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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The easy way to make your thoughts fruitful.

Today, the World Creator, the World Benefactor Father, went on a tour around the whole world, in order to look at all the special children. He saw the knowledgeable souls and also the loving and co-operative children. He saw the devotee children and also the children who have no knowledge. He saw all the various souls totally absorbed in their love. Some were lost in carrying out a particular task, some were absorbed in the task of breaking something, and others were absorbed in the task of repairing something, but all were definitely absorbed. The thought in everyone’s mind was: Let me find something. Let me take something. Let me attain something. Each one was engaged in his own task with that aim. Although they had limited attainments, Baba saw in all directions that everyone had the same thought: Let me find something, let me become something. In the midst of this, Baba especially saw the Brahmin children. Whether in this land or abroad, Baba saw the same thought in each one: Let me now do something. Let me do something special for the unlimited task. Let me imbibe a speciality in myself and become a special soul. Baba saw such enthusiasm in the majority of children. Baba saw the practical form of the seed of zeal and enthusiasm in each one’s efforts and also the atmosphere of the time. In order to make this seed of enthusiasm constant, it has to be watered with attention again and again, and checked; that is, the way to make it grow is to continue to give it sunshine. It is in this that you become numberwise. Everyone knows how to sow seeds, but the difference arises when it comes to sustaining it and making it bear fruit.

Every day at amrit vela, BapDada sees this game or effort of love that you children make throughout the day. Each one of you has the best of all thoughts of enthusiasm for yourself and for service: “From now on, I will do this and I will do this. I will definitely do this. I will definitely do this and show everyone.” You continue to sow seeds of such elevated thoughts. In your heart-to-heart conversations with BapDada, you say very sweet things, but what happens when you sustain that thought, that is, that seed, to put it into a practical form? In one thing or another, either in the method of making it grow, or in the speciality of making it fruitful, you become numberwise according to your capacity. The easy way to make the seed of any thought fruitful is just one thing: constantly continue to fill that seed with the strength of all powers from the Father, the Seed, at all times. Through the Seed form, the seed of your thoughts will easily and automatically grow and become fruitful. However, because of not having a constant connection with the Seed, you make other souls or facilities the method for growth. Then, because of that, you take more time and effort in the expansion of, “Should I do it like this or like that? I should do it like this.” You make another soul or facility your support. Instead of it receiving water and sunshine from the Ocean and the Sun, you water it with all the other facilities and give it the sakaash of considering souls to be your support. Therefore, the seed cannot become fruitful. This is why, even after making effort, even after giving your time, your enthusiasm decreases as you move along, when there isn’t the attainment of visible fruit and you become disheartened with yourself, with your companions and with service. The waves of sometimes happiness and sometimes sadness make the boat of Brahmin life sometimes rock and sometimes move along well. This is the condition of the lives of some of you children nowadays. You are moving along, you are carrying out a task, but you are not experiencing what you should and, therefore, although there is happiness, you are not dancing in happiness. You are moving along but not at a fast speed. You are content that you have become those who have an elevated life, that you now belong to the Father, that you are now servers and have moved away from the world of sorrow and suffering. However, in the midst of contentment, even against your conscious wish and without your understanding why it happens, waves of discontentment emerge. This is because, although knowledge is easy, and remembrance is easy, it is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult to be loving and detached in your relationships and connections and to fulfil that responsibility.

The Brahmin family and the household of service are called relationships and connections. It is in this that you don’t experience what you should in some way or another. This is why there are both types of wave. Now, because of the closeness of time, this speed of effort will not enable you to reach your final destination according to the time. It is now time to become a destroyer of obstacles and to enable unhappy souls to experience happiness and comfort in the midst of the obstacles of the world. Only someone who has had the stage of a destroyer of obstacles over a long period of time is able to carry out the task of destroying obstacles. If you are even now still busy ending the obstacles that have come in your life and you are using your energy for that, how would you be able to become an instrument to give power to others? Become free from obstacles and accumulate a stock of powers, for only then will you become an embodiment of power and be able to carry out the task of a destroyer of obstacles. Do you understand?

