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Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 16 July

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

An equal right for everyone to be seated on BapDada’s heart-throne.

Today’s gathering is the meeting of the Ganges of knowledge and the Ocean of Knowledge in which all the children experience having a spiritual meeting with the Father. The Father is pleased to see the spiritual children and the children are pleased to meet the spiritual Father. This is because, when souls who recognised the Father in the previous cycle understand through their intellect’s yoga that they are the same souls of the previous cycle, that they have found the same Father once again, they experience themselves to be swinging in the swing of bliss, happiness, love and joy. The children of the previous cycle are experiencing this once again. They have remembered that old recognition once again. Such loving souls who are embodiments of that remembrance and absorbed in the Ocean of Love, can understand this special experience. All of you children are loving souls and it is because of the pure relationship of love that you have come here. Nevertheless, you are numberwise in your love. Some souls are merged in love and others are experiencing the meeting according to their capacity. Some can feel the bliss of this spiritual meeting and are still trying to understand it. However, all souls would be called loving souls. On the basis of a loving relationship, they will continue to move forward and reach the stage of becoming souls who are embodiments. Their trying to understand will cease and they will have the experience of being merged, because souls who are merged in love are souls who are equal. Therefore, to become equal means to be merged in love. So, you can understand for yourself to what extent you have become equal to the Father. What is the Father’s thought? Is the thought of ‘I, the soul, absorbed in love,’ the same as His thought? Similarly, have I become equal to the Father in my words, actions, service and relationships? Or, is there still a great difference, or just a small difference? To finish the difference the great mantra of “Manmanabhav” is needed. To become the form of this great mantra in your every thought at every second is known as being a soul who is equal and merged in Him. The unlimited Father has the unlimited thought that all the children should become equal to the Father. He doesn’t feel that He should be the guru and others should become disciples. No, He wants you to become equal to the Father and be seated on the Father’s heart-throne. Here you don’t have to become one seated on the gaddi; only one or two will become that. However, here the unlimited Father makes you those who are seated on the unlimited heart-throne to which all the children can claim a right. Each and every one of you has the same golden chance. Whether you came at the beginning, in the middle or have just come now, all of you have the full right to become equal, that is, to be seated on the heart-throne. It isn’t that those who come at the end cannot go ahead. Anyone can go ahead because this propertyis unlimited. It isn’t that those who came in the beginning have taken everything and so it is all finished. The property is so limitless that even those who come later can take some if they want. However, everything depends on those who claim the right because, as well as claiming that right, you also have to renounce the sanskars of dependency. It is nothing else – just dependency. However, when the question of renouncing something arises, then, because of your own weakness, you get stuck in this aspect and you say that your sanskars do not leave you. You blame your sanskars and say that the sanskars do not go away when it is, in fact, you yourselves who don’t let go of them. Which is more powerful – the living soul or the sanskars? Did the sanskars adopt the soul or has the soul imbibed the sanskars? Are the sanskars the living power of the soul, or is the soul the power of the sanskars? Since it is the soul that imbibes those sanskars, then it is also the soul that has to renounce them; the sanskars will not renounce themselves! You call it many things: it is my sanskars, nature, habit, nature. However, which power says this? Is it the habit or the soul that says it? So, are you a master or a slave? Although you have an unlimited chance of taking up your rights, that is, the authority of being a master, you become those who take according to your capacity. What is the reason for this? You say: It is my habit, my sanskars, my nature. However, even though you say that they are yours, you don’t have that authority over them. If they are yours, then you are the master of them, are you not? What would you call a master who is unable to do what he wants, who cannot transform himself or who cannot claim that right? Would such a weak soul be called one who has all rights? You have an open chance; the Father does not give to you numberwise; it is you yourselves who make everything numberwise. The Father’s heart-throne is so large that souls of the whole world can be seated on it. It is of such an unlimited form, but how many are there who have the courage to sit on it? In order to be seated on the heart-throne, you have to make a bargain from your heart. This is why the Father is called Dilwala (the One who wins everyone’s heart). He gives you His heart and He also takes your heart. When the bargaining starts, you show your cleverness a great deal. You don’t make a full bargain, you keep a little aside and what do you then say? “I will give everything gradually.” You prefer to bargain a small portion at a time. Because those who strike a bargain in one go belong to the One, they remain constant and stable and claim number one in everything. Those who bargain a little at a time, those who keep their feet in two boats instead of one, are constantly in the upheaval of one form of confusion or another; they cannot remain constant. Therefore, if you want to make a bargain, do it in just a second . Don’t break your heart into pieces! Today, you detach your heart from yourself and attach it to the Father. You give Him one piece, that is, one portion. Then, tomorrow, you detach your heart from your relations and attach that to the Father and give a second portion of your heart, a second piece. What will happen by doing it this way? In terms of the Father’s property, you will only claim a right to a piece of that property. In terms of the attainment of experience, you will not be able to have all experiences. By experiencing just a little, you will neither become constantly full nor constantly content. This is why, even now, some children say that they don’t experience as much as they should. Some say that they don’t have a full experience, that they only experience a little. Others say that they do experience that, but it is not constant. Because they haven’t made a full bargain they don’t experience it to the full extent. It is because they haven’t thought of making a bargain in one go. Because they do this a little at a time, the experience they have is also a little at a time; it is not all the time. In fact, this bargain is a bargain that gives such an elevated attainment: it is to give your heart that has been wandering around aimlessly and claim a right to sit comfortably on the heart-throne of the Father, who is the Comforter of Hearts! In spite of that, there isn’t the courage to strike this bargain! You do understand this and you speak about it but, because you lack the courage, you are unable to attain this fortune. It is a good bargain, is it not? Or, do you find it a hard one? When you speak about it, all of you say that it is a good bargain. However, when you begin to do it, you make it hard. In fact, your giving is not really giving. To give iron and receive diamonds – is that giving or receiving? So, do you not even have the courage to take? This is why you were told that the unlimited Father gives equally to everyone, but even though they have an open chance, those taking become numberwise. If you want to take a chance, then take it! No one would then hear a complaint from you about being unable to do it or that this happened! “If I had come in the beginning, I would have been able to go ahead! If I didn’t have these situations, I would have gone ahead!” These complaints are just your own weaknesses. External situations can do nothing in front of your original stage. In no way can obstacles obstruct the efforts of souls who are destroyers of obstacles. The account of speed is not according to the account of time. It is not that someone who came two years ago can go ahead, whereas someone who came two months ago cannot. Here, it is a bargain of just a second! Therefore, two months is such a long time! However, has your speed been intense from the moment you came? Those whose speed is constantly intense can go ahead of many souls who are careless. This is why the present time and the master almighty authority souls have the blessing: Whatever you want for yourself, however much progress you want to make, however many rights you want to claim, you can easily do that, because this time is blessed. You are the souls who are blessed with blessings from the Father, the Bestower of Blessings. Do you understand? If you want to become blessed, become that now! Later on, the time of blessings will come to an end. You won’t at that time be able to attain anything, even by making effort. So, attain whatever you want now! Do whatever you want to do now! Don’t think, but do whatever you want to do with determination and achieve success. Achcha.

