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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, Maya creates obstacles in yoga, not in knowledge. Unless there is yoga, the study cannot be imbibed. This is why you should make effort to stay in as much yoga as possible.
Question: Through which method does Baba uplift the children who have fallen?
Answer: Baba praises those children in class and gives them a lot of love and courage: Child, you are very good. You can become a Ganges of knowledge. You are going to become a master of the world. I have come to give you the sovereignty free of charge. Why are you not claiming it? Are there the omens of Rahu over you? Study the murli and stay in yoga and the eclipse will be removed. When the children are encouraged in this way, they become engaged in having remembrance and they study once again. The omens of many children are removed in this way.
Song: The Resident of the faraway land has come to the foreign land.

Om shanti. God speaks. There are just two expressions in the Gita that people have been listening to. In fact, the Gita scripture didn’t exist in heaven. It was later on that people sat and wrote it. So, what do the versions of God say? Children, Manmanabhav! They use the same Sanskrit expression that you have been hearing. No one understands the meaning of it. As soon as He comes, He says: Manmanabhav! If you were to say, “God Shri Krishna speaks”, would Krishna then say “Remember Me, the Supreme Soul”? That would be a lie. Here, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva, says to the saligrams: Manmanabhav! Remember Me, the Supreme Soul, because everyone is now to die. All the gurus and friends and relatives tell someone who is about to die to remember Rama, Krishna, or they place a picture of Rama, Krishna or Hanuman, or a guru in front of that person. Here, all human beings are going to die. All are in their stage of retirement. Young and old, everyone has to go to the supreme abode, beyond sound, to the silence world. That is also called the incorporeal world. That is the world of us souls. When you souls come here, you become corporeal. There are no costumes there. You adopt costumes here to play your part shere. The Father says: I have now come to take you children back home. I am the Death of all Deaths. At Amritsar, they keep “The Immortal Throne”. “Immortal” means that which doesn’t experience death. The Death of all Deaths now says: I take you back home. You then have to come down to play your part s. Whose part was played first at the beginning of the world? This world is a variety tree of religions. Everyone comes, numberwise. First is the deity religion. That religion has now vanished and the knowledge of it has also vanished. So, how could it exist in the scriptures? The easy Raja Yoga through which they became deities also vanished. However, that Gita etc. are all the paraphernalia of devotion because you receive this knowledge at this time. Its scripture doesn’t exist in the golden or silver age. So, how could it exist in the copper age? There, your true Gita doesn’t exist. Then, according to the drama, they write the same Gita on the path of devotion. It is said that, previously, the intellects of the sages and holy men were good. So they sat and created those scriptures etc. According to the drama , they had to be created. Where would the real thing come from at that time? For instance, Motilal also had a part with Gandhiji. If a play were to be created about them, where would they come from? They would make others play that role artificially. The part of Brahma, of establishment, is taking place now. It is the establishment of what? You children know that the deity religion is being established for the golden age. This is why the Father says: Remember Me, and you will come to Me. You are sitting here and so you should listen to the tape, revise the murli and stay in yoga so that your sins are absolved. Throughout the day, you remain busy with your work. There, it would be very difficult to stay in yoga. Maya creates many obstacles in this. Maya doesn’t distance you from knowledge; she distances you from yoga. Wasteful and sinful thoughts don’t allow you to stay in yoga. There aren’t as many obstacles in the study. Yes, if you are not in yoga, you won’t be able to imbibe the study. Yoga is easier than knowledge. When the old mothers tell Baba that they are unable to keep all of these points in their intellects, Baba says: OK, stay in remembrance of Me. The Father says: O devotees! All are devotees. However, you are the long-lost and now-found ones who have done devotion for the full half cycle. Not everyone performs devotion for the full time. Those who continue to come even now will perform devotion for only that length of time. However, it is only you who change from worthy of worship to worshippers. You can know this from the children. Those who become the children follow shrimat. You understand that those who have full faith that God is teaching them belong to your clan and that they are real children. Real children sacrifice themselves, whereas stepchildren don’t. There is nothing to be afraid of in this. People have been sacrificing themselves while doing devotion. They have been donating something or other in the name of God. That too is sacrificing. You say that God gave you a child or wealth. However, people don’t understand the meaning of that. You now know that the Father has been giving you the returnof your devotion for a temporary time. It is not like that in the golden age. Whatever you have continued to do in devotion doesn’t exist in the golden age. There are neither any poor ones to give donations to, nor are there any scriptures or temples. That is all the paraphernalia of devotion which doesn’t exist in the golden age. Even this knowledge vanishes. There is no effort made there for which you would receive a reward. All the reward is from the effort made at this time. The knowledge of those of Islam and the Buddhists continues all the time because there is no destruction after their establishment. Therefore, they are aware of everything. However, after your establishment, destruction takes place and so everything is destroyed in that. Then those same Vedas and scriptures will emerge in the copper age. All of them are the children of the Gita. None of them is called a religious scripture because a religious scripture is that through which a religion is established. The versions of Christ are called the versions of a m essengerChrist is not called God, the Father. He is believed to be the son of God. They say that God sent him to establish the Christian religion. Therefore, he had to sustain his own religion. He has to go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. He doesn’t have the knowledge that no one can return home. Achcha, Baba used to explain that they created the Gita as a