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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

on the completion of the World Peace Conference.

Today, the unlimited Father is seeing His serviceable children who are instruments for service. Whichever child He looks at, each one is more elevated than the next. So, BapDada is seeing the speciality of every elevated and serviceable soul. BapDada is pleased that every child is an image of support and an image of upliftment for the task of world transformation. All the children are constantly co-operating in BapDada’s task. Seeing such co-operative, easy yogis, such special elevated souls, the children who are instruments for service, BapDada, as well as holding a welcome ceremony, is congratulating the children with golden flowers of love. BapDada is seeing every child in the form of a sparkling jewel of the forehead, a jewel of contentment and a jewel of the heart. BapDada is also constantly singing a song. Do you know what song He sings? He sings the song: Wah My children! Wah! Wah sweet children! Wah! Wah the loveliest of the lovely children! Wah! Wah elevated souls! Wah! You have such constant faith and intoxication, do you not? At no other time throughout the whole cycle, can you children attain such fortune that God sings songs about you children. Devotees sing many songs praising God. All of you have also sung many songs but did you ever think that even God would sometimes sing songs about you children? You are seeing in the corporeal form what you never even imagined. You have just had a conference for World Peace. All the children said very good things and, by becoming suns of knowledge, you also spread vibrations of pure thoughts, good wishes and pure feelings for all souls everywhere with your minds. However, BapDada is giving the essence of all the lectures that were given. You give lectures for four days and BapDada gives a lecture of just a second. The two words are “realisation” and “solution”. The essence of what all of you said is realisation. Even if they don’t understand the soul, if they just understand the value of human life, there can be peace. Human beings are particularly powerful. If they as human beings were to realise this, then the religion of humanity would be love and not fighting or quarrelling. The next step – the basis of human life and of humanity – depends on the soul: what type of soul am I? What am I? When there is this realisation, they will be able to maintain their original religion of peace. Then, move on from here. “I am an elevated soul. I am a child of the Almighty Authority”. From being weak, this realisation will make you powerful. Powerful souls and master almighty authority souls can do whatever they want -and however they want – in a practical way. This is why you were told that there is only one essence of all the lectures: realisation. So BapDada heard all the lectures. BapDada is constantly with the children. Achcha.

All the souls who are surrendered in service and all the children who have come from the different zones, each of you understand that BapDada is speaking to you. He is speaking to each one of you individually. In return for all the practical proof that all you children have shown, BapDada is seeing your form together with your name and is congratulating you by name. You are now warning everyone of the changing times; there also has to be a change in the way of meeting BapDada. All of you have been thinking that, when your family grows in number, the older ones will have to renounce everything. However, this renunciation is fortune. To make others move forward is to make yourself move forward. Don’t think that BapDada loves the children abroad and not those in this land. Or that He loves special children. Every child is the support of the heart for BapDada and is a jewel of the crown on the head. This is why BapDada is giving love from the very depths of His heart to all His right hand , co-operative children.

Certainly, all of you, who have come from far away to bring those who are just contacts into a relationship, are making them move forward in great happiness and will continue to do so.

So, at this time, all of you have come for service. Therefore, this too was service that has been accomplished. Should Baba mention the name of every zone? What if He were to mention one name and leave someone else’s name out? This is why all the zones should feel that BapDada is placing their zone as the number one zone. All of those from this land and abroad are all at present residents of Madhuban. This is why BapDada is telling all the children who are present in the World Peace Hall, the children who are residents of Om Shanti Bhavan: Constantly stay in remembrance, remind others of Baba and continue to progress at every step by making each action a memorial. At every second, continue to grant to all souls a vision of the self and the Father in the mirror of your practical life. To such children who are bestowers of blessings and great donors, ones who are constantly full, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Elevated versions for Dr Robert Muller (Assistant Secretary General of the UN)

In service, you are a soul who has the most elevated part of all. You have this elevated thought in your mind, that whatever task you have become an instrument for, you will definitely accomplish that. With help from BapDada and the whole Brahmin family, this thought will continue to be fulfilled in the corporeal form. Your thought is very good and you think of very good plans. Now, when this spiritual power is added to this plan, this plan will continue to take practical shape. All the enthusiasm of the children continues to reach BapDada. Remain constantly unshakeable; be courageous and continue to move forward. You will see with your eyes the day when the flag of world peace is hoisted everywhere in the world. So, continue to move on. People of the world will try to dishearten everyone, but you mustn’t do this. Continue to move along with one Strength and one Support. Whenever any situation comes in front of you, make the Father your Companion and you will experience that you are not alone, but that you have a special power with you, and your dream will be fulfilled. Where the Father is, no matter how many storms come, they will become a gift. “Victorious with faith in the intellect”. Remember this title and that you are victorious jewel who has faith in the intellect. Achcha.