To those who have all rights, to those who make a bargain of a second, that is, those who do something as soon as they think of it, to such constantly courageous, elevated souls, to those who, as masters, finish their weaknesses with the power of transformation, to those who perform the elevated actions that they want to, to such master almighty authority souls, those who are seated on the heart-throne, to the children who have all rights, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting teachers:

You remain constantly engaged in service whilst considering yourselves to be servers, do you not? What is the special basis of success of service for servers? A server always wants to be successful, but what is the basis of success? What does Baba especially draw your attention to nowadays? (To renunciation.) There cannot be success without renunciation and tapasya. So, to be a server means to be an embodiment of renunciation and an image of tapasya. What is tapasya? To belong to the one Father and none other: this is the tapasya of every moment. And what is renunciation? Baba has told you a lot about that but, in essence, the renunciation of a server is to remain easy whatever the time, the problems and the people may be like, and to mould oneself for the benefit of the self and others. No matter what the situation is – for instance, sometimes you may have to renounce your name, sometimes your sanskars, sometimes your waste thoughts, sometimes temporary physical facilities – you need to be able to make your stage elevated according to that situation and time. Whatever type of renunciation is required of you, you must do that and be able to mould yourself: this is called being an embodiment of renunciation. Renunciation, tapasya and then service. Renunciation and tapasya are the basis of success in service. So, become such a renunciate that there is no arrogance in that renunciation, no arrogance that you renounced something. If you even have this thought, that is not renunciation.

