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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, this is the most beneficial, auspicious confluence age. It is in this age that the old world is transformed and made new. Do not forget this age.
Question: Which one loving teaching does the Father give in order to make all the young and old children similar to Himself?
Answer: Sweet children, do not make any mistakes now. You have come here to become Narayan from an ordinary human. Therefore, imbibe divine virtues. Do not cause sorrow for anyone. When you make mistakes, you cause sorrow for others. The Father never causes sorrow for the children. He gives you directions: Children, remember Me alone. Become yogis and your sins will be absolved and you will become very sweet.

Om shanti. Children who consider themselves to be souls and who have yoga with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, are called true yogis because the Father is the Truth. Therefore, your intellects’ yoga is with the Truth. Everything that He tells you is the truth. There are various yogis and bhogis (those who indulge in sensual pleasures). There are many types of bhogis and there are also many types of yogis. Your yoga is of only one type. Their renunciation is different from your renunciation. You are yogis of the most auspicious confluence age. None of them, whether they are pure yogis or impure bhogis, knows of this yoga. Even children don’t know this. Baba calls all of you “children, children” because He knows that He is the Father of an unlimited number of souls. You understand that you are all souls, brothers, and that that One is your Father. You become pure by having yoga with the Father. They are bhogis whereas you are yogis. The Father gives you His own introduction. You also understand that this is the most auspicious confluence age. No one except you knows this. This is called the most auspicious confluence age. This is why you must never forget the word ‘auspicious’. This is the age to become the most elevated humans. It is the highest and purest ones who are called elevated humans. Lakshmi and Narayan were pure and elevated. You now also know what time it is. The world has become old after 5000 years. The Father comes in order to make it new again. We now belong to the confluence-aged Brahmin clan. Brahma is the highest of all. However, Brahma is shown as a corporeal being whereas Shiv Baba is bodiless. You children have understood that there is a meeting between the Bodiless One and the bodily being. You call him ‘Baba’. This is a wonderful part. This one is also praised and temples are built to him too. Some decorate a chariot in one way and others in another way. Baba has also told you: I enter the body of this one at the time of the final birth of his many births. He explains everything very clearly. First of all, say: God speaks. After that, at the end of your many births, I explain all the secrets to you children. No one else can understand this. You children too forget sometimes. By your writing the word ‘auspicious’, people will understand that only this auspicious age is a benevolent age. If they were to remember the age, they would also understand that they are changing in order to go to the new world. Deities exist in the new world. You also know about the ages. The Father explains: Sweet children, never forget the confluence age. By forgetting it you forget the entire knowledge. You children now understand that you are changing. Even old ones will now change and become new. The Father comes and changes the world and He also changes you children. He says to everyone, “child, child”. All the souls of the entire world are His children. All have a part in this drama. The cycle has to be proved; each one of them establishes his own religion. No one except the Father can establish the deity religion. Brahma does not establish this religion. In the new world, there is the deity religion, whereas in the old world all are human beings. Deities exist in the new world. Deities are pure. The kingdom of Ravan does not exist there. The Father enables you children to gain victory over Ravan. As soon as you gain victory over Ravan, the kingdom of Rama begins. The new world is the kingdom of Rama and the old world is called the kingdom of Ravan. No one, except you children, knows how the kingdom of Rama is established. The Father, the Creator, sits here and explains to you children the secrets of creation. The Father is the Creator, the Seed. The Seed is also called the Seed of the Tree. Now, that is a non-living seed but you cannot consider that One to be this (non-living). You understand that the entire tree emerges from the Seed. The whole world is such a big tree. That is non-living whereas this One is living. He is the Truth, the Living Being and the Embodiment of Bliss. The Father is the Seed of the human world tree. A huge tree emerges from Him. However, they make a small model. The human world tree is the biggest of all. The highest-on-high Father is knowledgefull. Many people have knowledge of those trees but only the Father can give knowledge of this tree. The Father has now changed your intellects from limited to unlimited. You have now come to know this unlimited tree. That tree (of souls) has received a great deal of empty space (the incorporeal world). The Father takes you children into the unlimited. The entire world is now impure. The whole world is violent; they use violence on each other. You children have now received knowledge. Only the one deity religion in the golden age is non-violent. Everyone in the golden age is pure and they live in peace and happiness. All your desires are fulfilled for 21 births. There are no desires in the golden age. You receive everything: limitless grain etc. Previously, this Bombay did not exist. The deities did not live on the shores of salt water. The deities lived where there were sweet rivers. There were very few human beings. All had a great deal of land. The golden age is the viceless world. You attain the kingdom of the world through the power of yoga and it is that which is called the kingdom of Rama. To begin with, the new tree is very small. At first, there is only the one religion which is represented by the trunk. Then three tubes emerge from the foundation. The foundation is the deity religion. Many small branches and twigs emerge from the trunk. The trunk of this tree no longer exists. There is no other tree like this one. This tree is accurately compared to a banyan tree. The whole banyan tree is standing, but without a trunk. It does not even dry up. The whole tree is still standing and is green, but the foundation of the deity religion no longer exists. This is the trunk and the trunk represents the kingdom of Rama, that is, the deity religion. The Father says: I establish three religions. Only you Brahmins of the confluence age understand these aspects. The clan of you Brahmins is very small. Many small sects and cults emerge, such as the Aurobindo Ashram; it has expanded very quickly because no one there is told not to indulge in vice. Here, the Father says: Lust is the greatest enemy. You have to conquer it. No one else can say this. Otherwise, they too would have disturbance there. Here, there are