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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Renounce everything wasteful and become powerful.

Today, BapDada is seeing all the souls who are conquerors of sinful actions, that is, all the sannyasi (renunciate) souls who have renounced performing sinful actions. To become a Brahmin soul means to perform elevated actions and to renounce sinful actions. As soon as each one of you became a Brahmin child, you had the elevated thought that from now on you would perform pure actions and stop performing sinful actions. A soul who performs pure actions is said to be an elevated Brahmin soul. So your thought was to become a conqueror of sinful actions. This was the aim that everyone of you adopted first of all, was it not? By keeping that aim in front of you, you are acquiring the elevated qualifications to achieve that aim. Therefore, ask yourself: Have I renounced performing sinful actions and become a conqueror of sinful actions? Just as, in the world outside, souls of an elevated, royal family cannot have ordinary activity, so, too, you souls who perform pure actions cannot perform sinful actions. Just as those limited Vaishnavas cannot accept anything tamsic (dirty and impure), so, too, you conquerors of sinful action, who belong to the clan of Vishnu, cannot have any sinful thoughts or perform sinful actions, that is, you cannot perform impure or dirty (tamoguni) actions or have impure or dirty thoughts. This is not allowed in the Brahmin religion. Just as you write for the seekers who come here the directions of all the things that are not allowed for an easy yogi soul, do you also understand very clearly what is not allowed for Brahmins and for yourself? All of you understand and also accept this, but you follow it; numberwise. Seeing such children, BapDada remembers an amusing story that you tell. Although you accept it and speak about it, nevertheless, you still do it! You tell others the story of the parrot that is based on this. You tell someone not to do something while you are doing that very thing. So what would you say about this? Is this elevated behaviour of a Brahmin soul? Because to be a Brahmin means to be one who is elevated. So, what is elevated? Pure actions or ordinary actions? Since Brahmins cannot even perform ordinary actions, there is no question of performing sinful actions. To be a conqueror of sinful actions means to be one who renounces of sinful actions and sinful thoughts. Because you have physical senses, you cannot stop performing actions. The body is connected with the physical senses and the physical senses are connected with actions. We are now talking about the renunciation of the body and everything connected with the body. Actions are connected with the physical senses and, in terms of actions, you have to renounce performing sinful actions. Without renouncing performing sinful actions, you cannot become one who performs pure actions and who is a conqueror of sinful actions. You understand the definition of sinful actions very well. To perform any action while being even slightly influenced by vice is to perform a sinful action. You understand both the subtle and the royal forms of the vices very well and you have already been told about what the royal form of vices is for Brahmins. If there are any vices in their royal form or if there is even a subtle trace of them, then such a soul cannot become one who constantly performs pure actions.

