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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, only the Father, in the form of Satguru, gives you this guarantee: Children, I shall take you back home with Me. No bodily being can give this guarantee.
Question: When will this story which you children are listening to come to an end?
Answer: When you become angels. A religious story is told to those who are impure. There will be no need to listen to this story when you have become pure. This is why it is wrong to say that Shankar told this story to Parvati in the subtle region.
Question: In the praise of Shiv Baba, which words are right and which are wrong?
Answer: To say that Shiv Baba is free from the result of karma (Abhogta), free from otherthoughts (Asochta) and the One who gets everything done through others (Karankaravanhar) is right. However, to say that He does not do anything (Akarta) is not right, because He purifies the impure.
Song: Leave Your throne of the sky and come down to this earth.


Om shanti. This is what the children are calling out: Baba, come! We are once again unhappy in the kingdom of Ravan. Maya has once again cast a shadow. The five vices, which means Ravan, have made us very unhappy. In response, Baba says: Yes children, this is My duty. He would definitely come here to say this: Yes children, I come when the people of this land of Bharat have become completely corrupt and unhappy, for, no matter how many gurus they have been adopting for salvation, none of them has been able to grant them salvation. The stick for all the blind is God. First the Father gives you birth, that is, He adopts you and then the Guru gives you salvation. At present, neither does anyone else give salvation nor is anyone else Baba. Now you say: The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is our Baba as well as our Guru. Only He is called the Satguru, the true Baba. He is the true Baba and He is called the Supreme. He is also the Satguru. He takes us back with Him. He guarantees you this. No other guru can ever give you this guarantee: I shall take all of you souls back with Me. They don’t even know how. All of these things are new. When you see this one, your intellect should remember Shiva. He alone is the Father, the Teacher and the Guru. When human beings adopt a guru or a teacher, they just see the physical form. It is the soul that adopts different bodies and takes different names, forms and countries at different times. Achcha. There is only one Baba and He only comes once. He doesn’t take rebirth. The sanskars are in the soul. Only when a soul has a body can he speak. You children sing praise of the Father: He is incorporeal, He never takes a physical body of His own. Shiva doesn’t have a body of His own but He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, the Satguru. He is also the Father and He teaches Raja Yoga. Certainly, the One who is the Master of Brahmand, the Master of the whole world, would make others into the masters of heaven. No bodily being can make anyone this. No one, except the children, knows the Father. When you say that the Supreme Soul is teaching you, people say: It is not written in any scripture that the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, comes into a body. Yes, but there is the praise of the birth of Shiva. In the song, it is sung: Change Your form and come here! Therefore, in which body or in which form did He come? Those bodies of yours are due to the bondage of karma. By performing good actions you receive a good status, and by performing bad actions you receive a bad status. You cannot say the same thing for that One. Human beings definitely take rebirth, but the Father doesn’t. He has entered this body. It is also shown that Shiv Baba carries out establishment through Brahma. Shiva is incorporeal, and so how is He able to make Brahma carry out establishment? Would He give inspirations from up above? He comes into the impure world. Therefore, into which body should He come so that He can teach Raja Yoga? You children know that Baba has now come and that you are listening to Him. He is speaking through the mouth of Brahma. All others would tell you the names of gurus who are bodily beings. You know that incorporeal Shiva is our Baba. Firstly, you need a father who can give you birth. Shiv Baba adopts us through Prajapita (Father of People) Brahma. Prajapita cannot physically have so many children. However, Prajapita Brahma has countless children; the Brahmin clan is very big. Brahmins then become deities. When they are deities, there is no adoption. Adoption only takes place now. There are so many Brahmins. You children know that you have come to Shiv Baba. He is knowledge-full. He says: I only tell you children this knowledge. I do not have a body of My own. They celebrate Shiva’s birthday, but they do not know how Shiv Baba comes. They speak about the night of Shiva and also show the birth of Krishna to be in the