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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you become wealthy in the morning and beggars in the evening. In order to become wealthy from beggars and pure from impure, remember two words: “Manmanabhav” and “Madhyajibhav”.
Question: What is the way to become free from karmic bondage?
Answer: 1. The pilgrimage of remembrance and churning knowledge. 2. Let there be all relationships with the One. Your intellect should not be pulled by anyone. 3. Let your yoga remain connected to the Almighty Battery. Pay full attention to yourself. Always have the wings of divine virtues and you will continue to become free from karmic bondages.

Om shanti. The Father has sat and explained to you that this is the story of Bharat. What is the story? Being wealthy in the morning and a beggar in the evening. There is a story about this. The king was wealthy in the morning. You don’t hear these things when you are wealthy. Only at the confluence age do you children hear the things about being wealthy and beggars. This has to be imbibed by your heart. Truly, devotion makes you a beggar and knowledge makes you wealthy. This day and night are unlimited. To become wealthy from a beggar is also a matter of the unlimited, and it is the unlimited Father who makes you that. For all impure souls, there is only the one Battery to make them pure. If you remember such slogans you will remain happy. The Father says: You children become wealthy in the morning and you then become beggars in the evening. The Father explains to you how you become this. The Father then also shows you the way to become pure from impure and wealthy from a beggar. The two methods are: “Manmanabhav” and “Madhyajibhav”. You children also know that this is the most auspicious confluence age. It is guaranteedfor all of you who are sitting here that you will be wealthy in heaven, numberwise, according to the effort you make. It is the same in a school: the classes are transferred numberwise. When an examination is over, students go and sit down, numberwise. That is a limited matter and this is an unlimited matter. Souls go into the rosary of Rudra, numberwise: the rosary or the tree. The seed is that of a tree. The Supreme Soul is the Seed of the human world tree. You children know how the tree grows and how it becomes old. Previously, you did not know this. The Father has come and explained to you. This is now the most auspicious confluence age. You children now have to make effort. You also have to adopt the wings of divine virtues. Pay full attention to yourselves. Only by going on the pilgrimage of remembrance will you become pure; there is no other way. Have full yoga with the Father who is the Almighty Battery. His Battery never becomes flat. He doesn’t go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo because He always has the karmateet stage. You children go into bondages of karma. The bondages are so strong. There is only one way to become free from those karmic accounts: the pilgrimage of remembrance. There is no way other than this. For instance, this knowledge softens your bones. In fact, even devotion softens you. One would say: This helpless person is a devotional person; he doesn’t cheat or deceive anyone. However, there is deception amongst devotees too. Baba has experienced this. When a soul carries out his business through his body, everything of this birth is in his awareness. One would remember one’s own life story from the age of four or five. Some forget things of even 10 or 20 years ago. You cannot remember the name and form of birth after birth, but you can recall a few things of this one birth. People still have their photosetc. They cannot recall anything of their other births. Each soul has a different name, form, land, time and part that he plays. The name and form, all continue to change. It is in your intellects how a soul sheds a body and takes another. The soul must definitely have taken 84 births and had 84 names and 84 fathers. At the end, all relationships become tamopradhan. You never have as many relationships at any other time as you do at this time. You should understand that iron-aged relationships are bondages. People have so many children, who then get married and have their own children. At this time you have the most relationships; maternal uncles, paternal uncles. The more relatives you have, the more bondages you have. It was written in the newspapers that quintuplets had been born and that all are healthy. Just think how many relatives there are. At this time, your relatives are the least of all. You have all relationships with just the one Father. Your intellects’ yoga is not connected to anyone except the One. In the golden age, there will be more than this. Your birth is like a diamond at this time. The highest Father adopts you children. It is only now that you go into His lap while alive in order to claim your inheritance. You have gone into the lap of the Father from whom you receive the inheritance. No one is higher than you Brahmins. The yoga of all of you is connected to the one Father. You don’t have any relationships with one another either. Even the relationship of brother and sister makes you fall. All relationships should be with the One. This is something new. You have to become pure and then return home. By churning the ocean of knowledge in this way, you will begin to sparkle. There is the difference of day and night between the golden-aged sparkle and the iron-aged sparkle. At the time of the path of devotion, it is the kingdom of Ravan. At the end, there is so much arrogance of science. They try to compete with the golden age. A child wrote news about asking people: Are you in heaven or in hell? Four to five replied that they were in heaven. There is the difference of day and night in their intellects. Some believe that they are in hell and you then have to explain to them: Do you want to become residents of heaven? Who establishes heaven? These are very sweet matters. You note these down, but these notes just remain in your note books; you don’t remember them at a time of need. It is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva, who makes you pure from impure. He says: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be cut away. There will be an income by having remembrance, will there not? The system of remembrance has now emerged. You become so elevated, pure and clean by having remembrance. According to the effort you make, so you claim a status. You can even ask Baba. In the world, there is nothing but quarrels because of relationships and property. Here, there are no relationships; you belong to the one Father and none other. The Father is the Master of the Unlimited. This