Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 19 April 2020

Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The sign of a broad and unlimited intellect.

Today, the spiritual Father, the Ocean of Love, the Bestower of all Treasures, the Bestower of Blessings, has come to celebrate a meeting with all His co-operative, loving and easy yogi children. This meeting of spiritual love, that is, this meeting of spirits is a unique meeting. Such spiritual gatherings cannot take place at any other time throughout the whole cycle. The confluence age has received this blessing of spiritual meetings. At this time of blessings, the blessed children attain this imperishable blessing from the Father, the Bestower of Blessings. The Father’s imperishable part of being the Bestower of Fortune and the Bestower of Blessings is performed at this time. At such a time, souls who have a right to blessings are claiming their right for all time. BapDada is pleased to see such a spiritual gathering. BapDada is also seeing how such innocent, ordinary souls who attain such an elevated attainment have become instruments in front of the world. In today’s world, everyone considers souls who have a right to the knowledge of politics, the knowledge of science, a right to a temporary kingdom or a right to be a religious leader to be special souls. However, which speciality does BapDada see? First of all, no well-known souls have the speciality that you Brahmin children have of knowing yourself and the Father. This is why, whilst being innocent and ordinary, you have claimed blessings from the Bestower of Blessings and become special worthy-of-worship souls for birth after birth. Even well-known souls of today bow down and salute worthy-of-worship souls. You have become such special souls. Do you experience such spiritual intoxication? To make disheartened, hopeless souls into souls who have hope is the Father’s speciality. Seeing the children, BapDada was smiling in the subtle region. If you told any soul who doesn’t have knowledge that this whole gathering is of souls who have a right to the kingdom of the world, would he believe you? He would be amazed. However, BapDada knows that the Father loves souls who have love and elevated feelings in their hearts. The love in your heart is the main basis of your attaining an elevated attainment. The love in your hearts makes you come here from far away to be residents of Madhuban. The Father, the Comforter of Hearts, loves the love in your hearts. Therefore, whatever you are, however you are, you are loved by God and this is why He made you belong to Him. People of the world are still waiting and wondering. When the Father comes, will it be like this or will it be like that? However, what emerges from the mouths and the hearts of all of you? “I have attained this.” You have become full whereas those intellectuals are even now using their time in trying to recognise the Father. This is why it is said that the Father is the Innocent Lord. Your speciality of recognition has made you into special souls. You have recognised and attained. What do you have to do in the future? Do you feel mercy for all souls? All are souls and all belong to the one unlimited family. Let no soul of your family remain deprived of blessings. Do you have such zeal and enthusiasm in your hearts? Or, have you become busy with just your own households? To remain stable on the unlimited stage and to have the elevated thought of serving unlimited souls is the easy way to achieve success.

You are now celebrating the Golden Jubilee of doing service, are you not? You have planned a big programme for that, have you not? Just as you have planned such a big programme, similarly, has each one of you made preparations with such a big heart and with such unlimited zeal and enthusiasm in an unlimited way? Or do you just think: If I have a chance to give a lecture, I will do that. If I have an opportunity to distribute leaflets, I will do that. Have you only made those preparations? Is just that called unlimited preparations? Simply to fulfil the duty you have been given is not called having unlimited enthusiasm. To fulfil your duty is a sign of being obedient. However, just that is not called having a broad and unlimited intellect or unlimited zeal and enthusiasm. The sign of being unlimited is to bring about newness in the duty and service you have been given. Whether it is serving food or giving lectures, to put newness into every form of service at every moment is called being unlimited. Whatever you did in the previous year, let there definitely be some spiritual addition to that. Do you have such zeal and enthusiasm in your heart? Or, do you think that it will continue as it has been? The method and growth continue to change at every moment. Just as time is coming close, so you must also give every soul a special experience of the Father and of closeness to the family. Think about what newness you have to bring about. You are now going to hold a big conference programme, are you not? Is everyone doing it, or is it just the seniors who are doing that? It is everyone’s task, is it not? Each one of you has to think: In order to bring about newness in service, I have to move forward, even if only a few have to be made instruments for being in the front. For example, only a few will give a lecture, so what will the whole gathering do? A task is only accomplished when duties are distributed to everyone. However, everyone has to be an instrument. In what? Wherever you may be, whatever service you are an instrument for, whenever a big programme is to take place anywhere, then for that time, even whilst being far away, let there definitely be constantly elevated wishes and elevated feelings for world benefit in the mind of each one of you. For instance, when VIPs are unable to come for a programme, they send their good wishes. So, are you any less than them? The good wishes and pure feelings of all of you will definitely make that task successful.

On this special day, tie a bracelet (make a promise) and do not waste your power of thought or power of time in anything, but become an instrument for unlimited service and also co-operate with the power of your mind every moment. Don’t think that the conference is taking place in Abu and that you are sitting in such-and-such a country; no. All of you are co-operative in the unlimited task, so create an atmosphere and environment. Since they are able to send a rocket from one country to another with the power of science, then, with using power of silence, can you not co-operate with the power of your mind with your good wishes and benevolent feelings, here in Abu? Some become instruments in the corporeal form with their words or deeds. Some become instruments by serving with the mind, but for however many days the programme lasts, whether it is for five days or six days, for that duration, let every Brahmin soul have this bracelet of service tied: I, the soul, have to become an instrument to bring about success. Each one of you has to consider yourself to be responsible. Don’t take this to mean that, since everyone is responsible, then everyone should get a chance to give a lecture, or that you are only responsible when you have a special duty. That is not called responsibility. Wherever you are and whatever duty you receive, whether it is of sitting far away or going onto the stage, you have to co-operate. This is called spreading waves of spirituality of service throughout the whole world. Spread waves of happiness and zeal and enthusiasm. Do you co-operate in this way? You will show some newness in this conference, will you not? It is the Golden Jubilee and so spread wave of the happiness everywhere that the golden age is going to come. Create the hope of an elevated future in souls who are afraid and without hope. Let the wave of happiness be created in souls who are afraid. This is golden service for the Golden Jubilee. Keep this aim. Let yourself become real gold and mould yourself to every task and celebrate the GoldenJubilee. Do you understand? You have to demonstrate this by doing whatever you have not done so far. Make souls such instruments that each one of those souls becomes an instrument to serve many other souls. While you just continue to think and keep saying that you will do it at some point, time is passing by. Then, at the end, you will just bring whoever you can get hold of. Of course the number of souls increases, but you are having a big unlimited programme so that you can bring one such soul who can become an instrument for many others. Service continues to happen everywhere, does it not? At your own places too, you continue to have programmes for such souls. Therefore, for the Golden Jubilee, spread a wave of serving yourselves and, together with yourselves, also serve many other special souls from this moment. Do you understand what you have to do?