memorial; it is the scripture of the deity religion, but they have made it false. The truth in that is like a pinch of salt in a sackful of flour, because they wrote it later. No one in the golden and silver ages has knowledge. They don’t understand where the golden palaces studded with diamonds went to. Why did they vanish? They say that Dwaraka sank beneath the sea, but it doesn’t go into the sea. Everything is destroyed in the earthquakes etc. and no name or trace of heaven remains. They experienced their reward and used it up. Therefore, no name or trace of it remains, nor does their history remain. They have the history of when the temples were built and when worshipping began and when Mahmud Guznavi came and how he looted the wealth of Bharat. All of this knowledge is food for the intellect. However, if your yoga isn’t right, then, although you will be happy while listening to this, nothing will stay in your intellect. If there isn’t purity it won’t remain. This is not in anyone’s control. This is not the knowledge of the scriptures. Those people learn all of that by heart. This is a study for 21 births. Although they will sit on their father’s throne, that too is the reward or income of this time. Deities don’t give an inheritance to one another and this is why the Father says: Remember Me! Death is just ahead. You have to follow Mama and Baba. Those people become followers of the sannyasis just in name. There, it is the kingdom of gods and goddesses. As are the king and queen, god and goddess, so the people, and the Father is teaching you for that. It isn’t that He will give blessings. His teaching itself is a blessing. Would you ask a teacher to give you blessings so that you receive 100% marks? Baba teaches you. This study is for everyone, whether they are Christians or Buddhists. It is said: For all religions. All of those religions are of the body. Baba says: Forget all of them and have the faith that you are a soul. All souls are immortal. You are all children of the one Father, and this is why it is said: Renounce all the bodily relations, your maternal and paternal uncles, have the faith that you are a soul alone and remember Me and your sins will be absolved. There is no other way. This is called the fire of yoga. The chit-chat in Baba’s letters is related in Madhuban at night. Baba makes everyone laugh and also encourages everyone in Madhuban by saying: You are very good. You can become a Ganges of knowledge. What! You have a job in the telephone office? You are going to become an empress. Baba would uplift even those who fall. Baba says: I know that many of you are eclipsed by the omens of Rahu. Baba receives news and so Baba uplifts them. I have come to give you the sovereignty free of charge. What has happened to you? You are eclipsed by the omens of Rahu. Stay in yoga and listen to the murli. Baba has to write such letters. Baba receives many types of letter. When someone’s heart is attached to another, they make a plan between themselves to have a pure marriage. He says: I will save you and free you from bondage. Baba says: How can you save someone? First of all, are you yourself safe from Maya? Have you taken advice from Baba? You haven’t even taken shrimat from Baba and yet you are talking about becoming engaged! So, o corpses, Maya will drag you towards her! When their hearts become attached in a subtle way, they talk in that way. Baba understands that they are going into the depths of hell. It is the parents who get their children engaged, whereas here, you fools are getting yourselves engaged secretly. You don’t even realise that obstacles come in this way. The jaggery knows and the bag that contains the jaggery knows (unrefined sugar made from the sap of palm trees). Baba knows all the children. Anyone can ask Baba: Baba, am I a real child or a stepchild? What status will I receive if I were to leave my body now? There is no guarantee for anyone’s body. A steamer could sink, an aeroplane could crash and so what would be your condition? Death is just above everyone’s head. Therefore, don’t leave anything of today for tomorrow. Otherwise, you will receive visions in the land of Dharamraj. Look, you said: “Tomorrow, tomorrow,” and now death has eaten you. By not following shrimat, you lost the royal status. If someone listens to even a little knowledge, he will go to heaven. Then, according to how much someone helps with establishment, he will receive a status accordingly. In the same way, Gandhiji was helped and so many went to jail. So many were killed. What did they receive in return? They would have taken birth to wealthy congressmen. Now very little time remains. So, what happiness would they have received? When someone has heard even a little knowledge that will not go to waste. Here, you are not told to renounce anything. Those people caused trouble because of vice. Therefore, because of such desperate circumstances, they had to leave. What could they do otherwise? So, the Father had to give them refuge. Even now, some continue to take refuge. There is no question of abducting anyone. The cowshed had to be created according to the drama. You are children, but they named this, the cowshed. They say that Krishna went across the river and so the cows must also have crossed the river. All of that refers to this time. Before getting into all of those things, first of all, take knowledge and then claim your inheritance from the Father. You may carry on with your business but, together with that, take this second course. Even while living abroad, you must definitely study the murli. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and g oo morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Forget the relations of the body and consider yourself to be a soul alone. Surrender yourself to the Father completely. You mustn’t be afraid.
  2. In order to become free from the punishment of Dharamraj, don’t leave till tomorrow what you can do today. Continue to take blessings from the Father on the basis of how you study.
Blessing: May you be constantly carefree and increase your decision power with balance in karma and yoga.
Only those whose intellects always give an accurate judgment can remain constantly carefree because, day by day, the problems and circumstancesare going to get tighter. At such a time, if you have a balance of karma and yoga, you will easily overcome any situation with your decision making power. The blessings that you receive due to maintaining a balance will not allow you to have any surprising questions arising even in your thoughts. “Why did this happen? What happened?” Such questions will not arise. There will constantly be the firm faith that benefit is hidden in whatever is happening.
Slogan: Take the sweetness of all the relationships you have with Baba and do not remember anyone else.

*** Om Shanti ***



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