyone’s activity and behaviour is being reformed here. You hold a court here. Children at all the centres should also hold a court. Tell them: Keep your chart every day so that you can be reformed. If it is not in someone’s fortune, he becomes lazy. It is very good to keep your chart. You understand that by knowing this cycle of 84 births you become rulers of the globe. It is so easy! However, you also have to become pure. Keep your chart of the pilgrimage of remembrance. You will benefit a great deal by doing that. If you don’t keep a note of it, then it’s understood that you do not remember Baba. You should always have your notebook with you. You have to keep your chart: For how long did I remember the Father? Unless you have remembrance, your rust cannot be removed. In order for rust to be removed from something, it is put into paraffin. While doing everything, remember the Father and you’ll receive the fruit of your efforts. It does take effort. You won’t be crowned just like that. Baba is giving you such a high status. Therefore, some effort does have to be made. You don’t have to use your hands or feet etc. here. This study is absolutely easy. Your intellects are aware of what you are being made into by Shiv Baba through Brahma. Wherever you go, you must always have your badge with you. Tell them: In fact, this is our Coat of Arms. There has to be great royalty in explaining to others. Explain with a lot of sweetness. Explain the Coat of Arms. Also explain what a loving intellect is and what a non-loving intellect is. Do you know the Father? You wouldn’t call your physical father “God”. Only the unlimited Father is the Purifier and the Ocean of Happiness. It is only from Him that you receive an abundance of happiness. On the path of ignorance, they believe that their mother and father give them happiness. Then they are sent to the in-laws’ house. Yours is the unlimited in-laws’ house; that is a limited one. Perhaps that mother and father might give you five to seven million or a billion. The Father has named you: The children who are going to become multi, multimillionaires. There it is not a question of wealth; you receive everything there. The palaces there are very beautiful. You receive palaces for birth after birth. There is the example of Sudama. People have heard about the handful of rice, and so they also bring that here. However, you can’t eat rice by itself. Therefore, they also bring a few spices etc. They bring it with so much love. They understand that Baba will provide for them for birth after birth. This is why He is called the Bestower. On the path of devotion you give in the name of God, and this is why you receive something short-lived in your next birth. When someone gives something to the poor or opens a college, then, in return for that donation, he receives an education in his next birth. If he builds a guest house for pilgrims, then, because of the many who stayed and experienced happiness there, he receives a good home to stay in. Here, however, it is a matter of birth after birth. You know that whatever you give to Shiv Baba, it is going to be used for you. Shiv Baba doesn’t keep anything for Himself. He told this one: Give everything you have and you will become the master of the world. He was granted a vision of destruction and a vision of the kingdom. He became so intoxicated that Baba was making him into the master of the world. In the Gita, it says that Arjuna was granted a vision and told: Remember Me and this is what you will become. He was granted a vision of destruction and establishment. This one’s mercury of happiness also rose from the beginning. This was part of the drama. No one knows this Lucky Chariot. Therefore, you children should keep this aim and objective in your intellects: We are becoming this. To the extent that you make effort, so you will claim a high status. It is remembered: Follow the Father. That refers to this time. The unlimited Father says: Follow the advice I give you. I also tell you what this one did. God is also called the Businessman, the Jewel Merchant and the Magician. Baba suddenly gave up everything. Previously, he was a jeweller of physical jewels and he has now become a jeweller of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. It is such great magic to change hell into heaven. He is also the Businessman. Baba makes such a good bargain with you children. He takes your straws and handfuls of rice and gives you palaces in return. He enables us to earn such great incomes. The business of diamonds and jewels also takes place in this way. When an American customer comes he is charged 500 or 1000 rupees for something that costs 100 rupees. They charge him a lot of money. You have the most ancient thing of all and that is this ancient yoga. You have now found the Innocent Lord. He is so innocent! Just look what He is making you into! In return for your straws, look what He is making you into for 21 births! Human beings don’t understand anything. Sometimes they say that the Innocent Lord gave them something. Sometimes they say that Amba gave them that. Sometimes they say that their guru gave them that. Here, this is a study. You are sitting in the Godly University. This Gita is also called the Godly University. “God speaks” is written in the Gita but no one knows who God is. Ask anyone: Do you know the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? The Father is the Master of the Garden. He is changing you from thorns into flowers. That is called the Garden of Allah. Europeans speak of Paradise. Bharat truly was a land of angels; it is now a graveyard. You are now becoming the masters of the land of angels again. The Father has come to awaken those who are sleeping. You know this, numberwise, according to the efforts you make. Those who have woken up will also wake others up. If someone doesn’t wake others up, it means that he himself hasn’t yet woken up. Therefore, the Father explains: These songs etc. are also fixed in the drama. Some songs are very good. When you are unhappy, play these songs and you will become very happy. “O traveller of the night, do not become weary.” This song too is very good. The night is now coming to an end. People believe that the more worshipping they do, the sooner they will find God. When they have a vision of Hanuman etc. they believe that they have found God. The Father says: All of those visions etc. are fixed in the drama. They are given a vision of whomever they have a feeling of devotion for, but there is no one really like that. The Father has said: All of you should always have your badges with you. Many different types of badge are made. This badge is very good for explaining to others. You are the spiritual military. The military always have their insignia. When you children have your badges with you, you have the intoxication that this is what you are becoming. We are students. Baba is changing us from humans into deities. Human beings worship deities. Deities do not worship deities. Here, ordinary human beings worship deities because deities are elevated. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Always keep your aim and objective in your intellect. Always keep a picture of Lakshmi and Narayan with you. Stay happy knowing that you are studying in order to become like them. We are now God’s students.
  2. Give your old straw and a handful of rice and receive a palace in return. Follow Father Brahma and become a jeweller of the imperishable jewels of knowledge.
Blessing: May you be able to concentrate and control your mind with an injection of bodiless.
Nowadays, if someone goes out of control, if he causes a lot of trouble, jumps around or becomes crazy, he is given an injection to quieten him down. In the same way, if your power of thought is not under your control, give yourself an injection of bodilessness. Your power of thought will not then go to waste. You will easily be able to concentrate. However, if you give the reins of your intellect to the Father but then take them back, your mind would create unnecessary, hard work. Now, become free from unnecessary, hard work.
Slogan: Keep your ancestor form in your awareness and have mercy for all souls.

*** Om Shanti ***

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