Make effort with love. Love is such that a soul who is influenced by love would say “Yes” even if he was going to say “No”. Even when they don’t have time, they make time, for this is spiritual love. So, prepare that ground. Don’t think that that ground is like that; that those people are like that! What were you like? You have changed, have you not? Pure wishes always give elevated fruit. Achcha.

The Father is pleased that you have come to your own home, but time is also still limited. However many people come, the same time is distributed between all. If there are four pieces of something and eight people who are to receive it, what would you do? You would distribute it accordingly, would you not? Even BapDada has to move along according to the right method. BapDada cannot say: Why have so many of you come? You may come. You are welcome, but a method has to be created according to the time. Yes, in the subtle region, there is no limit on time.

Maharastra will perform wonders. Only when you make such a great soul an instrument can it be said that you are Maharastra (great land). Delhi is an instrument, anyway. Do not think that you have had many conferences, and so you will now do whatever you can; no. Every year you have to move forward. There are now many souls whom you can make instruments. Even those from Delhi have to become special instruments. What will Rajasthan do? Rajasthan always has to claim number one in every task because the number one headquarters is in Rajasthan. You have to become number one in both quality and quantity. You double foreigners will also show newness, will you not? Spread the wave of good news in every country. Everyone will then give you blessings from their hearts. People are very much afraid. Bring such souls into a wave of spiritual happiness, not temporary happiness. Let there be such a wave of spiritual happiness that they feel you are souls who have become instruments to give them a pure message as angels. Do you understand? Now, we shall see which zone brings about newness and whether you bring quantity or quality. BapDada will then tell you the result. Also bring about newness. You will receive a number on the basis of newness. Achcha.

To all the souls who have a right to self-sovereignty and to the sovereignty of the world, to the elevated souls who are constantly engaged in unlimited service with an unlimited attitude, to the special souls who constantly have unlimited hearts, unlimited intellects and unlimited zeal and enthusiasm, to those who always consider themselves to be instruments for every form of service and who carry out the construction, to those who are constantly elevated and attain success in service like the Father, to such spiritual souls, love, remembrance and namaste from the spiritual Father.

BapDada meeting kumaris:

A kumari life is always remembered as a life free from blame. A kumari life is always remembered as an elevated life and is also worshipped. Do you consider yourselves to be such elevated worthy of worship souls? All of you kumaris are those who will show special wonders, are you not? Or are you those who will just study? Will you become world servers or limited servers? Are you going to serve just Gujarat, just Madhya Pradesh or just such-and-such a place? You are not like that, are you? Ever-ready souls make others everready. So you kumaris can do whatever you want. Today’s Government is not able to do what it says. If you want to serve while staying in such a kingdom, then there will be success when such powerful service takes place. Have you claimed a number in the study of this knowledge? Keep the aim of definitely claiming number one. Always show the speciality of speaking less, but let whoever you go in front of learn a lesson from your life. There are many who give lessons through speech; there are also those who listen to that, but it is a speciality to teach a lesson through your life. Become a teacherwith your life; not a teacher who teaches with words. You have to tell them with words but, even after telling them in words, if it is not in your life, they won’t believe you. They would say: There are many who say this. Therefore, keep the aim of making others belong to the Father through your life. Nowadays, people are not interested in listening to anyone; they want to see it. Radio is something to listen to and TV is something to watch; which do they prefer? (TV). They would prefer to see rather than hear. So, they also want to see in your life how. How you move along, how you do everything, how your vision is spiritual… Keep this aim. Do you understand? Do you know the importance of kumaris at the confluence age? At the confluence age, the greatest of all are kumaris. So have you become co-operative in service, considering yourself to be great, or do you have to become that? What aim do you have? Do you have the aim of playing a double part? Will you carry a basket (of a job)? Achcha.

Blessing: May you become full of all treasures by being equally a child and a master.
Just as everyone has the intoxication of being a child, in the same way, be a child and a master, that is, experience the complete stage, equal to the Father’s. The speciality of a master is that to the extent you are a master, you accordingly let the sanskars of a world server constantly emerge. Let there be the intoxication of being a master and a world server to the same extent and you would then be called equal to the Father. Put both forms of a child and a master constantly into practice and you will then be able to experience the stage of being equal to the Father, and full of all treasures.
Slogan: Claim a right to the limitless treasures of knowledge and dependency will then finish.


*** Om Shanti ***

Notice: Today is the third Sunday, the day for International Yoga. Let all brothers and sisters get together for collective yoga from 6.30 – 7.30 pm and experience the seed stage, being combined with Baba. I am a master sun of knowledge, full with all powers. The rays of all powers are emerging from me and spreading everywhere.

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