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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, your vision should not be drawn to bodily beings because the Father, the incorporeal Ocean of Knowledge Himself is the One who is teaching you.
Question: To attain a high status which effort are you children able to make while living at home with your family?
Answer: While living at home with your family, simply use the sword of knowledge. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation and continue to blow the conch shell. Remember the unlimited Father while walking and moving around and stay in that happiness and you will claim a high status. This is the effort you have to make.
Question: What double benefit do you receive from yoga?
Answer: One is that you don’t perform sinful actions at this time and the other is that your past sins are absolved.
Song: Mother, Mother, you are the bestower of fortune for all

Om shanti. At spiritual gatherings and colleges , you can see who is teaching you. Your vision falls on that body. At a college , you would say that such-and-such a professor is teaching you. At a spiritual gathering, you would say that such-and-such a scholar is relating knowledge. Your vision falls on human beings. Here, your vision doesn’t fall on a bodily being. It is in your intellects that the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is speaking to you through this body. Your intellects go to the Mother and Father, BapDada. When children relate something, it is said that they are relating what they have heard from the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge. There is a difference. Whatever they hear at spiritual gatherings, they believe that so-and-so is relating that from the Vedas. People’s vision falls on the status and the caste and creed of human beings: this one is a Hindu, this one is a Muslim. Their vision falls on that. Here, your vision goes to Shiv Baba; Shiv Baba is teaching you. The Father has now come to give you the inheritance of the future new world. No one else can say: Children, I am teaching you Raja Yoga for heaven. You also heard that song. The song is of the past. Jagadamba was like that. She definitely created her fortune because there are her temples, but people don’t know who she was, how she came or what fortune she created. So, there is the difference of day and night between this study and that study. Here, you understand that the Ocean of Knowledge, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is teaching you through the mouth of Brahma. The Father has come. God definitely has to come to the devotees. Why else would devotees remember God? It is wrong to say that all are God. Those who believe in the notion of omnipresence use the force of 20 nails to prove their notion. Your explanation is different. It is only the children who receive the inheritance from the unlimited Father. Sannyasis have the path of disinterest, the path of isolation. You can never receive a right to property from them. They don’t want property. You want the property of constant happiness. There is sorrow in the wealth and property of hell. Although some people are wealthy, their activity is very dirty and they simply continue to throw their money away uselessly. Their children then starve to death. They make themselves and their children unhappy. That One is the unlimited Father and He sits here and explains to you children. There, you have many different fathers from whom you receive a temporary inheritance. Although there are kings too, they are limited. Their happiness is limited and temporary. This unlimited Father comes to give you imperishable happiness. He explains that the people of Bharat who were double crowned were the masters of heaven and that they have now become the masters of hell. There is sorrow in hell, but there aren’t any such rivers of the extreme depths of hell or the river of poison as they have shown in the Garuda Purana. That is the punishment that has to be experienced. Therefore, they have written those fearsome stories. In earlier days, the physical limb that someone used to commit a crime with would be cut off. They used to receive very severe punishment. Now the punishment isn’t so severe. The punishment of being hanged is not severe. That is very easy. People even commit suicide very easily. They even quickly sacrifice themselves to Shiva or the deities. You know that when a soul is unhappy, he wants to shed his body and take another. People who commit suicide don’t think in that way. They shed their bodies here and then take other dirty births here. They don’t have knowledge. They simply finish off the body because of sorrow. Nevertheless, they still receive an unhappy birth. You know that you are becoming worthy for the new world. There is variety among those who commit suicide. Some wives used to sacrifice their bodies when their husbands died; that is a different matter. They believe that they will go to the same place where their husband has gone because they have heard that and many have done that already. It is also written in the scriptures that she would go to the same place where her husband has gone. However, that husband would have been someone who indulged in the vices and so he would have to come back here to the land of death. By sitting on the pyre of knowledge here, you go to heaven. You children now know that Jagadamba and Jagadpita, who have become instruments for establishment, will become the sustainers in heaven. People don’t know what the clan of Vishnu is. Vishnu is a resident of the subtle region and so how could there be his clan? You now know that the dual-form of Vishnu, Lakshmi and Narayan, rule and give sustenance there. This is the pyre of knowledge. You have yoga with that one Husband of all husbands. He is Shiv Baba, the Husband of all husbands and the Father of all fathers. That One is everything. All relationships are forged with Him. The Father says: All the maternal and paternal uncles etc. you have now only give you advice for sorrow. At this time, they would only give you devilish directions for the wrong path. The unlimited Father comes and gives you children right directions. For instance, your physical father may ask you to study at college and become a barrister etc. Those directions are not wrong. They are right for the livelihood of your body. You have to make that effort. Together with that, you also have to make effort for the livelihood of your bodies for your future 21 births. You study for the livelihood of your body. The study of the scriptures is for the livelihood of those who are on the path of isolation. They study those for their own livelihoods. Sannyasis also earn for their livelihoods. Some earn 50 rupees, some earn 100 and some even earn 1000. When the king of Kashmir died, those of the Arya Samaji received so much money. All of them do all of that for their own stomachs. There is no happiness without wealth. If someone has wealth, he can travel around in a car etc. Earlier, sannyasis didn’t adopt renunciation for money; they simply used to go away into the forests. They would become tired of this world and free themselves. However, they cannot become free like that. Yes, they do