Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 18 March 2018

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

O youth, become instruments for the task of world transformation.

Today, BapDada is seeing the gathering of holy swans each of who is seated on the seat of a swan. The seat of a swan is the stage of each elevated holy swan soul being lost in the love of belonging to the one Father and none other. BapDada is pleased to see such holy swans. Each holy swan is a knowledgeable, yogi and world benefactor soul. The remembrance of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, is merged in the heart of each one of you. Each of you is engrossed in creating your present and your future with a lot of love. At no time during the whole cycle, other than at the confluence age, can you see such an elevated gathering. Will you be able to see again one family, one love and one aim? BapDada is also very proud of His children. This is such a big gathering of the family and, because each one of you is a child of the elevated Father, you have a right to the Father’s inheritance. So, on seeing so many children who have a right, the Father is also pleased that each one of you children is a lamp of the clan. You are souls who are instruments for world transformation. Each sparkling star is one who gives light to the world. Each one’s imperishable line of fortune is visible on the forehead. Such an elevated gathering is of those who have the determination to establish one direction, one kingdom and one religion. BapDada was seeing the youth wing. Whether you are a kumar or a kumari, each one of you has in your mind the enthusiasm that all of you will definitely enable your world, your country and souls who are wandering around searching for peace and happiness to find that; that you will definitely enable your brothers and sisters to receive a right to happiness and peace; that you will once again make your world into a world of happiness and peace. You have this determination, do you not? What can such a big gathering not do? Firstly, you are elevated and pure souls and so you have the power of purity. Secondly, because of being master almighty authorities, you have all the powers with you. You have the power of the gathering and, together with that, because of being trikaldarshi, you know that you have been world-transformers many times previously. Therefore, because you have been victorious every cycle, victory is still now guaranteed for your task of world transformation. There is no question as to whether you will or will not be. You are those who are victorious due to having faith in the intellect; you do experience that the world of happiness is now about to come, do you not? It is guaranteed that the masters of the world have already received the kingdom of the world. What will the youth wing do? Give this good news to the political leaders of your country and the world: Whatever dreams you have about something should be like, we will definitely fulfil that desire of yours. You will not just end one type of over-priced in the country, but two. Things are costly because of the costliness of good character. When the costliness of good character, that is, when the sorrow and peacelessness due to the poverty of good character, is removed, all souls will not only become wealthy, but they will also claim a right to the kingdom. Fulfil this pure hope and demonstrate this to the instrument souls of the world. We will definitely make our country elevated and we will make it prosperous, so that there will neither be any lack of attainment nor will there be any of the many problems due to the lack of attainment. Don’t just tell everyone about this determined thought, but demonstrate it by becoming s ample s of transformation because people everywhere have heard many slogans inspiring them to have faith. They have heard so much that they now don’t have any faith left in anyone. Those who say this have seen a lot and also now believe the truth to be deceit. So, don’t just speak about it. Let it not be your mouths that speak, but let the greatness of your lives speak. Let the sparkle of purity of each of you holy swans be visible from your behaviour. Let the power of the elevated awareness of all of you create hope in souls who have no hope and create power in them. Do you understand what the youth wing has to do?

Politicians of today are afraid because of the destructive acts carried out by youths. Therefore, all of you world benefactors, the youth wing of this country of Bharat, must prove to them that you will make Bharat the most elevated heaven in the whole world, and show the world that Bharat is the ancient, imperishable, prosperous and the most elevated country. Bharat is the lighthousethat gives spiritual light to the whole world, because when they recognise who it is that is inspiring you to carry out this elevated task, there will be no need for any questions to arise. Give the introduction of the Father through your lives and your acts. You have such courage, do you not? What do you kumaris think? When people worship Durga, they consider themselves to be fortunate. How many Durgas are there here? Each one of you Shiv Shaktis is one who will show wonders. You are the same Shaktis who are worshipped in every home, are you not? So, o Shiv Shaktis, at least give your devotees some fruit! The poor helpless devotees have become tired of offering you fruit. They have offered you so much fruit! Therefore, in return for that devotion of theirs, you will at least give them some fruit. Do you not feel mercy for the devotees? Even the Pandavas are being worshipped. Nowadays, Mahavir, Hanuman, is worshipped a lot, and secondly, Ganesh, the destroyer of obstacles, is also worshipped. Everyone is performing devotion with the desire of receiving power. Give such devotee souls the fruit of all powers. Show them the way to overcome all obstacles easily for all time. Liberate them from calling out and make them into embodiments of attainment. The youth wing has to do this service. Do you understand? Achcha.

