Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 19 NOVEMBER 2017

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Avyakt BapDada’s sweet elevated versions for the Kumaris’ bhatthi.

Where is BapDada celebrating a meeting with all of you today? In which place are all of you sitting? You are celebrating a meeting at the place where the Ocean meets the rivers. You like the shores of the ocean, do you not? How elevated would a place be where there isn’t just the ocean; but also so many rivers meet? Even the Ocean loves meeting the rivers so much. Would such a meeting take place in any other age? The meeting of this age will be remembered and celebrated in different ways throughout the whole cycle. You have come here to celebrate such a meeting, have you not? This is why you have come running from everywhere, is it not? You merge in the Ocean and become master oceans of knowledge, that is, you become stabilised in the unlimited form, equal to the Father. Do you have this unlimited experience? To have an unlimited attitude means to have a benevolent attitude towards all souls, to be a master world benefactor; not just to be benevolent towards yourself and the souls in your limited connections, but to have an attitude of benevolence towards everyone. “I have become a Brahma Kumari, I have become a pure soul!” To continue to move forward being satisfied with your own progress and your own attainment is not being stable in an unlimited attitude, equal to the Father. A limited attitude means to have an attitude of satisfaction just with yourself. Do you want to remain just here or do you want to move forward? Some children, instead of taking a golden chance and golden medal and spending time in unlimited service and for unlimited attainment, become happy with a silver medal and think, “I am moving along fine, I am not making any mistakes, I am both fulfilling my worldly responsibilities. There isn’t any conflict of sanskars within the gathering.” That is not having an unlimited attitude equal to the Father’s, is it? Would a couple seem matched if the Father is the World Benefactor and the child is a self-benefactor? You don’t even like to hear this. Therefore, would you like to become that and move along in that way? If a child of the Master of all treasures doesn’t become a great donor of treasures, what would people say? If any of you were asked whether you have a right to the inheritance of all of the Father’s treasures, you would say “Yes.” What have you received all the treasures for? Have you received them so that you can eat, drink and enjoy yourself? You have received the direction to distribute them and increase them, have you not? So how will you share them? Have you opened a Gita Pathshala or are you happy just to share them whenever you have a chance? You have received an unlimited attainment from the unlimited Father. Therefore, maintain unlimited zeal and enthusiasm. A kumari life at the confluence age is the most elevated life filled with blessings. So, according to the drama, all of you special souls have naturally received such a life of blessings. Are you using your life to give everyone blessings and the great donation? You can draw a line as long as you want with the pen of elevated actions from the blessings you have naturally received. This time has this blessing. The time has this blessing, the kumari life has this blessing and the Father is the Bestower of Blessings. The task is also one that gives you blessings. So, have you taken full advantage of this? Have you taken the chance of ensuring a continuous line of 21 births and of becoming constantly complete for 21 generations? You can do as much as you want in a kumari life. You have received the fortune of being a free soul. Ask yourself: Am I free or am I dependent? The bondage of those who are dependent is a trap of their minds’ own wasteful or weak thoughts. You don’t get yourself caught in the trap that you yourself have created, do you? Is there the trap of questions? If you took a picture of the trap that you have created, it would be like a questionmark. You are experienced in the questions that arise, are you not? “What will happen? How will it happen? It will not happen like this, will it?” These are traps. You were also told earlier that the one powerful constant thought of Brahmins of the confluence age is: “Whatever happens is benevolent. Whatever happens will be elevated and it will be the best of all.” Since the bad days and non-benevolent days have now finished, this is the thought to finish the traps. Every day of the confluence age is an important day, it is not a bad day. Every day you have a festival. Every day is to be celebrated. You can finish any trap of wasteful thoughts with this powerful thought.

Kumaris are the pride of BapDada and the Brahmin clan. Kumaris receive the first chance. The Pandavas are amused that young kumaris become teachers; they become dadis and didis. You receive so many chances. However, if you still don’t take your chance, what can be said? Do you know what you say? “I will remain co-operative but I won’t surrender myself.” How would those who don’t surrender themselves become equal? What did the Father do? He surrendered everything, did he not? Or, did he just remain co-operative? What did Father Brahma do? Did he surrender himself or did he just remain co-operative? What did Jagadamba do? She too was a kumari. So, are you going to follow the mother and father or follow your sisters? “When I see that one’s life, that’s just what I would like.” So that is following a sister, is it not? What will you do now? You fear is due to your own weaknesses, nothing else. So, what will you now take? Will you take a golden medal or is a silver medal fine? Don’t look at your weaknesses. If you look at them, you become afraid. Don’t become weak and don’t look at the weaknesses of others! Do you understand what you have to do?

BapDada is very pleased to see kumaris. When people have a daughter, they are not happy, whereas the more kumaris that come, the greater BapDada’s happiness, because BapDada understands that every kumari is a world benefactor, a great donor and a bestower of blessings. So, do you understand how great the importance of a kumari life is? Today is a special day for kumaris. In Bharat, they specially invite the kumaris on the eighth day (according to the Hindu calendar). Therefore, BapDada too is celebrating the eighth day. Each kumari is an image of the eight powers. Achcha.

To those who have a right to an elevated life filled with blessings, to those who have a right to a golden chance, to those who have a right to draw the line of elevated fortune for 21 births, to those who have a right to the blessing of being one who is free, to the Brahma Kumaris who belong to the clan of Shiva, especially to the elevated kumaris and also to the multimillion-times fortunate souls who are celebrating a meeting at the same time, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Victory of karma yoga over the suffering of karma: You are a victorious jewel who has achieved victory over the suffering or karma, are you not? Those people have to suffer the consequences of their karma, whereas you are a karma yogi. You are not one who has to suffer, but one who has burnt everything for all time. You burn everything in such a way that for 21 births there is no name or trace of any suffering of karma. You would only burn something when it comes to you. That comes in order for you to burn it, not to make you suffer. It comes to take leave, because even the suffering of karma is aware that it can only come at this time and not at any other time. This is why it seeks its chance every now and then. When it sees that nothing is going to be gained here, it goes away.

