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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, have regard for one another. Don’t consider yourselves to be very clever. Keep it in your intellects that whatever actions you perform, others who see you will do the same.
Question: In order to make which stage firm is a lot of effort required?
Answer: While living at home with your family, the awareness of husband and wife should completely end. There shouldn’t be any such awareness in your mind. We souls are brothers. The children of Prajapita Brahma are brothers and sisters. It takes time to make this stage firm. While living together, the fire of vice should not ignite. There should be no criminal assault. Practise this. Remember the Mother and Father who are the Saccharine of all relationships.
Song: Even though the world may change (turn away), we will never turn away.

Om shanti. This is the guarantee or promise of the children. A promise is not made in words. When children recognise the Father, a promise is made anyway. Each one makes independent effort to claim a status. Each one makes independent effort at school to claim a high status. Here, souls study and the Supreme Soul becomes a living being (enters a body) in order to teach us. He enters this one and teaches him (Brahma) and the mouth-born creation of Brahma. Brahma himself would not be called a mouth-born creation. Brahmins are the mouth-born creation of Brahma. Brahma is not the mouth-born creation of Shiva. Shiv Baba comes and enters him and makes him belong to Him. He is also a creation. He first creates Brahma. He doesn’t create Vishnu first. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are remembered. It is not said: Vishnu, Shankar and Brahma. He first creates Brahma. The occupation of Brahma is distinct. All of these things have to be understood. You say to this One: You are the Mother and the Father. Therefore, He is incorporeal. A mother and father are needed in a corporeal form and that is why you ask: Does Mama have a mother? The answer would be “Yes”. Brahma is also the mother of Mama. Brahma doesn’t have a mother. Because this mother (Brahma) is not a female, Saraswati is called Mama. The Father is teaching and so this one also studies. Just as you are students, so this one too is a student. Shiv Baba is not a s tudent. You children can see the status of Brahma, who studies the most. You can see that he truly is the closest. Whose ears hear Him first? This Brahma is the closest of all. It would be said that Mama and Baba study the most and then all the children study, numberwise, although Baba says that the child Jagdish explains even better than Mama and Baba. He studies the murli, imbibes it and then writes the magazine of the Gita etc. because he has studied all the scriptures etc. He is also clever in English. This is called giving regardStudents have to give regard to one another. Baba also maintains regard. Therefore, you should follow the father, although no one has become 16 celestial degrees yet; it is numberwise. Everyone makes one mistake or another. This is why you mustn’t consider yourself to be too clever. Whatever actions the father or I perform, others who see that will do the same. Therefore, you have to give regard to one another. Baba also has to give regard. People say that you make husband and wife into brother and sister. Intelligent children would quickly say that all are the children of God and so they are all brothers and sisters. The children of Prajapita Brahma are brothers and sisters. It is good to become brothers and sisters. If you become Baba’s children, you are able to claim the inheritance. You are to receive the inheritance from Shiv Baba through Brahma Baba. So, you have to become Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. You must not then indulge in vice. Otherwise, that would be a criminal assault. Baba explains to you so clearly. He also gives you the methods to become pure. The wife says “Baba” and the husband also says “Baba”. Therefore, the consciousness of ‘husband and wife’ would be broken. People say that the world was established through Adam and Eve, and so all are their children; so all are brothers and sisters. There isn’t as much effort for kumars and kumaris. Those who have climbed the ladder also have to come down. It takes effort to come down. It isn’t that you both have to live separately, but just live as companions instead. No one in the golden age is impure. There, they don’t have to wait for children to be born. Here, they sometimes have to wait. There, according to the time, they automatically have a vision. People wonder how this can happen. How could the people here who are completely vicious understand how people there are viceless? There is no body consciousness there. Here, there is body consciousness. People cry so much when someone sheds his body. There is no crying there. There, someone has a vision at the time he or she is to shed the body and become a prince. Here, too, you have a vision that you will go and become an emperor or empress in the future. You see a child like Krishna in your lap. You don’t understand from a vision whether someone will become a sun-dynasty or a moon-dynasty emperor or empress because these are completely new things. This is why it is said: First of all, recognise the Father. The Father says: Look how lovely I am! The Father says: I am the s accharine of all relationships. I tell you to remember Me. People say: You are the Mother and the Father. Faith in each and every thing has to be instilled. However, there are doubts in one thing or another and then the royal status cannot be claimed. Therefore, the Father says: Manmanabhav. Remember the Father and you are then His lovers. These are the spiritual lovers and the Beloved. Make it firm that you souls are lovers of the Supreme Soul. Krishna cannot be everyone’s beloved. Not everyone remembers Krishna. This Father says: Manmanabhav. You now have to come to Me. The play is to end and you have to return home. So, the home would definitely be remembered. You continue to receive an explanation about everything in the murli. Some children don’t note down the things from the murli and then they continue to ask Baba the same things. The main thing is of the lovers and the Beloved. All devotees are lovers because they remember the Supreme Soul. They say: Mine is One and none other. You children hear all new things at this time. However, as you listen to them, Maya slaps you. Ravan is no less. The Father is the Almighty Authority and Maya is also an almighty authority. The kingdom of Maya continues for half the cycle. The Father now says: Make a donation of the five vices and the omens will be removed. However, in spite of that, they are not completely removed. Some make a donation and then take it back. This is not a question of money, but a question of vice. Sages and holy men say about money that you shouldn’t donate it and then ask for it back, because their income is in that. Some people go to sannyasis and ask for a child. He would reply: You will receive a child through my blessings. When they do have a child, he would say that he gave the child. If the child dies, he would say that that is destiny! If something is accomplished for one, many would have faith in him. Their expansion takes place in this way. On the one hand, they praise themselves and on the other hand, they say that it is destiny. At this time you are unknown warriors. Those people make memorials of those unknown warriors and eminent people go to visit them. They ask for flowers to be offered to the soldiers. How can you make a memorial of someone you don’t know anything about? At this time you are unknown and then you will become very well known. Your temples will also be created. At this time you are establishing the kingdom of Rama in an incognito way. Achcha. You have become long -lost and now-found sweetest, beloved children, have you not? You have come and met Me after 5000 years. When parents find their lost child, they become so happy and the child would even continue to say “Baba, Baba!” So, destruction now takes place and you become lost, that is, you become separated from the Father. You then meet the Father after a cycle and so the Mother and Father have so much love for you. You experience happiness for half the cycle. Then, you gradually become unhappy. Sannyasis say that happiness is like the droppings of a crow. They say this about vice as well. Guru Nanak also said: God washed the dirty, impure clothes. So, who washed them? It is only the one Supreme Soul who is said to be the incorporeal One. Sikh people continue to sing this. You children need to have very shrewd intellects on this path of knowledge because souls have to be awakened. Therefore, souls become shrewd. Some people have very shrewd intellects. Mothers and kumaris become very alert. Otherwise, for women to sit and explain to their husbands requires a lot of courage and fearlessness. All are residents of hell and in degradation. They dance a lot and clap a great deal in devotion, but there is no salvation through that. In order to go into salvation, you children remain completely quiet. Narad asked to marry Lakshmi. In fact, you are making effort to marry Lakshmi. Devotees cannot marry her. Only you know how and when Lakshmi and Narayan received their kingdom and where they are now. This is why you don’t go to the temples and bow down to them. You understand that you are becoming Lakshmi and Narayan. You have stopped bowing down. Those people call you atheists because you don’t bow down. In fact, you are theists, numberwise, according to the effort you make. Those people who don’t know God are atheists. You now belong to the Lord and Master, and then Maya slaps you and you thereby become orphans. Maya makes even very old people become young again; there are storms of Maya. You have to hold one another’s hand, become co-operative and continue to walk on this new pilgrimage and follow the Father’s shrimat. Everything depends on the pilgrimage of the intellect. You have to become as unshakeable and immovable as Angad. That stage will come at the end. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Hold on to one another’s hand, be co-operative and continue to follow the Father’s shrimat. Remember the Father, who is the s accharine of all relationships with a lot of love.
  2. Just as the Father gives regard to every child, so follow the Father in the same way. Definitely give regard to your seniors.
Blessing: May you be a constant yogi and be successful in your tapasya by keeping the lesson of One in your awareness.
The special basis of success and the easy way to have tapasya is to make the lesson of the word “One” firm. Tapasya means to belong to One; tapasya means to concentrate the mind and intellect; tapasya means to have love for solitude; tapasya means to make your stage stable; tapasya means to save all the treasures you have received from being wasted, that is, to be economical. Keep the lesson of “One” in your awareness and you will become a constant and easy yogi and be saved from having to labour.
Slogan: An obedient person is one who keeps the mind and intellect constantly devoid of the dictates of oneself.