To those who with their elevated lives create the lives of many others, to those who fulfil the good wishes of all the people of Bharat for an elevated and happy world, to those who ignite the lamp of elevated character in every home, to those who enable souls who lack anything to receive all attainments, to the elevated souls who have such determination and whose victory is guaranteed, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada constantly has hopes in the kumars. Kumars can transform the world. If all the kumars have determination and move forward, they can perform great wonders. You are kumars who will perform wonders, are you not? Just be careful, BapDada is able to take a photograph automatically. You are kumars with determination, are you not? Kumars have a lot of physical strength and this is why they are able to do double the work. You can be very good, co-operative souls in the task of establishment. Kumars always have one thing in their intellects: just my Baba and my service and nothing else. Those who constantly have Baba and service in their intellects easily become conquerors of Maya. Kumars simply have to pay attention to one thing: keep yourselves constantly busy, not idle. Keep both your bodies and intellects busy. Become busy m e n, not businessm e n. Just as you set your timetable for actions, so, also set a timetable for your intellect for the day. Now, I have to think this. Now, I have to do this. If your timetables are set, you will remain busy in that way. Maya cannot attack in any way those who remain busy. Find a way to keep your intellects busy. Just as there are ways of keeping yourself busy physically, so, too let there constantly also be remembrance in the intellect; remain busy in intoxication. Do you know how to create such a timetable? Make a discipline for all time. Just as other disciplines are set, make this a discipline too, “I have to do this.” You can perform whatever wonders you want with this determined thought. Kumars are the stars of BapDada’s task. Kumars become instruments for service. Kumars also run around. Whatever service there is to do, kumars have special part s in that. So, have the intoxication that you are special souls who have special part s. Maintain this happiness. So, we shall see what the group of kumars do practically. You have to demonstrate this by doing something, not just speaking about it. You are those with faithful intellects and who have zeal and enthusiasm for service. You are unshakeable, not those who shake. So, you unshakeable souls have to make other souls unshakeable in the same way.

Become great donors and continue to donate. When your treasure-store (bhandara) is overflowing you have to donate to many others. Constantly continue to make service progress. Let it not be that today you had a chance and so you did it, or that you think you will do it when you are given the chance ; no. Those who have treasures will find poor people anywhere. They will beat the drums and definitely donate because they know that by donating charity they will receive charity. Those donations are perishable and can also be based on selfish motives. All of you are great donors of the imperishable treasures. Therefore, increase service. Have a race and become great donors. Do everything with faith. Don’t think that the land is like this or that. The time has now changed and, along with the time, the land is also changing. There is no longer the result on this land that you had earlier. Time is changing the atmosphere. Even the desires of souls are changing; they all feel the need for this. It is now the time. According to the time, become constantly great donors. If not with words, then with your mind, and if not with your mind, then with your deeds. To transform a soul with your deeds is to serve with your deeds. You can even transform a soul with your connection. Become such servers. Every day, look at the result of whatever service you did with your thoughts, words and deeds. How many did you serve? With how much zeal and enthusiasm did you serve? You yourselves need to look at the result s every day. Make progress in terms of the speed of the self and service. Now, bring about some newness. You opened centres and Gita Pathshalas and had melas. That is now something of the past. Now invent something new. Definitely have the aim of bringing about some newness in yourself and service. Otherwise, you will sometimes get tired and at other times bored. When there is newness, you will constantly have zeal and enthusiasm. Achcha.