Baba saw two things especially. The children in Bharat who don’t have knowledge are busy taking a seat or in helping someone else to take a seat. Day and night, and even in their dreams, they only see the seat, whereas Brahmin children are engaged in setting themselves. You have received the seat, but you are setting yourselves. Abroad, they are engaged in finding a method to protect themselves from the destructive force that they themselves have created. The life of the majority is not a life, but a question mark. Those without knowledge are searching for their protection whereas the knowledgeable children are engaged in hoisting the flag of revelation. The condition of the people of the world is: “Now, save us from this distress!” Give souls who are wandering around in many types of distress the destination of peace. Achcha.

To those who are always set on their seat of the stage of perfection, to those who are destroyers of obstacles of the self and the world, to those who make every seed of elevated thought fruitful by having a relationship with the Father, the Seed, and who eat the practical fruit of that, to the children who always remain content and are jewels of contentment, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting the kumaris of the Hostel:

1. You are always happy seeing your fortune, are you not? You have been saved from taking the wrong path. Instead of experiencing loss, you have made your life one in which you earn. In worldly life, without knowledge, there is nothing but loss, whereas in gyani life, there is nothing but earning at every second. All Brahmins are fortunate anyway, but kumaris are doubly fortunate. To become a Brahma Kumari in a kumari life, to become a Brahmin, is very great. It is not a small thing; it is a very big thing. Do you have the intoxication of what you have become? From being an ordinary kumari, you have become a Shakti form. You are the Shaktis who destroy Maya, are you not? You are not those who are afraid of Maya, but those who destroy Maya. You are not weak, you are courageous. You aren’t afraid of small things, are you? If you always remember your elevated attainment, those small things will seem like nothing. Now, have you made a deal for your whole life or only for the time that you are in the hostel? By having this understanding, none of you can ever go from an elevated life into an ordinary life. If you ask a millionaire to become poor, would he become that? If someone becomes that due to his circumstances, they don’t like it. So, this life is one of having self-sovereignty. You cannot go from this into an ordinary life. So, having become sensible, are you experiencing everything or are you moving along with one another’s company? Have you decided with your own intellect? You have created this life with the judgement of your own conscience, have you not? Or, have you just come along because your parents asked you to? Achcha.

2. Did you kumaris offer yourselves? Will you go on service wherever you are sent? Have you made a firm deal or a weak deal? If it is a firm deal, then are you ready to sit wherever you are made to sit? If you have any bondage, then it is not a true deal. If you yourselves are ready, no one can stop you. A goat can be bound and kept anywhere, but no one can bind a lion. So how can a lioness be bound to anyone? They are free even when they are living in a jungle. So, who are you? Lionesses. A lioness means one who comes onto the field. When you have one faith and one strength, then, when you children have courage, the Father helps. No matter how strong a bond may be, on the basis of courage, even that strong bond can be easily broken. For instance, it is shown that the locks on the jail were opened; similarly, your bonds will also break. Therefore, become like that. If there is the slightest bond, burn it with the fire of yoga. When it is burnt, no name or trace of it will remain. By breaking it, it can still be tied again with a knot. Therefore, don’t break it, but burn it and you will become free for all time. Achcha.

Selected avyakt elevated versions

Become easy-natured and you will continue to achieve success.

The main sanskar of Brahmins is to be complete renunciates. It is only through renunciation that you develop the virtue of easiness and tolerance in your life. Those who have easiness and tolerance will definitely attract others and be able to be loving towards one another. Those who themselves remain light and easy are able to make others light and easy. To be light and easy means that whatever you hear, see or do should be filled with essence, then you will only take the essence of everything. Let there be essence filled in whatever you do.

Those who are themselves easy effort makers will be able to make others into easy effort-makers. Easy effort-makers will be all-rounders in everything, and nothing will be visibly lacking in them. They will not lose courage in anything. They will never say that they are unable to do something. With this one virtue of easiness and lightness, they are able to be a sample in everything and are able to pass with honour. You saw sakar Baba: to the extent that he was knowledge-full, accordingly he had an easy nature. This is known as having sanskars of a child: to be old with the older ones and to be a child with the younger ones. Follow the father in this way and be easy-natured and light.