impure beings and so they do not listen to the aspects of becoming pure. They say: How can children be born without vice? It is not the fault of those poor people. Those who study the Gita quote God’s version: “Lust is the greatest enemy. By conquering it, you can become the conquerors of the world.” However, they do not understand this. When they quote these words, you should explain to them. Baba has told you that just as Hanuman used to sit near the shoes, so you should go and sit just outside and listen. When they say these words, ask them: What is the meaning of that? The deities were the conquerors of the world. You have to renounce the vices in order to become deities. You can also say that you know that the kingdom of Rama is now being established. You are mahavirs (brave warriors). There is no question of being afraid in this. You should ask them with great love: Swamiji, you said that by conquering these vices you can become the masters of the world, but you did not tell us how we can become pure. You children are now the mahavirs who remain pure. It is the mahavirs who become threaded in the rosary of victory. People’s ears are used to hearing wrong things. You no longer like listening to wrong things. Your ears like to listen to right things. Hear no evil! You definitely have to awaken human beings. Tell them: God says: “Become pure.” In the golden age, all are pure deities. Now, everyone is impure. Explain to them in this way. Tell them: In our satsang, it is explained that lust is the greatest enemy. If you want to become pure, you can do so by using this method: Consider yourself to be a soul and make your vision firm of seeing souls as brothers. You children know that, in the beginning, this Bharat was a very prosperous land and that, because it has now become barren, it has been given the name ‘Hindustan’. Previously, Bharat overflowed with wealth, purity, happiness, peace and everything else. It now overflows with sorrow. This is why they call out: Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness. You study with the Father with so much happiness. Who could there be who would not claim the unlimited inheritance of happiness from the unlimited Father? First of all, understand Alpha. If you do not understand who Alpha is, then no other secret can enter your intellect. You can only make progress when you have faith that the unlimited Father is giving you the unlimited inheritance. You children don’t need to ask the Father any questions. The Father is the Purifier. He is the One whom you remember. You will become pure by having remembrance of Him. This is why you called out to Me. Liberation-in-life is received in a second. However, the pilgrimage of remembrance does take time. It is in the pilgrimage of remembrance that obstacles come. For half a cycle you have been body conscious. It is in this one birth that you have to make effort to become soul conscious. It is very easy for this one (Brahma Baba). You call us: BapDada. This one also understands that the Father is sitting in him. I praise Him a great deal. I love Him a great deal. Baba, You are so sweet! You teach me so much, cycle after cycle! Then I will not remember You for half a cycle. I now remember You a great deal. Yesterday I had no knowledge in me; I did not know that I was going to become the one whom I had been worshipping. Now I am amazed. By becoming yogis, we will become deities. All of you are my children too. This Baba looks after the children with a lot of love and sustains them. They will also become Narayan from ordinary humans like me. This is why you have come here. I explain so much to you: Children, remember the Father, imbibe divine virtues and be cautious about what you eat and drink. If you don’t do this, I think that it is perhaps not the time yet and that you will continue to make one mistake or another. I explain to the young and the old children: Children, don’t make any mistakes. Do not cause sorrow for anyone. If you make a mistake, it means you are causing sorrow. The Father never causes sorrow. He gives you the directions: Remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved and you will become very sweet. You have to become very sweet and imbibe divine virtues. Become pure. Impure ones are not allowed to come here. Sometimes, they are allowed to come, but just for now. When a lot of expansion has taken place, they will be told that this is the tower of purity, the tower of silence. It is the highest-on-high place. To consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father is the highest power. There, there is a lot of silence. There is no fighting or quarrelling etc. for half the cycle. Here, there is so much fighting and quarrelling. There can be no peace. The supreme region is the abode of peace. Then you come and adopt bodies to play your parts in the world. There is peace at that time. The original religion of souls is peace. Ravan causes peacelessness. You continue to attain teachings of peace. When someone is angry, he makes everyone else peaceless. All your rubbish is removed through this power of yoga. Rubbish is not removed by studying. All your rubbish is burnt away and your rust is removed by having remembrance. The Father says: Yesterday, I gave you all the teachings. Have you forgotten them? It is a question of 5000 years. They speak of hundreds of thousands of years. You now understand the contrast between falsehood and truth. It is the Father who comes and tells you what falsehood is and what truth is, what devotion is and what knowledge is, what corruption is and what the state of elevation is. Corrupt ones are born through vice. There is no vice there. You say that the deities are completely viceless. There is no kingdom of Ravan there. This is very easy to understand. So, then, what should you do? Firstly, remember the Father and, secondly, you definitely do have to become pure. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Become mahavirs in becoming pure. Have all the rubbish you have inside you removed with the pilgrimage of remembrance. Stabilize yourself in your original religion of peace. Don’t spread peacelessness.
  2. Only listen to the right things that the Father tells you. Hear no evil! Don’t listen to wrong things. Caution everyone. Become elevated in this auspicious age and inspire others to become the same.
Blessing: May you be a special soul who has moved away from the world of forgetfulness and plays hero part as an embodiment of remembrance.
This confluence age is the age of awareness whereas the iron age is the age of forgetfulness. All of you have now moved away from the world of forgetfulness. Those who are embodiments of remembrance are the special souls who play special parts. At this time, you are double heroes. Firstly, you have become as valuable as diamonds and secondly, you have hero parts. So, let this song of the heart be playing constantly: Wah my elevated fortune! Just as you remember your physical occupation, in the same way, remember your imperishable occupation, “I am an elevated soul”, only then would you be called a special soul.
Slogan: Take the first step with courage and you will receive full help from the Father.

*** Om Shanti ***

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