night. Immediately after the birth of Shiva, it is the birth of Krishna. The birth of Shiva is at the confluence age. After the night of Brahma ends, the day begins. The Father comes at that confluence. This is the unlimited night, the other is limited. For half a cycle it is the day, and for half a cycle it is the night. They continue to stumble around on the path of devotion; they cannot find God because there is darkness. They are totally senseless. They say that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is up above and then they say that they find God by going on pilgrimages and also by giving donations and performing charity. You have been stumbling around for so long; there are numerous directions. This is why it is said that the path of devotion is the night of Brahma. By stumbling and becoming degraded they have become sinful souls. Those who take birth through vice are called sinful souls. You cannot say that Krishna is born through sin. No, he is born through the power of yoga. Only you people of Bharat, those who are of the family path, understand these things. Sannyasis neither know of these things nor believe in them. The Father says: Beloved children, in the golden age too, you were on the family path and then, having taken birth and rebirth, you too became impure. When Bharat was pure, it was the kingdom of deities. There was also peace there. Actually, the land of peace is the land of nirvana, but you also receive this inheritance of peace in the golden age. This is why there is never peacelessness there. They never cause sorrow for anyone or make anyone peaceless. There, no one causes sorrow for anyone. Here, even children cause sorrow for their parents and make them peaceless. You are now claiming the inheritance from the Ocean of Peace. There is no fighting or quarrelling there. You need to have that stage here too. You should not be like salt and water with one another. Firstly, you need to have the faith that the unlimited Father has come and that He will take us from the world of sorrow to our home. The Father doesn’t come in the golden age. He comes here and sees you through these windows (eyes). This one’s soul sees and Shiv Baba also sees. People don’t believe that it’s possible for two souls to be in one body. However, people feed brahmin priests when they invoke the soul of their husband or their father and that soul then comes and speaks. They question that soul, and so there are two souls in that body, are there not? Baba says: That soul doesn’t come and sit there. That’s impossible! The Father doesn’t have a body of His own, but He can come. Five thousand years ago as well, I said: I enter an ordinary old body, that is, I enter the most fortunate chariot. Surely, He would come in a human body and not a bull. How could there be a bull in front of Shankar in the subtle region? If a person worships Shankar or Shankar and Parvati, I give him a vision of that. However, they have shown Shankar relating the story to Parvati, which is false. Why would Shankar relate the story? There is no need for that in the subtle region. This story will end when you have become angels. This story is told to purify the impure. Baba tells you the story of immortality and makes you worthy of being taken to the land of immortality. The golden age is the land of immortality whereas this is the land of death. Today, Baba asked: Does Shiv Baba bathe? Baba replied: BapDada bathes. I said: It is Dada who bathes. Why should Shiva bathe? He doesn’t have to go to the lavatory that He would need to bathe. Shiva is free from the result of karma (Abhogota). This is a matter of understanding. He doesn’t become impure that He would have to bathe. He only comes to purify the impure. He is Karankaravanhar (One who accomplishes everything through others), Abhogta (One who is free from the result of karma) and Asochta (free from otherthoughts). It is wrong to say that He is Akarta (One who does not do anything). He purifies the impure, does He not? He is the One who gets everything done through others. (Baba coughed.) The harmonium, that is, the body of this soul, has become defective and so what can Shiv Baba do? You cannot say that Shiv Baba’s harmonium has a defect in it. No, this body is not His; He has taken it on loan. If something taken on loan breaks, it is the owner’s possession that is broken. Shiv Baba is not the owner of this body. The owner is this one (Brahma). That One has taken it on rent. This is the fortunate chariot. There is only one bull, but then they also speak of the cow’s mouth (gaumukh). Baba says: Really, some of these daughters are not clever at all! If someone has to be uplifted, I enter the child and uplift that person. I definitely have to enter an impure body in the impure world. Therefore, in order to bring benefit to someone, I even enter some children. Some children do not understand this, whereas those who listen to them become cleverer than they are. It is because of the Father’s help. One