Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, the unlimited Father has come into this unlimited gathering to adopt you poor children. He doesn’t need to go into a gathering of deities.
Question: What day should you celebrate with a lot of pomp and splendour?
Answer: The day you died alive and had faith in the Father. That day should be celebrated with a lot of pomp and splendour. That day is Janamasthmi (birthday) for you children. If you celebrate your birthday of dying alive, your intellects will remember that you have stepped away from the old world and you now belong to Baba, that is, you have claimed a right to the inheritance.
Song: The Flame has ignited in the gathering of moths.

Om shanti. You children of Bharat have been listening to many songs, poems, Vedas, scriptures, Upanishads and praise of deities etc. You have now received the understanding of how this world cycle continues to turn. You children know the past; you see what the present world is. You have also experienced it in a practical way. However, you haven’t as yet experienced in a practical way everything that is still to happen. You have experienced whatever happened in the past. The Father has explained this to you. No one except the Father can explain this. There are many human beings, but they don’t know anything. They don’t know anything about the Creator or the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. People don’t even know that it is now the end of the iron age. Yes, as you progress, they will come to know the end. They will know the essence, but they won’t have the full knowledge. Only the students who study this can know it. This is the study to become kings of kings from human beings and, in that, too, not impure kings, but divine kings whose image will be worshipped by impure kings. Only you children know all of these things. Scholars and pundits don’t know anything at all. They don’t know God, the One they call the Flame. Even the singers don’t know anything. They simply sing praise. God must definitely have come into a gathering of this world. A gathering is where many people gather together. A happy gathering (party) is a place where they eat and drink. You are now receiving the imperishable treasures of the jewels of knowledge in this gathering, that is, you could even say you are receiving the sovereignty of Paradise from the Father. In this whole gathering, it is only you children who know the Father and that He has come to give you a gift. What would a Father give at a gathering? What do people give one another at a gathering? There is the difference of day and night in this. The Father feeds you halva, whereas they feed you the cheapest thing of all, which is chick peas. There is so much difference between halva and chick peas! They continue to feed one another chick peas. When someone doesn’t earn anything, it is said: He is just chewing chick peas. You children now know that the unlimited Father is giving you the blessing of the sovereignty of heaven. Shiv Baba comes into this gathering, does He not? The birthday of Shiva is also celebrated but no one knows what He does when He comes. He is the Father and He would definitely feed you and give you something. Your mother and father would sustain you in life. You know that that Mother and Father comes and looks after your lives, that is, He adopts you. Children themselves say: Baba, I am Your ten-day-old child, that is, I have belonged to You for ten days. Therefore, you should understand that you have claimed a right to the sovereignty of heaven, that you have been adopted by Him. One is adopted while alive and not out of blind faith. A mother and father would give their child away for adoption. They feel that their child would be happier with other parents because they would take care of their child with greater love. You children of physical fathers come here and are adopted by the unlimited Father. The unlimited Father adopts you with so much interest. Children also write: Baba, I now belong to You. You wouldn’t just say this from a distance. A child would be adopted practically and so there would also be a ceremony. Just as a birthday is celebrated, so you, too, become His children. You say: Baba, I now belong to You. After six or seven days, there should be a naming ceremony, but no one celebrates this. You should celebrate your Janamasthmi (birthday) with a lot of pomp and splendour, but none of you celebrates it. You don’t even have the knowledge that you have to celebrate a birthday. It is after twelve months that you celebrate it. However, if you didn’t celebrate it at the beginning, why do you celebrate after twelve months? Perhaps there isn’t any knowledge or faith. Once you have celebrated your birthday and become firm in your faith, then, having celebrated your birthday, if you run away, it would be understood that you have died. Some people celebrate their birthdays with a lot of pomp and splendour. The poor can distribute jaggary and chick peas; nothing much. Children don’t have this happiness because they don’t fully understand. When you celebrate your birthday, you will be able to remember this firmly, but you don’t have that intellect. Today, the Father is explaining to the new children once again: If you have faith, then celebrate your birthday. “This is the day I developed faith, therefore this is my Janamasthmi (birthday).” So you children should fully remember the Father and your inheritance. Children never forget that they are the children of such-and-such parents. Here, some children say: Baba, I can’t remember You. You would never say this on the path of ignorance. The question of not remembering doesn’t arise. You remember the Father and He definitely remembers everyone. All My children have been completely burnt to death on the pyre of lust. No guru or mahatma would say this. God speaks: All of you are My children. All are the children of God. All souls are the children of God, the Father. When the Father enters a body, He says: All of these souls are My children. They climbed onto the pyre of lust and have been completely burnt to death and become tamopradhan. The people of Bharat have become so iron aged! They have all become ugly from sitting on the pyre of lust. The number one worthy-of-worship, beautiful soul has now become a worshipper and ugly. The beautiful one becomes the ugly one. To sit on the pyre of lust means to sit on a snake. In heaven, there are no snakes to bite anyone. Such things cannot exist there. The Father says: When the five vices enter you, you become like wild thorns. You say: Baba, we agree