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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you should not debate too much with anyone. Just give the introduction of the Father to everyone.
Question: The unlimited Father has stepchildren as well as real children. Who are real children?
Answer: Those who follow Baba’s shrimat, who tie a true rakhi of purity, who have the faith that they will surely take the unlimited inheritance; children with such faith in the intellect are real children. Stepchildren are those who follow the dictates of their own minds; sometimes they have faith, sometimes doubt. They even break the promise they make. The duty of worthy children is to listen to and follow all of Baba’s directions. The first direction Baba gives is: Sweet children, now tie a true rakhi of purity and finish any impure attitude.
Song: Awaken o brides, awaken! The new age is about to come.


Om shanti. You children understood the meaning of the song. The new world is the new age, and the old world is the old age. The new world follows after the old world. The new world is created by only the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. So, whether you say ‘Ishwar’ or ‘Prabhu’, you definitely have to call Him by His name. If you just say Prabhu, with whom do you have yoga? Whom do you remember? Human beings say that He doesn’t have a name, form, place of abode or time. Oh! but His name ‘Shiva’ is well known in Bharat. The one for whom Shiv Ratri is celebrated is the one who is called the Father. It is only when you have the Father’s introduction that your intellect can have yoga with Him. It is pointless to debate too much with anyone. First of all, you have to give the introduction of the unlimited Father to everyone. Which human world does He create, and how and when? From the beginning of the golden age to the end of the iron age, you continue to meet worldly fathers, but it is always the Father from beyond who is remembered. He is the Father who resides in the supreme abode. Do not think that heaven is the supreme abode. The golden age is a place here. The supreme abode is where the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and we souls reside. Since the Father of all souls is the Creator of the golden age, why do the children not have the kingdom of heaven? Yes, we definitely did have the sovereignty of the golden age at some time. There was a new world and a new age, but it is now the old world and the old age. The Father created heaven; it has now become hell. Who created hell and when was it created? Maya, Ravan, created hell. It is very easy to give this knowledge to the residents of Bharat, because it is the residents of Bharat who burn Ravan. However, they do not understand the meaning of that. All the devotees remember God, but, because of not knowing Him, they call Him omnipresent. They say that He is beyond name and form; they say that He is limitless, that you cannot reach the end of Him. This is why all humans have lost hope and become slack. They had to become slack. Only then can there be the time for Baba to come and create heaven. The Father says: I have now come again. The devotees definitely receive their reward from God. It is here that God has to come to give the reward, because all are impure. No one impure can go there which is why I have to come. People also invoke Me. The devotees need God. Now, what will they receive from God? Liberation and liberation-in-life. He will not give liberation-in-life to everyone. It is those who make effort that are the ones who will receive it. Will all the billions of souls receive the inheritance? When people come to you, tell them: The Father is the Creator of heaven. We are experienced. We do not search for God now. He comes at His own time. We searched very hard before but were not able to find Him. We went on pilgrimages, we did a lot of penance and chanting and searched a great deal but we did not find Him. He has to come at His own time from the supreme region. The deities of the original eternal religion have to take 84 births. The five castes are famous. Now there is the clan of shudras and there is the clan of Brahmins. You have to explain the different clans. The castes are shown in the variety-form image, but people do not know about the Brahmin clan. So the first introduction you should give is that the Father is the Creator of heaven and that you are the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. It is only when the Father comes and creates Brahmins that you can then become deities. There is the name Prajapita (Father of People) Brahma. Brahmins are created through the mouth of Brahma. The Father of Brahma is Shiv Baba, and so you are the family of God. Just as there are the Kirpalani and Vaswani families, in the same way, yours is God’s family; you are His children. True Brahmins are those who have made a promise of purity. All are His children, but there are some among them who are real children and others who are stepchildren. The real ones have tied the rakhi of purity. There is also the festival of Rakhi. All of these things belong to the confluence age. Dashera (the burning of Ravan) is also a celebration of the confluence age. Diwali comes immediately after destruction; everyone’s light is ignited. In the iron age, everyone’s light is extinguished. The Father is also called the Master of the Garden and the Boatman. Neither Brahma,Vishnu nor Shankar can be called the Master of the Garden or the Boatman. The Father comes into His garden to look at His children. Some of them are roses, some are jasmine and some are lilies. Each one has the fragrance of knowledge. All of you are now becoming flowers from thorns; this is the forest of thorns. There is a lot of fighting and quarrelling because all are atheists, orphans. They do not have the Lord and Master, the One who can give them directions and make them into those who belong to the Lord and Master. No one knows the Lord and Master. Therefore, the Lord and Master definitely has to come. So the Father comes and makes you into those who belong to the Lord and Master. Human beings desire to have one religion, one kingdom, but there also has to be purity. There was one religion in the golden age, but it is now the land of sorrow. You have now been transferred to the Brahmin clan. You will then go into the deity clan and not come into this impure world. The