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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The Festival of Holi is a memorial of becoming pure and making others pure

The holiest Father has come to celebrate the Holi day with the holy swans. The whole of the confluence age is called the holi day. Sangam (the confluence) is itself the Holi day. The holiest Father has come to celebrate the Holi day with the holy children. The Holi that the world celebrates lasts for one or two days, whereas you holy swans celebrate Holi throughout the confluence age. They throw colours, but you are influenced by the colour of the Father’s company, becoming like the Father, that is, you become holy for all time. By going from the limited into the unlimited, you become holy for all time, that is, you become pure. This festival of Holi, that is, of becoming pure, is a reminder to have enthusiasm for celebrating the festival of becoming pure. The essence of all these memorial customs, which are celebrated in those traditions, is of becoming pure. When they celebrate Holi, in order to become holy, first of all impurity and all that is bad has to be burnt. It has to be destroyed by fire: you cannot be coloured with the colour of purity until impurity is completely finished. With the vision of purity, the festival of colouring one another cannot be celebrated. It is the memorial of the festival of forgetting all feelings of differences and of remembering that we are of one family, that we are all the same; to have the attitude of equality, that is, of being brothers. The lokik (worldly) form too is that they celebrate together, young, old, men and women, to experience this feeling of equality. In fact, the awareness of the form of brotherhood, of being equal, gives the experience of the imperishable colour. When you become stable in this form of equality you then experience the sparkle of imperishable happiness and your enthusiasm stays for all time to colour all souls with this imperishable colour. They spray colour with a spray gun. What is your spray gun? Your divine intellect is filled with this imperishable colour. You have experiences with the colour of the company, and so your spray guns are filled with the different colours of the experiences, are they not? Through the spray gun of your full intellect, through your drishti, through your attitude and through your lips, you are able to influence any soul with the colour of this company so that they become holyfor all time. Those people celebrate Holi whereas you make everyone holy. You make every day into a holi day. They have a celebration to create a mood of happiness for only a limited period of time whereas you have a celebration for all time by being holy and by maintaining a happy mood all the time. You don’t have to create that mood, for it remains forever. If your mood is always holy, then no form of any other mood can ever come. To have a holy mood means to be one who is constantly light, one who is automatically carefree, constantly full of all treasures and one who has claimed the right to unlimited self-sovereignty. You have had many different changing moods: sometimes of happiness, sometimes of thinking too much, sometimes light and sometimes heavy. So all of that mood changing finishes and you become one who is in a constantly happy and holy mood. You celebrate such an eternal festival with the Father. So, you first erase, then celebrate and then celebrate a meeting. The memorial of this is that they burn bonfires, they throw colours and then they have a happy meeting together. All of you are coloured by the colour of the Father’s company, by the colour of knowledge, by the colour of happiness, you play Holi with so many different colours. When you are coloured by each one of these colours, you then become equal to the Father. When all those who are equal meet together, how do they meet? Physically, when they meet, they hug each other, but how do you meet? When you become equal, you become merged in that love and so the experience of merging is the meeting. When did all of these traditions begin? Whilst your celebration is imperishable, they just create a perishable memorial and are happy with that celebration. Just think: your enthusiasm should be imperishable because you have become experienced in having constant enthusiasm whereas they just simply celebrate the memorial day for this, and they experience happiness just from that. The memorial of your enthusiasm and happiness will still be able to give innumerable souls the experience of happiness until the very end. You have now created a life that is filled with enthusiasm, a life that is completely full of joy.

This is the wonderful confluence-aged part of the drama: that you celebrate your imperishable enthusiasm and that you are also able to see your own images. On the one hand, you are elevated living souls and, on the other hand, you are seeing your own images. On the one hand, you have become embodiments of remembrance, and on the other hand, you are seeing the memorial of your every elevated act. You have become praise-worthy and are listening to the praise from the previous cycle. This is a wonder! And with your awareness, see how that is your praise. In fact, every soul always sees the memorial images of his own elevated acts in a different name and form, but he doesn’t know it. For instance, Gandhiji who is in a different name and form must also be seeing his film but without recognising it. You are able to see your images with recognition; you understand that that is your image. You are celebrating the memorial of the days of enthusiasm in the form of festivals. All knowledge is contained in this, is it not? Are there the images of the double-foreigners in the temples? Have you seen your own images in the Dilwara Temple or are there only the images of the children of Bharat? Has each of you seen your own image? Did you recognise that as being your image? Just as there is the example of one Arjuna, in the same way the pictures, the images, are memorials of just a few, but they are the memory of all of you. Don’t think that just because there are only a few pictures, they cannot be of you. Although only a sample has been shown, they are the memorial of all of you. Those who stay in remembrance (yaad) definitely have a memorial (yaadgar) created of themselves. Do you understand? Is the big spray gun of all of you full, or is it just a small spray gun that becomes empty when it is used just once, so that you then have to refill it again and again? You do not need to make such effort. Colour everyone with the imperishable colour. Celebrate Holi to make others holy. Has Holi already taken place for you or are you still going to celebrate it now? For Holi to have taken place, it means you will have become holy. You are coloured, are you not? This colour won’t have to be washed off. They happily throw the physical colours but then they also want to protect themselves from them. However, this colour of yours is such that each one says, “Spray it even more!” No one will be afraid of this, whereas they are afraid of the other colour – perhaps it may go into their eyes – but here they would say, “Colour me as much as you can – the more, the better!. So, celebrate Holi in this way. You have become holy and this Holi is the memorial of becoming pure and making others pure.