BapDada meeting a group of mothers:

BapDada has especially brought the gift of an easy path for the mothers. Have all of you received the gift of an easy path? Whatever you attain easily is a gift. So, have the intoxication that BapDada has especially brought the gift of an easy path. The easiest thing is to say, “My Baba!” That’s all! By saying and experiencing “My Baba”, you will receive all attainments. You mothers should have the special happiness that the Father has especially come for you. All the others who came put the men in the front. Founders of religions came and went away having established their religions. No one made the mothers well known, whereas the Father established the system of “mothers first”. So, the mothers have become long-lost and now-found. The Father found you with so much love and made you belong to Him. Having no address you looked for Him and so that was not really looking for Him. Look how the Father searched in every corner and found you! The branches of many different trees have now become the branches of one tree. It has become one tree of sandalwood. People say that even two to four women cannot live together, whereas now, all the women are instruments to establish unity in the world. Those people say that women cannot live together whereas the Father says that only women can live together. Such women have a special status. Dance with a lot of happiness and sing: Wah, our elevated fortune! Let there never be any wave of sorrow. All of you have left the land of sorrow, have you not? You now belong to the confluence age. Therefore, continue to move constantly forward to the land of peace and the land of happiness. BapDada is very proud when He sees the mothers. Those who had no hope now have hope and have become world benefactors. The world is now looking towards you, wondering where those mothers are who are going to benefit them. So, now become world mothers and benefit the world. Don’t just become those who fulfil the responsibility of their worldly families, but become those who fulfil the responsibility of serving all the souls of the world. No matter where you live, remain constantly aware of world service. As is your aim, so you automatically develop the qualifications for that. If you have the aim of being unlimited, you then develop qualifications of being unlimited. Otherwise, you would remain trapped in something limited. Constantly have the awareness that, “I belong to the Father and I am always in the unlimited,” and continue to serve all souls with these good wishes. The two have to be together at the same time. You may explain to someone in words but, until you give the power (bal) of good wishes to that soul, you won’t receive any fruit (fal). Serve with your thoughts and your words simultaneously. Don’t just rely on giving the message. Otherwise, they go away saying, “Yes, yes” to everything you say. When you serve with the mind at the same time, the arrow will strike the target. Mothers have to come onto the field of service. Each mother can look after a service centre. If you don’t have time, you can make a group of two to three mothers from amongst yourselves. Don’t say: I have the bondage of my family or I have children etc. Women who are social workers also have children, do they not? They also study. So now, make yourselves into hands and increase service. Find someone and give them a position and then move forward. Now, Shaktis, come onto the field. Give a return of the sustenance you have received. The more you increase service, the more fruit fruit of that you will receive. Your present will become powerful and your future is created anyway. The more service you do, the more you will remain free from obstacles and the happier you will also be. Achcha.

BapDada meeting a group of Kumaris:

Do you kumaris know your elevated fortune very well? You don’t ever forget your elevated fortune, do you? Constantly continue to move forward while keeping your fortune in your awareness. At the confluence age, you kumaris receive a special gift of a liftbecause a kumari life is a life free from worry. You don’t have any of the worries of running a house or having a job etc. A kumari means one who is free. Everyone loves freedom. On the path of ignorance too, everyone’s aim is to remain free and this is why all of you have received the blessing of freedom: I am a free soul. You, who have received the blessing of freedom, will also give everyone else this blessing, will you not? You are not going to be trapped in anyone. Since you have come out of the web and are free, you will do service, will you not? While continuing with the study that remains for namesake, you constantly have service in your awareness. At the time of studying too, you have the aim: Which soul will I make belong to the Father? While studying, continue to discern which souls are worthy of this, and service will be done there. Kumaris definitely have to learn to deliver lectures. While studying, continue to get yourself ready for this. As soon as your studies finish, engage yourselves in service. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a constant yogi who experiences closeness on the basis of the love and relationship of the heart.
AmongBrahmin souls, some remember Baba with love in their hearts and with a relationship whereas others remember with their heads, that is, they repeatedly try to experience a relationship on the basis of knowledge. Where there is love in the heart and the relationship is a loving one, that is, it is a close relationship, it is difficult to forget remembrance. Just as there is blood in every vein of a body, in the same way, remembrance is merged in the soul at every moment. This is called the constant remembrance of a heart filled with love.
Slogan: Serve altruistically while being free from other thoughts and you will achieve success.


*** Om Shanti ***

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