Check every action from amrit vela as to whether you performed a pure action, a wasteful action or a sinful action. A pure action means an action performed on the basis of shrimat. An action performed on the basis of shrimat is automatically accumulated in the account of pure actions. So, this is the easy way to check pure actions and sinful actions. Constantly continue to check yourself in this way. You have been given shrimat for every action, from the action at the time of waking up for amrit vela to the action at the time of going to sleep at night. You have been told how to wake up, how to sit, how to do everything. If you don’t wake up at that time then, accordingly, you cannot create an elevated reward of elevated actions from amrit vela – which means, you cannot renounce wasteful and sinful actions. Therefore, you must renounce this dependency. You also have to renounce everything wasteful. Some think that they haven’t performed any sinful actions, that they haven’t made any mistakes or that they haven’t spoken any such words. However, wasteful words don’t allow you to become powerful, that is, they don’t allow you to become greatly fortunate. If you haven’t performed any sinful actions but you have, however, performed wasteful actions, then you haven’t accumulated anything for the present or the future. By performing elevated actions, you experience the instant fruit of elevated actions in the form of happiness and power. You yourself experience the practical and instant fruit of that and others, when they see souls perform elevated actions, also experience zeal and enthusiasm to make effort, feeling that they too can become like you. So, you experience instant fruit and you also serve others. In this way you accumulate double in terms of the present, and the future is accumulated anyway. In this respect, if you perform any wasteful or ordinary actions, then that causes so much damage! Therefore, never think that you just performed ordinary actions and that that happens all the time. Every step, every action and every word of an elevated soul has to be elevated. So, do you understand what the definition of renunciation is? To renounce everything wasteful means to renounce ordinary actions, words and time and to become constantly powerful and to remain unique, that is, to become multimillion times fortunate. So, now underline everything wasteful and ordinary. Renounce this carelessness, because all of you Brahmin souls have hero and heroine part s on the world stage. Each and every second, each and every thought, each and every word and each and every action of such hero actor souls is even more valuable than a diamond. If you waste even a second, that is like losing a diamond. If someone loses or drops his most valuable diamond somewhere, he would feel that he has lost something of great importance. However, this is not a question of just one diamond. Each second has the value of many diamonds. Think in these terms. It shouldn’t be that you sit and talk amongst yourselves in an ordinary way about ordinary things and pass your time just like that. What do you then say? We weren’t talking about anything bad. We were just talking amongst ourselves like that. We were just sitting and chatting together. We were just passing the time like that. So much time is spent in doing things “just like that”! You are not “just like that”, but you are like a diamonds. So, understand your own value! Your non-living images have so much value! So much value is given to even a glimpse of one second. One thought of yours is so valuable that, till today, people consider that to be blessing. Devotees simply ask for a vision of just one second. Therefore that glimpse is the value of your time, and the blessing is the value of your thoughts. The value of your words is that, even today, they are desperate to hear a few words from you. The value of your vision is that, even today, they call out for you to take them beyond with a glimpse from you. Every action of yours has value. When you speak about the elevated actions you performed with the Father, they melt in that experience. Therefore, every second and every thought of yours is that valuable! So, understand your value and renounce your wasteful and sinful actions and thoughts. What was the lesson of renunciation that you made firm today? Renounce the carelessness of the words, “Just like that”! You speak about the common way of speaking today. So, this has become the common way of speaking for Brahmins today. Renounce this common language! Let every second be unique. Let your every thought be alokik, that is, let it be invaluable. Let it bring double fruit, that of the present and the future. You must have seen how some fruit are two fruits combined in one – two varieties of fruit are together in one. So, you elevated souls constantly have double fruit, that is, you have double attainment. Before you receive anything in the future, you have attainment at the present time, and, on the basis of the present, you receive your future attainment. So, do you understand? Eat double fruit, not single. Achcha.

To those who are constant conquerors of sinful actions, to the double heroes who become invaluable and make every second of theirs invaluable by using it for service, to those who eat double fruit, to the great renunciates who have renounced everything wasteful and ordinary, to the greatest, fortunate souls who have elevated thoughts and who perform elevated actions equal to those of the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups :

1. Service done through the face s of souls who are full and complete.

All of you who live close to the ocean, are you continuing to fill yourselves with the treasures of the ocean? There are so many treasures at the bottom of the ocean. So, those who are living on the shore of the ocean and close to the ocean have become the masters of all treasures. Generally, when someone discovers a treasure, he is very happy. When someone suddenly receives some wealth, he becomes very intoxicated. You children have received such wealth that no one can snatch it away from you or loot it from you. You will be constantly wealthy for 21 births. The key to all treasures is, “Baba”. As soon as you say “Baba” the treasure-store opens. So, you have found the key and you have also found the treasures; you have become constantly prosperous. Such overflowing and prosperous souls have a sparkle of happiness on their faces. Seeing their happiness, everyone will say: I don’t know what that one has received! They will have the desire to know it and in this way they would automatically be served.

