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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, make your nature very sweet and peaceful. Let your way of speaking and behaving be such that everyone says: You are like a deity.
Question: What interest should you have in order to make your heart pure?
Answer: In order to make your heart pure, let there be the interest to become yogi and make others yogi. It is only with the stage of yoga that the heart becomes pure and clean. If there is attachment to your body and also body consciousness, then understand that your stage is very weak. Only the children who are soul conscious become true diamonds Therefore, practise being soul conscious and remember the Father as much as possible.

Om shanti. You children know that God is now personally sitting in front of you and telling us the song of knowledge and making us perform the dance of knowledge. With this dance of knowledge you will remain constantly happy and cheerful, the same as the deities. God alone is said to be the Father of the Unlimited and the Creator of the World. Souls understand that Baba has brought the gift of heaven for us and that He alone is the Creator. He is teaching us Raja Yoga in order to make us into the masters of heaven. He says: Remember the Father and the mastery (ownership) of the world. The Father is the Master of the Unlimited and so He would definitely create a huge unlimited world. For you children, the whole world is your home, that is, it is the place for you to play your part s. The unlimited Father comes and creates the unlimited world, that is, the home which is heaven. So, you children should be so grateful to such a Father. The Creator of the world, the Father, is directly explaining to you: I have come to make you into the masters of the world and so your nature should be completely first class. Let your activity be such that everyone says that you are like a deity. Deities are very well known. It is said: This one’s nature is completely like that of a deity, that one has a very sweet and peaceful nature. Even the Father is pleased to see such children. Baba comes to make you into the masters of heaven and so you have to become such helpers. Become engaged in service by yourselves. Do not think that you are now tired or that you don’t have time. There is benefit in doing everything at the right time. Shiv Baba gives the reward for serving the yagya. Baba surrenders Himself when He sees the divine activity of the children.

Sweet children, do you know who is teaching you? The living Diamond is sitting in this living container. He is the Truth, the Living Being and the Embodiment of Bliss. The true Father is giving you the absolutely true shrimat. Now that you belong to the Father, you have to follow shrimat at every step. Just remain quiet and study. You have to remember the one Father. Keep looking at this badge again and again and you will remember the Father and the inheritance. It is by having remembrance that you are able to donate peace to the world. Each of you children also has to create your own subjects and heirs. You should not missa single murli. Baba explains to you with a lot of love: Sweet children, have mercy on yourselves. Do not be disobedient.

The Father has such a first-class desire in His heart to make the children constantly happy and for the children to become worthy and become the masters of heaven. Those who are fragrant flowers attract the Father. Whatever someone is like, he pulls Him accordingly to receive that searchlight. Seeing the fragrant and virtuous children, Baba’s eyes become moist out of love and happiness. If they have any difficulty, then Baba gives them a searchlight.

Baba explains: Sweet children, you children must not have any of the desires of this old world. You must now only have the one elevated desire to return to the land of happiness. You must not stop anywhere. You must not look anywhere else, but simply continue to move forward. Continue to look in just one direction, for only then will your stage remain unshakable, immovable and stable. This world is now to be destroyed; it is in a very serious condition. At this time, nature is angrier than ever and this is why she is finishing everything. You know that nature will now show her anger very forcefully; she will drown the whole world. All the buildings will fall in earthquakes. There will be many types of death. All of this is in the predestined plan of the drama. No one is to be blamed for this. Destruction has to take place and you therefore have to remove your intellects’ yoga away from this world. You have insured everything of yours and you therefore do not have any type of worry. Everything of yours is being used in a worthwhile way.

You will now say: “Wah Satguru! Wah!” because He has shown you the path. Wah fortune! Wah! Wah drama! Wah! It emerges from your hearts: Thank You Baba that You have taken two handfuls of rice from me and will give me a hundred-fold return in the future, with safety. However, you children have to have broad and unlimited intellects even for this. Children continue to receive plenty of treasures of knowledge and so they should have limitless happiness. The purer and cleaner your heart is, the purer and cleaner you will make others. Only with the stage of remembrance does your heart become pure and clean. You children must have the interest to become yogi and to make others yogi. If you are attached to your body and also have body consciousness, then understand that your stage is very weak. Only soul-conscious children become true diamonds Therefore, practise being soul conscious as much as possible. Remember the Father! The word “Baba” is the sweetest of all. The Father will seat you children on His eyelids with a lot of love and take you with Him. You children ought to be completely overwhelmed by the intoxication of remembering such a Father. By remembering the Father, let your heart become completely cool with that happiness. Just as the Father has mercy even for those who defame Him, so you children have to follow the Father. Become bestowers of happiness.

You children earn such a high income through this study that you become multimillionaires. Baba makes you so wealthy! The Father weighs you against infinite treasures that will remain with you for 21 births. There is no mention of sorrow there. There will never be untimely death there. No one will be afraid of death. Here, they are so afraid that they cry. You have the happiness that you will shed those old bodies and then become prince s in the new world. You continue to finish your attachment to this old world and also continue to forget those bodies. We souls are independent. Remember no one apart from the one Father. While alive, it is as though you are in the stage of death. You have died to this world. It is said: When you die, the world is dead for you. Continue to finish the consciousness of the body. Sit in solitude and practise this: Baba, now, I am about to come into Your lap. Finish (ant – end) everything in the remembrance of One. This is said to be ek-ant (end of one – solitude).