land of Bharat is the highest. If the Gita had not been falsified, who would even ask about Bharat? They go to the temples of Shiva. They are temples to the unlimited Father because the Father is the only One who bestows salvation on all. He comes and makes orphans belong to the Lord and Master. No one except the Father can explain these things. All others are those who teach devotion. There, there is no question of knowledge. The Ocean of Knowledge, the One who grants salvation, is only one. Human beings cannot be gurus to grant salvation. They call those who teach skills “gurus”, but such gurus cannot bring salvation to the entire world. Even though they say that they receive peace from the sadhus etc., it is temporary. Sannyasis say that the happiness of heaven is like the droppings of a crow. Therefore, whatever peace is received from the sannyasis is also like the droppings of a crow. They cannot give liberation. The Bestower of Liberation and Liberation-in-Life is only the one Father. They all have a lot of love for Shri Krishna, but they do not know him fully. The Father says: In the golden age there was the land of Krishna and it is now the land of Kans (Devil). Baba now comes and once again creates the land of Krishna. Then, after half a cycle it becomes the kingdom of Ravan, hell. For half a cycle there is happiness, and for a half cycle there is sorrow. The time of happiness is greater, but the play of happiness and sorrow continues. It is called the world cycle or the play of victory and defeat. Sannyasis think that they can attain eternal liberation, but no one can attain that. No one understands the significance of this. No one except the Father can grant liberation or liberation in life. You are now establishing your own kingdom. Just look! There is nothing here but sorrow all around. We are now creating heaven with the Father’s help, and we will then become the masters and rule in heaven. All others will be sent to the land of liberation and they will come at their own time. Then, when they do come down, they will first have happiness and then sorrow. On the path of devotion, they rotate rosaries and do penance and chanting etc. People say that you should only remember the One, but you have to shed body consciousness for that. No one, however, sheds body consciousness. The Father says: Now, all have to return. The Father talks only to the children. Among the children, there are some who are real children and some who are stepchildren. Stepchildren are those who do not tie a rakhi of purity. Real children have the faith that they will definitely claim the inheritance. However, there are some who fail. Some are weak, some are strong; all are numberwise. Strong ones are those who bring their wives and children as well. A strong one will make others the same as himself; a stork and a swan cannot live together. It is a big responsibility for the Father; to make everyone pure is the Father’s task. This is why the Father says: Both wheels should go together. If the wife and husband go together, everything works out fine. Come; let us both tie the bond of purity together. We will definitely now become pure and take the inheritance from the Father. If you are the children of Brahma, you are brothers and sisters and there cannot be criminal assault. Godly law says that they cannot indulge in vice. Now the Father says: The attitude of drinking and giving poison should break. We will give each other the nectar of knowledge to imbibe. We will also claim the inheritance of heaven from the Father. The duty of worthy children is to obey the father. Those who don’t obey him are unworthy. A father would definitely hesitate before giving an inheritance to unworthy children. You are Brahmins, the ones who are becoming deities. So, you should make your wife drink the nectar of knowledge in the same way that a little child’s nose is held when giving him medicine. Ask your wife: Do you believe that your husband is your god and your guru? In that case, I will definitely bring you salvation. A husband can very soon make his wife equal to himself, but a wife cannot make her husband equal to herself as quickly, and this is why there is assault against innocent ones. Daughters have to endure lot of beating. Even the G overnment is not able to protect you. They say: We are not able to do anything. The Father says: Children, follow shrimat and you will become the masters of heaven. If you become unworthy you lose the inheritance. Children there take a limited inheritance from their father, whereas the worthy children here take the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. Here, it is the land of sorrow. You should not wear any gold here, because you are beggars at this time. In the next birth, you will receive palaces of gold studded with jewels. You understand that you are now receiving the inheritance for 21 births from the Father. On the path of devotion, I only give you the return of your faith. People do not understand where the Krishna soul is or where the Guru Nanak soul is. You understand how everyone has become tamopradhan by taking birth and rebirth. All of that happens in the world cycle; all have to become tamopradhan. In the end, the Father comes and takes everyone back home. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. You now have to tie the bond of purity. Shed body consciousness and transform impure attitudes.
  2. Follow Baba’s shrimat and become a worthy child. You have to imbibe the nectar of knowledge and also give it to others. Take in the fragrance of knowledge and become a fragrant flower.
Blessing: May you be holy swans who transform anything wasteful into powerful with your good wishes.
Holy swans are those who let go of the negative and imbibe the positive. See but do not see, hear but do not listen. “Negative” means wasteful matters. Do not listen to, perform or speak of wasteful things. Transform anything wasteful into powerful. For this, you need to have good wishes for every soul. Something wrong will be put right through your good wishes and so, no matter what someone is like, you just give that one good wishes. Good wishes will turn stone to water, the wasteful will be transformed into something powerful.
Slogan: In order to experience supersensuous joy, remain stable in the stage of an embodiment of peace.

*** Om Shanti ***




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