Here, in Bharat, they have created many stories, because they are interested in listening to stories. So they have created stories about every festival. Many short stories have been made out of your own life stories. Some stories have been made about Rakhi, some stories have been made about Holi, some stories have been made about your life, your birth. There are some stories about your kingdom, but all of these stories are your life stories. In the copper age it wasn’t necessary to give so much time to personal relationships, people were free. According to your calculation, even the population was a lot smaller, the wealth was rajopradhan and your stage was also rajopradhan. This is why, all these methods of stories, religious stories and devotional songs were created for you to keep yourselves busy. Some methods were needed! All of you are free, so you do service or you sit in remembrance, but what could they do at that time? They started to pray or tell stories and sing songs. Because their intellects were free, they created many wonderful, beautiful stories. At least, that was better, because they were saved from going into impurity too much. Nowadays, there are such things that cause even a child of five years to indulge in vice, but at that time there were at least some codes of conduct, but all of these are your memorials. You have such intoxication and happiness, do you not, that they are celebrating your memorial, that they are singing songs about you? They sing songs with so much love. You have become the embodiments of love and this is why they sings songs with such love. Do you understand what the memorial of Holi is? Always be happy, always be light: this is celebrating. Achcha. Never let your mood go off. Always have a holy mood, a light mood, a happy mood. All of you are becoming very sensible. Take a photograph of the first day when you came to Madhuban, and now, when you are ready to leave, take a photograph of that too. Both photos should be taken. You understand simply from a signal, yet you are still the decoration of BapDada’s home. When you come, just see, the sparkle of Madhuban becomes so beautiful. There is such beauty, as though there are angels everywhere you look. BapDada knows that you are the decoration. Achcha.

To all those who are coloured with the colour of knowledge, to those who constantly stay coloured in the Father’s company, to those who become full like the Father and who colour others with the imperishable colour, to those who always celebrate a Holi day, to the souls who are holy swans, BapDada congratulates such souls for remaining constantly happy and holy. Congratulations for making yourselves constantly full, and for constantly maintaining hope and enthusiasm. To all the children in all directions who remain constantly lost in love and who constantly celebrate a happy meeting, to such special children, love, remembrance and namaste.

Personal meetings

1) Do you constantly experience yourself to have a right to the Father’s inheritance? To have a right means to be a powerful soul, act with this understanding. No type of weakness still remains, does it? Constantly continue to make yourself move forward with the awareness, “As is the Father, so am I; the Father is the Almighty Authority and so the children are master almighty authorities. Always have this happiness, because for the rest of the cycle you will not have the happiness that you have now. Now, you have attainment from the Father whereas later, souls will have attainments from souls. The attainment that you receive from the Father cannot be received from souls. Souls are not all-knowing and so, any attainment from souls is temporary whereas from the Father you receive imperishable attainment for all time. You have now received imperishable happiness from the Father. You constantly continue dance in happiness, do you not? Constantly continue to swing in the swing of happiness. As soon as you come down, you become dirty because there is dirt on the ground. If you are always on the swings, you are always clean and, without becoming clean, you cannot have a meeting with the Father. Just as the Father is clean, so the method to meet Him is to become clean. So, those who constantly stay on the swings are those who are constantly clean. Since you have the swing, why do you come down? Eat, drink, walk, do everything on the swing; it is such a big swing. The days for coming down are over, now are the days to swing. So, you are the elevated souls who constantly swing with the Father on the swings of happiness, love, knowledge and bliss; always remember this. Always remember this. Whenever any situation arises, remember this blessing and, on the basis of this blessing, you will once again experience the company and the swinging. This blessing is a means of constant safety. To remember the blessing means to remember the Bestower of Blessings. There is no effort required when you have a blessing. You easily have all attainments.

2) All of you are the elevated souls who constantly move along with one faith and one support, are you not? Children whose intellects have faith, who have one strength and one support, know that these sakar murlis are murlis in which you receive shrimat from Madhuban, and that is the only shrimat. You cannot meet the Father anywhere except in Madhuban. Let there always be faith in this study of the one Father. The lesson of the study which goes from Madhuban is your study; there is no other study. If, at the time of offering bhog, there is sometimes a part of a messenger, that is completely wrong. That is also Maya. That would not be said to be one strength and one support. Pay attention to the murli that comes from Madhuban, otherwise, you will go onto other paths. Baba’s murli is only conducted in Madhuban and Baba only comes in Madhuban. Therefore, let each child be cautious about this. Otherwise, Maya will deceive you. (11-4-82)

Blessing: May you be seated on the trikaldarshi seat and achieve success with your power of determination.
The power of determination is an elevated power which easily transforms any power of carelessness. BapDada’s blessing is: There is success where there is determination. You simply have to be an embodiment of success in the right way according to the time. Before you perform any act, think of its beginning, middle and end and then perform that act or enable it to be performed, that is, be seated on the trikaldarshi seat and carelessness will then finish. Let the seed of thought be powerful and filled with determination and there will then easily be success in your words and actions.
Slogan: Those who always remain content and make others content are jewels of contentment.


*** Om Shanti ***

Notice: Today is the third Sunday of the month and so let all become residents of the subtle region with the vehicle of the divine intellect and do the service of spreading the wave of co-operation of good wishes and pure feelings.

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