2. In order to become a conqueror of Maya, be seated on the seat of self-respect.

Do you constantly experience yourself to be seated on the seat of self-respect? Do you experience yourself to be seated on the seat of the elevated self-respect of being the highest Brahmin soul, an elevated soul and a great soul? To sit anywhere, you need a seat. So, at the confluence age, the Father has given you the seat of elevated self-respect; remain seated on that. To maintain your awareness means to remain seated. Always have the awareness, “I am a charitable soul who performs the charity of donating multi-millions at every step.” “I am a great soul who has elevated thoughts and elevated words and who performs elevated deeds.” Never consider yourself to be ordinary. Who do you now belong to and what have you become? Remain constantly stable on the seat of this awareness. Maya will never be able to come to you when you are seated on this seat; she will not have the courage. The seat of the soul is the seat of self-respect. Those who remain seated on this seat easily become conquerors of Maya.

3. Have all your relationships with the One and become free from all bondage, that is, become accurately connected in yoga.

Do you souls constantly experience yourselves to be free from bondage? Have you become free from all bondage or does some bondage still remain? The sign of being free from bondage is that you are constantly yogyukt (accurately linked in yoga). If you are not yogyukt, then you definitely have bondage. Now that you belong to the Father, what else would you remember except the Father? You always remember something that you love or something that is beautiful. So is there anything or anyone more elevated than the Father? When it becomes clear in your intellect that there is nothing more elevated than the Father, you become an easy yogi. You also easily become free from all bondage; you don’t have to make any effort. All your relationships are forged with the Father and all consciousness of “mine” is finished. This is known as having all relationships with the One.

4. The sign of souls who are close is that they are equal.

Do you constantly experience yourselves to be souls who are close? The sign of souls who are close is that they are equal. Whoever someone is close to, he is automatically coloured by that one’s company. So, to be close to the Father means to be equal to the Father. The Father’s virtues are the children’s virtues; the Father’s task is the children’s task. Just as the Father is constantly the World Benefactor, so too, children are world benefactors. So check at every moment that the actions you perform and the words you speak are equal to those of the Father and you will become equal to Him. Just as the Father is constantly full and the One with All Powers, so the children will also become masters. You won’t then lack any virtues or powers. If you are full, you remain unshakeable; you do not fluctuate.

5. R unning around for service is also a means of entertainment.

Do all of you consider yourselves to be those who are multi-million times fortunate in accumulating an income of multi-millions at every step through remembrance and service? You have found such an easy way of earning an income. Remember the Father while sitting comfortably and continue to earn an income. You can earn a lot through your thoughts but, the running around that you have to do every now and then for the facilities of service is also a means of entertainment. In any case, you want a change in life and so this becomes a change. You have many methods of earning an income and you accumulate multi-millions within a second . As soon as you have remembrance, you are able to multiply it by adding a zero. So, keep yourselves busy earning your imperishable income in this easy way.

BapDada speaking to the people from Punjab, conveying love and remembrance to them.

Constant congratulations to the serviceable children of Punjab, who have a lot of zeal and enthusiasm for service. The more service you do, the more you become those who eat lots of the fruit of service. In any case, in Punjab there will be those who eat the fruit, that is, the instant fruit. This is special unlimited service. This mela means you are becoming instruments to enable souls to have a meeting. You have done unlimited service with unlimited enthusiasm; continue to move forward whilst constantly having such constant zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada knows that many of you good old souls, who have taken sustenance, have become instruments. The fortune of the old children is even now praised in the scriptures, and new children who come here in the living form also speak about this. So, multi-million times love and remembrance to the serviceable children who take the chance of becoming multi-millionaires. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a successful tapaswi who does not touch anything bad with your mind or intellect and become a complete Vaishnav.
One who has the personality and royalty of purity cannot touch anything bad with his mind or intellect. Just as, in Brahmin life, physical attraction or physically touching anyone is impurity, similarly, any attraction or touching of any type of thought of vice in your mind or intellect is impurity. Do not touch anything bad, even in your thoughts. This is a sign of being a complete Vaishnav and a successful tapaswi.
Slogan: Finish the confusion (uljhan) of the mind and make your present and future bright (ujwal).


*** Om Shanti ***



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