thing is that their intellects have faith and secondly, they receive drishti. Baba says: Although I can enter someone, it is not that I am omnipresent. Why do they call Me the One with many forms? I give them a vision of whomever they are worshipping. In the vision they have, it seems as if that image is coming towards them. When a vision of Vishnu is received, it is as though Vishnu is alive and is putting his hand over that one’s head. Then, they say: I had a vision of the four-armed figure. However, what benefit was there in that? None! It is just that their hearts become pleased that they had a vision of God. Many receive visions in devotion but no one receives salvation through them. They sing that the Bestower of Liberation, the Purifier for all, is One, but Vishnu cannot be that. How could Vishnu be the Father? The Father is only One and His child is also only one: the Father of People, Brahma. It is never said the Father of People Vishnu or Shankar. There is only one Father of People and then there is adoption of Brahmins through him. You children know that you first become Brahmins and that you then become deities. There cannot be an accurate rosary of Brahmins, because there continues to be change. Some fall, some die, and so what should you do? Take them out? Only at the end will the rosary of Rudra be accurate. Only the Father tells you these sweet things; no one else knows them. There are many who say: O Rama, this world was not created. Now, you know that it was from here that Ramachandra received the reward of becoming a king in the silver age. So, how could he be so ignorant that a scholar (Vashisth) would give him the idea that the world was never created? This is the world cycle. They are confused in all aspects. None of them knows anything, nor do they understand anything. They have made Shiv Baba disappear completely. They also celebrate the birth of Shiva but they do not understand anything. It is Shri Krishna who becomes ugly. Baba comes when He has to make him beautiful from ugly. Immediately after the birthday of Shiva, it is the birth of Shri Krishna. Shiv Baba comes and teaches Raja Yoga. Whom does He teach? Brahmins, the mouth-born progeny of Brahma. They will then become kings and queens. Shiv Baba will go away and it will then become the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. Therefore, it was the Father who made Krishna become like that. However, instead of the Father’s name, they have put Krishna’s name. They have portrayed Krishna in the copper age. Shiv Baba is now teaching Raja Yoga. You know that we are establishing the kingdom of heaven. Many others will become princes and princesses. No one knows about the confluence age or the golden age. I only come at the confluence of the cycles, whereas they have said that I come in every age. There are four ages and after the copper age it is the iron age, and so what would He do if He came in the copper age? Everyone has to go into the stage of descent. My part is only when it is the stage of ascent. This one has to come down. You children have to complete 84 births. The Brahmin clan is the highest on high. Praise of these clans is sung in Bharat: First the Brahmins, then the deities, then the warriors etc. Although they have the picture of the variety-form, they have omitted the Brahmins and Shiva from it. These things are not mentioned in any of the scriptures. Shiv Baba comes and adopts you through Brahma. He converts you from shudras to Brahmins. How can Brahma, the resident of the subtle region, become the Father of People? Firstly, you need to have the faith that He (Shiva) really is the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. They also say that the Bestower of Liberation is One, but they do not know His name, form, country or time. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Claim your inheritance of peace and happiness from the Father, the Ocean of Peace, and become peaceful. Don’t cause sorrow for anyone or make anyone peaceless. Don’t become like salt and water.
  2. Like the Father, become a stick for the blind. In order to receive help from the Father, do service with faith in the intellect.
Blessing: May you become an embodiment of experience by using every treasure for yourself and everyone else.
Imbibe the power to accommodate, become filled with all treasures and use them for yourself and for the task of serving many others. By using the treasures, you will become an embodiment of the treasures. To listen, to accommodate them within yourself and then to use them; by using this method you can become an authority of experience. Just as you enjoy listening and the points are very good and powerful, similarly, use them and become powerful and victorious and you will then be said to be an embodiment of experience.
Slogan: A virtuous one is one who garlands with the garland of virtues even those who defame them.

*** Om Shanti ***


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