A server is one who instantly puts into practice the directions of the seniors. If you receive a direction to help people, even then do not try to prove yourself right. Even though you may be right, when you receive a direction from the seniors to help people, always say, “Ha ji, (Yes indeed), Ji hazir” (I am present!) This is the speciality of servers. This is not bowing down or demeaning yourself, but becoming even greater. Sometimes some of you think that, if you do that, you will be belittling yourself and that your name will be devalued, that your personality will be devalued, but no! To accept means to become worthy of respect. To give respect to others means to receive self-respect. Therefore, be such a server that you renounce even your respect and prestige. What would you do with temporary respect and prestige? To be obedient means to receive respect and prestige for all time. So, do you want to claim this eternally or just for now? A server means someone who is constantly ever ready to renounce all of these things. As soon as a senior says something, do it! Such special servers are loved by the Father and by everyone. To bow down means to be the bearer of the fruit of success. This bowing down is not belittling yourself, but it is to become filled with the fruit of success. At that time, it may seem as though your name is belittled, that the other person has become greater and that you have become smaller, that you were brought down and the other person was placed higher. However, it is a game of just a second. There can be defeat in a second and there can be victory in a second. The defeat of a second is defeat for all time which makes you part of the moon dynasty, holding a bow and arrow, whereas the victory of a second enables you to attain constant happiness which is symbolised by Krishna playing a flute. There is such a great difference between one who belongs to the moon dynasty holding a bow and arrow and one who plays a flute! So, it is not a question of a second, but that second is the basis for all time. Understand this secret and continue to move constantly forward. You saw Father Brahma: Brahma Baba lowered himself so much! He became such a humble server that he was even ready to massage the children’s feet. “The children are ahead of me! The children can give better lectures than I can!” He never said, “Me first!” The children ahead! The children first! He said the children were the seniors. So, to lower yourself is not lowering yourself, but elevating yourself. This is known as being a true, a number one worthy server. This is the aim of all of you, is it not? Many servers have emerged in Gujarat. However, the rivers of Gujarat are only flowing in Gujarat. Don’t be Gujarat benefactors! Become world benefactors! Remain constantly ever ready! Whatever direction you receive today, say, “Ha ji!” (Yes, indeed!) “What will happen? How will it happen?” Why should a trustee have to think about what would happen or how it would happen? Constantly offer yourself and you will remain constantly beyond. You will then step away from attachment and dependency. Today you are here and tomorrow you could go anywhere and you would be beyond. If you think that you have to stay here, then there will be a little feeling of, “I have to inspire others to become this, I have to become this….” Today you are here and tomorrow you are there. You are a bird. Today you are on one branch and tomorrow on another branch. Your stage will then remain beyond. The stage of the mind has to remain constantly beyond. Even if you stay somewhere for 20 years, remain constantly ever ready. Don’t think, “How would it happen?” This is known as being a great renunciate. Achcha.

Blessing: May you fill your apron with God’s blessings by knowing the importance of the confluence age and become a conqueror of Maya.
One second of the confluence age is even greater than one year of the other ages. If you lose one second of this time, it is not a second but a lot that you lose. Always remember the importance of this and you will continue to receive God’s blessings at every second Maya cannot come to those whose aprons are constantly overflowing with God’s blessings. She will start to run away from a distance. So, to save time is to make intense effort. An intense effort-maker means to be a constant conqueror of Maya.
Slogan: Those who are obedient are worthy of receiving blessings from the Father and the family.


*** Om Shanti ***



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