is something very easy. On that side is heaven and on this side is hell. Are the residents of heaven good or are the residents of hell good? Those who are sensible would say that the residents of heaven are good. Because they don’t know the Father, some say that they are not concerned with the residents of heaven or the residents of hell. Some get out of the Father’s lap and go into Maya’s lap. It is a wonder! The Father is wonderful and this knowledgeis also wonderful; everything is wonderful. Those who understand these wonders should be such that their intellects remain connected to these wonders. Ravan is not a wondernor is his creation a wonder. There is the difference of day and night. They have written in the scriptures that Krishna went into Kalidah (pool of a serpent with five heads) and that he then became ugly because he was then bitten by the serpent. You can now explain all of these things very clearly. If someone were to pick up Krishna’s picture and study it, he would become refreshed. This is the story of 84 births. Just as it is Krishna’s story, so it is also your story. You go to heaven, do you not? You then also go to the silver age. Growth continues to take place. It isn’t that only those who are to become kings in the silver age will come in the silver age. The uneducated ones will have to bow down in front of the educated ones. Only Baba can know the secrets of this drama. You now know that all your friends and relatives etc. are residents of hell and that you are the most auspicious confluence-aged ones. You are now becoming the most elevated ones. There is a lot of difference between when you live outside and when you come and stay here for seven days. You come out of the company of storks and enter the company of swans. There are many who spoil others. Many children don’t care about the murli. The Father explains: Do not be careless. You have to become fragrant flowers. Just one thing is enough for you – the pilgrimage of remembrance. Here, you only have the company of Brahmins. There is the difference between the highest of all and the lowest of all. Children write: Baba, what would I, one swan alone, do in the company of a group of storks? Storks prick like thorns. You have to make so much effort. By following the Father’s shrimat, you will claim a high status. Always remain a swan. Do not become a stork in the company of storks. There is the saying: Those who were amazed by this knowledge related it to others and then ran away. If there is even a little knowledge you can go to heaven, but there will be the difference of day and night. There will be very severe punishment. The Father says: If you do not follow My directions and you become impure, you receive one hundred-fold punishment and your status is also reduced. A kingdom is being established. You forget these things. If you remembered even this much, you would definitely make effort to claim a high status. If you don’t make effort, it is understood that you listen with one ear and let it out through the other and that you don’t have yoga with the Father. While living here, your intellect’s yoga remains connected to your children. The Father says: Forget all of that. This is called disinterest. There is a percentage in this too. Your thoughts go somewhere or other. If you fall in love with someone, your intellect clings to that one. Baba explains to you every day: Whatever you see with those eyes it is to be destroyed. Let your intellects remain connected in yoga to the new world. Also connect your intellects in yoga to unlimited relationships. This Beloved is wonderful. On the path of devotion, people sing: When You come, we will not remember anyone except You. Now that I have come, you have to remove your intellects’ yoga from everywhere else. All of that is going to turn to dust. It is as though your intellects are connected in yoga to dust. If your intellects are connected in yoga to Me, you will become the masters. The Father makes you so sensible. People don’t know what devotion is or what knowledge is. You have now received knowledge and so you also understand what devotion is. You now have a feeling of how much sorrow there is in devotion. People perform devotion and consider themselves to be very happy. Then they also say: God will come and give us the fruit. They don’t know how God will give the fruit or to whom He will give it. You now understand that the Father has come to give you the fruit of your devotion. You have to follow the directions of the Father from whom you receive the fruit of the kingdom of the world. These directions are called the highest directions of all. Everyone receives these directions. Some are able to follow them whereas others are not. An unlimited sovereignty is to be established. You now understand what you were and what your condition has now become. Maya completely destroys you. This is like a world of corpses. Whatever you heard on the path of devotion, you continued to say “True, true” to that. However, you now know that only the one Father tells you the truth. You should remember the one Father. If anyone from outside sat here, he would not understand anything. He would say: I don’t know what they are talking about here. The whole world says that God is omnipresent whereas these people say that He is their Father. He would continue to shake his head in disagreement. You would continue to say, “Yes, yes”. This is why new ones are not allowed to come here. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. In order to become fragrant flowers, you need to be very cautious about the company you keep. Keep the company of swans. Remain swans. Never become careless about the murli.
  2. In order to be liberated from karmic bondages, have all relationships at the confluence age with the one Father. Do not have any relationships with one another. Do not allow your intellects to cling in yoga to someone by falling in love in a limited relationship. Remember the One alone.
Blessing: May you observe the games of all adverse situations while remaining stable in the stage of a detached observer and as a contented soul.
No matter how much an adverse situation may shake you, become stable in the stage of a detached observer and you will experience everything to be like a puppet show; that it is not real. Watch the game while maintaining your honour. The elevated honour of the confluence age is to be a jewel of contentment and to remain content. Souls who maintain this honour will never become distressed. The special gift from BapDada at the confluence age is contentment.
Slogan: Be so happy hearted that the happiness in your mind is clearly visible on your face.

*** Om Shanti ***

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