Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 16 November 2019

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you are the children of the Trimurti Father. You have to remember your three activities: establishment, destruction and sustenance.
Question: What damage is caused by the severe illness of body consciousness?
Answer: 1) Those who are body conscious have jealousy. Because of jealousy, they become like salt water with each other. They are not able to do service with love; they keep burning inside. 2) They remain careless; Maya keeps deceiving them a great deal. Whilst making effort, they stop studying because they lose hope and get tired. 3) Because of body consciousness, their hearts are not clean. Because their hearts are not clean, they are unable to climb into the Father’s heart. 4) Their mood goes off and their faces change.

Om shanti. Are you only remembering the Father or are you also remembering anything else? You children should remember the three tasks of establishment, destruction and sustenance because they take place simultaneously. For instance, if someone is studying law to become a barrister, he understands that he will become a barrister and then follow the legal profession. He would sustain the subject of law. Whatever someone is studying, he has the aim of continuing with that in the future. You understand that you are now carrying out the task of construction. You are establishing the pure, new world and yoga is very essential for that. It is only by having yoga that you souls who have become impure will become pure. You will become pure and then rule the kingdom in the pure world. This should enter your intellects. This is the most elevated examination of all examinations and the most elevated study of all studies. There are many different types of study that are taught to human beings by human beings. Those studies are for this world alone. After having studied, they receive the fruit of that here. You children understand that you receive the fruit of this unlimited study in the new world. That new world is not far away. It is now the confluence age. You are to rule the kingdom in the new world. Whilst you are sitting here, your intellects should have this remembrance. It is by having remembrance of the Father that you souls will become pure. You must also remember that when you have become pure, this impure world will definitely be destroyed. Not everyone will become pure. There are very few of you who have that power. You belong to the sun and moon dynasties, numberwise, according to your power. Power is needed for everything. This is Godly might and it is called the might of the power of yoga. All others are physical might; this is spiritual might. Cycle after cycle, the Father says: O children, remember Me alone. Remember the Father, the Almighty Authority. He alone is the Father. By remembering Him, you souls will become pure. These are very good aspects and they have to be imbibed. These aspects will not sit in the intellects of those who don’t have the faith that they have taken 84 births. Those who came in the satopradhan world are now in the tamopradhan world. They are the ones whose intellects will quickly develop faith. If you don’t understand anything, you should ask. If you understand clearly, you ought to be able to remember the Father. If you don’t understand, you are not able to remember Him. This is a straightforward matter. You souls, who were satopradhan, have now become tamopradhan. Those of you who have doubts and ask how you can understand that you have taken 84 births or how you can know that you claimed the inheritance from the Father in the previous cycle will not pay full attention to the study. It is understood that it is not in your fortune. You didn’t understand in the previous cycle either. This is why you are unable to stay in remembrance. This study is for the future. If souls do not study, it is understood that they have not studied cycle after cycle and that they only passed by a few marks. Many fail in a school; they pass numberwise. This too is a study. Everyone here will pass, numberwise. Those who are clever will study and continue to teach others. The Father says: I am the Servant of you children. Children also say: We too are servants. You have to benefit each and every brother and sister. The Father benefits you and you then have to benefit others. You have to explain to everyone: Remember the Father and your sins will be cut away. The more you give this message to many others, the greater a messenger you become. They are called maharathis or horse riders. Those who are foot soldiers become part of the subjects. You children can understand who will become wealthy ones. This knowledge should remain in your intellects. You children have become instruments for service. You have given your lives for service and so you will also claim a status accordingly. Such children don’t have any worries about anyone else. Human beings have hands and feet; they are not tied. You can keep yourself free. So, why should you trap yourself in bondage? Why not take nectar from the Father and give the donation of nectar to others? You are not like a sheep or a goat that someone could tie you up. In the beginning, how did you children free yourselves? You cried, screamed and caused so much distress and then just stayed there. You said: We have no worries. Do we want to establish heaven or sit and do some other work? You became intoxicated with the spiritual intoxication of belonging to the Lord and Master. You are the ones intoxicated with the Lord and Master. You know what you are receiving from the Lord and Master. The Lord and Master is teaching you. He has been given many names; some names are very sweet. You are now intoxicated with the Lord and Master. The Father gives very simple directions. Your intellects also understand that you will definitely become satopradhan and become the masters of the world by remembering the Father. This is the concern you should have. You should remember the Father in every breath. You are sitting in front of Him. When you go outside, you forget. There isn’t as much intoxication outside as there is here. You forget everything. You shouldn’t forget. However, if it is not in your fortune, you forget even whilst you are sitting here. Arrangements are being made for children to do service in museums and different villages. The Father says: You should do service quickly in whatever time you have. However, you cannot hurry the drama. The Father says: There should be such machinery that things are ready as soon as you touch them. The Father continues to explain all of this. Maya catches hold of very good children very firmly by their nose and ears. Maya brings many storms to those who consider themselves to be mahavirs. They then don’t care about anyone; they hide everything. Internally, their hearts are not truthful. Those who have true hearts claim a scholarship. If there is anything devilish in their hearts, they cannot continue. By having a devilish heart, you make your boat sink. Everyone needs Shiv Baba. You have visions of everything. It was Shiv Baba who created Brahma. By remembering Shiv Baba, you can