Whilst looking at Dadi and Didi: You are happy to see so many hands, are you not? The dreams that you had have become practical, haven’t they? You had dreams of so many hands and so many centres, because Dadi and Didi have the maximum desire for such hands. Therefore, there would of course be happiness on seeing so many ready-made hands! There is a difference between the kumaris of Bharat and those from abroad. Why do you need to earn an income? (Someone wanted to study for a degree.) Until you have put it into practice, the degree has no value. The value of the degree is when you work (use it practically). Even then, when you don’t practise what you have studied but just remain caught up in a household, even after your studies, then it is said, “What benefit is there in having studied?” Even those who are illiterate are able to look after children, and those too (educated ones) are looking after them. So what is the difference? In the same way, it is when you study this and go on to the stage of service, that this degree is then of value. You receive a chance here and you automatically receive a degree. Is this degree a small thing? Look how big the degree is that Jagadamba Saraswati received! You cannot even begin to describe the degree that you receive here. You have received such a huge degree – master ocean of knowledge, master almighty authority…; you have so many degrees. MA. and BA. are all included in these. Doctors and engineers are all included in these.

BapDada meeting different groups of kumaris:

1) You are blessed kumaris, are you not? Are you the ones who walk slowly or the ones who fly? To be one who is flying means to be one who has let go of the limited earth. It is when you leave the ground that you are able to fly, is it not? You cannot fly down below. Those who are down below are caught by the hunters. When you come down, you are trapped in a cage. Those who are flying do not enter the cage. So, have you left the cage? What will you do now? Will you get a job? Will you wear a crown or carry a burden (basket)? Where there is a crown, there cannot be a burden. It is only when you take off the crown that you can put the burden there. If you put the burden there, the crown would fall off. So, do you want to wear a crown or carry a burden? You now have the crown of the responsibility of world service, whereas in the future, you will have a jewel-studded crown. Wear the crown of world service now and the world will consider you to be a great soul, a blessed soul. How can those who are wearing such a big crown carry a burden? You had been carrying a burden for 63 births. Now that you are receiving a crown, you should wear it, should you not? What do you think? You may not have the desire in your heart, but you have to do it. Are you circumstances like that? By gradually making your relatives content, you can free yourself from bondage. Make a plan to become free from bondage. Keep the aim of doing unlimited service and all the limited bondages will automatically break. If you have an aim on both sides, you cannot then be successful in both the worldly and the spiritual. When you have a clear aim, you will also receive help with your relatives. You consider your relatives just for the sake of it, but when you have spiritual service in your intellect, the compulsion will change in front of love.

2) Have all of you kumaris made a decision about your destiny, or do you still have to do that? The longer you take to decide about your life, the more the time to attain will pass by, and this is why you mustn’t waste your time in making a decision. You think and you act: this is to be one who makes a number one deal. Those who decide in a second receive a golden medal. Those who decide after thinking a lot receive a silver medal and those who cannot decide even after thinking about it receive a copper one. All of you are the ones with a golden medal, are you not? Since you are to go the golden age, you have to have the golden medal, do you not? None of you raises your hand to become Rama or Sita. Lakshmi and Narayan are golden aged. So, have all of you drawn such a line of fortune for yourselves, or do you sometimes not have the courage? You, who constantly fly with zeal and enthusiasm, do not let of your courage, no matter what happens. Seeing the weaknesses of others, do not become disheartened yourself. I don’t know; perhaps the same will happen to me! If one person falls into a ditch, what would another one do? Would he fall in it himself or would he try to rescue the other one? So, never be disheartened. Constantly continue to fly with the wings of zeal and enthusiasm. Do not be attracted to anything. When a hunter tries to trap you, he throws very good grain. Maya also does the same sometimes, and so always stay in the flying stage and you will remain safe. To think of the past, to think of weaknesses, to look back; to look back means Ravan will come.

3) You are the Shakti Army, are you not? All of you have the flag of victory in your hands. Is the flag of victory over all the world or just over your State? Those who have a right to the world would be world servers – not limited servers, but unlimited servers. They would do service wherever they go. So, are you ready for such unlimited service? Since you are the Shaktis of the world, offer yourselves. Take leave for two months or six months and try this out. When you take one step, you will move forward ten steps. Go out for one or two months and experience this yourself. When your heart is set on something great, you automatically let go of the thing that is of lower quality. So, try this out. The confluence age is the time to move forward. You have become a Brahma Kumari, you have become an embodiment of knowledge and a lot of time has been put into this. Now, move forward. Take a few steps ahead, do not just stay in one place. Do not look at those who are weak. Look at the Shaktis; why do you look at the sheep? When you look at sheep, you have to look down. You are then afraid and think: I don’t know what is going to happen. You get afraid when you see those who are weak. Therefore, do not look at them! Look at the Shaktis and your fear will be removed.

Blessing: May you be one who is in the combined formand experience that Company by considering the Lord to be ever present with you.
Whenever you children remember the Father with love, you experience Him to be close and you also experience His company. As soon as you say “Baba” from your heart, the Comforter of Hearts is present in front of you. This is why it is said: The Lord is present. He is ever present. With the use of this method of love, the Lord becomes present at every place with everyone. Only those who experienced this would know about it. It is remembered: Karanhar and Karavanhar are combined in Karankaravanhar. Those who are in the combined form always experience His company in this way.
Slogan: To keep your mind in constant spiritual pleasure is the art of living.


*** Om Shanti ***
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