*** Om Shanti ***

Elevated versions from Mateshwariji

This Godly knowledge is not received in the golden age.

If someone were to ask whether the Godly knowledge that we receive now, at the confluence age, can be received again in the golden age, it can be explained: In the golden age, we ourselves are embodiments of knowledge and experience the reward as deities. There is no exchange of knowledge there. It is ignorant ones who need knowledge, whereas they are all embodiments of knowledge there. No one is ignorant there that they would need knowledge. Now, at this time, we know the beginning, middle and end of the full variety drama. Who we were at the beginning, where we came from, how we then became trapped in karmic bondages in the middle and fell down and now at the end, we have to go beyond our karmic bondages and become karmateet deities. It is through the efforts we make at this time that we receive the golden-aged deity reward in the future. If we were to know at that time that we deities would fall, then from that thought our happiness would disappear. So there is no knowledge of coming down there. We do not have these thoughts there. It is now that we know through this knowledge that we have to ascend and create a life of happiness. Then, after half the cycle, after we have experienced our reward, we forget ourselves, become influenced by Maya and fall. This rise and fall is an eternal predestined game. We have all of this knowledge in our intellects now, but we won’t have it in the golden age.

2) Unless we become the children of God practically, we can accumulate nothing in God’s court.

Many people believe that whatever actions we perform, whether they are good or bad actions, we definitely receive the fruit of those. For instance, when people donate something or perform charity, have a sacrificial fire, or have worshipping rituals, they believe that whatever they have donated in the name of God has been credited in God’s court and that when they die they will definitely receive the fruit of that and they will receive liberation. However, we know that there isn’t permanent benefit by doing any of that. Whatever actions we perform, we definitely receive temporary and momentary happiness of that. However, until we have permanent happiness in our practical lives, we cannot receive a return of that. We can ask anyone: Have you fully benefitted from all of the things that you have been doing? On hearing this question, they become speechless. How can we tell whether it has been credited with God or not? Until you have elevated actions in your practical lives, no matter how much effort you make, you will not be able to receive liberation or liberation-in-life. Achcha, you may have donated and performed charity, but your sins were not burnt by doing that, so how can you receive liberation and liberation-in-life? Though there are so many saints and great souls, unless they receive the knowledge of karma, their actions cannot become neutral actions, nor can they attain liberation or liberation-in-life. Even they do not know what true religion and true action are. They simply chant the name “Ram, ram” with their lips, but they cannot receive liberation from that. However, to think that you will receive liberation after you have died is considered to be senseless. They don’t even know of what benefit that would be when they die. Nothing at all. Whatever actions people perform in their lives, whether good or bad, they have to face the consequences in this life. We receive all of this knowledge of how we have to perform pure actions and make our lives practical, from God, the Teacher. Achcha.



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