The method to make the sanskars of others easy is to say , “Ha ji”. When you “Ha ji” here, then your subjects will also say “Ha ji” to you in the golden age. If you say “Na ji” here, then your the subjects will salute you from a distance. So remove the word “No”. By saying “Ha ji” to everything, you will develop the sanskar of being easy and light. In order to become an image of success imbibe the virtue of easiness, lightness and tolerance. A person with patience does everything with careful consideration and achieves success through that. In the same way, those who say “Ha ji”, are easy-natured, and with the power of tolerance they are able to cool anyone with even very harsh sanskars and are able to make a difficult task easy.

The pictures of the deities that are created as your memorials also definitely portray an easy and light nature. They especially show this virtue. They show easiness in their features which you refer to as innocence. To the extent that someone is an easy effort-maker, accordingly, they will be easy in their thoughts, words and actions. This is known as being an angel. Together with the inculcation of the virtue of easiness, you also definitely need the power to accommodate and tolerate. If there aren’t the powers to accommodate and tolerate, then easiness takes on a form of great innocence and in some instances, innocence causes great damage. So, you mustn’t become easy-natured to that extent.

Because of the virtue of easiness, even the Father is called the Lord of Innocence. However, together with being the Lord of Innocence, He is also the Almighty Authority. He is not just the Lord of Innocence. So you too need to imbibe the virtue of easiness, but also always remember your form of power. If you forget your form of power and just remember your form of innocence, then you will be shot by Maya. Therefore, become such a form of power that before Maya tries to oppose you, she salutes you. You have to remain very cautious, careful and clever. In your Brahmin life, become full of all specialities such that you are always easy-natured. Let your words be light and easy and your actions easy-natured. Constantly follow the directions of One, and have all relationships with One. Whilst attaining everything from One, have the practice of constantly being stable. Constantly remain happy and distribute the treasures of happiness.

In order to bring the virtue of easiness into your life, you have to pay attention to just one thing at the present time. The foundation of your stage should not be built on the praise you receive. If your stage depends on praise, then you will have the desire to receive the fruit of the actions you perform. If you receive praise, your stage remains good and if you are defamed, then you become like orphans. You then let go of your stage and forget the Lord and Master. So never think of being praised. Don’t base your stage on the praise you receive, only then will you be said to be easy-natured. By making easiness and lightness your original nature, you easily develop the power to pack up. Those who have an easy nature will be loving to all and they will definitely receive co-operation from everyone. This is why they are easily able to face everything and pack up everything. To the extent that you have an easy nature, Maya will not oppose you so much. Then you are loved by all.

Those who have an easy nature don’t have so many waste thoughts. Their time is not wasted either. Because of not having any waste thoughts, their intellect is unlimited and far-sighted. This is why no adverse situation comes to oppose them. To the extent that there is easiness, there will also be cleanliness. Cleanliness attracts everyone towards itself. Cleanliness means honesty and truthfulness and that will come when you have an easy nature. Those who have an easy nature can be one with many forms. Something delicate can be moulded into any form. You have become gold, but now melt the gold in a fire so that it can be moulded. Because of this weakness, there is a lack of success in service. Don’t look at the past of the self or of others and you will become easy-natured. The virtue of sweetness is visible in those who are easy-natured. Sweetness is visible in a practical way in their eyes, on their lips and in their activity. To the extent that someone is clear, so they become easy and elevated. Clarity brings you close to your elevated stage. To the extent that there is clarity, accordingly there is success and equality. Clarity, easiness and being elevated makes you equal to the Father.

Blessing: May you be worthy of receiving blessings from all and transform yourself by putting a full stop to any situation.
You can put a full stop to any situation when you have the awareness of the Father, the Point form and the point form of souls, and when you have controlling power. The children who transform themselves in any situation and who offer to put a full stop become worthy of receiving blessings. They receive blessings from themselves, that is, they receive happiness and they also receive blessings from the Father and the Brahmin family.
Slogan: Put a stamp of determination every now and then to the thoughts you create and you will become victorious.


*** Om Shanti ***

Notice:Today is the third Sunday of the month and so, let everyone gather together from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm for the International Yoga Day, and with your double light form, serve the world by giving it sakaash of peace and power. Throughout the day, stay in the cave of introversion and perform actions as a karma yogi.

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