remain pure; they support Bharat with the power of purity. They give happiness to Bharat in that way. If they didn’t become pure, Bharat would have become too much of a brothel. One is of those on the path of isolation and the other is of the Father who teaches purity. Their purity is that of the path of isolation. This purity is that of the family path. There used to be the pure family path in Bharat. We deities were pure but we have now become impure. For a full half cycle we have been becoming impure through the five vices. Little by little, Maya has made you completely impure and sinful. No human being in the world knows how we become impure from being pure even though they do understand that this world is impure. For instance, if the lifespan of a building is a 100 years, then, for 50 years it would be said to be new and for 50 years it would be said to be old. It continues to become old gradually. It is the same for this world. There is happiness in the completely new world and then, after half the cycle, it becomes old. It is remembered that there is limitless happiness in the golden age. Then, when the world becomes old, sorrow begins. Ravan causes sorrow. It was Ravan whose effigy people burn who made you impure. He is a great enemy. Someone made an application to the Government that Ravan shouldn’t be burnt because many people experience sorrow. They show Ravan to be a great scholar. None of the ministers etc. understand. You now know that Ravan’s kingdom begins in the copper age. It is in Bharat alone that people burn an effigy of Ravan. The Father explains: This path of devotion, the path of ignorance, begins in the copper age. There is the day through knowledge and the night through devotion. Look, people sing songs of Jagadamba, but they don’t understand how she is the bestower of fortune. Such a big fair takes place, but they don’t even know who Jagadamba is. In Bengal they believe in Kali a great deal, but they don’t know what the difference is between Kali and Jagadamba. They show Jagadamba to be fair and Kali to be dark. When Jagadamba becomes Lakshmi, she is beautiful. Then, after taking 84 births, she becomes ugly. People are so confused. In fact, Kali and Amba are one and the same. They don’t know anything and this is called blind faith. You children now know that the one who was Jagadamba in the past created the fortune of Bharat. You too are creating the fortune of Bharat. The name of the mothers is the main one. The mothers also have to uplift the sannyasis. This too is fixed. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has given the direction: Shoot the arrow of knowledge at them. When you children meet sannyasis etc. you explain that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Ocean of Knowledge, is teaching you. Tell them: You are limited sannyasis, whereas we are unlimited ones. The Father teaches us Raja Yoga when your hatha yoga is about to end. Hatha yoga and Raja Yoga cannot exist at the same time. So, not a lot of time now remains; there is very little time now. The Father says: Children, while living at home with your family, live like a lotus. It is Brahmins who have to live like a lotus. Kumaris are as pure as a lotus anyway. Baba says to those who indulge in vice: Become pure! While living at home with your family, become like a lotus! Each one of you has to become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Blow the conch shell! Use the sword of knowledge and your boat will go across. It takes effort. You won’t be able to claim such a high status without making effort. While walking and moving around, maintain that happiness. Remember the Father! Someone who gives a lot of happiness is automatically remembered. You now have to remember the unlimited Father. You have to give His introduction. You have to explain: By studying for a worldly education in this birth, you will become a barrister etc. for now. Achcha. For instance, if your life ends and you shed your body while studying or just after passing your examinations, the study would end here. Some may have passed their examinations and gone to London and died there; in that case the study would end there and then. That study is perishable. This study is imperishable; it is never destroyed. You know that you will go and rule in the new world. That is temporary happiness and even that is only received if you have it in your fortune. You can’t tell how long it would last. Here, it is certain. As soon as your examinations end, you will go and claim your fortune of the kingdom for 21 births. You only receive a limited inheritance from a limited father, teacher and guru. People think that they receive peace from their guru. However, there cannot be peace here. When a soul becomes tired from performing actions with the organs, he becomes detached from the body. The Father says: Peace is your original religion. These are organs. If you don’t want to do anything, then just sit down quietly. We are bodiless and are having yoga with the Father so that our sins can be absolved. You might receive peace from a sannyasi, but your sins cannot be absolved through that. Here, by remembering the Father, you will continue to become a conqueror of sinful actions. Achcha, those people sit in peace and their sins will perhaps be absolved; there would be double benefit. The sins of the past are destroyed. Under no circumstances can the sins of anyone without the power of yoga be absolved. The ancient yoga of Bharat alone is remembered. It is through this that the sins of many births are absolved; there is no other way. This expansion now has to end. Even the Government doesn’t want too much expansion. We reduce the expansion so much that very few will remain and all the rest will depart. People understand that destruction will take place, but when they see the fighting stop, they wonder whether it will take place or not. Therefore, they quieten down. The Father explains: Children, very little time remains. Therefore, don’t make any mistakes. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Become detached from your body, become bodiless and experience real peace. Make yourself a conqueror of sinful actions by having remembrance of the Father.
  2. In order to create your imperishable reward, pay full attention to the imperishable study. Renounce following all wrong directions and only follow the right directions of the one Father.
Blessing: May you remain beyond and come close to your destination by going over any walls of limitations.
The sign of going over any type of wall of limitation is to go beyond and to remain up above. The stage of being beyond means the flying stage. Those who have such a flying stage never get stuck or trapped in limitations. They always see their destination to be close. They become flying birds who then land on the branch of the kalpa tree of actions. They would perform actions in a powerful form while being in the unlimited and then fly. They would not be trapped by any bondage of the branch of actions. They would always be free.
Slogan: Be an authority of experience and you will not be deceived by any of the different royal forms of Maya.

*** Om Shanti ***




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