BapDada meeting Uncle Steve Naraine (the Vice-President of Guyana) :

Do you experience yourself to be a close jewel who is seated on the Father’s heart-throne? Whilst living in a far-away country, you are not far from the heart. Seeing the child’s enthusiasm for service, BapDada is pleased and is giving you the number one. You are the jewel of BapDada’s eyes and are constantly in the flying stage. Therefore, BapDada is congratulating you.

BapDada meeting Auntie Betty:

As soon as you took your new birth, you received the blessing of being a serviceable child. You are an embodiment of experience. Even whilst living in Guyana, you are an embodiment of an instrument for world service and will always be this. You experience Baba’s co-operation and blessings through remembrance, do you not? Your remembrance continues to reach the Father. All your thoughts continue to be successful, do they not? With one elevated thought of yours, of the elevated soul, the whole family is attaining an elevated status. You are multimillion-times fortunate.

Avyakt BapDada’s sweet message to all the brothers and sisters who were present for the World Peace Conference (via Gulzar Dadi) :

As always, just as I reached the subtle region, BapDada was giving all the children love and remembrance with His sweet drishti. Today, I experienced from Baba’s drishti rays of intense peace, power, love and bliss emerging. It was such spiritual drishti that all these four qualities were being attained from it. It felt as though I was receiving so much. BapDada welcomed all of us children in this way and asked: Child, have you brought the remembrance of everyone? I said: I have brought remembrance, but I have also brought everyone’s invocation. Baba then said: All My lovely children who have come at this time have come to know everything, but a day will also come when they will come to meet Baba. BapDada constantly sees in the subtle region a scene of all the children. Having said this, Baba showed me a scene. Just as devotees in Bharat build images of a Shivalingam in temples, so too, I saw an image in the subtle region, but the shape of that image was round with many sparkling diamonds visible all around it. Four types of light were falling on the sparkling diamonds. They were white, green, light blue and gold. In a short space of time, that light changed into words. The word “Peace” was written in white light. The second was the word “Enthusiasm”, the third word was “Zeal” and the fourth word was “Service”. Baba said: All the children have served the world with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm and peaceful thoughts. Look how each soul is sparkling so much whilst in the gathering. Then Baba said: My children now know Me according to their capacity. Nevertheless, they are My children! Give all My sweetest children who have come love and remembrance. The sound that emerges from the lips of the children who have come here is that they have come home. BapDada smiles when He hears this sound of the children. Since you children have come home, have you come to claim your full right or just a little? Baba said: Having come to the shores of the Ocean, don’t go back having filled just an urn, but go back having become master oceans. Having come to the Mine don’t go back with two handfuls. Then BapDada gave three types of gifts to three types of children.

1. BapDada is giving the gift of a lotus flower (kamal) to His children who are holding a pen (kalam) (Media people). Tell My children who are seated on the lotus throne: Remain constantly detached from the tamopradhan vibrations of the world and also remain loving to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. If you use your pen whilst stabilised in such a stage, your interaction will be successful and you will also be successful in doing something in the name of God.

2. All the VIP children who have come have not been given a throne, but the seat of a swan. Baba said: All of my VIP children who have come have power in their words. I am giving them a swan seat. Perform any task whilst sitting on this seat. By sitting on this seat your power of discrimination will become elevated so that whatever task you carry out will be filled with speciality. Just as you carry out a task whilst seated on a chair, in the same way, let your intellect be seated on the swan seat and then souls will continue to receive love and power, even whilst you carry out any worldly (lokik) task.

3. BapDada gave a very beautiful garland of flowers of light to all the surrendered serviceable children. On each light was written one or another divine virtue. Then Baba said: These children of Mine are those who have imbibed all the divine virtues and become embodiments of them. In return, BapDada is giving a gift of the garland of divine virtues to all the children who have carried out service, whilst having one strength and following the directions of One. Then, BapDada finally said: Share this elevated version of BapDada with all the children: Remain constantly happy, be one who has the fortune of happiness and continue to make everyone full of the blessings and treasures of happiness. Having heard such sweet versions and having exchanged love and remembrance, I returned to our corporeal world.

Blessing: May you be a knowledgeable and yogi soul and increase the treasures you have received from the Father by using them.
BapDada has made all the children full of all treasures, but the treasures of those who use every treasure at the right time constantly continue to increase. Such souls never say, “I didn’t want to do that, but it happened.” Knowledgeable and yogi souls who are full of all treasures first think and then act. They are touched according to the time and they then catch that and put it into a practical form. If you think about something even one second after you did it, you would not then be said to be a knowledgeable soul.
Slogan: Although there may be a difference in your nature and ideas, let there be no difference in your love.


*** Om Shanti ***



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