that this is a jungle of thorns. They continue to bite one another and have been burnt to death. God speaks: The children of Myself, the Ocean of Knowledge, whom I made clean and pure in the previous cycle, have now become impure and ugly. You children know how you become ugly from beautiful. You have the full history and geography of 84 births in your intellects in a nutshell. You know it at this time. Some know their biography from the age of five or six years, numberwise, according to their intellects. Everyone knows the biography of their past and what bad things they have done. Normally, they talk about the big things they have done. They cannot know what they did in their previous births. No one can tell you his biography for birth after birth. However, the Father explains how you have taken 84 births. Only those who have taken the full 84 births will be aware of it. I am giving you directions for going back home. This is why the Father says: This knowledge is for those of all religions. If you want to go to the land of liberation, to your home, only the Father can take you there. No one can go home without the Father. No one knows this way of remembering the Father and going there. Everyone has to take rebirth. No one but the Father can take you there. You mustn’t even think about eternal liberation; that is impossible. This drama is eternally predestined and no one can come out of it. Only the one Father is the Liberator and Guide for everyone. Only He comes and tells you the way to remember Him so that your sins are absolved. Otherwise, there will have to be punishment. If you don’t make effort, it is understood that you don’t belong here. You children know the path to liberation and liberation-in-life, numberwise, according to the efforts you make. Each one of you explains at your own speed. You can also say: The world is impure at this time. There is so much violence etc. Such things will not exist in the golden age. It is now the iron age. All human beings will agree with this. There are the golden, silver, copper and iron ages. They must have names in other languages as well. Everyone knows the English language and there is also a dictionary of Hindi to English. The British ruled here for a long time and so their English is used. At this time human beings accept that they have no virtues. “Baba, come and have mercy on us! Make us pure once again because we are impure!” You children understand that not a single impure soul can return home. Everyone has to go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. The Father comes into this impure gathering. It is such a huge gathering. I never go into a gathering of deities. I don’t go where you can receive 36 varieties of rich nourishing food. I go to the children who don’t even have chapattis. I adopt them and give them their inheritance. I do not adopt the wealthy; they remain lost in their own intoxication. They themselves say that this is heaven for them. When someone dies, people say he has become a resident of heaven. Therefore, this is definitely hell. Why do you not explain? No one has the wisdom to write this in the newspapers. You children know that the drama is making you make effort. Whatever effort we make is fixed in the drama. It is necessary to make effort. You mustn’t just rely on the drama. Effort definitely has to be made for everything. You are karma yogis and Raja Yogis. Those people are renunciates of karma and are hatha yogis. You do everything while living at home and looking after your children. Those people run away because they don’t like it at home. However, their purity is needed in Bharat. It is good. Nowadays, some don’t even remain pure. It isn’t that anyone can go to the pure world. No one except the Father can take you there. You now know that the land of peace is your home but how can you go there? Many sins have been committed. People call God omnipresent. Whose honour are you losing by saying this? That of Shiv Baba! They say that God is in every particle and in the cats and dogs! Now, whom should I report this to? The Father says: I am the Powerful One. I also have Dharamraj with Me. This is the time of settlement for everyone. Everyone will experience punishment and then return home. The drama is made in this way. Punishment definitely has to be experienced. There are visions. Visions are also received in the jail of a womb: “You did this and that, and this is therefore the punishment for what you did”. This is why you cry out: Let me out of this jail! I will not perform such sins again. The Father personally comes in front of you and explains all of these things to you. You experience punishment in a womb. That too is a jail and you experience suffering. In the golden age, neither jail exists where you would experience punishment. The Father now explains: Children, remember Me and the alloy will be removed. Many will accept your words. God’s name is mentioned, but they have made the mistake of putting Krishna’s name. Only the Father explains to you children. Whatever you hear, print that in the newspapers. At this time, Shiv Baba says to everyone: You have become tamopradhan whilst taking 84 births. I am now advising you once again: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved, and you will then go to the lands of liberation and liberation-in-life. This is the Father’s order: Remember Me and the alloy will be removed. Achcha, children, I have explained so much! How much more can I explain? Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Definitely make effort for everything. Don’t just sit there and think that it is in the drama! Become a karma yogi and a Raja Yogi, not a renunciate of karma or a hatha yogi.
  2. In order to return home with the Father without experiencing punishment, make yourself, the soul, satopradhan by remembering Him. Become beautiful from ugly.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of power and hoist the flag of newness with your greatness.
Now, according to the time and its closeness, when you influence others with your form of power, you will then be able to bring the final revelation closer. Just as you have revealed love and co-operation, in the same way, give the experience of your form of power in the mirror of service. When you hoist the flag of newness of your Shakti form with your greatness, revelation will take place. Give a vision of the Almighty Authority Father with your form of power.
Slogan: To donate powers with your mind and virtues with your actions is a great donation.

*** Om Shanti ***

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