You children now also know the secrets of the drama. The Father is telling you all the news of the incorporeal, the subtle and the corporeal worlds. The soul says: I am now making effort to go to the new world. We will definitely become worthy of going to heaven. We will benefit ourselves and others. Achcha. The Father explains to the sweet children. The Father is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness and so you children also have to give happiness to everyone. You have to become the Father’s right hands. Only such children are loved by the Father. It is always the right hand that is used for an auspicious task. The Father says: Be righteous in every situation. Remember the one Father and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. Finish your attachment to this old world. This is a graveyard. If you die while thinking about your business or your children, you will ruin yourself unnecessarily. By remembering Shiv Baba, you will remain very prosperous. By coming into body consciousness, you will ruin yourself. By becoming soul conscious, you will become prosperous. You must not have greed for wealth. If you have that concern, you would also forget Shiv Baba. Baba sees to what extent you surrender everything to the Father and how much you follow His shrimat. In the beginning, the father showed you by becoming a trustee. He surrendered everything to God and he himself became a trustee. I just have to use everything for God’s work. You must never be afraid of obstacles. As much as possible, use everything of yours for service in a worthwhile way. Surrender everything to God and become a trustee. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

The basis of world transformation is for everyone to have one thought collectively.

(Avyakt Elevated Versions – 1975)

Until feelings of mercy, feelings for world benefit and the pure desire to liberate all souls from their sorrows emerge in the hearts of you Brahmins collectively,the task of world transformation will remain stuck. Now, collectively, imbibe one thought, that is, all of you collectively give your finger of a determined thought, for only then will you be able to transform this iron-aged mountain and bring about the golden world.

So, check to what extent your gathering has become united with one thought. In the scriptures, it is remembered that Brahma had a thought of creating the world and so the world was created. Here, it is not a question of Brahma alone, but it is when all the Brahmins, together with Brahma, have the same thought of all being ever ready, that the establishment of the new world has to happen and will happen. It is when such a determined thought arises in all Brahmins, that the world can then be transformed, that is, only then will you be able to see the creation of the new world practically. In this, too, you need to have the power of the gathering, not just the power of one or two or of the eight; everyone in the gathering has to have the same thought. The significance of creating the world through a thought means that you would have a thought and the drums of completion would beat in a second.

On the one hand, the drums of completion would beat and, on the other hand, you would see the scenes of the new world. On the one hand, there would be the climax of destruction and, in the same place, amidst the flood and destruction, there would be one quarter land and three quarters water. Many different countries have been created due to the many religions that were established later. When the many religions finish, all the many countries will come together as one community in the form of one big island. On the one hand, there will be the drums of the climax of destruction and, on the other hand, the news of the birth of Shri Krishna, the first prince, will be heard everywhere. He would not come floating on a pipal leaf. Shri Krishna has been portrayed floating on a leaf after the flood. When Bharat became Paristhan, three quarters of the land was covered with water and one quarter was land and so a flood has been portrayed. Amidst such a flood, the news of the birth of the first leaf, that is, the first soul, would be heard everywhere. The news of the first prince, that his birth had taken place, would then be revealed. That too would be in an extreme situation, that is, there would be scenes of water on three parts and the fourth part, Bharat, would emerge as Paristhan. The memorial shown of the Golden Dwaraka emerging from water – it is not really from water. Three parts would be covered with water and this is why Dwaraka has been shown in water. This is why it is said that the Golden Dwaraka emerged from water. It is just that they have not been able to describe it fully. So, the cries of victory of the birth of the first soul would be heard at that time. When such scenes come in front of you, the drums of the great destruction of the old world will then be heard, and the scenes of the birth of the first prince will be visible at the same time. Before drums are beaten, the drums are first warmed; only then would the sound be heard very loudly. Before the drums are beaten, you need to have made preparations with the fire of yoga. Only then would the sound of the drums be heard loudly. You are all busy in making preparations, are you not? Let those who are waiting become engaged in making preparations and there will then be cries of victory.

When you know how to rule your body, you will know how to rule a kingdom. To rule the body means to rule a kingdom. So, you have to fill yourselves with the sanskars of ruling, do you not? You are called knowledge-full Therefore, ‘full  includes knowledge of everything: body, mind, wealth and people. If knowledgeof even one aspect is lacking, you would not be called knowledge-full. Do you understand? The basis of being a constant embodiment of success is to be knowledge-full. If you are not knowledge-full you cannot become an embodiment of success. According to the time, your speed of effort has to be intense. If the speed of time is fast and the speed of those moving along is slow, then how would they be able to arrive on time? One strength and one support is the main subject. At this time, remain constantly stable in the remembrance of One. If you remain constantly successful in this effort, you will reach your destination. Those who maintain unbroken love receive co-operation automatically.

The murli is like a walking stick for if any weaknesses remain they will be removed with this stick. Using this support, not just as a discipline but out of love, and also keeping an aim will enable you to reach your home and your kingdom. So, to listen to and study the murli with love means to be lost in love for the Murlidhar. The sign of love for the Murlidhar is the murli. The more love you have for the murli, the more love you will have for Murlidhar. The recognition of a true Brahmin is from his love for the murli. To have love for the murli means to be a true Brahmin. To have less love for the murli means to be a half-casteBrahmin. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a jewel of the forehead and constantly keep the awareness of the Father in the centre of your forehead.
“A jewel of the forehead” means one who constantly has the remembrance of the Father in his forehead. This is called the highest stage. Constantly consider yourself to be an elevated soul in a high stage and continue to move forward. Those who stay in this high stage are easily able to cross all the many situations down below. The problems remain down below and you yourself remain up above. The place for the jewel of the forehead is high up on the forehead and this is why you must not come down, but remain constantly up above.
Slogan: In order to experience the stage of a carefree emperor, transform “mine” into “Yours”.

*** Om Shanti ***




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