become like the deities. Baba knows that Maya is very powerful. She bites you like a mouse so that you don’t even realise it. Maya is like a very clever mouse. Maharathis too have to be very cautious. They themselves don’t realise when Maya makes them fall and make them like salt water. You should understand that, by becoming like salt water, you will not be able to do the Father’s service; you will keep burning inside. It is because of body consciousness that you burn inside. As yet, you souls haven’t created that stage. There isn’t the power of remembrance. That is why you must remain very cautious. Maya is very clever. When you are on the battlefield, Maya doesn’t leave you alone. She finishes half or three quarters of you and you don’t even realise it. Many good new ones stop studying and stay at home. Maya also attacks those who are very good and well known. Although they do understand, they become careless. They instantly become like salt water over small matters. The Father explains: It is because of body consciousness that you become like salt water; you deceive yourself. The Father says: This too is part of the drama. Whatever you see, the drama continues as it did in the previous cycle. Their stage continues to fluctuate. Sometimes, they have bad omens over them. Sometimes, they do very good service and write to Baba giving him the good news. Their stage keeps fluctuating. Sometimes, there is defeat, sometimes, there is victory. Pandavas are sometimes defeated by Maya and sometimes they conquer Maya. Very good maharathis also fluctuate. Some even die. Therefore, wherever you live, continue to remember the Father and do service. You have become instruments to do service. You are on the battlefield. Those who live outside in households can go ahead of those who stay here. There is total war with Maya. Your parts continue second by second, as they did in the previous cycle. You say that this much time has gone by and that everything that has happened is in your intellects; all of this knowledge is in your intellects. Just as the Father has knowledge, so there also has to be knowledge in this Dada. When Baba speaks, Dada too must be speaking. You know which ones are good and have clean hearts. Those who have clean hearts climb into Baba’s heart. They do not have the nature of becoming like salt water; they always remain cheerful; their mood never changes. There are many here whose mood keeps changing; don’t even ask! People say: We are impure. They have called out to the Purifier Father to come and purify them. The Father says: Children, continue to remember Me and your clothes (soul) will become clean. Follow My shrimat. The clothes of those who don’t follow shrimat don’t become clean. Those souls don’t become pure. Day and night, the Father keeps emphasising this: Consider yourselves to be souls. You choke when you become body conscious. The more you ascend, the happier you become and the more cheerful you remain. The Father knows that some children are firstclass, yet if you look at their internal state, they are melting away. It is as though the fire of body consciousness is melting them. They don’t understand where their illness comes from. The Father says: This illness comes from body consciousness. Those who are soul conscious will never become ill. However, there are many who keep burning inside. The Father says: Children, may you be soul conscious! Some ask why they have this illness. The Father says: This illness of body consciousness is such, don’t even ask! When someone has this illness, it is like a parasite that doesn’t let go. By not following shrimat and by moving along with body consciousness, you will be hurt very badly. Baba receives all the news. Maya catches hold of them by their noses and makes them fall. Their intellects get completely killed. Many develop doubts in this way. You call out to God: “Come and change those with stone intellects into those with divine intellects”, and so if you oppose God, what would be their state? They fall completely and their intellects become like stone. Whilst sitting here, you children should experience the happiness: Student life is the best. The Father asks: Is there any study more elevated than this one? This is the best;it gives the fruit for 21 births. Therefore, you should pay so much attention to this study. Some don’t pay any attention at all. Maya cuts off their noses and ears. The Father Himself says: Her kingdom lasts for half a cycle. She catches hold of you in such a way, don’t even ask! Therefore, remain cautious and also caution one another: Remember Shiv Baba. Otherwise, Maya will cut off your nose and ears, and you won’t then be of any use at all. Many think they will claim the status of Lakshmi and Narayan. That is impossible. They get tired and collapse. They are defeated by Maya and fall into the rubbish. When you see that your intellect is getting spoilt, you should understand that Maya has caught hold of you by the nose. There is a great deal of power in the pilgrimage of remembrance. Souls become filled with a great deal of happiness. It is said that there is no nourishment like the nourishment of happiness. When customers continually come to your shop, there is an income. There would never be tiredness at that time. You would not starve. You remain very happy because you are receiving limitless wealth. You should experience a great deal of happiness. You should check: Is my behaviour divine or devilish? There is now very little time left. It is as though there is a race of untimely death. Look how many accidents etc. take place! People’s intellects have become tamopradhan. When rain comes down with great force, that would be called an accident of nature. Death too is about to come. People now believe that an atomic war will soon begin. They do such dangerous work. If they are provoked, the war will begin. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Stay in the intoxication of belonging to the Lord and Master and free yourself. Do not be tied in any bondage. Be very cautious about Maya, the mouse. There should never be any devilish thoughts in your mind.
  2. Stay in the happiness of receiving limitless wealth (knowledge) from the Father. Your intellect must never have doubts and you thereby get tired of this income. Student life is the best life. Therefore, pay full attention to this study.
Blessing: May you become a constantly contented soul and use all the treasures of your attainments by being an embodiment of remembrance.
The special blessing of the confluence age is contentment and the seed of contentment is all attainment. The seed of discontentment is some lack of physical or subtle attainment. It is remembered of Brahmins that nothing is lacking in the treasure store of Brahmins. All the children receive the same infinite treasures from the One. At every moment simply use the treasures you have attained, that is, be an embodiment of remembrance. Do not change the unlimited attainments into limited ones and you will always remain content.
Slogan: Where there is faith, the line of the fortune of victory is always on the forehead.

*** Om Shanti ***

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